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[07:18:41] roadt: ly/or removed in rails4.2.3?
[07:18:41] roadt: hi, I was trying to install redmine 3.1.0 (rails 4.2.3) into a subdirectory using 'unicorn_rails -c /u/apps/redmine/shared/config/unicorn.rb -E development --path redmine', it doesn't take effect. use ENV['RAILS_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT'] = '/redmine' in unicorn.rb, doesn't take effect. I tried to dig a a little deep in rails 4.2.3 source code, in route_set.rb#find_script. I'm not sure but if I'm right, RAIL_RELATIVE_URL_ROOT support is not working proper
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[03:58:17] roadt: hi, i try to fill a attribute from other fields, the attribute has validation rule setup, but how can i add validation errors before #valid? and before #save? in order to notify something error in calculation process of the attribute .
[04:00:31] roadt: rushed, ah, i want to validate my callback process, before #save..
[04:01:10] roadt: rushed, thus before AR's validation process. but i don't know how to add errors.add(:xxx, 'xxx') stuff before #save.
[04:01:54] roadt: rushed, is it too meta? ;)
[04:07:10] roadt: rushed, to be simple, is it possible to do errors.add before #save ?
[04:08:12] roadt: say, i already, do some calculation and attribute changes(ouch, error, errors.add some), #save.
[04:14:19] roadt: ACTION will dig more deeper and thanks for rushed's comment.


[03:38:17] roadt: hi, is possible to use activeresource with a properties xml service (not stardard rpc or soap)? any library suggested to use to communicate with such non standard xml service?


[03:55:02] roadt: hi, i met this in a .haml file. "'#{ j (render :partial => "comment", :locals => { :comment => @comment }) }'". what's j here..?
[03:55:22] roadt: where can i find related doc & explanation
[03:56:31] roadt: i have searched all code in the app. no anything found so far. so i'm wonder if any library expose it..
[03:56:39] roadt: s/wonder/wondering/
[03:58:07] roadt: rhizome, XD
[03:59:18] roadt: yeah, i can't find it. no hit in helpers. *shrug*
[04:18:05] roadt: foucist, ah, maybe! it's to render a js.
[04:18:44] roadt: foucist, here is full clause. ' jQuery('##{id_prefix}_comment_new').after('#{ j (render :partial => "comment", :locals => { :comment => @comment }) }');'
[04:19:28] roadt: foucist, tks for pointer out. i'll search all related(json) gems to see what i can get.
[04:21:38] roadt: foucist, .js.haml. yeah. ;)
[04:22:04] roadt: foucist, i can't find where j is defined.
[04:22:17] roadt: foucist, and before you refer to json, i don't know what it is for.
[04:23:29] roadt: foucist, yeah. you got it. tks!
[04:23:43] roadt: foucist, i found it already :). './lib/json/common.rb:447: def j(*objs)'
[04:25:22] roadt: foucist, yeah,this problem is solved (i got the source location of `j`), the background question of this question is that i got double render error.
[04:26:23] roadt: foucist, so i'm possible render operation in template.
[04:26:40] roadt: -> 'i'm looking for possible render operation in templates'
[04:27:18] roadt: foucist, will continue for the issue, come back later.
[04:27:52] roadt: foucist, error?
[04:29:20] roadt: foucist, checking that.
[04:30:25] roadt: rhizome, gotcha
[04:30:31] roadt: foucist, yeah...
[13:19:54] roadt: hi, i just fond the reason of my 'double render errror' . it's prototype-rails. but i 'm confused.
[13:20:37] roadt: why prototype-rails have renders.rb to generate 'response_body=' that make my real render 'double render error'..


[10:21:09] roadt: hi, i have a Post model, and has_many Comment, i add 'comments_count'to Post, and in migration i do ' Post.all.each{|p| p.comments_count = p.comments.count ;! }' , but comments_count is always nil. event successfully migrated. is anything i missed?
[10:21:33] roadt: s/event/even/
[16:42:44] roadt: hi , is it possible to make a full engine to override app 's view files?
[16:43:07] roadt: e.g. to implement a 'Mod engine' to the main app.


[08:19:54] roadt: hi, in rails3, is it strange that my full engine views overrides app's view (same name)?
[08:21:03] roadt: BrazenBraden, no, not isolate ns.
[08:21:37] roadt: BrazenBraden, oh, i need engine views to override app's.
[08:22:49] roadt: BrazenBraden, but still i feel strange. i assume app's prior one.
[08:24:12] roadt: BrazenBraden, i'm creating a mod to a app.
[08:34:01] roadt: ACTION stuck... i checked the rails 3 source code, and it looks to me that the engine's asset paths is loaded before app's. and engine's view should be first.
[08:36:25] roadt: ACTION confused. 
[08:36:26] roadt: anyone know why app view is able to override engine's ?
[08:37:43] roadt: i check sprocket, it will hit the first met file. and in app's initializer, app load all engines initilziers first, then itself. that way, config.asset.paths are filled in engine -> app order, and then to sprocket. so engine view first!.


[07:21:15] roadt: hi, i wanna to create a rails 3.2.13 project, but seems the latest 'rails' command is 4.0.0 now, how can i use the old rails (3.x) command to create project..
[07:22:04] roadt: Radar, ah! tks..


[08:09:51] roadt: hi, as ror offical guide refers, inverse_of doesnt' work in several cases, one of them is polymorphic, so is better note to workaround if a need both polymorphic and has_many, belongs_to relationship when update?
[08:10:15] roadt: s/is better/is any better/


[05:37:48] roadt: hi, if i use #-*- encoding: UTF-8 -*- in source file, does it mean that encoding of all strings are UTF-8?
[05:55:06] roadt: bnagy, mean it is more 'hint' than 'encoding of parser'?
[05:55:59] roadt: bnagy, ahh..
[05:56:31] roadt: bnagy, i c.. from 1.9 it's true that , all literal is utf8 if encoding : UTF-8 line is set. right?
[05:57:42] roadt: bnagy, yeah. gotcha. tks!



[01:43:35] roadt: bonhoeffer, bundle show [gemname]? if you uses bundler
[01:46:48] roadt: bonhoeffer, seems 2.0.0.pre.1 is not valid any more.. maybe you have to change resque line '2.0.0' (in your Gemfile)
[01:51:21] roadt: bonhoeffer, well, suite yourself. ;)


[03:37:59] roadt: hi, rails news a demo, thru but destroy posts doesn't popup and always jump to GET /posts/1, any suggestion?
[03:39:27] roadt: ariedler: yeah, i'm following the ror getstarted tutorial, and create a rails blog/post app, most code are generated by scaffold. it should be work without change.
[03:40:31] roadt: ariedler: but the problem is in posts page. click the 'destroy' link, it should be send a DELETE /posts/1 request, but GET /posts/1 is requested.
[03:41:36] roadt: ariedler: yeah, it think it is.
[03:41:48] roadt: ariedler: snippet from index.html.erb. ' <td><%= link_to 'Destroy', post, method: :delete, data: { confirm: 'Are you sure?' } %></td>'
[03:43:52] roadt: //= require_tree .
[03:43:52] roadt: //= require jquery_ujs
[03:43:52] roadt: ariedler: application.html.erb has the line ' <%= javascript_include_tag "application" %>'. and application.js has 3 line ' //= require jquery
[03:44:25] roadt: is it unobtrusive JS you referring?
[03:47:59] roadt: ariedler, thank you for help.


[10:20:58] roadt: j #statusnet


[10:39:02] roadt: hi, is any reason to implement a new TimeWithZone with the same interface in 'activesupport/time' than patching Time class in stdlib? i mean to add any timezone support
[11:39:52] roadt: hi,new for activerecord, i seems has_one and belongs_to generate the same set of methods, so is any difference bewteen them beside concept ?
[11:41:10] roadt: mklappstuhl: ah, has_one stores in target, and belongs_to stores in this model.
[11:41:22] roadt: mklappstuhl: got it. tks.
[11:44:27] roadt: mklappstuhl: i'll check it out, you got a good point, that's for sure. englight me! ;)


[14:19:02] roadt: hi, how can i find the place of defining {:as}_path
[14:19:12] roadt: urlhelper methods in rails?


[09:13:50] roadt: slower is not a problem if it has alternative way to workaround. such as, cloudl computer. esp. when the hardware is cheaper and cheaper.
[09:15:05] roadt: eph3meral: lol
[09:17:38] roadt: royvandermeij: and maintianable.
[09:18:58] roadt: clocKwize: 169x XD
[09:20:34] roadt: eph3meral: are you multithreading?
[09:30:03] roadt: is postgrsql perf better now?
[09:30:33] roadt: Scient: than mysql?
[09:31:59] roadt: Scient: yep.
[09:36:02] roadt: i just checked, sqilte support transaction.
[09:38:14] roadt: i every tried postgresql years ago, perf is not well to me then. maybe i need re-check the improvement of psql these years... hmmm..
[09:45:41] roadt: Scient: hmmm, good comment.. i'm quite positive to check it again now. >.<
[09:48:47] roadt: workmad3: so performance penalty of global lock. i c.. good to know. :)
[09:49:48] roadt: workmad3: but better than InnoDB? :)
[09:53:39] roadt: workmad3: i c.
[09:57:00] roadt: workmad3: lol.
[09:57:55] roadt: workmad3: that is really a keypoint. XD
[09:58:17] roadt: ACTION is grateful that workmad3 don't lose that.
[09:58:36] roadt: s/don't/doesn't/
[10:02:59] roadt: ACTION agree.


[09:33:34] roadt: hi, just learn the ruby, and a basic question for 2 days, how is activerecord injected into the controller class?
[09:34:20] roadt: i have been familar with railtie infrastructure (by reading source code..) ,
[09:35:23] roadt: universa1, but, i'm not quite understand how controller 's method can use Model attribute, how the attr is created (in the controller).
[09:36:27] roadt: universa1, it looks like injection.. i don't know what happen actually
[09:39:31] roadt: universa1, i already got the rack -> route -> distapcher -> controller (metal), those stuff. but, i do know i can use the model with its name. but Ii don't find where creation of models take place in source code.
[09:40:29] roadt: universa1, aha?
[09:41:24] roadt: universa1, i tried generate scaffold to generate some models, no obivously .new in my founding.
[09:41:37] roadt: universa1, maybe i miss something, i'll double check it.
[09:42:22] roadt: universa1, you bet. ;) tks. come back later.