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[02:09:37] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[02:09:48] prudhvi: hi, i am rails begginer
[02:09:56] prudhvi: can someone pls help
[02:10:33] prudhvi: i dont know where to place the moderizr.js file and where to require it
[02:10:48] prudhvi: can somebody please explain
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[18:56:30] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[18:57:03] prudhvi: somebody pls help
[18:57:09] prudhvi: i am getting a form error
[18:57:12] prudhvi: unexpected keyword_ensure, expecting keyword_end
[18:57:28] prudhvi: how to resolve this form error
[18:57:32] prudhvi: i am new to rails
[18:57:38] prudhvi: pls suggest
[18:58:50] prudhvi: here is my html.erb file:
[18:59:12] prudhvi: @arup please check the html.erb file
[18:59:24] prudhvi: line 6 is producing error
[18:59:30] prudhvi: what i am doing wrong
[19:00:44] prudhvi: what i have to replace with <% end %>
[19:01:34] prudhvi: @arup pls tell me in which line and what excatly i have to replace
[19:02:32] prudhvi: @arup this is html for enquiry form
[19:03:13] prudhvi: i will do it and let u know
[19:04:36] prudhvi: arup... my error got resolved. Thanks a lot
[19:04:59] prudhvi: very much thanks
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[09:27:17] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[09:27:43] prudhvi: Hi somebody pls guide
[09:28:08] prudhvi: i have embedded a contact form in my index.html page
[09:28:18] prudhvi: i am not able to send the mail
[09:28:56] prudhvi: can i have some instructions on the same pls
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[00:09:20] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[00:10:19] prudhvi: can somebody pleases tell me where to place bootstrap css and js files in rails app
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[02:55:14] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[02:55:27] prudhvi: somebody please help me
[02:55:33] prudhvi: i am getting error
[02:55:43] prudhvi: while running rails server
[02:57:51] prudhvi: i am using ubuntu and while running rails s
[02:57:54] prudhvi: it is exiting
[02:58:05] prudhvi: somebody please help
[02:59:54] prudhvi: how to approach for this
[03:00:18] prudhvi: @aegis3121 ok i will post the gist
[03:02:33] prudhvi: please see the gist file for error thanks:
[03:04:53] prudhvi: @aegis3121: yes its the directory
[03:05:11] prudhvi: i have a database.yml.copy file
[03:05:20] prudhvi: inside config folder
[03:05:25] prudhvi: it do exist
[03:06:00] prudhvi: yes you are right...
[03:06:10] prudhvi: i have a file
[03:06:49] prudhvi: @aegis3121: so how to approach, i am new to rails
[03:06:54] prudhvi: please guide me
[03:07:46] prudhvi: i do have a database.yml.copy file inside the same folder
[03:08:46] prudhvi: @aegis3121: i have renamed it as database.yml, still same error
[03:10:39] prudhvi: @aegis3121: yes it does print
[03:11:40] prudhvi: @aegis3121: Hi, now the error is gone
[03:12:16] prudhvi: @aegis3121: and it is now popping up another error, sphinx not found in your system
[03:13:03] prudhvi: you need to configure bin_path,search_binary_name,index_binary_name
[03:13:09] prudhvi: please guide
[03:16:57] prudhvi: @aegis3121: Thanks a lot for the help
[03:17:26] prudhvi: @aegis3121: I have one small doubt
[03:17:32] prudhvi: can you please help
[03:17:50] prudhvi: @aegis3121: when i need to run the rails server with the command "rails s
[03:18:29] prudhvi: i have to use "ram use system" command
[03:18:39] prudhvi: otherwise i can't run the server
[03:18:46] prudhvi: can you please suggest something
[03:21:05] prudhvi: The error is also saying that: can't connect to local mysql server
[03:21:55] prudhvi: @aegis3121: ok, i will try to reinstall
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[04:22:29] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[04:22:33] prudhvi: Hi somebody please help
[04:22:45] prudhvi: when i am running rails server i am getting this error
[04:24:48] prudhvi: connect: access denied for user 'root' @ localhost (using password NO)
[04:24:59] prudhvi: mysql2 errror
[04:25:11] prudhvi: can somebody please assist
[04:34:04] prudhvi: @jeromelanteri: i have setup mysql db and not able to connect with my project
[04:34:28] prudhvi: @jeromelanteri: i have database.yml file
[04:34:33] prudhvi: in config folder
[04:34:44] prudhvi: i have given the password
[04:35:07] prudhvi: what is the next step to be followed, i am new to this, pls guide me


[11:20:24] prudhvi: has joined #RubyOnRails
[11:20:32] prudhvi: can somebody please help
[11:20:45] prudhvi: i want to start rails server in Linux
[11:21:03] prudhvi: I have a rails project running on server
[11:21:11] prudhvi: but i need to run it locally
[11:21:26] prudhvi: i am new to rails somebody please help
[11:23:09] prudhvi: thanks for the reply rvanlieshout
[11:23:23] prudhvi: i dont understant where to run the server
[11:23:27] prudhvi: at which path?
[11:23:36] prudhvi: the folder structure is too complex
[11:24:22] prudhvi: yes i have gone to the root but i am not seeing the home page
[11:24:34] prudhvi: i will send you the screen shot pls
[11:25:47] prudhvi: spec file is located in the root
[11:26:18] prudhvi: how to check the version of rspec, please tell me
[11:27:01] prudhvi: ok, elaptics. please guide me to run the server
[11:27:38] prudhvi: we have not git clone it actually.
[11:28:32] prudhvi: @tildes the gem file and gemfilelock files are in root
[11:29:03] prudhvi: @elaptics i have source code in my local pc
[11:29:27] prudhvi: @tildes ok, i am doing
[11:30:46] prudhvi: @tildes, I am getting this error: ERROR: Can't find ruby library file or shared library rspec
[11:31:22] prudhvi: @elaptics, please tell me what excatly i should change
[11:31:35] prudhvi: i am in root
[11:31:58] prudhvi: @tildes you are right tildes.
[11:32:12] prudhvi: need help please
[11:34:29] prudhvi: @elaptics please guide me through
[11:35:38] prudhvi: new to rails
[11:35:38] prudhvi: @elaptics i am familiar with terminal, i am actually a js dev
[11:36:34] prudhvi: @ yes elaptics
[11:36:35] prudhvi: i am in root directory
[11:36:39] prudhvi: in my terminal
[11:37:50] prudhvi: @elaptics: i have ran bundle install few mins before
[11:38:44] prudhvi: @ elaptics: yes perfectly installed
[11:39:42] prudhvi: rails version is 4.2.6
[11:39:58] prudhvi: @elaptics: the db is sqlite
[11:40:57] prudhvi: @tildes ok tildes, i will gist you
[11:43:59] prudhvi: @tildes: please find the gist here:
[11:45:02] prudhvi: @elaptics: ok elaptics, i will do
[11:46:53] prudhvi: @elaptics: i have the bin folder and setup file in it, please tell me how to run it
[11:48:08] prudhvi: @elaptics: it throws a bash eror, command not found
[11:51:08] prudhvi: @elaptics: i am not able to run bin/setup
[11:51:14] prudhvi: it throws error
[11:51:37] prudhvi: Command not found
[11:52:25] prudhvi: @universal: ok i will do it
[11:53:29] prudhvi: @universal: i have run it, it says db/development.sqlite3 already exists
[11:54:09] prudhvi: @universal: and also it says: Run `rake db:migrate` to create it, then try again. If you do not intend to use a database
[11:54:50] prudhvi: @tildes, the file do exist, but i am not able to run
[11:56:02] prudhvi: @universal: i am following the commands you have given and will gist you the setup file
[11:56:30] prudhvi: @tildes: bash error is like it doesnt find the command "bin/setup"
[11:59:18] prudhvi: @universal: please find the gist of setup file:
[12:00:45] prudhvi: @universal: i have followed all the commands
[12:01:04] prudhvi: its running the server and saying that home page is not setup
[12:02:19] prudhvi: please check the screenshot here:
[12:03:28] prudhvi: @universal, i will share it please
[12:05:21] prudhvi: @universal: ;please find it here
[12:08:39] prudhvi: @universal: kindly check this link its working
[12:10:04] prudhvi: @universal: please check the folder structure too:
[12:13:21] prudhvi: @univerasl: i have to tell you that there is another folder inside shared folder where all the views, controllers etc are stored
[12:13:50] prudhvi: I will send you the screeen shot of that folder structure, it is inside /shared
[12:21:22] prudhvi: @universal: have you checked the folder structure please
[12:22:30] prudhvi: @universal: just to le you know how the files are organised
[12:26:33] prudhvi: @universal: i have two config folders thats why i am confused
[12:26:55] prudhvi: @helpa: thank you
[12:27:53] prudhvi: @universal: almost everhything is commennted in that page except:Rails.application.routes.draw do
[12:27:56] prudhvi: which is the first line
[12:31:55] prudhvi: @universal: please see the second config folder residing inside releases folder:
[12:32:30] prudhvi: In this second config folder there is another routes,rb file where i have all the code and there is root: "welcome#index"
[12:33:33] prudhvi: @universal: please guide me where i have to run the rails server in order that it should point to the second config folder which i have recently sent you on screenshot
[12:34:48] prudhvi: @universal: i have all the app code not in root
[12:34:59] prudhvi: but inside the releases folder of root
[12:35:26] prudhvi: @universal ok i am in that folder now
[12:37:08] prudhvi: @universal: when i have run bundle it throws an error
[12:37:33] prudhvi: <internal:lib/rubygems/custom_require>:29:in `require': no such file to load -- bundler (LoadError) from <internal:lib/rubygems/custom_require>:29:in `require' from /usr/bin/bundle:7:in `<main>'
[12:38:01] prudhvi: @universal: But i am able to run these commands from root
[12:38:10] prudhvi: hence i am confused
[12:39:50] prudhvi: @universal: Thanks a lot, but i am not understanding in which path i have to run the server
[12:41:31] prudhvi: @universal: should i have to run this command in root
[12:42:31] prudhvi: @universal: ok, i will do
[12:43:00] prudhvi: @tildes: you are absolutely right, i am confused with this and not able to resolve the error
[12:43:10] prudhvi: and run the server
[12:44:09] prudhvi: @tildes: Hahha, you are right
[12:47:45] prudhvi: @universal: thank you very much for your time
[12:47:59] prudhvi: @tildes: many thanks
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