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[20:10:22] thor_: Anyone here have an official ruby certification?
[20:11:27] thor_:
[20:13:01] thor_: I was thinking about it just to have on my CV and whatnot
[20:14:02] thor_: Or just write your CV as a ruby scrpit :^)
[20:14:20] thor_: i.e. a 2 page puts statement
[20:21:12] thor_: So it really wouldn't be worth anything?
[20:23:19] thor_: Would you get a better response for having contributed to oss etc. then?
[20:27:29] thor_: Elaborate on technical interviews
[20:28:00] thor_: I'm not even in college yet but I'm trying to get the best headstart that I can
[20:29:22] thor_: Oh I understand. Are those types of interviews common?
[20:30:48] thor_: I'm hoping to get into Computer Networks and Systems Management. What about interviews for those jobs?
[20:31:47] thor_: Software engineers who can't code? Isn't that like a bus driver who can't drive?
[20:33:44] thor_: As much as I'd love to, I'm still basically a skiddie who's just getting to grips with Ruby.
[20:34:13] thor_: I've dabbled in a few
[20:34:28] thor_: ...lightly
[20:34:50] thor_: Well I got a good grip of C++ but i just got sick of it for a finish
[20:35:28] thor_: Ruby is by far my favourite though. It's so light and easy.
[20:36:27] thor_: Well from the piddling/dabbling I've done I've learned a lot about languages
[20:36:38] thor_: Terminology etc
[20:37:00] thor_: So each time I move to a new one I get it a lot faster
[20:37:36] thor_: I still find myself occasionally putting a ; at the end of a line
[20:38:14] thor_: I've definitely found that just messing about with scripts is the best way for me personally to learn
[20:38:35] thor_: cause an error and then find a way to fix it
[20:39:03] thor_: Isn't perl supposed to be ridiculous spaghetti code?
[20:39:08] thor_: Or is that just heresay
[20:39:52] thor_: Basically my approach to every language before Ruby to be honest
[20:40:18] thor_: Once i found the ftp lib and how easy it was i was hooked
[20:41:27] thor_: I wrote an ftp client earlier today (with the help of someone here who's name I forget) and I felt so proud of myself
[20:42:09] thor_: I haven't even moved on to classes yet...
[20:42:28] thor_: But I'm planning on doing a lot over the weekend
[20:42:47] thor_: Classes and error handling are what I plan to cover