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[17:34:58] pragmatism: Is there a differences between `def foo(bar:bar)` and `def foo(bar:)`?
[17:35:14] pragmatism: *`def foo(bar: bar)`
[17:35:36] pragmatism: Is the former just redundant?
[17:45:36] pragmatism: elomatreb but the argument in `def foo(bar: bar)` is a variable, not a default.
[17:46:44] pragmatism: WhereIsMySpoon is that lib compatible with the version of Ruby you're using?
[17:50:01] pragmatism: Sounds like a good question to pose in the issues tracker for that project
[17:50:06] pragmatism: You may not be the first to experience it


[00:50:39] pragmatism: Why won't it eval?
[01:08:56] pragmatism: Not that I'm aware of. That would be a pretty easy scraper to write though
[01:09:04] pragmatism: good idea for an intro project
[01:32:40] pragmatism: That's legit.
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[21:24:21] pragmatism: `select { |n| n !=0 }`
[21:24:49] pragmatism: `select { |n| n !=0 }.to_a`, in this case


[22:58:13] pragmatism: tenderlove The first talk of yous I saw at RailsConf five or so years back had me in tears
[22:58:22] pragmatism: Always look forward to them



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[22:54:16] pragmatism: Apply as an intern or a junior engineer.
[22:54:47] pragmatism: acovrig Yup, check out Devise.
[22:55:00] pragmatism: There are some gems that just focus on single OAuth providers as well.
[22:56:09] pragmatism: So you have a Rails-based API you want to authenticate for using FB's OAuth?
[22:56:49] pragmatism: acovrig I'll save you the google...
[22:57:09] pragmatism: Haven't used Devise for an API app, apologies.
[23:03:59] pragmatism: Sorry for the lag, good luck! Come back with questions!


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[00:06:30] pragmatism: Why can I test against a route that doesn't exist? AKA I have a GET for an action, but a test against a POST for the same action works in TEST. Obviously, it 404's in production or development.
[00:07:15] pragmatism: Rails 4, Rspec latest.
[00:20:13] pragmatism: brandon_j How much traffic are you expecting?
[00:20:26] pragmatism: IIRC, Heroku limits free-tier to 18h of operation a day
[00:20:49] pragmatism: whereas you could run them all on a $5/m DO instance with no downtime and way faster response rates.
[00:20:58] pragmatism: response times*
[00:21:40] pragmatism: DO for sure.
[00:22:12] pragmatism: For the 100k a month (unless you're getting all the requests at one time each day) you're going to end up paying for Dynos.
[00:26:29] pragmatism: brandon_j No, I'm saying get a DigitalOcean instance, and just run them all on there.
[00:26:41] pragmatism: Misread question
[00:27:07] pragmatism: I'm saying that the higher throughput sites would require you pay for service, and DO would be WAY WAY cheaper.
[00:27:25] pragmatism: Plus, you could host all your apps on one instance (may not be good depending on what your apps do, but possible)
[00:28:08] pragmatism: Also DO scales much more cheaply than Heroku, and again, you'd only have to change the size of one DO droplet instead of paying for a Dyno for each of your apps that needed more power.
[00:29:42] pragmatism: How do you mean? On a DO instance, you could have 20 apps running in parallel answering at different domains.
[00:29:55] pragmatism: I'm not sure what you mean by "group together"
[00:30:33] pragmatism: Out. Out with you.
[00:31:02] pragmatism: DO offers linux servers, not application-instances.
[00:31:15] pragmatism: You can configure your server to run whatever you want
[00:32:08] pragmatism: So, on that point, brandon_j, if you have no experience managing a server, this would be a great time to learn! There are a bunch of guides all over (DigitalOcean has a GREAT collection) for protecting your new server and getting apps running.
[00:32:20] pragmatism: brandon_j You'd have the same issue with Heroku.
[00:32:45] pragmatism: Totally! Free free to PM if you need specific help @brandon_j
[00:45:10] pragmatism: tribals Are you using Rails?
[00:45:23] pragmatism: Why not just use Rspec instead of rspec-rails
[00:45:28] pragmatism: aaaand they're gone.
[00:46:12] pragmatism: I hope they figured it out.
[03:47:17] pragmatism: Although I'm more of an Elixir person these days :P
[03:47:28] pragmatism: specialblend_ how about AMQP?
[03:47:53] pragmatism: Better adapter support and AFAIK it uses persistent connections.
[03:49:24] pragmatism: specialblend_ no joke.
[03:50:27] pragmatism: We've had it in prod for about a year. No complaints so far, except from juniors who don't understand the translations states :P
[03:50:40] pragmatism: specialblend_ yeah, that looks really cool. Very light-weight
[03:51:06] pragmatism: What did the logs say?
[03:51:29] pragmatism: Check your secrets.yml, and make sure you've uncommented and changed out the key
[03:52:35] pragmatism: yourmancj and in case it's not obvious, sanitize it first :)
[03:52:55] pragmatism: Also, echo the env vars to make sure they're set from the perspective of the app user.
[03:53:03] pragmatism: sevenseacat You're right, but one never knows.
[03:53:25] pragmatism: specialblend_ at least the sub side.
[03:53:34] pragmatism: the publisher can connect at will.
[03:53:47] pragmatism: Not in production.
[03:53:53] pragmatism: Me and mine, any way
[03:57:23] pragmatism: specialblend_ run the experiment, report back?
[04:50:48] pragmatism: specialblend_ Thanks for running that!


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[22:57:33] pragmatism: Could someone clear this up for me: what's the point of using a double in testing? Why not just create an instance of the thing you're testing?
[22:59:22] pragmatism: I hadn't considered that.
[23:01:08] pragmatism: weaksauce Why would I want to decrease dependencies on things in tests that are depended on outside of test?
[23:01:19] pragmatism: Wouldn't that lead to poor test coverage?
[23:01:46] pragmatism: Again, hadn't considered that.
[23:03:01] pragmatism: Thank you!!!
[23:25:42] pragmatism: Radar that reads fine to me, although I do inject when possible.
[23:26:34] pragmatism: Agreed on self.
[23:26:52] pragmatism: Sorry, I agree with baweaver on `self`.
[23:28:06] pragmatism: Laziness, impatience, and hubris ;)


[04:19:15] pragmatism: If I want to kick off another process (a system command to execute a bash script), how would I do that so it doesn't block the main thread in the MRI?
[04:19:23] pragmatism: System and `` both block.
[04:19:45] pragmatism: I know the reactor pattern is one option here, but I don't want to have to refactor my small application.
[04:20:31] pragmatism: Kernal::fork?
[05:59:32] pragmatism: Anyone looking for the answer to my question: exec() or fork would have worked.


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[23:02:36] pragmatism: Question for all: do you test the existence or contents of constants?
[23:02:52] pragmatism: Or do you treat them like private methods and test the callers?


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[00:07:37] pragmatism: Why would my capybara tests be blowing up not being able to find assets? I am serving static files. It's looking here: ""/assets/main/e56ecb6d-da41-4bd9-982d-2d295bec9ab0.woff", which exists.
[00:08:05] pragmatism: That was... fast.
[00:08:32] pragmatism: Sorry, I pasted that in.
[00:08:36] pragmatism: Er, added them myself.
[00:08:47] pragmatism: no quotations in the error. I'll put together some better documentation.
[00:10:13] pragmatism:
[00:11:15] pragmatism: I just joined this project, and that path works in production. Why would it fail in test?
[00:12:10] pragmatism: Okay, thanks for the help.
[00:12:30] pragmatism: Yup, my text.
[00:13:02] pragmatism: Try a different IRC channel, probly.
[00:13:10] pragmatism: Or just post on Stack.
[00:13:31] pragmatism: So yeah, unsure why this path would work in prod, but not for capybara in test.
[00:14:04] pragmatism: In fact, it only fails when I'm using the JS webdriver (PhantomJS), but succeeds with Rack::Test.
[00:14:51] pragmatism: That's not a bot.
[00:15:01] pragmatism: Yeah yeah :P
[00:15:11] pragmatism: Humans are pretty cool computers.
[00:15:49] pragmatism: No, he's a great developer though.
[00:16:24] pragmatism: Being human is hard.
[00:17:38] pragmatism: Viewing the page in development, paths such as `assets/main/hero/hero_home-a63c7d90f6d3dbf5206c40818feaa7fc.jpg` are all over the place, working well.
[00:17:58] pragmatism: We have app/assets/main/*
[00:18:26] pragmatism: app/assets/fonts/main/* exists, and contains the file that test is having trouble finding.
[00:18:38] pragmatism: Apologies, didn't mean to be unclear: main exists under each asset type
[00:19:26] pragmatism: Fuck, sorry, smathy! It's in app/assets/fonts/main/e56*
[00:19:58] pragmatism: You can definitely yell at me for that one.
[00:20:41] pragmatism: ... a path which works in prod and dev, but not in test under the JS webdriver.
[00:22:01] pragmatism: No, I can't, that results in the same error.
[00:22:04] pragmatism: Okay, good call
[00:23:50] pragmatism: smathy This is how it's called in the scss: font-url("main/e56ecb6d-da41-4bd9-982d-2d295bec9ab0.woff") format("woff"),
[00:24:10] pragmatism: Checking the fingerprint file.
[00:24:57] pragmatism: That's what is actually in the SCSS file.
[00:25:55] pragmatism: Is there a section here you want me to read specifically? The font_url helper?
[00:27:09] pragmatism: Ah, okay, duh. That's how I understood it, I wasn't sure if the main was required.
[00:27:15] pragmatism: Thanks again!
[00:28:03] pragmatism: So supportive!
[00:29:26] pragmatism: Yes yes, academia did teach me that.
[00:31:15] pragmatism: I do, thanks though.
[00:31:29] pragmatism: Again, we precompile our assets in prod, and this code works.
[00:31:39] pragmatism: well. fonts/main*
[00:32:14] pragmatism: No worries, I appreciate the help: I have a reference in an SCSS that works in dev, non-js test, and prod, but not in js-test.
[00:32:41] pragmatism: Radar I haven't tried that yet.
[00:33:34] pragmatism: Too much coffee?
[00:33:52] pragmatism: Or crack, you know, w/e.
[00:36:46] pragmatism: smathy Yeah, digesting now! And no, I at least know to not do that :)
[00:37:55] pragmatism: That's not a fingerprint, that's the UUID one of the other engineers decided to name the font file.


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