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[14:54:17] tempate: Hey. I'm using clearance to create a login page with Rails. Clearance's documentation specifies to run the command 'rails generate clearance:install' but when running it, nothing happens, it gets hooked doing nothing. What should I do?
[15:02:39] tempate: never mind, I apparently had to do 'spring stop'
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[19:18:45] tempate: Hello, is there a Ruby on Rails channel?
[19:19:16] tempate: ACTION feels stupid for just trying ##rubyonrails
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[19:19:29] tempate: thank you Papierkorb
[19:20:20] tempate: I'm starting my Ruby on Rails learning by watching Derek Banas' videos about the matter, is that a good start=
[19:24:59] tempate: hey szymon_
[20:07:46] tempate: Jason: a blog maybe?