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[11:09:51] rob_: prutheus: Array#sort
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[07:54:46] rob_: Veejay: 'expect' is a tool to do what you've described, it's not ruby though
[07:55:07] rob_: Veejay:
[07:55:36] rob_: oh, you mentioned expect :)
[07:56:24] rob_: Veejay:


[15:00:35] rob_: fChanX: what error do you get
[15:01:25] rob_: fChanX: what distribution are you using
[15:01:53] rob_: it's trying to compile some code but it's failing, do you have the build-essentials package installed (with apt) ?
[15:03:38] rob_: you need to find out what the compile error is, then
[15:03:59] rob_: but it'll be a missing lib or headers or something


[08:47:06] rob_: awesome_print - doesnt output html afaik but it's an alternative to pp
[08:52:05] rob_: not sure


[17:36:06] rob_: pry is nice


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[10:38:45] rob_: hi, im trying to insert large values into a sqlite database using sequel but i get a FloatDomainError for Infinity with the following code, can anyone help?


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[09:05:38] rob_: arne_: your load balancer needs to set X-Forwarded-For ;)


[16:37:56] rob_: anyone know how to recursively turn child hashes in a hash into a hashie type hash?
[16:39:02] rob_: well, substitute 'hashie' for any other type of object
[16:55:42] rob_:
[16:55:56] rob_: i'd like the last two lines to evaluate to true


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[19:46:38] rob_: failshell: look up REPL (read-eval-print loop) - should give you lots of information about how to write what you want


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[09:47:54] rob_: *.net *.split
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[18:47:09] rob_: hi, can anyone tell me how i can access the methods in MyLogger in this example?
[18:47:32] rob_: i think im misunderstanding modules and the meta clas
[18:51:03] rob_: apeiros: can i adjust either class to make it work? sorry for being vague but do you know what i mean?
[18:52:43] rob_: so i have to move the methods into the Test module?
[18:54:02] rob_: if i do that i still get no such method error
[18:54:38] rob_:
[18:57:20] rob_: ah great, thanks for the tips


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[11:17:51] rob_: hi, anyone who uses guard-rspec, is it possible to change the default 'cmd' to not use bundler? e.g: cmd=rspec rather than cmd="bundler exec rspec"?
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[13:14:53] rob_: anyone use vim and rubocop with rbenv? i've installed 2.3.0 and rubocop but i get this error: parser/current is loading parser/ruby22, which recognizes 2.2.x-compliant syntax, but you are running 2.3.0.
[13:15:21] rob_: ive tried upgrading parser gem, vim-rubocop and rubocop


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[15:05:44] rob_: if my class is essentially an array, am i better off using forwardable or including enumberable and defining an 'each' method, or is there some other preferred method?
[15:39:59] rob_: havenwood:
[15:40:12] rob_: havenwood: im wondering if i need to have Days and Repos
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[16:07:08] rob_: vnk:
[16:07:15] rob_: is really good, iirc


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[19:46:08] rob_: hi, im trying to use the ruby-git module which works fine from irb but when i try to do from within a grape/rack application i get 'private method "open" called for <name of my module>', anyone know why this could be happening?
[19:49:02] rob_: jhass:
[19:50:19] rob_: ok, thanks
[21:58:41] rob_: is it possible to include the contents of another file in-line with ruby?
[22:00:00] rob_: i have an api defined in a config file, im using grape to create a REST API
[22:00:02] rob_:
[22:00:09] rob_: it would be nice to have this in a separate file
[22:00:47] rob_: i tried using require relative but i get an error
[22:01:02] rob_: `<top (required)>': undefined method `requires' for main:Object (NoMethodError)
[22:02:30] rob_:
[22:03:03] rob_: require doesn't work either
[22:03:30] rob_: same error, presumably requires is a method for Object
[22:04:00] rob_: jhass: right. is this stupid?
[22:04:45] rob_: Ox0dea: yeah, i dont really want to eval
[22:05:23] rob_: i just dont know what im doing
[22:06:20] rob_: so, i could define the api in YAML but im not sure how i'd convert 'String' to String without eval..
[22:06:39] rob_: Ox0dea: ah ok, i'll do that then, thanks!
[22:07:07] rob_: not better to read YAML and just loop over it?
[22:07:54] rob_: because i want to make this generic, so you can modify a config file to modify the required params for the api
[22:08:31] rob_: that sounds like i'd learn something
[22:09:34] rob_: oh, i agree completely
[22:10:45] rob_: i want to be able to send arbitrary JSON to an API that then writes out a file in the context of the parameters using ERB
[22:11:34] rob_: i could just not bother validating the input
[22:21:04] rob_: i was basically trying to create a generic app that could be configured to require some specific values
[22:28:15] rob_: this, basically, but with a config file that defines required values:
[22:29:25] rob_: Ox0dea: which bit? :)
[22:32:02] rob_: i just wanted the configuration to be outside the app
[22:32:15] rob_: im not trying to obfuscate anything


[13:02:03] rob_: newbsduser: look at socket library
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[17:55:29] rob_: hi, has anyone run webrick in docker and noticed that it doesnt bind to it's usual default port, but instead a random one? is this configurable by an environment variable?
[17:56:04] rob_: Croves: puts is most common
[17:56:35] rob_: print doesn't append a new line to the string it prints
[17:58:46] rob_: 'p' is equivalent to puts object.inspect. if you install the 'awesome_print' gem and 'require' it then you'll get even nicer output when inspecting data


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[08:32:26] rob_: norc: no, but you could do something like {a: 1, b: 2, c: 3}.select { |k,v| true if v != 2 }


[22:16:02] rob_: ruby-lang498: ..hello?


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[16:03:41] rob_: hi, im trying to use Dir.glob to recursively list files in a directory, including following symlinks, the problem is that i get duplicate files:
[16:04:22] rob_: ljarvis: yeah, isnt there a better way? :)
[16:05:38] rob_: ljarvis: a glob pattern that only matches files recursively including symlinked ones would be preferable..
[16:10:17] rob_: ljarvis: ok, thanks for the advice
[16:11:24] rob_: ljarvis: ok, thanks!


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[18:26:16] rob_: whats the best way to time something like an http request..?
[18:26:46] rob_: just: start =; http_request; - start?


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[17:18:09] rob_: hi, can someone tell me whats wrong with this:
[17:18:25] rob_: i get an undefiend method error
[17:31:33] rob_: basically i want to do this:
[17:34:27] rob_: ah, oops, shouldve used map


[11:20:51] rob_: hi, is it possible to get a list of object accessors? i have an amazon ec2 instance object and basically want to get the instance config out of it as a hash (or something) without having to individually check a load of methods..
[11:25:53] rob_: mikecmpbll: looking at the aws-sdk code it looks like the class is doing something funky
[11:25:56] rob_: thanks though
[11:31:27] rob_: is it possible to access a method thats defined as from outside the class? like Object.send(
[11:34:14] rob_: tobiasvl: ok
[11:36:18] rob_: tobiasvl: this is whats confusing me: when does have the method that it says is missing


[16:49:33] rob_: is it possible to use recursively on a nested hash?
[16:52:35] rob_: existensil: ahh thank you - i seem to get this though: error: undefined method `nested_under_indifferent_access' for {"volume_size"=>"100G"}:Hash
[16:52:50] rob_: existensil: which makes me thing the sub hash *isnt* indifferent..


[18:39:45] rob_: hi, when using activerecord without rails, is it best to first create a schema.rb file containing an ActiveRecord::Schema.define in it and then use migrations for upgrades?


[21:33:15] rob_: hi, how can i include views in my schema? i've tried adding some SQL in an exec in a migration but for some reason i get a no such table error. also when i do a db:schema:dump i dont see the views in the schema.rb..
[21:34:36] rob_: lethjakman: i mean an SQL view...
[21:35:29] rob_: lethjakman: ok.. how should i handle views? i have something like this:
[21:36:24] rob_: lethjakman: OOPS, my mistake, i think i see the problem..
[21:36:59] rob_: lethjakman: the model class name doesnt match the view name i specified in the migration!
[21:37:42] rob_: lethjakman: how do you mean?
[21:44:19] rob_: lethjakman: thanks