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[03:32:50] sstubben: Hi folks :) I have a question regarding the Ransack gem, and using it for conditional filtering/searching. I've created a gist with my files for the issue in question:
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[03:34:50] sstubben: I am trying to compare attributes of two models with a predicate selector in between. Of all the examples I can find online (Stackoverflow, Railscast and other Googling..) it doesn't seem possible to compare/filter two attributes wih Ransack
[03:36:04] sstubben: Anyone has experience with Ransack and using for different filtering purposes?
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[07:20:23] sstubben: Hi all :) I have submitted a question to Stackoverflow regarding an issue with Ransack:
[07:20:34] sstubben: I've created a Gist for it here as well:
[07:21:55] sstubben: Anyone with Ransack experience, more specifically conditional search/filtering and selecting attributes?
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