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[13:18:50] ton31337: what's the difference between << and + ?
[13:21:00] ton31337: Undefined node attribute or method `<<' on `node'. To set an attribute, use `<<=value' instead.
[13:21:09] ton31337: what's the best way to tackle with this?
[13:23:06] ton31337: shevy: it doesn't work ;-)
[13:23:34] ton31337: actually it's Chef
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[13:46:35] ton31337: normal['iptables']['rules'] << firewall_by_port(grafana_port, 4)
[13:46:35] ton31337: how to force to create hash if doesn't exist?
[13:46:47] ton31337: I mean if normal['iptables']['rules'] doesn't exist
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[20:41:11] ton31337: how can i write this shorter?
[20:46:22] ton31337: can I split ternary with multi line?
[20:46:27] ton31337: because it looks ugly
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[12:25:04] ton31337: anyone is using mysql2 gem? does it work with ipv6?
[12:25:14] ton31337: Unknown MySQL server host '[2001:dead::1]' (2)
[12:25:14] ton31337: i'm getting
[12:25:27] ton31337: but from host i can access this server
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[19:31:55] ton31337: guys I don't know how to write this, but is it possible to make this work? I want to check if IP from array is ipv6 and transform it, else leave as it is.
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[06:26:07] ton31337: what does this mean?
[06:26:10] ton31337: def otherwise(&block)
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[06:49:10] ton31337: hi, how to install ruby headers from .tar.gz ?
[06:49:26] ton31337: is there another official .tar.gz for debug symbols?
[06:49:28] ton31337: and headers
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[21:31:01] ton31337: hey, how to read stdin every line from pipe?
[21:31:09] ton31337: iostat 1 | ruby..
[21:32:52] ton31337: Mon_Ouie: thanks


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[08:07:25] ton31337: anyone is using gem 'zk' for zookeeper?
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[09:04:02] ton31337: anyone is using zookeeper with ruby?
[09:04:33] ton31337: no idea, what's wrong here. I can't see any events :/
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[11:03:18] ton31337: what's the best way to convert a = '' to a = [''] ?
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[08:33:13] ton31337: hi, anyone is using rbenv and systemtap?


[20:48:57] ton31337: what does rb_call and rb_call0 ?


[14:35:13] ton31337: how to know name of function if I have only mid?
[14:35:35] ton31337: actually (rb_call_info_t)ci->mid
[17:10:36] ton31337: who is palindrome?
[17:12:05] ton31337: hello world as a palindrome
[17:57:48] ton31337: what is here? 26402 15:59:36 tgkill(26400, 26405, SIGVTALRM) = 0
[17:57:57] ton31337: I've got redis timeout after this


[13:30:06] ton31337: does ruby has a feature like python has? a = "testing"; print a[1:]
[13:32:47] ton31337: poikon: it returns 'esting'


[19:37:23] ton31337: master failed to start, check stderr log for details
[19:37:23] ton31337: starting unicorn I'm getting
[19:38:52] ton31337: havenwood:
[19:39:29] ton31337: havenwood: no idea, how to debug this.. specifying -d -w gives nothing more..
[19:41:13] ton31337: havenwood: how it's related with my problem? I see here is capistrano-maintenance


[19:44:43] ton31337: how it's possible to run multiple threads at the same time?
[19:48:45] ton31337: jhass: I just need to allow ruby to establish multiple for example ssh sessions at the same tie
[19:48:57] ton31337: but to different hosts
[19:50:35] ton31337: jhass: not a problem IO in my case
[19:52:12] ton31337: jhass: this would work as I'm expected, right?
[19:53:23] ton31337: to use map instead of each?
[19:53:54] ton31337: thank you, will try
[20:05:03] ton31337: jhass: yeah, it works, thank you


[07:49:55] ton31337: Anyone know the reason why TCPSocket/TCPServer hangs sending data?
[07:50:14] ton31337: TCP handshake is done, as I see in tcpdump
[07:50:25] ton31337: but sending data is hanged


[19:48:27] ton31337: Any ideas why c.gets is empty always?
[19:48:28] ton31337:
[19:48:41] ton31337: I have the same script in another location and it works