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[18:39:27] steerio: hi all, I ran into the "bundler/dep_proxy" loaderror issue that should've been gone back in April
[18:39:41] steerio: anyone here knows how it can occur with 2.5.0, latest rubygems, latest bundler?


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[19:42:39] steerio: Hi all, I'm working on someone else's Rails project and my knowledge is rusty. Do I have to do any asset precompilation in development mode?
[19:43:16] steerio: Project runs in production mode on Heroku, but fails in dev mode with a Sprockets::FileNotFound on a require line in a css file
[19:43:35] steerio: there are no production or asset groups in the Gemfile.
[19:43:55] steerio: when trying to run assets::precompile in dev mode it fails (on another require)
[19:44:28] steerio: bundle install has been run of course, and I have no idea what else I'd need
[19:46:18] steerio: interestingly, it fails on "foundation" and "jquery", obviously as neither foundation-rails nor jquery-rails are even mentioned in the Gemfile - but then how can it run in production?
[19:47:43] steerio: oh.. they are in bower.json
[19:49:06] steerio: jeez, sorry for wasting bandwidth here with this bullshit.


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[12:57:26] steerio: hi, does anyone know where to find HTTP::Response::STATUS_CODES, which gem?
[12:57:44] steerio: it seems like reel somehow forgets to depend on it
[12:58:34] steerio: nope, nokogiri is in my gemfile.lock
[12:58:45] steerio: and requiring it explicitly doesn't seem to define HTTP either
[12:59:40] steerio: weirdly enough, google is no help either
[13:01:10] steerio: jhass: yeah that's what I got
[13:01:28] steerio: so yeah, HTTP::Response exists, but HTTP::Response::STATUS_CODES (looked for by Reel) doesn't
[13:02:21] steerio: apparently reel never bothered to update its deps, it depends on >=0.6, but we're now at http 1.0.1
[13:02:30] steerio: the proper dep would be <1
[13:02:42] steerio: i'll file a bug report there
[13:03:12] steerio: latest commit May 2015, oh boy.
[13:04:46] steerio: time to fork :D
[14:24:01] steerio: I am someone and I think anyone is just an innocent way of addressing a pool of people.
[14:25:20] steerio: this could be extended, like, if someone's talking to themselves, it could be eigenone
[14:25:56] steerio: or to a group of people, that's multione. no, that's any-n.