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[13:29:48] tabakhase: uhm, i want to overwrite a single file inside a gem that i use with bundler - is there any easy way todo that other than a) forking and publish as own(gitref) or b) "just editing the gem and hoping noone runs "bundle update"?
[13:30:05] tabakhase: like, throwing it into some seperate overwrite filepath thingy is what im thinking :D
[13:53:05] tabakhase: Burgestrand that sounds about right thanks
[13:53:23] tabakhase: and i assume i dont need the gem&ruby-version or so in those paths? (to overwrite gems/2.4.0/gems/the-name-0.1.0/lib/mo/me.rb i would assume my overwrite goes into "$LOAD_PATH_ADDITION/the-name/lib/mo/me.rb ?)
[15:11:16] tabakhase: hm, im not getting that LOAD_PATH overwrite to grip...guess ill just leave the "edited gem" and hope for my pullrequest to be accepted quickly ;D
[15:12:09] tabakhase: still have not found the "loading line" of it (so it may be some broky relative load) - and ontop its "part of a gem thats in the gemspec of another gem that i call via bundler" - so i may be tossing a bunch of variables in there complicating that...


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[02:41:36] tabakhase: hm, i think ive got a understanding issue how ruby threats globals and cross-class comms...
[02:45:03] tabakhase: not yet formed to an actuall issue or question :D
[02:45:14] tabakhase: still poking-around stage..
[02:51:49] tabakhase: var, :var, @var, $var... awww so much doku to read
[02:53:36] tabakhase: ty for the motivation :P
[02:55:32] tabakhase: im not getting the symbol use yet, and im unsure "how global global is" - and if class is @@ i wonder whats diffrent to @
[02:58:18] tabakhase: dont even bother explaining just now, ill do my homework with the docs first^^
[02:58:29] tabakhase: but when i get back from that and still have a "?" ill appreciate it =)
[03:01:24] tabakhase: my current bummer more seems to be the general class concept anyway, too spoiled by years of php, trying to correctly wrap down to an interface kindish layer as im used to
[03:01:56] tabakhase: "concept" *shrug*
[03:04:25] tabakhase: craysiii just a deep dive :D just wanne build a small tool with a few gems only ruby has, and "how hard" can another lang bee :P
[03:05:49] tabakhase: but ive wrote some code before (php, c#, some java) so its mostly the "understanding how ruby wants it" and not so much the "how to code" :D
[03:06:08] tabakhase: some aka making my money with it for +6 years :F
[03:36:10] tabakhase: craysiii hehe the "done others" is more about the "i understood how computers work and can thinkery "things" into codeflow in my brains" + controllFlow :D
[03:46:04] tabakhase: this usually backfires^^
[03:47:51] tabakhase: Similar to how babys are formed i guess
[03:47:59] tabakhase: and never heard of that Ox0dea


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[01:29:03] tabakhase: when installing my gem as --dev it correctly gets bundler and rake - but fails on installing spec
[01:29:29] tabakhase: "rspec requires rspec-core (~> 3.3.0)" and fails like that ignoring whatever stack of versions i specify
[01:31:20] tabakhase: Coraline first i had a "spec.add_development_dependency 'rspec'" - but that gave me a 0.9.2 at some point :D - so im struggeling to say "+3" i think
[01:31:39] tabakhase: '~> 3.3.0' would seem legit, but fails with sayd error
[01:32:21] tabakhase: funFact now, when i run the install of my bundler in my repo it can install rspec correctly (using rspec-core 3.3.2)
[01:33:15] tabakhase: EOL is "spec.add_development_dependency "rspec", "~> 3.0"" works fine with bundler, but fails with checking spec-core using "gem instal --dev"
[01:35:54] tabakhase: Coraline jep
[01:38:48] tabakhase: Coraline in the .gem tar that i try to install Gemfile.lock is not present -- in my repo (what is a exact clone of this VM) i have rspec-core (3.3.2) -- "bundle install" also sucessfully installs 3.3.2 on the test machine
[01:39:12] tabakhase: just the "gem install --dev" method does not find it
[01:40:41] tabakhase: i also tryed listing all the dependencies for the rspec package, no success ether
[01:47:41] tabakhase: wrote that rspec issue down to compare Coraline
[01:55:19] tabakhase: its werido, a manual gem install rspec succeds with all the latest versions just fine
[01:55:46] tabakhase: what should my version string look like to say "any 3"? i belive i dont understand what ~> does here exacly...
[01:56:47] tabakhase: and after manually installing rspec also instally my gem as --dev is successfull
[04:08:37] tabakhase: so yay, appart from the "gem cant install rspec" issue ( ) im fine now =)
[04:09:09] tabakhase: can build my gem, install it elsewhere with it pulling all the things and such + nicely wraped all that into a vagrant to dev/run locally


[02:39:34] tabakhase: spec.executables cant do name-aliase or so hm? so i could not have a bin start and one called start, and then "provide" start as "RandomString-client" for example?
[02:40:22] tabakhase: so my bin/start needs to be bin/gemName -- whats not really an issue doe, just wondering if those can be "mapped"
[02:42:28] tabakhase: hm it might be a doubble quest - came with the quest for spec.files - where there seem to be multiple "aproaches"
[02:43:09] tabakhase: a) use git-ls - b) scan filesystem - c) hardcode gem, gemspec, bin/**, lib/**
[02:43:55] tabakhase: where b) is a mess, a) is neat but brings some usageIssues doing testbuilds
[02:44:28] tabakhase: now saying stuff liike my vagrant file should not be the "gem" and when you want to develop on it, dont take the gem, get the github!" c) seems really reasonable...
[02:45:10] tabakhase: with that known, i would not add my bin/ -- actually put exe/MyGem and add that as executable
[02:45:28] tabakhase: and in my git bin/start is the bundler/rake calls
[02:46:21] tabakhase: sp the build gem would really only contain runCode, is that the clean way and those git lookup things are the hackyMagic?
[06:24:34] tabakhase: ooookkkkaayyy, i think (more like belive) i got it...
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[00:32:46] tabakhase: Hi there, so i made some progress in the last 24hours :P, but now im landing with a few ?? that i could use some input on:
[00:33:46] tabakhase: does one Gemfile without bundeling? is that "usual"? do i putt a app.rb for this and create a rake taget -- or do i put stuff like the looLogic into my lib/ stuff to?
[00:34:17] tabakhase: if so, can i split/glue those together for a "app" and "analizer" part? (i consume logfile and alayze a little + stdout)
[00:35:11] tabakhase: im aware that those are very rogth design questions with not a "correct" answer without knowing my full story, but even I dont know it yet :P - im still in that understanding phase of what is even what :P
[00:37:26] tabakhase: one way gems make it kinda look like for libs only (like a dll would be to c) - but at the same time i have gems that are actually executables, is that just the main class? or some special start rake? or what the deleo for this stuff?
[00:39:57] tabakhase: shevy my "start" is a gem init or so, this put be a bin with "setup" and "console" (one beeing the bundler install call, the other a terminal loading the lib beforehand (irb thingy)
[00:40:26] tabakhase: s//this put me a /bin/"
[00:42:16] tabakhase: like my bin/start right now is a "#!/bin/bash bundle exec rake start" and i have a rake for "ruby -I lib app.rb"
[00:42:44] tabakhase: and yay its very confusing for me too ;D i feel like i have 3 diffrent "methods" mixed in there or so...
[00:45:45] tabakhase: and me beeing unsure what is the one i actually need does not make it easyer i know ;F
[00:48:03] tabakhase: apeiros forgett about bundler? that seemed to be the sweetest of all the parts till now...
[00:50:24] tabakhase: i can fire a vargrant, install bundler, bundler instal; rake exec start (ruby -I lib app.rb) and its working including "my own lib" (app.rb is my starter, but also doing more management by now that should get moved into "my lib" and i can put others libs in my gemfile and get them installed and such...
[00:53:03] tabakhase: i have a gemspec for my lib too, but it has lot of copypasted junk i didnt looked up yet
[00:55:14] tabakhase: " spec.executables = spec.files.grep(%r{^exe/}) { |f| File.basename(f) }" --- what shipped by ?i belive? bundler --init
[00:57:53] tabakhase: nofxx and i was well aware of it ;-) - ive just never touched ruby, but im +5y in dev in general
[00:58:13] tabakhase: just need to understand a few things how ruby wants it things organized
[01:00:57] tabakhase: ive been to hola.gem yep ;D
[01:03:18] tabakhase: skipped over the "ADDING AN EXECUTABLE" part, that then also kinda clears up the "providers" in the bin dir
[01:03:40] tabakhase: so my bin/irb "could" but not "is" used when someone would install the gem
[01:05:23] tabakhase: bin/irb -> bundle exec rake irb -> another bin/console that i actually #!/usr/bin/env ruby; require bundler/setup; require myLib
[01:08:15] tabakhase: EOL is my lib/myLib.rb has a start method that is most of my app, but not the actuall call --- app.rb is -- and i add a bin/ for that in my gemspec as executable
[01:09:15] tabakhase: or is that app.rb in the root a broken think and should be a main.rb in lib? - or _everything_ packed in the lib and "tell the user to always rake it" / use the run binary / install and use executable
[01:09:42] tabakhase: does that sound like my understanding is going the right way? ;D
[01:11:04] tabakhase: just overconfused by the split of gem install to run a executable -- to gems i load that are just libs - and how ill be two at the same time or so...
[01:12:47] tabakhase: Ox0dea i guess not - but i belive i want it there to start it directly from source on my dev or now?
[01:17:58] tabakhase: so app.rb goes into bin not root, not lib/ --- NetBeans want my "starter" to be in lib, while the lib is there no "run" call is issued (lib/main.rb?) 1/2
[01:18:27] tabakhase: but to actually run it i use the bin/rake task, so its not a real issue thing, just confused 2/2
[01:18:55] tabakhase: running that inside my vargrant anyway (curl on win7 (puke))
[01:19:43] tabakhase: also for redis and such, so no issue as sayd, its just "diffrent from what i see elsewhere"
[01:23:02] tabakhase: ill slim down and reorganize my blob a bit and see where i get, thank you all so far for the help, cleared up some things =) ill be back ;P
[02:25:51] tabakhase: is it correct that with the "spec.files = `git ls-files -z`" part my gemball also has stuff like my gitignore with it? (i mean its obvious why it is, but is it supposed to be like that?
[02:26:06] tabakhase: or am i better of with smth like "gem.files = Dir['Rakefile', '{bin,lib,man,test,spec}/**/*', 'README*', 'LICENSE*'] & `git ls-files -z`.split("\0")"
[02:52:30] tabakhase: Ox0dea so i rather take all? - it was coplayinging about two bash files then, two of those are fine to be replaced by rakes, but one "dev tool" is not -- another bash script in the root was okay doe --
[02:53:15] tabakhase: so should i have "exe" for the executables i ship and keep "bin" to my actual added bin to develop or so? (mounting it into vagrand with chmods)
[02:56:05] tabakhase: hm, forgett what i sayd, git fooled me
[04:27:29] tabakhase: run from inside my repo the executable form of my gem thing starts just fine --- but when im "somewhere else" bundler fails discovering the gemfile - something is the wrong way around...
[04:41:23] tabakhase: magical Dir.chdir File.expand_path('../..', __FILE__) fixed my gemFile lookup, but now i also get a "fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git" thrown and have no idea where from & what for :P
[04:43:04] tabakhase: git error only shows up when using that "global binary"...
[04:43:21] tabakhase: and there is no git in this (appart from a ignore and attributes)
[04:44:24] tabakhase: na, im inside my vagrant, NB is out of busssines there...
[04:46:29] tabakhase: cd libsrc; $ GlobalBin -> testoutput; cd /somwehere/else; $ GlobalBin -> **git error message** testoutput - not making any sense at all :F
[04:51:10] tabakhase: when you find a thing, and hoped it better where not like this...
[04:51:19] tabakhase: "The error message is not coming from bundler but from git itself. The errors are coming from git commands executing inside of gemspecs. Almost always the command is git ls-files."
[04:52:36] tabakhase: so my neat "spec.files = `git ls-files -z`" on the input -- is *** me on the other end of the gem..
[04:53:06] tabakhase: Ox0dea seems bundler/rake does some kind of micro-build every time the executable is used
[04:55:05] tabakhase: spec.files = `git ls-files -z` i wonder if that works as a spec.files = `if [ -d .git ]; then; git ls-files -z; else echo ""; fi` or so...
[04:57:22] tabakhase: spec.files = `if [ -d .git ]; then git ls-files -z; else echo ""; fi`.split("\x0").reject { |f| f.match(%r{^(features)/}) }
[04:57:31] tabakhase: does as expected
[05:02:59] tabakhase: kinda seeing what it does its super broken there anyway, but thats another storry...
[05:03:47] tabakhase: that Dir.chdir File.expand_path('../..', __FILE__) is still bumping me doe... it "fixes" my binarys as in now they find there gemfiles and such
[05:04:25] tabakhase: but if thats a litteral chdir, that "global install, call anywhere, write /read files in current directory" kinda fails away
[05:07:25] tabakhase: yep thats what im doing right now and how those issues showed up =)
[05:11:00] tabakhase: hm? missunderstanding... i mean the install puts it in your bin right, so you can call it from anywhere afterwards
[05:11:55] tabakhase: now saying i tell it "logfile ./log.log" and my startScript actually does the chdir, the log file will end up inside the users gem archive -- and "not where he is right now" as expected
[05:16:20] tabakhase: no, my requires are fine (what is as i guess thanks to the $LOAD_PATH magic to add lib/ in my gemspec)
[05:16:48] tabakhase: im doing it for my Gemfile to satisfy bundlers Bundler.setup
[05:20:00] tabakhase: hm or not...
[05:20:09] tabakhase: seems there is more not working as expected then
[05:30:49] tabakhase: hmpf fustrating... some parts it seems to remove a lot of work, and on others it adds a bunch of wtf??s ;D
[05:46:52] tabakhase: im just getting mad when after an hour i still dont understand whats going on there -with the chance 99% me not even doing it wrong, but trying the wrong thing... -- like my bundler stuff is working perfectly todo a simple bundle install on the GIT tree - but at the same time it breaks everything when poping to "an actual gem" ;D
[05:47:40] tabakhase: not rly important for now, its a oneman thing that if at all will go on the hub and be used by 4 other people also in a devEnv running my vagrant box with my own provisioner anyway
[05:48:13] tabakhase: BUT you know... BUT... if i learn fancy new stuff, than pls fancy...
[06:44:03] tabakhase: i belive i figured it out...
[06:46:13] tabakhase: bundle install - to setup DEV, gem build *.gemspec - to build gem OR bundle exec rake install - to gem&install
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[05:51:29] tabakhase: hmpf, im struggeling in understanding the bare bare basics... ive done a lot of other stuff before, and now want to poke into ruby for a project - but alone the "setup of the structure" eatens hours with buggeling around back and forth to get to a state where i get all gems and can rake and such
[05:52:13] tabakhase: is that usual? or am i just going way to big? -- any recommended starterTuts that are NOT the "hello world" level? - ive done +10years of coding...