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[00:19:14] timeless: ACTION bangs head against ::Rack::Rewrite :-(
[00:20:33] timeless: I found https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15303112/middleman-dynamic-page-url-rewrite-with-wildcard and used it more or less as is (I had to add `::` before `Rack::Rewrite`)
[00:21:51] timeless: ACTION gets it
[00:32:30] timeless: ACTION really doesn't understand why the `::` was necessary as the examples all omit it
[01:08:13] timeless: did I do something spectacularly wrong? https://www.irccloud.com/pastebin/Hh663xI3/
[01:09:48] timeless: -- i'll accept that it's slow, and may have distracting formatting, and probably loads slowly and that the channel has decided that they hate it, but is it really true that it does't have syntax highlighting? (it sure seems to, to my naive eye)
[01:10:52] timeless: https://dpaste.de/DACT
[03:03:07] timeless: baweaver: is this line valid ruby? https://github.com/jsoref/middleman/blob/master/middleman-cli/lib/middleman-cli/templates/extension/Rakefile#L7
[03:03:44] timeless: (it certainly doesn't seem to be, when i use that line as is, `rake` screams)
[03:59:28] timeless: Yeah, I didn't write that code
[04:00:02] timeless: ACTION naively assumed stuff might "just work"
[04:00:29] timeless: Thanks, that's reassuring
[04:01:44] timeless: I have, what I thought was, a simple task... Replace `href="foo.html.md"` with `href="foo.html"`
[04:01:58] timeless: There's already a PR for it
[04:03:20] timeless: ACTION heads out for a bit
[04:13:01] timeless: ACTION nods
[04:13:37] timeless: Actually, in this case, I think it was in response to a deprecation warning


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[23:44:59] timeless: can someone suggest a place where i can ask questions about `middleman`?
[23:47:03] timeless: baweaver: thanks