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[13:23:07] shamanime: aep: %W - Week number of the year. The week starts with Monday. (00..53)


[16:25:18] shamanime: tekk: Person.where(["updated_at >= ? AND updated_at <= ?", 7.days.ago, 8.days.ago]).last
[16:32:36] shamanime: tekk: the method last doesn't take arguments
[16:33:43] shamanime: tekk: It'll pick the last element of something, when you do .where().last you filter what you want and pick just the last. If you stop on the where() you'd have an array instead.
[16:36:42] shamanime: Oh yeah thanks centrx


[18:36:54] shamanime: TheAtomicGoose: does your application.css.sass require_self?
[18:37:52] shamanime: TheAtomicGoose: do you have the stylesheet_link_tag in your layout?
[19:13:59] shamanime: TheAtomicGoose: remove the bootstrap-sprockets import


[19:32:54] shamanime: rubyonrailed: seems like so, and if the scope is multple use it within []


[16:51:50] shamanime: x44x45x41x4E: You dont want further updates to fire the email, right?
[17:01:50] shamanime: x44x45x41x4E: check your gist


[18:25:09] shamanime: Anyone use the Houser gem for tenancy? This is happening and I'm having a hard time debugging: The object isn't finding the correct associations.


[14:00:11] shamanime: Anyone uses the faker gem? It upgraded from 1.3 to 1.4 and is throwing "invalid locale :en", I tried adding "require 'faker'; Faker::Config.locale = :"pt-BR"" in several places but none worked. lib/faker_config, spec_helper. Where should it go?
[14:00:52] shamanime: zelrik: do you have a require_tree somewhere?
[14:01:22] shamanime: zelrik: require each file separately and remove the require_tree
[14:05:51] shamanime: workmad3: nice point!


[17:42:16] shamanime: hfp: if something doesn't work, I might be Doing Something Wrong (tm), take a break, read the guides to get a better knowledge about how to accomplish what you want and then get back to work.
[17:42:57] shamanime: s2013: Make sure to add a Owner (referencing an User) to the Project model ????
[17:44:27] shamanime: rhizome: you beat me ????
[17:45:01] shamanime: hfp: you're just getting started, expect it to happen often, the more you read the less you'll fail


[14:45:22] shamanime: Danielpk: hey
[14:47:34] shamanime: Danielpk: I replied to your gist, give it a try
[14:51:05] shamanime: Danielpk: that works good until you have two columns with the same name ????
[14:51:57] shamanime: Danielpk: just saw, awesome!
[17:13:59] shamanime: didge: did you check the parameter name on the form?
[17:19:57] shamanime: didge: yeah seems like your form is right but your controller is not receiving any parameter from your form because you are allowing :first_name, :last_name and those are not in your form
[17:20:43] shamanime: didge: what are the attributes in your form?
[17:20:57] shamanime: didge: cardholder_firstname and?
[17:21:40] shamanime: didge: make sure your strong parameters allowed attributes have the same name you used in your form


[11:59:02] shamanime: waadim: Also you can use user.account.try(:name)
[12:09:37] shamanime: skinkitten: you may try "scope :due_between, -> (start_date, end_date) { where('start_date >= ? AND end_date <= ?', start_date, end_date) }"
[12:10:48] shamanime: Appointment.due_between(start, end)
[12:14:47] shamanime: skinkitten:
[12:40:14] shamanime: DaniG2k: your problem is not with rmagic, those are just warnings
[12:40:35] shamanime: DaniG2k: your problem starts in line 424
[12:42:30] shamanime: DaniG2k: seems like there is a problem with a "validates inclusion of" somewhere
[12:42:59] shamanime: DaniG2k: your code, probably User model
[12:43:45] shamanime: DaniG2k:
[12:46:22] shamanime: DaniG2k: comment line #17 and boot the server
[12:48:00] shamanime: DaniG2k: It's just warnings, it may be caused by a duplicated initializer file, or an outdated gem version
[12:50:58] shamanime: DaniG2k: I haven't seen many 4.1+ railscasts :P so something might have changed
[12:51:37] shamanime: DaniG2k: don't eat fast :)
[13:59:14] shamanime: DaniG2k: for the next minute
[13:59:22] shamanime: DaniG2k: already late for lunch, whats the matter?
[14:00:13] shamanime: DaniG2k: open your rails console, type ActiveSupport::TimeZone.zones_map(&:name)) and check the results
[14:00:49] shamanime: DaniG2k: the stacktrace said the "in:" options must accept a call to #include? So it might be an array
[14:01:27] shamanime: DaniG2k: you must transform it into an array
[14:04:07] shamanime: DaniG2k: { |t| }
[14:04:27] shamanime: DaniG2k: great ;)
[14:04:53] shamanime: DaniG2k: glad you worked it out! bbl!


[14:25:57] shamanime: Nested forms makes me drop a tear
[19:04:34] shamanime: jarray52: what are you trying to test?
[19:06:17] shamanime: jarray52: Capybara?
[19:13:24] shamanime: codeurge: Can't you make your action answer to GET?


[13:23:52] shamanime: xcesariox is your new terminal tab using the same ruby as the other? Maybe you're in a folder with a .ruby-version file
[13:26:01] shamanime: xcesariox nope, rails gem will give you the 'rails' executable, it is supposed to be available everywhere under the ruby version you installed it (if you didn't mess with gemsets)
[13:28:30] shamanime: guilund are you sure your problem is with cancan? I don't see you calling authorize! anywhere
[13:35:51] shamanime: guilund did it work before cancan?
[16:24:47] shamanime: Console
[16:45:35] shamanime: tfitts maybe you could try generating the scaffold, it should ask you to overwrite the model file
[16:46:09] shamanime: joy4u can you remove the path: "" and try again?
[16:46:59] shamanime: tfitts say no when it asks to overwrite :P
[20:19:20] shamanime: EminenceHC [1, 3].include? @survey.training_material_location


[11:30:55] shamanime: jammanbois it a has one or a has many?
[13:02:47] shamanime: marahin got an answer?
[13:04:59] shamanime: marahin I'd try attr_accessor :first_name, :last_name for the form and overwrite the name=() on the model
[13:26:34] shamanime: Rhainur: Paperclip::Attachment.default_options[:use_timestamp] = false
[13:27:55] shamanime: Rhainur: You can also pass `timestamp: false` to the url method
[13:28:08] shamanime: Indeed, mikecmpbll
[14:20:05] shamanime: |RicharD| Post.order('created_at DESC').all
[16:37:09] shamanime: We lack Ruby developers around here :(
[16:37:43] shamanime: S??o Jos?? do Rio Prato, Brazil, somewhat close to S??o Paulo
[16:38:59] shamanime: s2013 I think everyone has high expectations about the world cup here, there will be a lot of people down
[16:41:01] shamanime: s2013 tbh world cup here is all about politicians stealing money :/
[16:44:29] shamanime: such joins, much where, so select, wow