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[18:06:56] rubycoder37: ruby needs to become a more general purpose language, used in more domains, I'm sick and tired of people acting like python is better
[18:07:04] rubycoder37: Fingel rubycoder37: hows ruby on rails treating you these days? Enjoying your decent into irrelevance?
[18:07:33] rubycoder37: some people can't even tell the difference between ruby and RoR
[18:08:00] rubycoder37: stupid people acting like they know what they are talking about
[18:09:35] rubycoder37: I don't even like most of the #rubyonrails people either, it seems they are in it only for the money
[18:12:03] rubycoder37: I don't care about money, I already have lots of BTC
[18:15:33] rubycoder37: I'd hate myself if I had to work another year helping make useless projects that nobody wants for startups
[18:15:57] rubycoder37: so I care nothing about rails, and I want ruby to succeed as a programming language
[18:20:02] rubycoder37: "Python is a good language. So is Ruby." I agree
[18:21:04] rubycoder37: veloutin: what are those things?
[18:22:37] rubycoder37: veloutin: yes I know what you mean, and I feel the same way
[18:25:35] rubycoder37: most programmers these days don't care about how things work underneath, I even accepted some python position recently and helped fix some performance issues they had, and that was because I understood the internals of OSes better than most of them, not trying to brag but I hate that others aren't interested about these things as much as I am sometimes, they just give me more work
[18:26:22] rubycoder37: and more pain
[18:32:11] rubycoder37: something I don't like about the ruby community that much is that library authors tend to create a DSL where it's not always necessary, it seems like the community favors DSLs over plain ruby
[18:32:27] rubycoder37: this is why I prefer to stick to minitest over rspec
[18:33:59] rubycoder37: I get the impression that python is less interested in DSLs
[18:34:42] rubycoder37: I guess DSL are just a side effect of ruby's flexibility
[18:37:32] rubycoder37: I'm going to SF, we'll talk once I'm at the airport again
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[17:21:48] rubycoder37: does ruby 2.5.0 ships with bundler now?
[17:33:34] rubycoder37: what a shame, I was expecting bundler to be included on 2.5.0
[17:38:56] rubycoder37: are they going to rewrite the bundler tests for merging into ruby?
[17:39:58] rubycoder37: bundler uses rspec for tests
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[02:44:57] rubycoder37: happy new year!
[02:45:55] rubycoder37: I hope this will be the year when ruby will take over python in use and popularity
[02:46:00] rubycoder37: how to make that happen?
[02:49:23] rubycoder37: I can feel this will be a great year for ruby
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[00:25:12] rubycoder37: it annoys me that ruby isn't as popular as python is
[00:29:57] rubycoder37: there is not a single program that depends on ruby that I have installed on my system, yet I have 13 programs that depend on python2 and 4 that depend on python3, this is ridiculous
[00:31:29] rubycoder37: I'm f*cking outraged!
[00:35:36] rubycoder37: I'm sorry mike, but ruby should have been the number-one language
[00:36:01] rubycoder37: ruby needs to do something to make it seem that it's not just for rails
[00:36:26] rubycoder37: 2.5.0 will displace python as the queen of programming languages!
[00:38:26] rubycoder37: yes, all my coworkers swear by it
[00:52:48] rubycoder37: python = the poor man's programming language
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[17:02:33] rubycoder37: I'm upset all my coworkers are now writing python instead of ruby
[17:02:41] rubycoder37: I feel, lonely
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[17:38:08] rubycoder37: python developers often brag about their explicit syntax, can someone say why implicit is better in ruby?
[17:44:01] rubycoder37: I thought implicit was preferred in ruby
[17:49:33] rubycoder37: I'm not sure avoiding to type () for function calls and not using return is unnecessary noise
[17:49:45] rubycoder37: I like that I don't have to pass self to each function all the time
[17:50:43] rubycoder37: I'm just bitter all my coworkers are writing python and they expect me to do the same
[17:52:43] rubycoder37: TensorFlow is only for Python, that's why
[17:57:19] rubycoder37: good thing we'll have new ruby this xmas
[18:00:25] rubycoder37: what will be new in ruby 3?
[18:01:29] rubycoder37: isn't crystal basically ruby 3?
[18:01:59] rubycoder37: or close to that
[18:13:14] rubycoder37: apeiros: yes, I get what you mean, I'm also not a big JS fan
[18:17:53] rubycoder37: havenwood: I see
[18:25:06] rubycoder37: I wonder how difficult it would be to port ruby to TempleOS
[18:27:39] rubycoder37: Terry A. Davis is the best, but not as crazy as Larry Wall
[18:28:13] rubycoder37:
[18:29:50] rubycoder37: I want to see all programmers making music together like this
[18:33:19] rubycoder37: havenwood: wow, very nice!
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[19:18:51] rubycoder37: xmas is coming soon and looks like a new ruby version will be released, I couldn't be happier
[19:35:04] rubycoder37: any ideas how I can make this test better?
[19:39:44] rubycoder37: here's the code:
[19:40:07] rubycoder37: dminuoso: good question, I didn't write the code
[19:40:27] rubycoder37: I have to figure that out
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[01:08:21] rubycoder37: why is python still more popular than ruby? I'm a bit upset my friends migrated to python for this reason, I still prefer ruby
[01:10:28] rubycoder37: RickHull: you think rust will eclipse python?
[01:10:55] rubycoder37: do you think crystal will eclipse ruby?
[01:11:48] rubycoder37: I don't think elixir will eclipse ruby
[01:12:44] rubycoder37: a lot of people think ruby is just a rails thing
[01:13:29] rubycoder37: I talk to people who are wrong all the time
[01:13:37] rubycoder37: I love proving them wrong
[01:13:51] rubycoder37: not that I'm always right
[01:17:39] rubycoder37: I started using rails in 2008 when rails was a hot thing, I was still writing PHP (yuck) back then, but I already saw ruby being used, I wanted a more general purpose language and ruby was it
[01:18:00] rubycoder37: eventually people moved to go and node and other langs, but I didn't
[01:18:34] rubycoder37: some of my friends still make fun of me for sticking to ruby, and I get even more upset with them
[01:23:17] rubycoder37: Papierkorb: I had a experience writing python at wor recently and it wasn't a very good experience, but I also think that's mostly because I inherited a very crappy codebase and not because of python itself
[01:23:39] rubycoder37: electron is awful
[01:24:21] rubycoder37: RickHull: yes, nothing against python
[01:25:10] rubycoder37: I like Ruby, I want to see ruby being used more
[01:27:24] rubycoder37: Larry Wall is a nice guy
[01:28:55] rubycoder37: I think he's a funny guy
[02:33:59] rubycoder37: ruby feels a lot more perlish to me than python does
[02:35:57] rubycoder37: why is perlism a bad thing?
[02:38:35] rubycoder37: python seems very anti-perl, they don't even like regexes that much
[02:39:42] rubycoder37: if it's not easy to read and it doesn't make sense, it's bad, that sort of thing
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[22:37:50] rubycoder37: rms is the best
[22:39:01] rubycoder37: even matz loves rms:
[22:39:48] rubycoder37: they both love each other
[22:41:42] rubycoder37: the linux kernel gets lots of usage and it's GPL
[22:46:09] rubycoder37: free software is better because freedom matters
[22:46:27] rubycoder37:
[22:53:19] rubycoder37:
[23:11:44] rubycoder37: Papierkorb: that's another reason why the GPL is superior, they can't simply leech from your project without contributing back
[23:32:08] rubycoder37: I don't like DSLs, just use ruby
[23:32:34] rubycoder37: this is why I refuse to use rspec, I prefer minitest
[23:36:05] rubycoder37: will ruby 2.5 get released this xmas?
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[01:17:34] rubycoder37: any ideas how can I write this line in a better way?
[01:17:41] rubycoder37: if post.user == current_user %>
[01:18:53] rubycoder37: I'm trying to show the delete link for the post that belongs to the logged in user only, or should I add this to a helper?
[01:49:34] rubycoder37: matthewd: sounds good, thanks
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[01:03:48] rubycoder37: I need some help
[01:04:54] rubycoder37: someone wants to test my creativity, and they send me this challenge:
[01:05:10] rubycoder37: but I think it's too vague, what do you guys think?
[01:05:52] rubycoder37: I want to build the app but I don't know what they expect me to do
[01:06:03] rubycoder37: it's too vague
[01:18:23] rubycoder37: fryguy: I agree, it's a bunch of nonsense
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[01:46:28] rubycoder37: I have trouble adjusting to python at work, I prefer ruby
[01:47:57] rubycoder37: any ideas how to deal with this problem?
[01:50:11] rubycoder37: I tried to get my fellow coworkers to change to ruby but they are all into python right now
[01:50:54] rubycoder37: it makes me really sad to be the only ruby guy at work
[01:51:17] rubycoder37: please help :(
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[02:06:16] rubycoder37: tomoyuki28jp: why are you using api mode?
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[22:42:02] rubycoder37: at my job everyone switched to python, I'm very frustrated about this
[22:46:57] rubycoder37: I like ruby and my coworkers like python more, they think python is faster and has more libraries for writing crawlers
[22:47:12] rubycoder37: I'm frustrated because I have to argue with people who aren't very bright all day
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[00:57:53] rubycoder37: I have a blog with posts and comments and I'm trying to add replies to comments, I want to have nested replies
[00:58:06] rubycoder37: any ideas what associations i can use for replies and comments?
[01:03:46] rubycoder37: honestly, I have no idea... I thought about using a comment has_many :replies, replies belongs_to :comments but replies can also belong to replies, it seems like a difficult problem
[01:10:55] rubycoder37: with a polymorphic association perhaps?
[01:20:25] rubycoder37: matthewd: when you say having two belongs_to, do you mean using a third model to connect replies and comments like with a has_many :through association?
[01:22:36] rubycoder37: I didn't know Reply belongs_to :reply would actually work, thanks
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[19:25:05] rubycoder37: I'm trying to refactor this code, is there anything I can do other than removing the params and using before_filter?
[19:25:09] rubycoder37: any suggestions?
[19:28:08] rubycoder37: removing params from methods*
[19:48:39] rubycoder37: this code doesn't make much sense, I don't know what those _desc methods are
[19:50:59] rubycoder37: oh, so like a helepr
[19:58:20] rubycoder37: mlt-: thanks a lot


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[21:14:37] rubycoder37: I have this code that is part of my CSV importer, any suggestions about what I can improve in the code?
[21:15:53] rubycoder37: I really hate the if/else checks in #process_row and I also dislike the .blank | checks in no_time_data? but I don't know how to write that better
[21:18:09] rubycoder37: zenspider: ok
[21:28:27] rubycoder37: can you tell me why rescue Exception is a bad idea?
[21:30:27] rubycoder37: I see, thank you


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[21:49:18] rubycoder37: I'm trying to write tests with the default stack (minitest, fixtures, etc), but I have devise installed, do I need to create a user fixture first and then use one of the devise helpers to authenticate?
[22:01:47] rubycoder37: fryguy: thanks, but I'm not using factorygirl, can I use fixtures instead?
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[01:29:03] rubycoder37: I would like to move some of the methods I have in my User model to the Store model, but I'm not sure how to access them in the controller, should I make them class methods or use scopes?
[01:29:19] rubycoder37: if you have any suggestions about how to improve my code further, please let me know
[01:34:10] rubycoder37: I'm not sure about using Store.count like that too
[01:55:07] rubycoder37: any ideas please?
[02:44:40] rubycoder37: would it be ok to use BigDecimal for currency?
[20:47:53] rubycoder37: I need to represent currency in decimal, is BigDecimal good enough?
[20:57:30] rubycoder37: ok, thank you
[22:26:25] rubycoder37: yorickpeterse: hah! I'm sure managers would love that one
[23:30:50] rubycoder37: that feeling when I realize that the application I wrote is smarter than myself


[03:20:41] rubycoder37: I currently have a method with something like this: (
[03:21:20] rubycoder37: but it doesn't feel right to be picking a bunch of dates randomly also
[03:22:07] rubycoder37: something tells me I might have misunderstood something about the specification, I think I'll go back to that
[03:44:04] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: yes, different days, the amount is a single value (integer), yes
[03:45:09] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: I'm still undecided if I should be returning a new array or a hash for my rails view to parse the data, in that case, I'm also not sure how to convert the array to a hash
[03:46:47] rubycoder37: that's my problem, the specifications are a bit lacking
[03:47:22] rubycoder37: thanks for your help
[03:47:38] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: no, it's something I've been told to do
[03:49:34] rubycoder37: good question
[03:50:57] rubycoder37: yes, I think I'll keep working on it until I solve it, I think it's a good way to keep learning ruby
[03:59:36] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: I have an amount and dates (30 days), I also have stores in my app, this amount needs to be distributed between the stores and sellers, my problem is how to select the elements from the date array and display them in my rails views in a way that makes sense
[03:59:47] rubycoder37: sorry for the vagueness
[04:02:34] rubycoder37: I'm listing the stores in my app for each user and I don't know how select different dates from that array for each store without duplicating results (in the same view)
[04:05:28] rubycoder37: not sure about that, I think so, yes
[04:08:10] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: no, users can have many stores
[04:15:27] rubycoder37: I'm still confused about what I have to do
[04:33:31] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: let me see if I can be a little more clear, this is how my application looks at the moment: -- and this is my code: -- I want to be able to show different dates, I don't understand how to generate different dates from that helper code, I don't understand why it's duplicating the data
[04:39:02] rubycoder37: I will ask there, thanks
[04:40:33] rubycoder37: I understand why 'date = (' would give me the same output, but I don't know what I have to do to show different results in that loop
[04:41:51] rubycoder37: PorcoRex: my display_dates function is being called inside that @stores.each loop
[04:52:47] rubycoder37: calling shuffle on the array gives me different results as I was expecting
[04:53:58] rubycoder37:
[05:04:27] rubycoder37: I think my problem solving skills is lacking, or maybe my imagination
[05:05:02] rubycoder37: thanks for your help
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[22:45:32] rubycoder37: I have the following code: Hash[(user.start_date..user.end_date)] -- I'm having a bit of trouble adding a value to the keys, e.g. if I do Hash[(user.start_date..user.end_date), ['foo']] I think foo is added to the last key only
[22:45:43] rubycoder37: I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong :(
[22:47:58] rubycoder37: any ideas please?
[22:49:57] rubycoder37: that makes sense, thank you
[23:02:03] rubycoder37: elomatreb: I got it to work:
[23:30:35] rubycoder37: is there something like shift(n) for hashes? or that will only work with arrays?
[23:32:48] rubycoder37: I see, thanks