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[01:13:04] slash_me: Hey, I'm looking for some help using Newton#nlsolve ... I can't quite figure out how to use it. My code is here:
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[17:40:56] slash_me: pipework: !!!
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[18:12:10] slash_me: Logerage :)


[21:52:47] slash_me: matthewd: how'd you finally resolve that booger of an issue? the one that was labeled as a 5.0.0 blocker?


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[20:46:08] slash_me: forgot how to hangman
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[15:40:08] slash_me: ACTION says in something not near a moan, "wow epochwolf that's life changing"
[15:43:36] slash_me: have any of you played with AMP pages yet?
[15:44:06] slash_me: or ATM machines?
[15:46:07] slash_me:
[15:46:19] slash_me: ACTION kicks helpc
[16:48:55] slash_me: tubbo: AMP comes with some requirements that are more strict than HTML, and those requirements make for a faster page... for example, no external stylesheets.
[16:49:50] slash_me: AMP can also be easily validated... and so social media giants can feel confident doing more adventurous things with them, or can display them in more pleasing ways.
[16:50:33] slash_me: My favorite benefit is that any valid AMP page can be cached using Google's AMP cache... so an accelerated page is cached on google's AMP cdn and further optimized by google
[16:51:32] slash_me: I just publish content to, then cache it by retrieving it from ... note that i get to serve my page https for free
[16:51:38] slash_me: (And social media likes that)
[16:52:52] slash_me: if your page is already using ssl, you cache it here instead: (an additional /s/ in the url)
[16:53:55] slash_me:
[17:06:52] slash_me: tubbo: i'd have to learn all i need for http2 to do as well as they have
[17:17:44] slash_me: I personally think the AMP cache is awesome... allows me to host my shit for free on heroku and share it in a manner that's always fast... whether my heroku instance has gone to sleep or not


[06:50:04] slash_me: ACTION high fives flughafen 
[06:55:37] slash_me: mib_mib: we could probably help better if you provided code... not just the quoted text from the exception that you think is important... the full exception, and where it was raised. from there we'd ask for the file where the exception is thrown and the class you intend to utilize...
[06:55:50] slash_me: mib_mib: did you ever say whether the problem was prod only?
[07:00:28] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby 7
[07:00:31] slash_me: lucky number 7
[07:00:35] slash_me: DeBot: seven
[07:02:38] slash_me: mib_mib: do you think the relevant files and backtrace might help someone answer your question?
[07:04:57] slash_me: ACTION nods


[03:03:11] slash_me: eregon_:
[03:03:42] slash_me: nerium: ^... sorry eregon_ . And anyway, I was scrolled up quite a ways so my mistake all around
[03:06:58] slash_me: Ox0dea: fingers crossed
[04:28:05] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby 4
[04:28:12] slash_me: DeBot: eartisonl
[04:35:12] slash_me: is d or b more likely in another guess
[04:36:08] slash_me: DeBot: Debot
[04:36:29] slash_me: jhass: woohoo!
[04:58:16] slash_me: hooray Radar!
[04:58:21] slash_me: Ox0dea: you ready?
[06:22:05] slash_me: Ox0dea: so you did finish?
[06:23:09] slash_me: tempting... yeah, why not
[06:24:38] slash_me: i want to make recursive passes, resolving instructions until they all resolve to numbers
[06:24:41] slash_me: looking now
[06:30:45] slash_me: what's that?
[06:30:56] slash_me: no way for me to make leaderboard... i'm going to slow play this one
[06:31:28] slash_me: noticed what?
[06:31:43] slash_me: yo..ur reddit comment? yep
[06:33:06] slash_me: that's what i was doing more or less... just not close right now... i'll share where i'm at with you
[06:37:40] slash_me: well i wrote some ugly code toward solving it
[07:01:49] slash_me: it might be getting there
[07:02:11] slash_me: i think it might be getting to an answer, but i might've short circuited some things to 0 (on purpose) just to get it to run
[07:03:28] slash_me: Ox0dea: facepalmworthy
[07:04:17] slash_me: no "spoilers" applied yet
[07:05:01] slash_me: Ox0dea: i think it's because i'm using irb, somehow... definitely using workflows I've never used at work lol
[07:05:55] slash_me: I really do
[07:06:44] slash_me: maybe
[07:07:32] slash_me: mission parameters have changed
[07:10:09] slash_me: i want to see .. samples, in use
[07:23:54] slash_me: ACTION does not notice k??hai's setup.
[07:24:40] slash_me: wait... what's this role reversal?
[07:44:21] slash_me: your solution was clever though... why did you upcase?
[07:46:24] slash_me: i bet i would've prefixed with "zingsomestring" or something at that point
[07:50:06] slash_me: Ox0dea: i'm missing your sort by length
[16:47:43] slash_me: Stripe users: $15 in exchange for your review...
[18:56:56] slash_me: DeBot: rabblerabble
[19:04:58] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[19:05:19] slash_me: DeBot: laffletrifle
[19:16:13] slash_me: DeBot: gu_d
[19:49:52] slash_me: dopie: yes.. my rule of thumb for methods residing in controllers is: if there's a route to it, public; otherwise, private.


[01:33:26] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby 9
[01:33:36] slash_me: DeBot: rationales
[01:34:01] slash_me: DeBot: pckvu
[01:35:50] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby 8
[04:26:47] slash_me: hello9: sorry to hear that... can you try this:
[19:41:10] slash_me: adaedra: it's just doin' what you've told it to do :P
[19:41:29] slash_me: is your code running? you'd better go catch it
[20:05:09] slash_me: I just yelled false at my dog (as it began barking incessantly at the back door).
[20:05:36] slash_me: Ox0dea: optimizing now actually..
[20:07:14] slash_me: Ox0dea: toggle is just exclusive or
[20:07:22] slash_me: current_value XOR 1
[20:21:22] slash_me: baweaver: he/she's got a decent sense of humor, that's all i know...
[20:23:12] slash_me: Ox0dea: it's _not_ fast
[20:24:18] slash_me: i think instead of applying instruction set after instruction set... maybe i can find a way to add them all up... that way i only select each grid space once
[20:26:53] slash_me: it'd be something like { [0,0] => %w{ on off toggle toggle off off on } }... but only for as many spaces as got touched... and you'd only hit them once each... i think that's 931859 spaces
[20:27:11] slash_me: spaces/keys
[20:27:45] slash_me: nevermind i think...
[20:27:57] slash_me: the thing i was trying to work forward suddenty appeared costly to reach
[20:28:04] slash_me: s/forward/toward/
[20:28:30] slash_me: Ox0dea: have you benchmarked?
[20:29:01] slash_me: lol... "whoa that sucked way worse"
[20:29:14] slash_me: "awesome, sucked only a little!"
[20:30:03] slash_me: i feel like i should shrink my grid for benchmarking
[20:30:21] slash_me: and for optimizing
[20:30:50] slash_me: @real=301.809517362
[20:33:14] slash_me: Ox0dea:
[20:42:52] slash_me: i think i see an opportunity
[20:46:43] slash_me: Ox0dea: instead of{}... I need only @grid[start_index..end_index].select
[20:46:58] slash_me: Ox0dea:
[20:48:46] slash_me: oh, obviously : was there already
[20:49:51] slash_me: DeBot: 0123456789.
[20:50:01] slash_me: With one guess to spare
[20:51:59] slash_me: some codepoint
[20:52:23] slash_me: 3.14..9(steaming bowl of noodles)
[20:52:47] slash_me: (actual slice of pie)
[21:01:39] slash_me: last run was 104s, Ox0dea
[21:02:35] slash_me: yeah... all the big pieces of data are being held in memory too.. instead of read from stdin
[21:06:43] slash_me: >> ("01010".to_i(2) ^ "11111".to_i(2)).to_s(2)
[21:07:02] slash_me: as for brightness, different story
[21:08:07] slash_me: oh thank you
[21:08:38] slash_me: >> (0b01010 ^ 0b11111).to_s(2)
[21:19:47] slash_me: >> [(0b01010 & 0b00000).to_s(2), (0b01010 | 0b11111).to_s(2), (0b01010 ^ 0b11111).to_s(2)]
[21:36:43] slash_me: Ox0dea: just realized you had already made the optimization i mentioned... re:
[21:38:25] slash_me: no, arr[(x1 * 1000 + y1)..(x2 * 1000 + y2)]
[21:38:58] slash_me: you are... that's what i'm trying to say
[21:39:35] slash_me: some... better than looping through all the cells, still
[21:41:41] slash_me: right, i've had a `#select { condition_for_good_cells }` or a `next unless condition_for_good_cells` in place... i still visit every cell within the given range, though
[21:41:48] slash_me: only operate on some
[21:42:31] slash_me: what am i trying to say...
[21:43:15] slash_me: i still have the `next unless` in place, because my range (as you just pointed out) includes bad cells... it doesn't include ALL the cells (which was an optimization i recently made), however it DOES include bad cells
[21:51:02] slash_me: Ox0dea: gosh, thanks
[21:51:04] slash_me: @real=20.326836811
[21:53:00] slash_me: Ox0dea: why create the 1e6 element array at all?
[21:55:13] slash_me: but if you use or no conditional initializations?
[21:55:24] slash_me: and the hash has only as many keys as lights were touched
[21:58:19] slash_me: granted my instruction set did touch almost 1m lights
[21:59:35] slash_me: baweaver: how's it coming on adventofcode?
[22:02:06] slash_me: i'm not surprised :/
[22:03:07] slash_me: Ox0dea: so, if you didn't know the size of the grid... would you still go with a flat array, letting it grow as needed?
[22:08:49] slash_me: broadband: (zero clue whether it'll help you... not sure i understand what you're trying to do)
[22:09:33] slash_me: broadband: are you trying to use getch with characters that lead with some escape sequence?...
[22:09:49] slash_me: like how "up arrow" is \e[A ... so getch will catch only the escape character?
[22:11:00] slash_me: any reason for not using a 2 dimensional array? flat over 2d?
[22:14:08] slash_me: broadband: not sure what you mean there... you'd want the script to run each time you take in the user's input, no?
[22:39:46] slash_me: Ox0dea: from 20s to 10s now
[22:41:21] slash_me: that was just by @lights = [] instead of @lights = you *said* it was quicker, it is
[22:58:06] slash_me: woohoo... about 10 seconds per part
[22:58:48] slash_me: had to tweak the second set of conditions for encountering nil (not prefilling array and dont have a hash's defaults)
[23:02:57] slash_me: advent of code day 6 spoiler:
[23:15:21] slash_me: i haven't tried initializing the 1m elements... initializing [] only was quicker than initializing as and loading that
[23:15:57] slash_me: i'll try with @lights = [0] * 1e6
[23:18:51] slash_me: appears negligible
[23:19:14] slash_me: well, one second.. i forgot to simplify the logic afforded by no nils
[23:21:10] slash_me: slower... let me try a ternary versus [foo, 0].max
[23:21:29] slash_me: (here comes clamp)
[23:23:15] slash_me: [foo, 0].max (13.6)..... foo > 0 ? foo - 1 : 0 (10.02)
[23:24:00] slash_me: versus 10.05 without prefilling
[23:31:10] slash_me: or x[/[sS]/]


[17:45:22] slash_me: Ox0dea: 5.2 took me longer than i'd like --
[17:47:19] slash_me: I used a hash whose values were regexen for part 1...
[17:48:16] slash_me: s.count('aeiou') learned me something
[17:50:41] slash_me: no, i knew that one... but i should've taken the product of the numbers returned by min(2) of [1,3,5]... instead of ([1,3,5] + [1,3,5].rotate).each_slice(2).map {|x| x.inject(&:*) }.min(1)
[17:51:52] slash_me: how long did your script take to return the coin with 6 zeros?
[17:52:04] slash_me: i think mine ran for 25 seconds or so
[17:54:31] slash_me: i just want to drive santa around again
[17:55:12] slash_me: i imagine we'll have one that determines how many houses got coal and how many houses got gifts


[21:26:43] slash_me: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[21:27:43] slash_me: DeBot: yuno=
[21:29:01] slash_me: whoops, i just sqrtled
[21:32:02] slash_me: DeBot: nnnnn