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[10:20:27] tribut: Is there a way to tell ruby to prefer user gem to system gems?
[10:21:11] tribut: I know about GEM_PATH, but that seems to contain the ruby version so I cannot just add it to .bashrc because it will break on different machines that have other versions of ruby installed.
[10:22:28] tribut: qyliss: Thanks. But I don't have root on all machines.
[10:23:24] tribut: Hmkay, but I will need to install it on all machines where I'm using ruby? Or at least all the ones where I want my "gem install --user" gems to be actually used?
[10:25:11] tribut: Thanks, I'll go read the docs now :)
[11:01:43] tribut: It seems chruby does not set GEM_PATH or GEM_HOME for the system ruby. So I would have to install a local version of ruby everywhere for that to work. This is definitely not what I think is acceptable :/
[11:02:44] tribut: How is using the user-installed ruby before using the system-wide not the default? I'm really baffled by how hard this is.
[11:13:32] tribut: Also, chruby seems to build the GEM_PATH using "$HOME/.gem/$RUBY_ENGINE/$RUBY_VERSION" where $RUBY_VERSION is {#RUBY_VERSION}. Which is apparently not correct here. {#RUBY_VERSION} is 2.3.3 and Gem.user_dir is $HOME/.gem/ruby/2.3.0
[11:24:23] tribut: This is what I'll be using, I guess:
[12:05:41] tribut: ... and I'm still confused:
[12:05:49] tribut: $ gem which -a tmuxinator
[12:06:02] tribut: /usr/lib/ruby/vendor_ruby/tmuxinator.rb
[12:06:04] tribut: /home/felix/.gem/ruby/2.3.0/gems/tmuxinator-0.10.1/lib/tmuxinator.rb
[12:06:29] tribut: What environment variable determines the load order here? GEM_PATH and GEM_HOME both list $HOME/.gem/... first.
[12:24:09] tribut: Burgestrand:
[12:53:53] tribut: Debian distribution packages. How ruby knows about it however I wasn't able to find out.
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