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[04:06:53] tona: has joined #ruby
[04:07:00] tona: hello guys
[04:07:24] tona: is there one way to create one ssh web browser in ruby to connect with servers using ssh but into one browser ?
[06:14:40] tona: Quit: Page closed


[20:10:32] tona: hello how could i create one simple web page using ruby ?
[20:11:49] tona: i would like to get values like hard disk, ram, processor for each computer into one web page , i want to recollect this information , when i type its url
[20:14:28] tona: jhass one question , what commands could i get , ram, os level, processor, hardisk using sinatra ?


[21:25:17] tona: hi everyone, one fast question into ruby could i create one application for my android phone ?,
[21:26:22] tona: ok do you have one example easy to create it like one demo , or how could i find it into google
[21:29:21] tona: sorry for ask again , i am into ruboto, but i dont know how to start it , i need one guideline