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[06:46:09] rhizome: DEA7TH: why are you doing that
[06:46:54] rhizome: contemplate "@trip.trip_items"
[06:47:23] rhizome: Trip.completed.pluck(:id)
[06:47:43] rhizome: i have two tacos in me
[06:48:23] rhizome: contemplate, not hang your existence on it
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[20:52:23] rhizome: lots of people i think, are you having trouble finding anybody who has used those two?
[22:49:31] rhizome: sounds like zeno's paradox of programming
[22:52:56] rhizome: i just make the fields


[06:16:54] rhizome: zworks: probably .select would be hepful
[06:17:19] rhizome: [record scratch sound]
[06:19:58] rhizome: never give perms to people who want them enough to ask for them :P
[06:31:39] rhizome: fun read: https://daniel.haxx.se/irchistory.html
[20:20:01] rhizome: alaing: look at content_tag_for
[20:25:32] rhizome: you don't need _label, you already have it because it's the actual element
[20:26:15] rhizome: what HTML does f.label output?
[20:29:00] rhizome: what problem are you solving?
[20:29:09] rhizome: i've read back and can't figure it out
[20:29:52] rhizome: anchors are attributes of link_to, that's not what you're talking about
[20:31:09] rhizome: so like $(document).scrollTo($(.field_with_errors).first())
[20:33:03] rhizome: you're going to have to come up with a convention for your anchors and redirect to them
[20:33:30] rhizome: but you're going to have to figure out how the page is rendered and figure out the first one yourself.
[20:33:40] rhizome: how big is this form?
[20:34:17] rhizome: durexlw: https://www.google.com/search?q=rails+group+it+on+month
[20:34:25] rhizome: your exact words work
[20:35:20] rhizome: good luck, i don't think that will help with the problem you are trying to solve, though
[20:35:51] rhizome: http://stackoverflow.com/a/24066314/135845


[01:08:52] rhizome: i like how the regular and the senior have the same exact reqs http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sof/5413163005.html http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/sof/5430930278.html
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[02:32:52] rhizome: what's "tilt?"
[02:33:33] rhizome: where does that line come from?
[02:35:28] rhizome: i'm looking at it.
[02:37:39] rhizome: everything i can find on tilt is old
[02:38:15] rhizome: why are you using it? it seems maybe redundant?
[02:40:00] rhizome: well that init line appears to be rails 3
[02:40:19] rhizome: but if it's all haml anyway, why not just use haml?
[02:43:17] rhizome: does that instance have the same init?
[02:47:51] rhizome: have you like done bundle install and everything?
[02:48:42] rhizome: weird. was the app ever not 4.2+?
[02:54:57] rhizome: i'm just seeing this: from /Users/jottr/dev/mge/mge-rails/vendor/bundle/gems/railties- `block in...
[02:56:27] rhizome: railties-
[03:47:47] rhizome: so disabling both of these initializers?
[04:04:28] rhizome: you're implying some pretty big questions. consider an angular channel too
[21:18:24] rhizome: it's always in the last place you look


[03:35:32] rhizome: angular momentum?
[05:25:35] rhizome: ('statement', param1, p2, p3)
[07:12:43] rhizome: "build failing" i wonder what that means
[08:11:29] rhizome: here we are
[08:14:44] rhizome: what is foo
[08:17:32] rhizome: i mean like is it an associated object, or an attribute or method or
[08:33:36] rhizome: that file exists?
[08:38:21] rhizome: so then you'd have a boolean :approved
[08:48:34] rhizome: dopie: should just work, then
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[11:08:00] rhizome: durexlw: counter_cache


[00:05:25] rhizome: use a ruby management util
[00:32:17] rhizome: tfitts: maybe reinstall the gem after cups/-dev installed?
[00:32:47] rhizome: i have actually wondered if IPP is a real thing
[05:33:44] rhizome: trying to come up with a good reply to an FB recruiter
[05:35:53] rhizome: kirillzh: what are you talking about
[06:17:33] rhizome: baweaver: nonspecific. "Production Engineering"
[06:17:49] rhizome: and no, i don't want to commute to MV :)
[06:21:47] rhizome: now you know where everyone stands :)
[06:25:12] rhizome: good for flow!
[06:35:42] rhizome: Cohedrin: like a table lock?
[06:37:15] rhizome: kknight: worked for me, deb 8.3
[06:37:46] rhizome: oh, don't do "bundle install gem install..."
[06:38:18] rhizome: two transactions in a row on the same row?
[06:38:28] rhizome: kknight: then what what
[06:39:47] rhizome: so only rollback if they both fail?
[06:40:48] rhizome: kknight: i don't know
[06:44:51] rhizome: mices: what do you see in there?
[06:46:30] rhizome: what else?
[06:46:44] rhizome: well, first off, what does that line tell you?
[06:47:13] rhizome: i wonder why the outer is a transaction
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[06:56:37] rhizome: sorry, accidental ^w
[06:57:44] rhizome: good. where is 'uglifier' specified?
[06:58:09] rhizome: my hand is not for strangers
[06:58:35] rhizome: broke his brane
[07:00:14] rhizome: not anymore. are you buds with razzmc9
[07:02:38] rhizome: razzmc9: here's his business card. call or email anytime http://i.imgur.com/OwQpCIl.jpg
[07:15:39] rhizome: looking good?
[07:17:04] rhizome: please be nice
[07:51:47] rhizome: AR has .maximum
[07:53:56] rhizome: oh there's a whole story up there isn't there
[07:55:10] rhizome: there are a lot of them
[07:56:01] rhizome: for association collection stuff like that use an instance method on...student, i guess
[07:56:38] rhizome: that's the owner of the collection anyway, makes sense unless you want to make all of this to be more complicated.
[07:57:09] rhizome: it's a challenge
[08:00:42] rhizome: you're alphabetizing?
[08:01:21] rhizome: ew what's that second thing
[08:02:11] rhizome: take that thing out of student_government_position
[08:02:42] rhizome: i think in @student.highest_position you are looking for .sort.first
[08:02:50] rhizome: .sort(:title).first
[08:03:32] rhizome: is this homework?
[08:05:35] rhizome: that's fine, but still, hang a .first off the end
[08:06:26] rhizome: there's a fine gist
[08:07:38] rhizome: so, that should work. just clean out studentgovernmentpos..
[08:14:22] rhizome: istrasci: the first one
[08:14:49] rhizome: @student.highest
[08:15:13] rhizome: and AR only queries at the last minute
[08:19:31] rhizome: i don't know why you wouldn't .includes
[08:21:57] rhizome: change your nils to "" and add a default
[08:22:13] rhizome: avoid the heartbreak of db nils
[08:23:16] rhizome: no association
[08:23:20] rhizome: i think i'm tired too
[08:26:02] rhizome: IFrank00: are you sure that's the problem? it might be the group that's breaking
[08:26:46] rhizome: i don't understand what the map is doing
[18:55:36] rhizome: umdstu: no
[22:09:39] rhizome: tetraktys: no token or anything, just a straight post?
[22:10:58] rhizome: hard to give advice then
[22:11:35] rhizome: so just a straight post of those params
[22:11:50] rhizome: and when you read the log?
[22:15:15] rhizome: read your logs
[22:17:30] rhizome: great now you're giving slash_nick ideas about putting rack tests in AS
[22:18:09] rhizome: like many here
[22:19:56] rhizome: i don't doubt it, but i want to see you ragequit that bug
[22:20:55] rhizome: not nothing: "ROLLBACK"
[22:21:58] rhizome: tetraktys: hard to say that that's what's happening here (plus there are two rollbacks)
[22:22:59] rhizome: tetraktys: try logging errors within that action
[22:36:01] rhizome: slash_nick: thing to do is wait until that fix comes in, then go to the rails side and say "how about NOW?"
[22:50:20] rhizome: i'm certainly out of jokes
[22:52:28] rhizome: depends on the site's usage patterns ;)
[23:11:17] rhizome: haml, erb, choose one.
[23:36:06] rhizome: smathy: similar to tests, i like it
[23:40:20] rhizome: what if you're going to be the next snapchat
[23:40:49] rhizome: bottleneck in legal


[00:21:15] rhizome: consider putting the hidden field in the form
[00:21:40] rhizome: .val might be what flips the switch, maybe there's a js-friendly way to do it
[00:47:20] rhizome: mattboll: the difference is that if it's in the form, you don't need to manipulate it with js
[00:48:30] rhizome: how many nicks could slash_nick slash if slash_nick could slash nicks?
[00:48:57] rhizome: so use f.hidden_field and get rid of that js
[00:56:43] rhizome: yeah, why send it through the form cycle
[00:56:53] rhizome: reasonable
[00:57:11] rhizome: why is it in the form at all?
[00:57:24] rhizome: it's a thing you have that isn't going to change
[00:57:34] rhizome: apply it at the receiving end
[00:58:03] rhizome: things just got a lot more vague
[00:59:42] rhizome: can i assume that "get" means retrieve when the page containing the form is loaded?
[01:00:50] rhizome: please to explain
[01:04:31] rhizome: sure, you don't want to have to visit their house to give it to them
[01:04:54] rhizome: does "get back" happen via callback to your server or within the browser?
[01:09:10] rhizome: just asking
[05:34:14] rhizome: before_destroy and check
[05:47:20] rhizome: you're welcome
[09:51:30] rhizome: what does your application.css look like?
[09:51:38] rhizome: are you just doing require_tree?
[10:11:00] rhizome: that's fine
[10:25:25] rhizome: what's in your application.js?
[19:54:10] rhizome: hron84: not sure i understand
[20:04:27] rhizome: dominating the solitary bug-and-fix cycle
[20:04:54] rhizome: kpwarr: is that all you're supposed to have to do?
[20:18:09] rhizome: that is indeed weird
[20:23:29] rhizome: when is twitter going to hire some better javascript ppl
[20:29:01] rhizome: i'm only a user and haven't looked behind the page at all, but their codebase is teriible for me on mozilla
[20:29:33] rhizome: multiple minute page reloads, browser hangs, "script has stopped responding"
[20:30:25] rhizome: it seems to correllate with the # in the "more tweets!" loader link
[20:31:00] rhizome: leave it unattended for an hour? you have 2000 new tweets! might as well just restart mozilla at that point, it will be quicker.
[20:45:53] rhizome: i have to blame my adblocky crap, because i can't imagine they let this out otherwise
[20:47:51] rhizome: godzillaenlacasa: are you using a GET for that?
[20:48:09] rhizome: myserver.com/delete_data?id=49
[20:49:02] rhizome: insecure without backend checks
[21:00:24] rhizome: aren't we fancy
[21:01:41] rhizome: so that's the title of that song
[21:02:28] rhizome: yeah, i already know most of the words, but radio never backannounces anymore
[21:58:17] rhizome: funny how sites started loading obviously more slowly once viewport-top loading meters came out
[22:00:15] rhizome: ACTION is pro-running-your-own
[22:00:36] rhizome: are you a paying customer?
[23:48:57] rhizome: i use bundle update [gemname] all the time
[23:49:31] rhizome: good advice
[23:50:10] rhizome: waiting to see the repercussions from mentioning rvm
[23:54:04] rhizome: No match for "WHATIFERY.COM"


[01:34:05] rhizome: seems like the test should go against rack
[17:44:42] rhizome: unless doesn't have else/if
[17:45:49] rhizome: ruby tutorial!
[17:48:46] rhizome: frankly i didn't think it even had else, half mea culpa
[17:50:04] rhizome: brb writing #butwhatabout
[17:52:02] rhizome: mwlang: watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8bZh5LMaSmE
[17:53:09] rhizome: i guess so. how much session data do you have?
[17:55:59] rhizome: then don't use redis
[18:04:47] rhizome: congratulations, radar!
[18:05:53] rhizome: ACTION doesn't understand the question
[18:08:08] rhizome: until you start storing their friends list there
[18:21:47] rhizome: monetize advertising within messaging.
[18:21:47] rhizome: "For example, Giphy could be one of the first companies to truly
[18:22:42] rhizome: they just got 55MM on 300MM valuation
[18:23:19] rhizome: shockingly!
[18:24:19] rhizome: mwlang: cool, glad you liked it. one of my favorites.
[18:25:10] rhizome: "car won't start. what's wrong?"
[18:30:17] rhizome: you can have a :jpg and/or :png response type
[18:36:26] rhizome: oh, API. i didn't think HC relied on 3rd party, but maybe that's something else.
[18:37:36] rhizome: because you're using an instance method on a class
[18:38:59] rhizome: then maybe it's not a scope the way you think
[18:39:47] rhizome: dunno. maybe you're not using 3.0
[19:06:53] rhizome: monetize ads *within* messaging
[19:24:34] rhizome: yay, my $20 gopro arrived
[21:42:58] rhizome: yay, my $20 gopro is already lost
[21:44:47] rhizome: was in my pocket
[21:50:55] rhizome: who is "we"?
[21:58:58] rhizome: slash_nick: i meant the "we" in "we're taking a harder stand"
[22:03:30] rhizome: tbh none of the attitude i've seen diego receive is very community-minded
[22:03:51] rhizome: then again, maybe i'm part of the problem
[22:26:14] rhizome: rikkipitt: use .includes not .joins
[22:34:12] rhizome: rikkipitt: i don't understand
[22:34:25] rhizome: slash_nick: howso what part?
[22:52:19] rhizome: by not having a problem with something that the majority has a problem with, thus indulging the bad thing.
[23:49:26] rhizome: mattboll: might be an order of operations thing


[10:41:08] rhizome: foo.changed? will list the fields changed
[19:21:20] rhizome: imanc: probably not
[19:56:04] rhizome: _3by8: gist the actual error
[19:56:58] rhizome: you can just add it to your existing gist
[19:57:12] rhizome: what about params?
[19:57:50] rhizome: and your routes
[19:58:03] rhizome: that's all that's in your log for that action?
[19:58:42] rhizome: no "Started PATCH..."?
[19:58:52] rhizome: or GET, if it thinks it wants #show
[20:00:18] rhizome: you may be too secretive
[20:02:11] rhizome: then can i see the actual routes? rake routes
[21:17:05] rhizome: neanderslob: shouldn't do that by default, are you using simple_form or something that would put it there?