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[04:21:15] skreem: radar: I think I figured out why my engine isn???t autoloading: I still don???t understand why my engine is the only one that needs an explicit require after bundler, but I can see why require isn???t quite loading everything. I???m not sure if I just resurfaced a bug, or I???m misunderstanding this conversation (it???s possible they decided this wasn???t a bug and should be left in ther
[05:10:09] skreem: n00bdev: are scopes supposed to always be in that format? I had one in a project that looked like this: scope :id, order_by([:last_post_at, :desc])
[05:10:58] skreem: It never errored so I never paid attention, but I was looking at someone???s fork of my project and noticed they swapped that code with: scope :id, -> { order_by([:last_post_at, :desc]) } and called the path ???scope fix"
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