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[19:41:48] sharkman: in Gemfile.lock there is a gem from Git, and it has a revision number attached to it. what does the revision number mean?
[19:45:25] sharkman: is the revision number related to something on my end, like when i last updated this gem? or is it related to something on the gem/server side about what version i'm downloading?
[19:50:29] sharkman: sorry i dont understand what that means
[19:51:35] sharkman: so what does it mean if the Gemfile is the same, but the revision number in the Gemfile.lock changed?
[19:52:13] sharkman: would that imply that the owner of that git repo changed their code at the repo i was accesing it?
[19:53:32] sharkman: Oh interesting.
[19:54:21] sharkman: gem 'rsruby', github: 'custora/rsruby'
[19:54:47] sharkman: that's what i have now. i guess the "ref" is another piece of data that isn't in there now? cause somehow i updated my gems, and this broke
[19:55:06] sharkman: what would ref be? would that be the previous revision number that i was using when it worked?
[19:56:28] sharkman: sorry that is a bit above my head. a friend helped me code up a lot of this. now i'm trying to maintain it but i accidentally broke the gems. i'm going to try your idea now and see if that works
[19:56:31] sharkman: thanks for yoru help
[19:59:01] sharkman: huge help. thanks very much havenwood !!!
[19:59:05] sharkman: it works again
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[20:45:47] sharkman: how do i match in xpath (mechanize) for the 1/2 character
[20:58:48] sharkman: oh interestig you just slip that same 1/2 character into the code
[21:04:59] sharkman: thaks drbrain


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[02:36:23] sharkman: if i want to hire someone, and my project has ruby and ruby on rails, but the interfaces with rails are simple and its mainly ruby, should i look for workers in here? or in the rubyonrails channeL/
[02:43:54] sharkman: hm i guess everyone is out tonight
[02:43:58] sharkman: frdya night
[02:46:36] sharkman: how is it possible to even do a ruby project and not use rails? like dont almost all projects involve a database in some capacity?
[02:54:32] sharkman: so does anyone here want a job? i scrape data, store it in rails/postgres, then query it and build up some data frames so i can run it through regression
[02:54:47] sharkman: anyone have experience with a project like this and want work
[02:59:51] sharkman: long term work, flexible hours, not full time
[03:09:30] sharkman: are you interested in work pontiki?
[03:11:24] sharkman: can you send me a message on here please, i dont know how to start up these private irc chats. we can talk more and i can show evidence of my trustworthy nature
[03:13:51] sharkman: you are rather pugnacious
[03:16:08] sharkman: you would be wrong. whether i am willing to do something, and whether i will do it when there is no reason are two different things. you havent told me about yourself at all and i dont see why its more appropriate in a public chat room than a private chat
[03:20:59] sharkman: very well, my name is Dan Ashman, this is me,, i post the link to show i am a long standng public member of the poker community and you can search my name on there to see a great reputation. if you want more specific evidence for trustworthiness in paying employees the only thing i could think
[03:21:00] sharkman: of is to put you in touch with people ive hired and paid which i could do
[03:24:17] sharkman: how much do you charge pontiki
[03:25:14] sharkman: this code reminds me of the code i already have built that my friend wrote


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[02:16:32] sharkman: i have a question about hiring practices. when someone gets hired onto a new project, on a flexible basis, like just for a personal job, does the coder take the time to get up to speed on the project at no cost? a discount? or full rate for every hour?
[02:17:51] sharkman: i dont know what the difference is between the three
[02:17:55] sharkman: i mean they are all related right
[02:18:05] sharkman: like doesnt a freelancer sign a contract?
[02:19:10] sharkman: im a novice or slightly better than novice rails coder, any tips on how i can hire someone who is capable
[02:19:22] sharkman: im not sure how to judge on who is good or not
[02:20:42] sharkman: yeah i guess, its just not obvious to me how good someones code is
[02:25:36] sharkman: how can you do a trial though? all my code is integrated together so to code anything they would need to see all the code base
[02:25:43] sharkman: how do trial periods work?
[02:27:32] sharkman: anyone on here want work?
[02:27:42] sharkman: i have work ill hire someone to do
[02:29:49] sharkman: i have PMs coming in now! maybe this will be a lucky night!
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[16:53:21] sharkman: system("./make_ssh_connection"), how do i make this command run in background and disassociate (not end when my ruby program ends) not hijack the terminal i run this from
[17:17:32] sharkman: so i i run spawn("./"), then in the terminal i run ruby it connects my terminal to the ssh destination. i want that run totally in the background
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[19:57:44] sharkman: good gentleman of the internet, if i have a rails model which has say this line, def info; "blah"; end... then i can access it by how can i make it accessible through entry[:info]
[20:00:38] sharkman: thoughts good sirs?
[20:04:14] sharkman: USvER i need to access the data exactly as entry[:info] because of conventions im already using
[20:04:32] sharkman: so i need to make code and put it into the model that will make it accessible in that way. if thats possible.
[20:11:45] sharkman: okay thanks USvER
[20:13:21] sharkman: im looking but i dont see how to make it work yet
[20:15:27] sharkman: hey i want to hire someone to work, any chance i can find someone in here?
[20:15:48] sharkman: part time, long term, flexible work. ruby, rails, postgres, like $15-$30 an hour ddepending on skill level i will pay
[20:16:08] sharkman: haha, too low? too high?
[20:16:35] sharkman: russians on freelancer work for $10!
[20:17:10] sharkman: arent there any poor khazakis in here?
[20:18:30] sharkman: i dunno, market sounds so expensive, maybe id do best with a bangladeshi
[20:18:59] sharkman: lupine what were you sayng, order of magnitude what?
[20:20:29] sharkman: tubbo i dont know, that seems reasonable based on upwork
[20:22:07] sharkman: what is reasonable to ofer in here
[20:26:03] sharkman: huh, $300 an hour?
[20:27:56] sharkman: so i i pay $600 an hour will i at least get someone with 5 years experience?
[20:29:44] sharkman: tubbo i have enough work for more than me, and id rather take a semi vacation and outsource the coding
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[19:55:34] sharkman: good evening sirs. i want to check a table to make sure there is at least one entry where column day equals "monday" and one entry where column day equals "tuesday"
[19:55:51] sharkman: the easiest way is for me to just query all entries then i can do a detect loop for monday, and then a detect loop for tuesday
[19:55:57] sharkman: is there some preferable way to this?
[19:56:46] sharkman: i could do one query for each day, but i know that queries are time consuming
[19:58:51] sharkman: so jhass maybe i will do one query like Table.where(day: monday).limit(1)
[19:58:53] sharkman: and see if that is emtpy
[19:59:03] sharkman: i guess that sounds better
[19:59:58] sharkman: excellent thanks


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[02:25:24] sharkman: can i ask a question gentleman
[02:35:33] sharkman: wow axilla that is same thing eva green said on penny dreadful when she was being seduced by dorian grey
[02:36:31] sharkman: okay so i have an active rails entry want to access like a hash... i.e. entry[:key], but when i access it like this it gives the value as the enum integer. i want it to turn the enum into the readable symbol like when i access it as entry.key
[02:38:23] sharkman: oh interesting. why dont you like enums? why do you prefer classyenums?
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[13:45:51] sharkman: wow morfiin why o polymorphc associations suck
[13:47:17] sharkman: im asking why, morfin above wrote that
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[17:59:05] sharkman: lets say i have a table that has one column, title, and i have a hash i want to add { title: "Mein Kemph", rating: "sucks" }
[17:59:26] sharkman: is there a way to create with the hash as it is, or do i need to create a new hash without the extraneous rating column
[17:59:34] sharkman: *rating key
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[22:35:25] sharkman: hey awesome people can i ask a question please
[22:36:49] sharkman: nice! okay so...
[22:37:15] sharkman: a = { ["key1", "key2"] => "stuff" }, a[["key1",*]]
[22:37:18] sharkman: s there a way to do that
[22:39:58] sharkman: is that a tricky question
[22:39:59] sharkman: i dont know
[22:44:24] sharkman: what od you mean
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[16:50:35] sharkman: how can i do ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute(stuff).map(make each entry activerecord)
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[17:13:56] sharkman: how do i do this? FooTable.all[0].value_at(:my_key)
[17:14:15] sharkman: i know i can do FooTable.all[0].my_key but i want to pass the key as a variable...
[17:18:42] sharkman: yes it does thanks workmad3
[17:18:53] sharkman: that was nnice of the rails developers to make that convention for us
[17:18:59] sharkman: yes i do :) thanks cnk
[17:20:25] sharkman: ah right i have seen the "send" method used before but i havent used it get. good to know. thanks
[18:19:16] sharkman: i havent sorry
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[16:47:27] sharkman: hi can i ask a question please sirs
[16:48:00] sharkman: x = Table.get_stuff; y = Table.get_overlapping_stuff; z = (x + y).unique
[16:48:14] sharkman: how do i do that last step? getting only unique entries? to remove the duplicates
[16:58:38] sharkman: jhass what?
[17:17:12] sharkman: i could use some help on how to make this go at a reasonable speed. i timed this at 5 seconds right now
[17:17:13] sharkman:
[17:17:50] sharkman: i loop through options[:scraped] and for each entry try to find some matches i have identified in db_lines query, and then will delete all the matches


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[13:39:03] sharkman: when i do FooTable.all ruby truncates the results. how do i force the conole to print out all resuls?
[18:44:16] sharkman: how is this possible!?!
[18:44:41] sharkman: i do FooModel.where(x:x).update(FooColumn: "stuff")
[18:44:43] sharkman: and it returns true
[18:44:46] sharkman: but doesnt update in db
[18:45:28] sharkman: what does that mean talltree
[18:49:28] sharkman: wow i didnt see this beforethis is tricky
[19:47:59] sharkman: there is a table which i cannot seem to update from my ruby rails code no matter what i do. i tried deleting an entry. updating info. i tried doing it through sql connection.execute but nothing works
[19:48:10] sharkman: however if i try to query the table for info it shows results
[19:48:24] sharkman: and if i log directly into postgres i can change the table too
[19:48:27] sharkman: any idea what is going on?
[19:50:16] sharkman: i did LastFeedUpdate.reload and it says "undefined method 'reload' for class
[19:53:16] sharkman: doesnt do anything
[19:53:35] sharkman: this is amazing. i query the table, i see the record
[20:16:57] sharkman: why would LastFeedUpdate.delete_all work from a console, but not from the middle of a program i run
[20:33:50] sharkman: (0.3ms) BEGIN
[20:33:50] sharkman: why would it do this
[20:33:51] sharkman: (0.6ms) ROLLBACK
[20:33:51] sharkman: SQL (0.4ms) DELETE FROM "last_feed_updates"
[20:35:20] sharkman: how do i see the error? im in the model for LastFeedUpdate and its almost empty. i dont see what is in there that could break a simple LastFeedUpdat.delete_all


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[15:46:12] sharkman: is there a way to pass a render tag a parameter like "refresh_me: 5_seconds"
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[18:54:10] sharkman: if im trying to refresh a partial, i call a rails controller through ajax, and the controller says "render 'last_upated'" and i get an error Template Missing
[18:54:29] sharkman: what do i need to put inside this "refresh_last_update" controller to refresh the partial?
[18:56:44] sharkman: okay now i just changed it from "render 'last_updated'" to "render :partial => 'last_updated'" and it doesnt give the same error message. but i read that those two commands were almost synonymous on stackoverflow
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[14:34:36] sharkman: lets say i have a ruby view and right now it uses a method from a controller called "control_controller". how can i add a new method into a new controller called "new_controller" and let the view access this new_controller
[14:36:22] sharkman: i know thats a simple question but im new to this
[14:47:51] sharkman: mrgreenfur okay i will take that into consideration i inherited this code from someone else. now im trying to factor our some functions to a new controller
[14:48:45] sharkman: yeah thats what i want to do, access data that is prepared via a controller
[14:49:51] sharkman: one controller method? couldnt a view access various controller methods to get different types of data that need to be shown?
[14:52:52] sharkman: interesting
[14:54:12] sharkman: i have an interface that shows a list of results. and the guy who uses my interface told me he wants certain results highlighted. so i figured id put that into the controller and make a helper method to let the view know if it should be highlighted
[14:55:05] sharkman: sorry if im not explaining myself well. am i doing that okay?
[14:58:13] sharkman: yup okay cool
[14:58:50] sharkman: so right now there is a ton of code in this control_controllers view. so i thought maybe id make a new file highlight_rules_controller.rb and put these in there and then have the views access that
[14:58:55] sharkman: is that right? how would i do that?
[14:59:08] sharkman: (*not a TON of code, but it seems appropriate to start factoring it out)
[15:00:47] sharkman: okay i see thanks
[15:04:04] sharkman: can i tell a funny joke in here that is off topic
[15:29:35] sharkman: whats the best way to make a ruby variable which equals this text with quotes... '[aria-controls="league-mlb-results"]' ... EXCEPT for i want to replace mlb with an interpolated variable
[15:30:43] sharkman: sweet thanks fryguy
[15:39:40] sharkman: follow up question fryguy, when i make a ruby variable for instance it = %Q['what is ' this weirdess'] and then put it into .erb file the quotes turn into '
[15:39:48] sharkman: how do i make it not do that
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[18:36:46] sharkman: if i have a rails button on an internet page that gets clicked, and it runs a job on the backend that takes a few minutes to run, how would i set it up to refresh the web page AFTER that back end job finishes?
[18:39:58] sharkman: interesting. there is just a small piece of data displayed through a render that i want updated when the job is done. another option i have is to just continually refresh that one piece of data. is there a preference for which method i should choose?
[18:42:28] sharkman: its a private thing, just needs to handle a few uses
[18:43:58] sharkman: thanks tubbo. ive never done ajaz either haha nether will be easy for me. but ill start out checking out ajax
[18:45:06] sharkman: okay thanks tubbo gonna check out the ajax
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[17:01:17] sharkman: whats the best way to match from a group of a couple of words? right now i do =~ /((G1)|(G2))/ but i suspect there is something that looks better?
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[01:54:13] sharkman: im trying to make a ruby program that talks to an API. and the API is giving me a feed that has a "last" variable with times that look like this 72392666
[01:54:29] sharkman: any idea what time that is? how i can translate it into something human readable
[02:00:56] sharkman: that number is real
[02:01:13] sharkman: i wonder if its time from a totally arbitrary clock they have and i just have to store the number they give me
[02:03:45] sharkman: it increases on each request
[02:03:59] sharkman:
[02:04:02] sharkman: its the last parameter
[02:04:25] sharkman: well, its given to the client under the variable last, and its supposed to be sent to the API with the variable name "since"
[02:06:41] sharkman: yeah. their documentation sucks. it just says to use the number received on the most recent request for LAST the next time you send a request under the SINCE parameter
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[03:36:01] sharkman: i dont know zacts
[04:39:22] sharkman: al2o3-cr those liks you sent me dont open for me
[04:40:40] sharkman: i can open the last one, the others didnt open. but this last one did
[04:41:59] sharkman: so if you put it in blocks then it works? thats weird right. like a bug in mechanize?
[04:46:10] sharkman: thank you for your help al2o3-cr!
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