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[05:21:31] spygame: hey guys, i'm using carrierwave_direct gem and active_admin. Here's my model with uploader mounted but for some reason i can't upload the files. https://gist.github.com/mfa213/7aeada18988b05d2ae4e
[05:23:23] spygame: i'm using ruby 2.0.0p451 and rails 4.1.4
[05:26:46] spygame: updated the gist with dev log


[05:19:26] spygame: i'm running mavericks with xcode 5.1.1 and i'm trying to install nokogiri 1.6.1 and i'm getting this error https://gist.github.com/mfa213/0134c1b44dc0295cbc39


[07:53:15] spygame: i'm running into a problem and i need some pointers, i'm using devise + omniauth for authentication and i have a before_filter :authenticate_user! in my application controller and i'm getting a redirect loop error. here's my code https://gist.github.com/anonymous/28388b79fe75ee8a3003
[07:59:03] spygame: sevenseacat: it should redirect to login page
[08:04:24] spygame: sevenseacat: so skip_before_filter in sessions controller should work ?
[08:06:59] spygame: sevenseacat: skip_before_filter :authenticate_user!, :only => [:new, :create] doesn't seem to be working


[06:16:06] spygame: is there any framework/library available to create a customized calendar UI from scratch ?


[06:33:31] spygame: does rails 4 automatically uses rspec with generators once rspec is installed or do i need to add the configuration in application.rb ?


[08:18:41] spygame: is there any ruby api for amazon payments api, i wanna implement the 1-click order feature ?


[06:55:23] spygame: hey guys, i'm using pusher gem and i'm getting this error require': cannot load such file -- pusher (LoadError)
[06:55:32] spygame: in production
[06:57:21] spygame: sevenseacat: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/10820154
[06:57:54] spygame: sevenseacat: i did restart


[10:49:53] spygame: i have a raw sql statement "SELECT slots.date_slot::date from slots where date_slot > current_timestamp and user_id = #{params[:id]}" and i wanna specify the format ('dd-mm-yyyy') while typecasting into date, is there any way i can do it ?


[07:27:36] spygame: hey guys, i'm using devise omniauth for facebook login and i want to turn off the page cache for my login screen, for that i'm using http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1341089/using-meta-tags-to-turn-off-caching-in-all-browsers to turn off the page cache, but still when i login and use the browser back button it takes me to the login screen, any suggestions ?
[07:30:19] spygame: https://gist.github.com/mfa213/9929480


[10:26:38] spygame: has anyone used rubocop, i'm getting this error undefined method `color' for "C":String when i do rubocop ?
[10:31:55] spygame: universa1: https://gist.github.com/mfa213/9889557
[10:36:30] spygame: universa1: tried, same error :/


[08:27:26] spygame: is there any good services out there who does PCI assessment ?


[08:15:55] spygame: is there a way to skip a single validation while creating a record? i'm using :if / :unless conditions but it doesn't seem to work ?


[11:46:17] spygame: if i have multiple recipients how do i figure out in my mailer view who is the current recipient ?
[11:49:34] spygame: rvanlieshout: one email with multiple recipients
[11:49:54] spygame: rvanlieshout: i have to as array of emails
[11:51:54] spygame: rvanlieshout: so if i'm not wrong, are you suggesting me to loop through the list of email addresses to send the email to all the recipients ?


[08:13:25] spygame: https://gist.github.com/mfa213/9225594 i have this model and when i do order.save it gives me default error message if the associated bookings are invalid, i wanna customize the message instead of "is invalid" message to tell the user what actually is wrong with the booking any suggestiosn ?
[09:04:57] spygame: i have to models A and B. A has_many B and when i do instance_of_A.save i get " B is invalid" how can i get the actual error messages for B to be more descriptive


[08:33:07] spygame: hey i have a payment form and im using braintree.js to encrypt the form, when i submit the form i get logged out for apparently no reason. also how do i capture the encrypted form fields as they are not in params hash ?


[06:21:27] spygame: where do you add custom authorize logic for oauth client applications ?
[07:55:43] spygame: how do you manually invalidate a user token in oauth ?


[08:48:00] spygame: is there any standard out there for the checkout forms in terms of user details that should be included in the forms ?
[08:53:29] spygame: OffTheRails: using an api
[08:53:42] spygame: OffTheRails: and i'm using braintree
[08:53:48] spygame: for checkout
[08:54:40] spygame: OffTheRails: the api is simple, basic checkout can be done with cc number and cvv/cvs number and expiry
[08:54:55] spygame: OffTheRails: but i wanna know if it's better to ask for basic user info in the checkout form
[08:55:15] spygame: like email, first_name, last_name, billing and shipping address


[07:44:08] spygame: is it important to have a customer/user account associated in your gateway per transaction. I have users in my system who can make transactions but the gateway doesn't know which transaction is associated to which user, only the app knows. I wanna know if it's ok like this or do i need to submit the user info with every transaction


[13:05:38] spygame: what's the best way to check if a given timestamp is within the next 48 hrs ? is there any built-in function for DateTime to check dates in future ?


[06:31:27] spygame: hey all, i have an array of timestamps and i wanna compare that array with another timestamp to see if all the elements of array have the same date to that other timestamp, what's the most efficient way of doing this. I don't wanna do simple loop comparison
[10:16:01] spygame: why does Time.now.to_i and Time.now.in_time_zone('Asia/shanghai').to_i give the same result ? Time.now shows time in UTC and Time.now.in_time_zone shows time in +08:00 but to_i gives me the same Fixnum ?


[08:32:16] spygame: is there a way to use time_select rails helper to use in check_box UI element ?


[09:48:58] spygame: why is Time.now and 1.minute.from_now have different timezone logic ?
[10:53:42] spygame: hey guys need some input on this, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21255996/timezone-in-ruby
[10:55:55] spygame: universa1 each date has multiple slots, so i do have the date for that record but slots are stored as array of strings for that date
[10:57:34] spygame: universa1 to avoid multiple association, coz otherwize i would end up with another table with booking_id and timestamp
[10:58:54] spygame: universa1 why do you think i have limited info ?
[11:02:21] spygame: universa1 it's simple, user has_many bookings and a user can book some other user for different time slots, my question was does it matter in timezone conversion to have date even though i'm only interested in time conversions ?


[10:40:49] spygame: how do you implement a unique constraint on an array type field in rails ?
[10:44:50] spygame: rvanlieshout is it possible with regular validations ?
[10:49:24] spygame: rvanlieshout, i read about enforcing the constraint in the database itself, postgres in this case, but i'm not sure how to do it in ActiveRecord, any directions ?
[20:17:39] spygame: authorize.net vs braintree ? does anyone of them has any major advantage over the other ?


[08:03:07] spygame: does .builder extension supports embedded ruby code ?
[08:03:31] spygame: i have .xml.builder document and i'm using instance variable to put some values inside it
[08:03:46] spygame: i get undefined method attribute_name


[10:13:52] spygame: hey guys, i have a question, i just https://www.twilio.com/docs/howto/simple-conference implemented this tutorial but i'm still hearing that pre-recorded message even though it says i should be able to join the room any ideas ?
[10:20:35] spygame: rvanlieshout: maybe anyone has some experience implementing twilio using twilio-rb gem


[07:58:25] spygame: is there any way to change the behavior of devise registrations resource error messages not to display inline but at the top of my form ?
[08:11:43] spygame: is there a way to disable the resource activerecord errors from being displayed in devise ?


[07:09:06] spygame: is there any way to get timezone name from the offset, ?
[07:10:48] spygame: toretore, so what i'm getting from facebook response is an integer, like 8 for example


[08:12:19] spygame: is it possible to make browser to browser calls using twilio without using a number ?


[07:38:24] spygame: Radar, merchants bank account is in BVI
[07:39:29] spygame: Radar, coz braintree doesn't seem to support BVI, it's not in the list of countries and i talked to the support they said they don't support it


[15:03:54] spygame: hey guys, does anyone know of some good web/video conferencing services


[08:44:24] spygame: hey, does anyone know of any html5 based video conferencing service out there ?


[08:20:22] spygame: hey guys, i have an array type field in my model. i want to create a form for that model and i'm not sure how do i store values for that field coz it's string_array and can have multiple values in the form of array?
[17:14:03] spygame: hey guys, i have a model called UserBooking( author_id, client_id, booking_date, slots) and i wanna validate the record uniqueness based on no two records can have same date, client_id, author_id and slots. how do i validate something like this ?


[06:20:30] spygame: hey, i'm having an issue with active_record postgres array type https://gist.github.com/mfa213/7576842 i'm using https://github.com/tlconnor/activerecord-postgres-array this gem
[06:21:18] spygame: on update it complain about the array type mismatch
[07:06:13] spygame: how do you validate the uniqueness of an array type field in rails ?
[07:08:29] spygame: bricker`LA: you mean custom validator ?


[08:46:11] spygame: hey guys, i need a little help with this https://gist.github.com/mfa213/7524139 i need to extract key information given a value
[19:41:18] spygame: hey guys, how can i get the timezone offset by name, i tried ActiveSupport::TimeZone["Kuala Lumpur"] but it gives me nil, any ideas ?


[08:47:53] spygame: hey guys, i'm having issues while saving postgres array type values in my model, here's my gist https://gist.github.com/mfa213/7481168
[08:53:53] spygame: rvanlieshout: thanks, worked @available_slot.slots = @available_slot.slots.push(value)
[08:59:13] spygame: rvanlieshout: im using only single value in the push which seems to be working fine


[18:27:17] spygame: hey guys, do you guys prefer using turbolinks or do you think they are useful? any drawbacks or cons if i use them ?
[18:29:23] spygame: bricker, is that the usual case ?
[18:30:02] spygame: toretore, reducing your javascript code and still updating page contents asynchronously
[18:32:20] spygame: toretore, so pushState is not asynchronous as well ?
[18:35:58] spygame: toretore, thanks man, appreciate it


[09:22:22] spygame: yeah they are
[11:49:50] spygame: hey guys, i'm looking for a good read about all the credit models in ecommerce, like buying credits, direct payments etc. any suggestions ?


[06:39:45] spygame: i have a strange route for my users controller, /users/edit.17 it works but it's not a rest route, what's wrong ?
[06:40:50] spygame: sevenseacat, you mean other than the id itself ?
[06:42:19] spygame: ah, ok thanks


[04:37:38] spygame: does anyone know how to whitelist nested attributes for a devise registrations controller ? i have user which has one profile and have nested profile attributes inside user form and when i update i get unpermitted parameters: profile_attributes. i tried https://gist.github.com/kazpsp/3350730 but still the same
[04:45:20] spygame: sevenseacat, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5ffa7f19619c6a483dba
[04:45:31] spygame: i tried this in my application controller
[04:45:46] spygame: didn't work, do you think i'm missing something ?
[04:48:22] spygame: sevenseacat, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5ffa7f19619c6a483dba
[04:59:19] spygame: sevenseacat, devise_parameter_sanitizer.for(:account_update) { |u| u.permit(:profile_attributes) } i'm using this which removes the warning from the server log, but now every time i try to update the account i get this error current password is blank ?


[10:05:50] spygame: does rails natively support postgres array type or do i have to install something like hstore to support it ?
[17:38:39] spygame: hey guys, i just upgraded my rails 3.2 app to rails 4, i'm using protected_attributes gem. I have a user model and user has_one :profile. User is authenticated with devise, when i update my user which has nested_attributes for :profile i get Unpermitted parameters: profile_attributes.
[17:40:22] spygame: i tried devise_parameter_sanitizer.for(:account_update) << :profile_attributes in my application controller, but it doesn't seem to work
[17:40:29] spygame: any suggestions ?
[17:42:13] spygame: dllama, i tried devise_parameter_sanitizer.for(:account_update) << :profile_attributes in my application controller, but it doesn't seem to work


[08:05:19] spygame: jrobeson, how's that ?
[08:06:25] spygame: makes sense


[07:38:30] spygame: what's the text datatype in mongoid ?
[11:38:10] spygame: what's the best way to handle multiple user types in your application in terms of db model ?
[11:40:46] spygame: juo, but they have different properties and signups as well


[05:05:47] spygame: hey, what's the best calendar management and event scheduling gem out there if any ?
[05:08:34] spygame: bricker`LA, can this be integrated with some calendar, like jquery calendar ?
[05:40:42] spygame: is there any gem that gives you basic crud for the existing models in your app ?
[05:40:57] spygame: i don't need full admin features, just crud operations
[07:38:02] spygame: does mongo supports rails default relations, like has_many and belongs_to
[07:39:39] spygame: which one should i use for that ?
[07:53:46] spygame: krz, i'm not i was wondering which one supports the rails AR relations
[07:57:55] spygame: sevenseacat, i mean AR associations


[05:12:02] spygame: hey guys, does anyone know if rails_admin gem works with mongoid ?
[05:44:33] spygame: does rails 4 have any issues with mongoid ?


[09:08:28] spygame: hey, how can i write something like this in rspec, expect object to be an array ?
[09:09:05] spygame: be_kind_of /


[07:11:22] spygame: hey guys, i'm tseting a view which renders a form, is there any way to skip rendering that form partial in my test ?
[07:13:38] spygame: the form is creating an error and i want to skip it coz that's not what i'm interested in, i'm a specific node in my view
[07:15:36] spygame: sevenseacat, its' using wicked to create the wizard and it has this step variable which tells which step to render. how do i tell the form which step to render ?
[07:16:41] spygame: sevenseacat, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/88b0ad9247ab38948cd0
[07:17:14] spygame: sevenseacat, i was just using render only
[07:21:27] spygame: sevenseacat, it still does not pass. i have updated the gist and added the error
[07:22:48] spygame: sevenseacat, i did
[07:23:14] spygame: sevenseacat, i've updated the code
[07:25:00] spygame: sevenseacat, yeah, i saw the typo, it's still giving me the same error
[07:26:21] spygame: sevenseacat, added to gist
[07:44:26] spygame: sevenseacat, that's the thing, it's using wicked to create the wizard and render_wizard is all i'm using in my controller
[08:01:15] spygame: sevenseacat, there's no explicit assignment


[08:26:16] spygame: hey guys, is there any equivalent to visit of capybara in rspec ?


[09:47:00] spygame: i'm using devise for authentication in my app but for some reason current_user helper method is returning me nil even though i'm signed in, any ideas ?


[16:34:46] spygame: hey, i'm running into a problem with assets, my assets are not loaded properly, i'm using rails 4. I'm deploying using capistrano, is there any gotcha with rails 4 i need to know ?
[16:43:26] spygame: workmad3, they are not being served
[16:43:46] spygame: workmad3, unicorn
[16:43:53] spygame: with nginx
[16:44:50] spygame: workmad3, gzip_static on
[16:44:58] spygame: for assets
[16:47:41] spygame: workmad3, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/6512171 thats my server config


[07:58:48] spygame: how do you split a string with only specific substring for example str = 'tags=adskf,adsf&aff_tags=ads,asdif,lwe', i only want to split the string on tags ?
[08:09:53] spygame: rhizome, it's a string
[08:16:25] spygame: rhizome, it's not a url request, otherwise it would have been params, it's just a string so i need a way to make it like params


[05:39:58] spygame: hey guys, i'm using amoeba to clone my object along with associations, i get a undefined method each for nil:NilClass when an has_many association is blank and cloning stops, is there any configuration to prevent or ignore that ?


[12:08:41] spygame: hey guys, i'm using sidekiq and it's behaving weird, it stops showing me the realtime activity after sometime, although it does keep on processing the stuff in the background and the status is active all the time and when i refresh the page it shows me updated number of processed requests, it's just that after some time i don't see any realtime activity and no blinking red dot, why is that ? i'm using only 1 worker right now


[11:12:50] spygame: hey guys, i wanna know what does bundle exec sidekiq do ?
[11:14:08] spygame: elaptics, if i restart my app server and keep sidekiq running would it affect anything ?
[11:15:50] spygame: elaptics, i see so sidekiq runs a copy of my code on it own, right ?
[11:18:20] spygame: elaptics, http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17988752/rails-sidekiq-background-process


[15:07:25] spygame: i would say lot of magic to learn ;)
[16:21:38] spygame: its fucking monday tomorrow :/
[16:22:23] spygame: i need a break
[16:23:14] spygame: let's meet at Thailand :D
[16:24:55] spygame: sounds fun


[08:44:13] spygame: hey guys, i need help with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17988752/rails-sidekiq-background-process


[10:49:13] spygame: hey guys, i need help with this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17967947/factory-girl-passing-arguments-to-model-definition-on-build-create
[10:50:47] spygame: Mossleman, Radar, thanks guys


[05:25:17] spygame: hey, has anyone worked with timeline js ? i'm facing a problem, creating the json format required for timeline using rabl.
[05:53:46] spygame: ryanf http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17589668/generating-custom-json-response-using-rabl-or-jbuilder?noredirect=1#comment25597074_17589668


[09:04:53] spygame: hey all, quick question, does export RAILS_ENV=staging resets whenever the server gets restarted ???
[09:05:31] spygame: universa1, how can i make it persist ?


[05:22:16] spygame: hey, i'm using gem 'google_drive' for creating and reading/writing gdoc spreadsheets. i need to publish the spreadsheet to the web programatically. any ideas ?


[07:35:51] spygame: tagrudev, why remove turbo links ?


[04:15:22] spygame: hey, i need help with this spec https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5796085
[04:16:12] spygame: Radar, lol
[04:22:24] spygame: why is it not converting tabs to spaces with 2 indents ?
[04:23:23] spygame: Radar, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5802654
[04:26:09] spygame: Radar, updated the gist with -b trace
[04:27:11] spygame: Radar, so i need them for specific examples, right ?
[04:30:41] spygame: sevenseacat, ok i added it to my spec_helper and removed it from the controller spec and the test fails saying expected 404 and got 302 ?
[17:43:45] spygame: i'm having a problem in rails console, i have a user model with two records. I can verify that using User.count => 2 but when i do User.first and User.last i get the second record for both commands i don't know why is this happening. any suggestions ?
[17:45:05] spygame: citizeninspace, order of what ? the query that gets generated is SELECT "users".* FROM "users" LIMIT 1
[17:46:11] spygame: citizensinspace, User.find 1 gives me first record
[17:46:40] spygame: citizensinspace, but why not User.first ? where does that interfere with the order ?
[17:47:25] spygame: mrbrdo, can ? how would i know it's decided to show random records ?
[17:48:49] spygame: mrbrdo, wow..this is the first time i encountered this issue. Never thought it could give me random results as well but thanks for your feedback


[10:40:07] spygame: hey, i need help with this spec. I'm trying to pass if the user is not logged in then he/she should see the login page and the status should be 404 but i'm getting this error NoMethodError: undefined method 'authenticate' for nil:NilClass
[10:40:09] spygame: any ideas ?
[10:42:27] spygame: maloik_, you mean the users controller ?
[10:43:00] spygame: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5796058
[10:46:51] spygame: maloik_: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5796085
[10:49:54] spygame: maloik_: right now i'm only concerned with the status code so i'm not looking at if the user is redirected to the login page or not
[10:55:08] spygame: maloik_: any ideas ?


[04:11:21] spygame: what's the difference b/w MRI Ruby and simple Ruby ?
[04:14:49] spygame: so when somone comes across the word Ruby, does that mean MRI ?


[17:51:52] spygame: hey, does rspec user stories deprecated in rspec 2 and later versions ?
[17:57:42] spygame: muhammadn, are you in KL?
[17:58:53] spygame: arent' they converted to cucumber ?
[17:59:01] spygame: bricker, arent' they converted to cucumber ?
[18:13:31] spygame: bricker, yeah...and cucumber as well i guess
[18:15:56] spygame: bricker, you mean you can include or mix capybara in rspec while writing your tests ?


[09:03:19] spygame: i am writing a spec for a user that is not persisted? and i'm using devise for authentication. How do i create a user that does not exist using Factory?
[09:03:44] spygame: sevenseacat, thanks
[09:06:19] spygame: sevensecat, i'm using resource.should be_nil but i get [nil, "$2a$04$rGW92zBNcXhIHVgiIEm72O"] in the result, what should be the check to verify that user does not exist ?
[09:10:48] spygame: sevenseacat, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/1a15ebe42035e0532518


[10:20:30] spygame: how can i add scope for my email attribute validation using devise ?
[10:38:16] spygame: does devise validation_scopes method ?


[06:39:02] spygame: hey, i'm using rufus sceduler and im getting this error uninitialized constant NotificationMailer, this is my notification scheduler https://gist.github.com/anonymous/5668376
[06:39:23] spygame: i'm getting this error while deploying


[08:45:50] spygame: hey all, i'm using amazon-ecs to query amazon. I have a dropdown autocomplete with remote data coming from amazon and i'm getting a lot of 503 Service Unavailable Error.  http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/ErrorResponses.html this document says i should reduce the request rate, how ?


[06:52:12] spygame: how does rspec runs the spec logic, i have a sepc in which i'm calling some model and i want to debug through that model but i can't seem to get control of that, debugger or pry doesn't seem to run there like the code never runs :/
[07:12:13] spygame: Radar, sorry i lost my gists earlier, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5386300


[06:39:10] spygame: hey, i'm using HTTParty.post(some url) in my spec and i get an error ems/httparty-0.8.3/lib/httparty/module_inheritable_attributes.rb:19:in `inherited': undefined method `each' for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError). i'm using rspec for testing
[06:39:15] spygame: any ideas ?
[06:40:27] spygame: Radar, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/6a7962df80f612e1bfcf
[06:40:55] spygame: that's my spec
[06:44:31] spygame: Radar, ok. i actually switched to mac recently and i'm not used to sublime, forgive me i'll do taht
[06:46:11] spygame: Radar, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5369976 stack trace
[06:49:16] spygame: Radar, i get a no method error status for response
[06:49:49] spygame: Radar, NoMethodError: undefined method `status' for nil:NilClass
[06:50:44] spygame: ok, so i added response = HTTParty.post product.third_party_url and now i get undefined method `status' for #<HTTParty::Response:0x007ffcbf54b5c8>
[06:51:37] spygame: Radar, that's the full output https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5370006
[06:52:25] spygame: Radar, https://gist.github.com/mfa213/642e8e0057f0d8f956aa
[06:58:13] spygame: Radar, thanks a bunch man


[07:21:11] spygame: hey, im setting up my app with capistrano and i'm doing it for the first time, need to know how does the recipes work. if i have some recipes do i need to run them one by one manually ?


[13:21:42] spygame: hey, i'm playing around with RTanque and building my own bot. i wanted to know if there's a way i can detect enemy fire. For example if some bot aims and fires at me can i use sensors to detect fire coming at me ?


[05:57:11] spygame: hi, i'm using cancan for authorization in my app. i have different roles like admin, business_manager, product_manager, customer_support and each one belongs to an organization. Right now my ability class has role based authorization but i also wanna add access levels based on organization. how do i do that ? here's my ability class http://pastie.org/7323757
[07:59:13] spygame: if i have multiple it{} lines in my spec, can i combine them in one ?
[08:00:56] spygame: rvanlieshout, i have a context checking abilities of a particular role, and i have multiple it statements saying it should be_able_to do :manage, Product
[08:01:14] spygame: and i don't want to write multiple it statements
[08:01:40] spygame: in same context
[08:02:50] spygame: yeah for example five it for :manage ability
[08:04:06] spygame: coz project manager can manage Product, Bundle, Order, Export etc
[08:04:22] spygame: so five it statements


[04:31:15] spygame: how can i use sql functions in the active record query methods ?
[04:31:38] spygame: i'm using postgres and i wan to use string_agg for example


[08:40:18] spygame: hey, i have a search form for Order and Order has_many payments and i need to include Payment date range in the search form as well and in the results the payment dates should be concatenated, is there any postgres function to do that like concat or something or what other way do i need to follow ?
[08:43:46] spygame: xhoy, so for each order there will be multiple payment results, and i want to concatenate the payment dates so that the same order does not repeat
[08:54:00] spygame: elaptics, like for one record imagine there are 3 payment records, i don't want that same order to repeat 3 times to display payment dates, instead i want an alias column in which all those payment dates are concatenated and displayed
[08:54:57] spygame: elaptics, the second one
[09:23:27] spygame: is there any way i can use string_agg function in ransack search ?
[09:26:56] spygame: can i customize ransack result query ?
[09:27:06] spygame: is there any way to do this ?
[13:15:27] spygame: hey, i need to know if i can customize ransack result method to add my own custom query parameters ?
[13:15:31] spygame: is that possible ?


[15:30:55] spygame: hey, can someone point out what i'm doing wrong in this sql statement. alter table 'searches' modify 'likes' string default='0' i'm running this in sqlite3 shell
[17:02:05] spygame: hi, i have this controller method, i'm wondering why does the code from line 18 to 26 gets executed prior to line 3 to line 17, any ideas ?
[17:02:11] spygame: https://gist.github.com/mfa213/5293966,
[17:06:25] spygame: danabrit, i see the server log
[17:06:36] spygame: also, i get the wrong values


[04:34:39] spygame: hey, i'm using amazon-ecs gem for product search. i wanna know if i can search with isbn number as well as title ?