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[21:34:35] the_f0ster: how I can access an instance or class variable from a module that is being extended ?
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[18:10:22] the_f0ster: does anyone know a way I can profile DB pooling usage / info to optimize it?
[18:10:39] the_f0ster: does anyone know a way I can profile DB pooling usage / info to optimize it? with active record connection adapter
[18:19:42] the_f0ster: apeiros: my apologies, I asked there as well. I just assume smarter people are in interested in ruby over just rails.. it seemed maybe not application specific
[18:23:49] the_f0ster: dminuoso: yes I am
[18:26:04] the_f0ster: fryguy: unicorn
[18:27:58] the_f0ster: we are using makara as our db driver and it uses active record connection pooling underneath as far as I can tell
[18:28:24] the_f0ster: how does unicorn affect this ?
[18:30:04] the_f0ster: we are using foreman -> unicorn which specifies worker_processes 7 .. so this is only 7 workers per thread ?
[18:32:14] the_f0ster: my apologies I did not architect this codebase
[18:32:29] the_f0ster: cleaning up at a start up
[18:40:48] the_f0ster: fryguy: thank you for explaining, that makes sense
[18:41:00] the_f0ster: unicorn has really shitty documentation and web presence lol
[18:43:12] the_f0ster: fryguy: so each worker has it's own process, and the db connection is pooling internally with threads on each process right ?
[21:36:56] the_f0ster: so If I am using unicorn and MRI, does my database connection actually pool
[21:38:55] the_f0ster: got it, because of the GIL in MRI fryguy?
[21:43:31] the_f0ster: fryguy: sorry I am reading through documentation to udnerstand how unicorn works, so underlying code that uses threads is not possible with unicorn?
[21:49:52] the_f0ster: dminuoso: why is that ?
[21:53:49] the_f0ster: my app response times went through the roof when teh db went down, so I'm going to lower the timeout to prevent it, but if pooling isnt really happening in parallel then it is not that useful
[23:53:00] the_f0ster: Iarfen: idk, run in docker ?
[23:54:08] the_f0ster: perhapsa. good time to start then


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[18:04:16] the_f0ster: trying to load a gem with bundler in my rails project.. but getting "Gem Load Error is: File is already defined" (zipruby), any idea how I can get around/fix this ?
[18:09:12] the_f0ster: RickHull havenwood ty.. I am actualy trying to use rubyXL to r/w xlsx files which uses it as a dep
[18:10:26] the_f0ster: apeiros: yes it is a runtime requiring issue, requiring rubyXL in a non rails project works fine
[18:12:01] the_f0ster: havenwood: its the only lib i can find that will both read and write xlsx
[18:13:37] the_f0ster: not sure about spreadsheet but from what I read last night, no roo does not do both
[18:20:01] the_f0ster: yeah neither of these can write out xlsx havenwood , I just need to find out how I can include this lib in the rails project, lib works fine stand alone
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[02:04:50] the_f0ster: if I split my tests to only use spec_helper and rails_helper when necessary, would that speed things up? isnt the cost just one rails initialization ?
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[06:43:18] the_f0ster: *.net *.split


[20:22:54] the_f0ster: hello, I have a class with a variable inside of it like, class Thing; my_hash = {}; end, someone is referencing it from inside of an instance of this class, such as Thing.my_hash, how is this working? I can't access Thing.my_hash from another class.. is this like a private class var somehow ?
[20:25:17] the_f0ster: apeiros: actually it worked by doing Thing::my_hash, but it is being called as Thing.my_hash from inside an instance of Thing
[20:25:41] the_f0ster: no it is a constant, it is a hash
[20:27:53] the_f0ster: shevy, apeiros
[20:28:35] the_f0ster: sorry about that
[20:28:52] the_f0ster: so why can I access it on lines 14,20 without the :: operator, but outside of the class I need ::
[20:29:47] the_f0ster: confused by what is happening when I access it via . from inside of the calss
[20:31:57] the_f0ster: apeiros, shevy i didnt write this code but its definitely working, and there is no method named the same with all caps
[20:32:06] the_f0ster: only the hash constant definition
[20:32:36] the_f0ster: okay thanks apeiros shevy
[20:32:37] the_f0ster: it doenst work


[00:18:38] the_f0ster: hello, does anyone know how to get a path helper for a namespace resourceful route? I have namespace :foo do resources :appointments, Trying to do something like edit_admin_appointment_path but it says it does not exist
[00:20:21] the_f0ster: sevenseacat: it shows "edit_admin_appointment GET "
[00:21:16] the_f0ster: ah no that's the problem, was just testing in console without it.. derp, ty sevenseacat


[22:14:47] the_f0ster: does anyone know how I can make a where object? For instance, I have a dynamic situation in which i want to constrcut my clause, but for simplicity i want to separate that and just apply it to my model in one spot, to actually "run" the query


[14:01:03] the_f0ster: Criten: well it's not really passenger doing it then, it's apache
[14:03:53] the_f0ster: workmad3: ahh smart
[14:04:05] the_f0ster: good morning
[14:06:59] the_f0ster: how can I disable ssl in my staging env? I am getting a 301 at /login that points to https, although I have config.allow_ssl_in_production = false in my spree initiliazter
[14:08:11] the_f0ster: ah nice, so that is dynamically interpretted for the actually env
[14:10:07] the_f0ster: I'm looking at making an extension for a custom theme. I am looking at spree fancy's architecture.. why are the home views not in the overrides folder? isn't this what spree uses by default for the root ?
[14:13:03] the_f0ster: Senjai: so overrides are for deface templates, but if I want to completely override a view, I just put it in my extensions normal app/view path ?
[14:16:38] the_f0ster: never heard of it, I'll take a read, thank you much
[14:55:08] the_f0ster: so in my extension, I have app/views/spree/home/index.html.erb .. but this isn't being rendered, I look at the log, and something from teh spree_front-end gem is being rendered, shouldn't this be the view that is loaded at / ? I am including my extension by referencing in my Gemfile as gem 'spree_my_extension', :path => '../spree_my_extension', all I've done is changed this view after creating it
[14:58:55] the_f0ster: hmm, its kind of following the creating an extension example in the documentation
[14:59:07] the_f0ster: other than i'm trying to create the view for index, rather than some new mvc route
[15:14:38] the_f0ster: all im trying to do is write new views in an extension.. trying to follow based on spree_fancy's structure @reckoner
[15:14:55] the_f0ster: i just created an extension to isolate my view changes
[15:16:59] the_f0ster: how does this get loaded? nothing different in the routes file for the extension,
[15:19:46] the_f0ster: yeah it definitely is..
[15:31:58] the_f0ster: well reckoner, I created the view structure inside of the spree install, and not in the extension and it works.. seems like it's going against the pattern of using the extension to encapsulate all my changes though
[15:33:48] the_f0ster: well not really, i duplicated the path in my extension, but it doesnt work there
[15:33:58] the_f0ster: seems super simple, dont know why its not loading it from the extension
[15:34:19] the_f0ster: im sure my extension is being used, because i created a controller decorator in extension/app/controllers/spree/ and it worked
[15:36:09] the_f0ster: maybe i'm misundestanding the extensions guide,, when they say to run this "$ mkdir -p app/views/spree/home", they are doing it from the extension directory, right?
[15:39:02] the_f0ster: hmm okay reckoner
[15:41:25] the_f0ster: the regular index loads fine from the spree front end gem
[15:41:38] the_f0ster: but the layout is just in the spree project by default, not the extension
[15:46:11] the_f0ster: wow reckoner, my extension gem was included before spree in my gemfile, this was the issue
[15:46:56] the_f0ster: thats all I changed after reading on the spree-fancy site taht the extension include on the gemfile had to go directly after the spree gem
[15:46:59] the_f0ster: i had it above
[15:47:12] the_f0ster: i can't believe something like this could happen with rails
[15:47:29] the_f0ster: I mean I can, I just wouldn't expect by design for the order of gems in a gem file to matter
[15:49:32] the_f0ster: so however the views are defined was overridden with the next gem
[15:53:05] the_f0ster: btw is this a bad way to organize my new views? I figure i'm going to be heavily changing the appearance so i thought it made sense
[15:53:26] the_f0ster: I don't know if the engine is incurring some performance penalty as I haven't used them with rails yet
[16:00:02] the_f0ster: okay, thanks reckoner


[16:49:45] the_f0ster: if i am going to make completely new layouts, should I override with Deface or just edit views ?
[16:50:15] the_f0ster: im basically converting an existing store / design to spree
[16:51:36] the_f0ster: any spree users here? I am converting an existing ecom store to spree and im not sure the best route to implement the new layouts (e.g. using deface with overrides? or completley modifying existing views)


[18:33:54] the_f0ster: wmoxam: mine was less than minimum wage, i dont think internships have to play by the same rules


[16:17:58] the_f0ster: anyone know how I can use this opencv syntax on the ruby lib?
[16:33:53] the_f0ster: hi all.. going to build a new ecommerce setup and I think i've landed on spree. hope it's a good choice. just looking for something that's designed well / "easy" to jump into,


[21:19:47] the_f0ster: should URI.encode be translating an apostrophe? I don't know what the proper http spec is on using an apostrophe in a URI


[16:59:45] the_f0ster: I am trying to find records where a set of fields are not unique, example, Car(id: integer, wheels: integer, name: string), where wheels and name are the same, any ideas?
[17:01:32] the_f0ster: no they arent unique, thats just an example, my record is longer and more complicated and I have more fields that I want to pluck id's from when all the fields match
[17:04:54] the_f0ster: godd2: pretty sure it is just a multi column group
[17:13:58] the_f0ster: godd2: no they are not unique on the database for that table, all from one table
[17:19:11] the_f0ster: godd2: no, is english yoru native language?
[17:20:19] the_f0ster: sorry that was rude, godd2
[17:24:05] the_f0ster: godd2: no im trying to do it dynamically.. like return all the sets of records where the fields are the same
[17:24:17] the_f0ster: like a multi column group with a count where the count is > 1
[17:25:36] the_f0ster: for instance i would want to see, count: 3, [wheels: 4, name: some_name] , [id's of records], idk im sure there is a way to do it insql
[17:27:03] the_f0ster: no, im not looking up specific value matches, i want to find groups of records that have teh same values
[17:27:14] the_f0ster: yes, any values
[17:27:31] the_f0ster: i could also probably have written this by now in just regular loop logic but just tryhing to see if there is some way to do it with the AR tools
[17:29:49] the_f0ster: yeah i could def do something like that quickly godd2, just wanted to see if there was some nice DB level way to do it
[17:34:45] the_f0ster: yes ty godd2, i know how to do ti that way i was trying to avoid doing it app level
[17:35:00] the_f0ster: godd2: im abandoning AR and just writing some raw sql
[17:36:12] the_f0ster: well app side is also a lot slower than on the db
[17:36:23] the_f0ster: but this is a hack fix, just trying to get smarter :D
[17:42:33] the_f0ster: godd2: doesnt exclude the ones where groups are only a size of one, but only took a moment to write in sql, SELECT document_id, category_id, section_id, subsection_id, count(*) as count from document_order_maps group by document_id, category_id, section_id, subsection_id order by count asc;


[22:43:04] the_f0ster: I am using something like date_time.in_time_zone('Asia/Shanghai'), and it says the timezone is CST, even though the utc offset matches, is this a bug? e.g., Wed, 02 Jul 2014 02:00:00 CST +08:00
[22:44:57] the_f0ster: okay TIL CST is china standard time
[22:45:03] the_f0ster: tried googling it and couldnt find it at first :D


[18:58:23] the_f0ster: is there someway I can setup my assets directory to be outside of my normal application structure? e.g. I want to have my assets in a directory that is outside of my deploy directory, so that it stays static
[19:01:02] the_f0ster: bricker`work: thanks


[18:38:04] the_f0ster: anyone know how I can get my urls from url helpers to be https?


[03:45:19] the_f0ster: anyone know how to escape ampersands in jbuilder? big problem..


[18:20:44] the_f0ster: is there someway i can set a models attributes from a hash.. without saving?
[18:26:51] the_f0ster: slash_nick: thx
[21:06:14] the_f0ster: any reason why a view.jbuilder.erb wouldn't work?


[18:01:32] the_f0ster: kind of cool, can anyone break it? :-p
[18:05:39] the_f0ster: apeiros: ah k
[18:05:53] the_f0ster: Hanmac: have you seen this?


[17:28:46] the_f0ster: ruby is pass by value right? (even though the value is a reference to a copied obj?)
[17:31:22] the_f0ster: centrx: well not if it is a copy, then its still pass by value
[17:31:35] the_f0ster: that's what I read.. it's pass by value but the value is a reference to a different object?
[17:31:53] the_f0ster: unless it is referencing the actual original object, and not a copy
[17:32:13] the_f0ster: why is creating symbols from a param unsafe?
[17:34:11] the_f0ster: getting a warning from brakeman about DoS because of creating symbols from a param
[17:35:03] the_f0ster: seems like a pretty serious design consideration/flaw
[17:36:49] the_f0ster: centrx: what is if isnt from user input, but somehow just creating immutable strings to use on the backend programmatically /
[17:37:57] the_f0ster: just adopting the symbol convention I guess
[17:43:29] the_f0ster: centrx: so if i do "blah".to_sym twice, it only takes up the same amount of memory, or does it get duplicated?
[17:43:36] the_f0ster: silly question i guess
[17:43:43] the_f0ster: assume it creates another instance
[17:43:56] the_f0ster: What if you have symbols in a diff namespace?
[17:44:01] the_f0ster: they're globally namespaced?


[17:47:49] the_f0ster: Trying to find all the files in my dir that arent' plists.. starting with something like this, but havne't quite figured out the rgex, Dir[File.join(path, '**/*.^plist*')] ?
[17:50:35] the_f0ster: jhass: I see, i saw the docs said you can do set negates, like ^[xyz]
[17:50:44] the_f0ster: but i just need something like ^(xyz)
[17:51:34] the_f0ster: eam: will that be recurisve? i have a hack fix like, reject{|f| /plist/.match(f)}
[17:51:38] the_f0ster: on the reuslts of glob


[15:49:54] the_f0ster: does anyone know if it is possible to uplaod assets to a CDN (like cloudfront), without hosting them on the webserver at all ?
[15:51:04] the_f0ster: wmoxam: okay.. ill have to do a bit more reading. I've just found all of the "out of the box" stuff for rails which looks like it jsut sync's assets based on the public directory
[15:51:29] the_f0ster: jimbauds: I would guess so :)
[15:51:41] the_f0ster: a lot of people hate the STL in C++
[15:52:26] the_f0ster: ty ty wmoxam
[15:53:05] the_f0ster: but this is happening client side?
[15:53:08] the_f0ster: since it is CORS
[15:54:07] the_f0ster: is there any easy way to do it server side?
[15:54:24] the_f0ster: like, after my I processing the request, take the fileupload, and send it to s3
[15:58:27] the_f0ster: wmoxam:
[15:59:38] the_f0ster: oh yeha derp
[16:01:45] the_f0ster: wmoxam: that is the first one i found, on github, didnt see the amazon one because it wasnt on GH hhe
[21:50:49] the_f0ster: does anyuone know what the default format is called for datetime to_s .eg, the one that ends in "ss.000Z"
[21:51:41] the_f0ster: it is like the ansi standard but with these millisecond decimals added


[21:56:54] the_f0ster: is attr_internal_accessor for private class members? I want do something like.. MyClass.method only has access to the instance var on the calss
[22:00:57] the_f0ster: my bad centrx
[22:01:18] the_f0ster: wallerdev: i Just want it to be private, but also accessible from an eigen class


[17:51:25] the_f0ster: hi y'all, i am trying to recursively search a directory.. This works Dir['**/*.*'], but if i try to prepend a path to this blob, it doesnt return anything, e.g., Dir[File.join(recursively_search_this_path, '**/*.*')]
[17:53:47] the_f0ster: xybre: the path with a string
[17:53:51] the_f0ster: soryr, the path, as a string
[17:54:31] the_f0ster: xybre: actually, it works, i am stupid
[17:54:39] the_f0ster: my directory that was testing earlier was empty, because of another bug :D
[18:21:04] the_f0ster: havenwood: where is that?


[19:06:46] the_f0ster: tubbo: haha :)
[19:06:49] the_f0ster: just have to select it again
[19:07:18] the_f0ster: damn, now i have to rewrite all my file uploading with carrierwave
[19:07:32] the_f0ster: slash_nick: perhaps, but hypothetically'
[19:07:47] the_f0ster: just manually saving it
[19:08:19] the_f0ster: i have a pretty crazy schema that was already dictated by another dev.. maybe i can work carrierwave into it somehow
[19:08:44] the_f0ster: slash yeah i can pass it back
[19:12:27] the_f0ster: that makes sense
[19:12:55] the_f0ster: doing it manual one way or another is probably quicker than moving everything to carrier wave
[19:15:29] the_f0ster: slash_nick: yeahh, googled same thing, makes sense