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[20:38:45] skyjumper: hey all... this feels like a super noob question, but...
[20:39:17] skyjumper: when I call a class method on an AR relation, I lose the scope/relation:
[20:39:39] skyjumper: in that example, `each` on line 3 is no longer available
[20:39:49] skyjumper: Radar: well, "self" becomes the class again
[20:39:52] skyjumper: and not the relation
[20:40:36] skyjumper: I'd like to keep the relation, so class methods can be chained


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[18:54:21] skyjumper: so I'm trying to use strong_parameters to permit only certain values. the docs suggest this is possible:
[18:54:32] skyjumper: but in practice, it no worky:
[18:54:44] skyjumper: Rails
[18:58:38] skyjumper: should strong_parameters be able to permit specific values?


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[04:31:58] skyjumper: question about best practices...
[04:32:07] skyjumper: is there a better way to do `before_create :something, if: :valid?`


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[19:59:06] skyjumper: does anyone have a preferred way to mass-import ActiveRecord models?
[19:59:35] skyjumper: rhizome: from an array, in this case
[20:01:52] skyjumper: well, they could and should become model objects
[20:02:26] skyjumper: looks like the solution but isn't playing nice with grpc


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[21:46:19] skyjumper: anyone ever see Honeybadger's context show up empty on when it shouldn't be?
[23:43:28] skyjumper: hey all, i'm trying to do this -
[23:43:45] skyjumper: how do you tell Sidekiq/ActiveJob to process that queue?


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[21:43:21] skyjumper: question about rspec best practices...
[21:43:45] skyjumper: i was told that `expect_any_instance_of` is to be avoided, but aren't there times when you have no choice?
[21:44:12] skyjumper: sorry, meant `allow_any_instance_of`
[21:46:45] skyjumper: hmm, yeah i used it a bunch in request/controller specs
[21:47:00] skyjumper: because there's no way to control the instances that would be created
[21:48:26] skyjumper: Papierkorb: in my case, i was testing how the app handled a 3rd party push notification
[21:51:21] skyjumper: Papierkorb: i also had to stub out a method that checks the 3rd party's signature
[21:52:27] skyjumper: Papierkorb: probably... can't remember why i didn't just do that
[21:53:32] skyjumper: Papierkorb: well how would you implement the test signature cheker?
[21:56:07] skyjumper: yeah, that's a better approach. mine was a method on an instance created in the controller


[16:51:40] skyjumper: hey all - question about RSpec best practices
[16:52:37] skyjumper: I'm not seeing a whole lot of this in use -
[16:52:43] skyjumper: is it not recommended?


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[17:52:35] skyjumper: anyone know why options[:include_blank] gets forced to 'true' when a <select> has required=true? it's on


[00:27:36] skyjumper:
[00:27:36] skyjumper: i'm trying to test an enqueued ActiveJob in a request spec, but the proper way of performing the job isn't making sense
[00:27:47] skyjumper: i'd expect "perform_enqueued_jobs" to do exactly that - but for some reason it takes a block where you're adding new jobs?


[05:42:43] skyjumper: anyone know why passenger might ignore tmp/restart.txt?
[05:43:27] skyjumper: can i set day=happy somewhere
[05:49:39] skyjumper: it make-a no sense. nginx has "passenger_rolling_restarts on;" in the http section
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[16:37:42] skyjumper: events in a state machine - should they ever decide which state to change to?
[16:37:55] skyjumper: or should that decision be made before calling the event?
[16:38:57] skyjumper: that was my thought
[16:45:45] skyjumper: jhass: with n>1 transitions, where do you put the logic for deciding which state?
[16:49:40] skyjumper:
[17:19:20] skyjumper: ACTION had a recruiter call his place of employment recently
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[17:29:47] skyjumper: anyone know of a good client-side pagination/search solution?
[17:31:18] skyjumper: it does... hoping to find a table-less solution though


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[19:52:08] skyjumper: is there a good way to skip specific model validations in a test?
[19:58:56] skyjumper: that's tricky if the .save is being done in the code being tested


[03:54:52] skyjumper: sevenseacat: i think we've discussed linux before... what do you say to coworkers/employers who pressure you into using OSX?
[03:56:02] skyjumper: sevenseacat: i am that person now
[03:56:34] skyjumper: lots of "Ugh... we can't use $COMMERCIAL_APP because of course skyjumper refuses to move on from linux"
[04:00:14] skyjumper: sevenseacat: if you come up with any responses to "why not just use Apple already, like everyone else?" i'd love to hera them
[04:00:45] skyjumper: so they say
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[06:05:14] skyjumper: is it possible to read/write the session hash in a request spec?
[06:05:41] skyjumper: i'm converting a controller spec to request, and it uses the session
[06:06:17] skyjumper: this spec uses 'session' directly
[06:06:22] skyjumper: but that's definitely better
[06:16:45] skyjumper: tubbo: are you sure that 3rd argument is for the session? looks like it sets http headers
[06:22:57] skyjumper: yeah i'm looking at that. doesn't seem like you can (or should) mess with the controller's session from the test
[06:23:03] skyjumper: though that worked in controller tests


[00:29:21] skyjumper: anyone know how to detect (within a controller) if the controller is being tested via rspec?
[00:29:38] skyjumper: a reliable way, that is
[00:30:26] skyjumper: more generally, i'm testing a controller method that acts as a callback for a 3rd party service
[00:31:13] skyjumper: the 3rd party service signs their params, and the controller only accepts them if signed
[00:31:27] skyjumper: my tests don't have their key, so can't do the signing
[00:32:18] skyjumper: Radar: stub it how? it's connecting to the rails app
[00:33:22] skyjumper: oh, the test should stub out the signature verification
[01:21:19] skyjumper: anyone know offhand how to specify an "action" param to a controller via rspec, without having rails overwrite it?
[01:22:35] skyjumper: well, this 3rd party service uses it, and in real world use request.request_parameters['action'] gets me their value of it
[01:23:22] skyjumper: and now i need to test that controller method
[01:39:18] skyjumper: possible to get around the reserved 'action' param in controller tests, without diving into Rack internals?
[01:40:06] skyjumper: i explained it about 20 lines up
[01:40:46] skyjumper: need to pass a different value for "action" to a controller via a test, and it no worky
[06:39:30] skyjumper: _3by8: there are lots of remote rails jobs too


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[20:24:40] skyjumper: anyone have tips on testing an entire OAuth2 flow?
[20:25:45] skyjumper: full integration test would involve mocking the 3rd party's site for the initial handshake


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[19:05:41] skyjumper: this look familiar to anyone else?
[19:06:01] skyjumper: it's like the test environment isn't running a server


[17:18:57] skyjumper: is there a way to get the actual POST value of params['action'], rather than the rails controller method name?
[17:32:55] skyjumper: someone's sending a POST to me with a value for 'action', and rails is overwriting it
[17:34:22] skyjumper: what did you search for?
[17:56:19] skyjumper: arup_r: it did, surprised i didn't find it myself
[17:57:48] skyjumper: yeah, thx for the help


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[19:27:44] skyjumper: anyone know of a way to use gems (ex: in rails console) that aren't in the Gemfile?


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[20:04:22] skyjumper: more like senior gets the new job, junior and middle get envious
[20:04:31] skyjumper: what those terms mean is open to interpretation
[20:05:57] skyjumper: does this make sense to anyone... somehow my config is being cached?
[20:06:19] skyjumper: removed everything except routes.rb and the console still loads, can still access the DB
[20:14:39] skyjumper: hahah, completely forgot spring was running
[20:14:52] skyjumper: dllama: thx
[21:06:57] skyjumper: FailBit: how is gnome these days?
[21:07:45] skyjumper: no PPA for updated gnome?


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[18:29:59] skyjumper: hate_freelancing: why don't you like freelancing?
[18:31:24] skyjumper: hate_freelancing: as long as you're aware of that, you can start doing something about it
[19:34:30] skyjumper: rushed: how much of a joke is that, really?
[19:34:57] skyjumper: my lurking is spotty


[16:44:09] skyjumper: i'd be afraid of getting a chair thrown at me
[18:16:29] skyjumper: here's an interesting one... (Array === is true


[20:24:53] skyjumper: where's a good place to find small rails gigs?
[20:25:15] skyjumper: axilla: was it a tough interview?
[20:26:25] skyjumper: axilla: hmm. i applied for 2 remote jobs from there, got no response. both seemed like a perfect fit
[20:26:44] skyjumper: i assume they just have 10,000 resumes to go through
[20:28:08] skyjumper: here's a better question... how do you even become the top talent?
[20:28:25] skyjumper: if you're not building your skills all day every day, it seems like you'll never get there
[20:28:38] skyjumper: so you need a job that's also a good learning environment
[20:33:15] skyjumper: so i got a high paying rails job a few months ago but all they have me do is fix regression tests... for months
[20:33:53] skyjumper: how do you know if a job's going to be shit before you agree to take it?
[20:34:24] skyjumper: slash_nick: can't really, computer is locked down
[20:34:32] skyjumper: net connection is monitored, etc
[20:36:50] skyjumper: axilla: nobody has time to dig through your github. they hardly ever read all of the resume either...
[20:37:31] skyjumper: axilla: if you're turning down small gigs you can send them my way...
[20:38:59] skyjumper: how do you spot companies who actually want talent, rather than "are you familiar with XYZ tech that we use?"
[20:40:54] skyjumper: smathy: we need a wiki for this stuff
[20:44:53] skyjumper: axilla: or they just think adding "full stack" to the requirements will get better candidates
[20:45:53] skyjumper: axilla: that's still only half the stack
[20:50:06] skyjumper: did mongo/couchdb/etc really end up the SQL killer that people said it would be?
[20:51:42] skyjumper: how about postgres... used more than mysql for serious stuff?
[20:52:05] skyjumper: i've heard mixed opinions on that
[20:52:25] skyjumper: ACTION <-- trying to figure out what to study to get a better job
[20:55:06] skyjumper: ACTION quickly let out air from his nose
[21:08:20] skyjumper: diegoviola: i prefer full desktop keyboard+mouse, but that's a rarity these days
[21:09:19] skyjumper: how many of the laptop people use a macbook pro?
[21:11:53] skyjumper: diegoviola: did you see this / take the surveys?
[21:13:01] skyjumper: as a long-time thinkpad user i'll probably go mac next time
[21:16:40] skyjumper: FailBit: that's superfish which diegoviola just mentioned... and fwiw it was only on the lower-end consumer grade machines
[21:17:08] skyjumper: probably some manager of that product line thought they were cutting costs in a clever way
[21:20:00] skyjumper: diegoviola: what's your preferred desktop environment?
[21:24:52] skyjumper: diegoviola: it seems like a difficult transition
[21:34:23] skyjumper: diegoviola: same happened to me, and was laughed at for preferring linux
[21:34:42] skyjumper: skyjumper: talked the manager into letting me install it, then 2 other devs followed suit and we became a mixed-OS shop
[21:36:25] skyjumper: kitsuneyo: depends on where in the app that you are, rather than .rb vs .erb
[21:37:58] skyjumper: you're trying to render view output from seeds.rb?


[17:44:20] skyjumper: anyone here work as a freelancer?
[17:48:00] skyjumper: smathy: i figured as much
[17:48:25] skyjumper: i'm looking to get into the business... wondering where to start finding clients
[17:48:42] skyjumper: everyone says and odesk and whatnot are close to worthless
[17:50:50] skyjumper: smathy: have you had luck there yourself?
[17:51:12] skyjumper: "people" say that the clients are mostly expecting dirt cheap commodity work
[17:52:37] skyjumper: that makes sense, and jives with my past experience
[17:56:29] skyjumper: hmmm. that's another good idea.
[17:57:22] skyjumper: smathy: do you still freelance?
[17:58:52] skyjumper: yeah, that's smart. i'm always on the lookout for a designer, so makes sense
[18:01:48] skyjumper: smathy: similar story here... past clients (PHP) still want work
[18:03:48] skyjumper: smathy: i'm in a full-time corporate job and feeling very restless. really miss the freedom of being independent
[18:04:02] skyjumper: plus as a freelancer you can often use whatever tech you want
[18:04:16] skyjumper: joining a corporate team means you use what they use... whether it's outdated or not
[18:04:59] skyjumper: smathy: definitely. i wasn't picky enough and am suffering the consequences
[18:05:41] skyjumper: they enticed me with boatloads of $, so going freelance would be a rough transition
[18:11:04] skyjumper: right. i did it by living cheaply and having lots of cash on hand
[18:11:11] skyjumper: different situation now though
[18:11:59] skyjumper: seems like you'd get stuck on a lot of busywork
[18:14:35] skyjumper: you have to mix it up, i guess
[18:14:38] skyjumper: some of the boring, some of the fun
[18:16:23] skyjumper: smathy: right... any contact could lead to a great new client / new project
[18:16:29] skyjumper: have to nurture all of them
[18:17:28] skyjumper: sounds like what the MBAs call "synergy"
[18:20:18] skyjumper: hah, synergy = mutually assured success
[18:20:28] skyjumper: smathy: i already fell into that trap before
[18:21:15] skyjumper: smathy: those are still good industries to work for... willing and able to pay for things
[18:23:47] skyjumper: smathy: yeah i'd imagine less BS with that crowd
[18:24:05] skyjumper: i focused on custom CMS/light apps for small business, and killed me
[18:24:24] skyjumper: hell of a rally for a few years though


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[18:47:01] skyjumper: anyone run rails without a database?
[18:50:13] skyjumper: i removed sqlite3 from the Gemfile but it still wants config/database.yml to exist and define an actual database


[15:55:56] skyjumper: mwlang: i wonder if you could monkeypatch StandardError?
[16:15:18] skyjumper: this make sense to anyone else? capybara can't find an element, but it's clearly on the page -
[16:16:03] skyjumper: oh shit you're right
[16:19:32] skyjumper: models and controllers don't need capybara
[16:23:52] skyjumper: i'm working on a project like that now... the tests take forever to run
[16:55:28] skyjumper: especially when somewhere down the line, the name has to change
[23:58:43] skyjumper: should it take 15+ minutes to build native extensions for the mysql2 gem?


[20:13:43] skyjumper: is there a way to get Rails 4 In Action that pays Radar directly?
[23:45:25] skyjumper: Radar: thanks for the effort on R4IA. reading it now.


[16:54:55] skyjumper: correct on both counts