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[08:32:48] ruby-lang064: Hello, I have a time issue that has me scratching my head. I am recording time at various points during a program that takes about 10 minutes to run. I am basically recording time in a hash periodically using The problem is that by the time my program finishes, all recorded timestamps are the current time at the end of the run. It's as if the hash stored the Time objects and 'puts'ing the time causes the object to
[08:36:28] ruby-lang064: Ah, okay. Creating a gist now. thanks. The end of the message was "causes the object to return #now rather than the strings."
[08:46:19] ruby-lang064: I started with time objects, but then after my hash ended up with 4 identical time stamps, I thought the objects always returned current time or something.
[08:46:42] ruby-lang064: I thought string would be a sure fire way to guard against that hunch
[08:52:21] ruby-lang064: Well, I can't seem to recreate the issue in a simple ruby file. I can't really post my actual code b/c it is for work. I will just keep digging. Thanks for your time!
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