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[22:34:15] sparrk: Quick question. Why does URI report that '/' as relative?
[22:34:33] sparrk: isn't that an absolute uri?
[22:35:54] sparrk: I mean like this:
[22:36:32] sparrk: well if I'm going through an HTML document, and someone has an href="/" doesn't that take me to the host?
[22:36:47] sparrk: even if I'm on, say,
[22:37:32] sparrk: Mine may be as well.
[22:39:05] sparrk: Whew. Well I'm happy to learn a gotcha, but now I'm calling into question things like relative and absolute. Writing a web crawler has been very crazy. (did you guys know about the <base> element?!)
[22:39:30] sparrk: Ok, I'll ask one of the URI maintainers for further instructions. Thanks for the help!
[22:40:40] sparrk: Thank you
[22:47:02] sparrk: [spoiler] Thanks for the explanation. I assumed that I could treat what "relative" and "absolute" mean in the browser.
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