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[16:14:40] ruby-lang383: has joined #ruby
[16:15:35] ruby-lang383: hi i'm doing a scraper project
[16:16:32] ruby-lang383: does anyone know how to write a script to
[16:16:40] ruby-lang383: Here is the URL
[16:16:56] ruby-lang383: there are profiles in the url
[16:17:01] ruby-lang383: how do I scrape the text from
[16:17:10] ruby-lang383: and output it to txt file
[16:17:24] ruby-lang383: does anyone know how to implement it
[16:17:38] ruby-lang383: you have to wait a few days to register
[16:17:41] ruby-lang383: this is jsut a class project
[16:19:16] ruby-lang383: you can scrape it if it is not for a commercial pages
[16:19:21] ruby-lang383: commercial purposees
[16:19:29] ruby-lang383: i just prefer not to use the api
[16:19:58] ruby-lang383: but I need to implenent a do loop
[16:20:13] ruby-lang383: that will access all the profile URLs
[16:32:51] ruby-lang383: Ping timeout: 246 seconds