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[20:17:46] ryanwinchester: How can I include mnesia in my releases (without it starting automatically)?
[20:18:45] ryanwinchester: I tried adding it to `included_applications: [:mnesia]` in mix.exs application/0, but I get an error when I try to build a release
[20:18:59] ryanwinchester: `** (Mix) Undefined applications: [mnesia]`
[21:33:32] ryanwinchester: If I add it to extra_applications, it gets started for me
[21:33:34] ryanwinchester: I don't want that
[21:35:03] ryanwinchester: For whatever reason, when it gets started for me I can't create tables with `disc_copies: [node()]`
[21:36:03] ryanwinchester: If I start it myself, everything is fine
[21:36:38] ryanwinchester: I just can't figure out how to include it in my release _without_ it being started automatically
[21:37:25] ryanwinchester: which from what I can see is pretty generic and happens for a number of possible reasons
[21:37:34] ryanwinchester: like even directory permissions
[21:38:36] ryanwinchester: To be more specific `{:error, {:bad_type, MyRecord, :disc_copies, :nonode@nohost}}`
[21:40:27] ryanwinchester: If I could just include it in my releases without it starting, that would solve my problems...
[21:40:45] ryanwinchester: going the #erlang route, debugging a generic error with a number of causes is just going to take forever
[21:41:06] ryanwinchester: especially since this is likely very Elixir-specific problem :/
[21:56:27] ryanwinchester: If I don't include it, then it isn't included in the release
[21:56:41] ryanwinchester: and then I can't start it at all
[21:57:13] ryanwinchester: `** (UndefinedFunctionError) function :mnesia.create_schema/1 is undefined (module :mnesia is not available)`
[22:10:44] ryanwinchester: that works running the release locally


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[17:58:28] ryanwinchester: can anybody help me figure out what to do with my GenStage producer... seems like handle_demand is called once and then if I don't return anything, it isn't called again?
[17:58:49] ryanwinchester: I return `[]` because I don't have anything when the app starts
[17:59:01] ryanwinchester: (trying to set up broadway)
[18:27:56] ryanwinchester: I think this is what I need, although it's a bit confusing connecting the dots: https://hexdocs.pm/gen_stage/GenStage.html#module-buffering-demand


[00:01:01] ryanwinchester: I think the GenServer can only "do" one thing at a time. So, it has to wait for whatever you're "doing" to finish before it can handle the next message
[01:23:47] ryanwinchester: @sms pretty sure one will have to wait for the other to finish
[01:24:49] ryanwinchester: afaik each message is sent to the genserver processes mailbox, and the genserver will handle them only one at a time
[01:26:14] ryanwinchester: processed in the order in which they arrive
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[23:31:05] ryanwinchester: mrus: use a dynamic supervisor for the task
[23:31:52] ryanwinchester: mrus: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/Task.html#module-dynamically-supervised-tasks
[23:48:09] ryanwinchester: @mrus tbh, I'd probably just do something like this: https://gist.github.com/ryanwinchester/d2a840539387c6ae4e4d486be19aafe1
[23:52:03] ryanwinchester: no idea, but it'd be my first shot. Maybe try it a few different ways and observe
[23:52:51] ryanwinchester: I mean, I don't see why not, though
[23:54:49] ryanwinchester: There's also stuff like https://github.com/SchedEx/SchedEx
[23:58:14] ryanwinchester: @sms there's an example of it in GenServer docs: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/master/GenServer.html#module-receiving-regular-messages
[23:58:25] ryanwinchester: look at the code example
[23:59:18] ryanwinchester: "The message is not sent immediately. Therefore, dest can receive other messages in-between even when time is 0."
[23:59:18] ryanwinchester: https://hexdocs.pm/elixir/master/Process.html#send_after/4


[04:33:26] ryanwinchester: can I use an erlang type in an elixir typespec? like: `@type ip_address :: :inet.ip_adress`
[04:33:42] ryanwinchester: http://erlang.org/doc/man/inet.html#type-ip_address
[05:32:48] ryanwinchester: @Nicd- I did and didn't get any errors, but I don't know if bad types give errors or not since they aren't really used
[05:33:56] ryanwinchester: yeah if I put a deliberate typo it's a compile error
[05:35:06] ryanwinchester: wait no, my error was for something els
[05:36:04] ryanwinchester: `@type ip_address :: :inet.ip_addredsfdfss()` compiles fine
[05:37:05] ryanwinchester: `@type ip_address :: foo` doesn't compile though


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[05:42:54] ryanwinchester: what's the fastest way to get a rails dev environment up an running? vagrant?
[05:45:25] ryanwinchester: any recommended ones? is this considered a good start? https://gorails.com/guides/using-vagrant-for-rails-development
[05:47:05] ryanwinchester: i'm coming from php-land where 99% of the stuff you can find on google is bad advice. being completely new to rails i don't know what is bad and what is good
[05:47:42] ryanwinchester: 99% might be bit of an exageration
[05:54:59] ryanwinchester: yeah doesn't seem very active
[05:58:26] ryanwinchester: Arcaire thanks. Bookmarked :)


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