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[03:05:15] stalactit: this may interest people in this channel
[03:05:37] stalactit: it releases the first public universal gadget chain to achieve arbitrary command execution for Ruby 2.x
[03:09:38] stalactit: related to unsafe use of Marshal


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[18:05:51] stalactit: anyone have experience creating a static binary with libruby?
[18:06:14] stalactit: has it gotten easier with 2.4/2.5 releases?
[18:08:10] stalactit: i've tried google but it only returns hits related to ruby extensions
[18:08:42] stalactit: i really do need mri so mruby is not an option unfortunately
[18:10:08] stalactit: this was a nice guide for getting started
[18:13:08] stalactit: the only other hit i got was
[18:13:16] stalactit: which didn't have any resolution
[18:16:10] stalactit: oh and also traveling-ruby, but it just lits some hurdles without specific solutions in "Why not just statically link the Ruby binary?"
[18:17:01] stalactit: so I guess my real question is whether "You have to hand-edit lots of Makefiles to make everything properly link statically. You can't just add -static as compiler flag and expect everything to work." is still accurate?
[18:25:01] stalactit: and with-static-linked-ext will link all exts statically which seems promising


[04:49:47] stalactit: >> class A; class B; end; private_constant :B; end; A.constants
[04:52:41] stalactit: anyone know how i can find A::B since constants is empty? is ObjectSpace.each_object(Class) my only hope?
[04:53:19] stalactit: assuming i don't know the name "B" already