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[01:53:43] tuelz_: okay I think I'm back
[01:54:16] tuelz_: so yeah my job forced osx on me so everyone was on the same dev env...wouldn't allow docker or vagrant :(
[01:54:31] tuelz_: but hey, they love ruby so I can't complain
[01:55:24] tuelz_: would much rather ruby in osx than php/java/.net in linux
[01:55:38] tuelz_: cool I just left.
[01:58:47] tuelz_: TheTopBloke: no, it is that bad. When I went into #mac asking how to bind apps to keys I got mocked being called a 'geek' and told to learn to do it the apple way
[01:59:30] tuelz_: the software might be okay, the community is awful, and let's be real here. The community is typically the most important part of any technical thing (in my not so humble opinion)
[02:00:23] tuelz_: I could just as easily write python or javascript or even c++, but the ruby community is the best I've ever been around
[02:00:41] tuelz_: and it reads nicely, so that's nice.
[02:02:00] tuelz_: yeah, I went to school for c++ and learned to hate programming...dropped out and picked up python and everyone seemed to be so elitist with learning things the 'right' way (not really mean about it, but still pretty firm) came to ruby eventually via rails and just a few months lather was doing contract work and now I work full time as a mainly rails dev
[02:02:41] tuelz_: although somehow I use archlinux just fine and those guys have all have irc macros for "RTFM"
[02:03:13] tuelz_: I've always felt that maybe they were justified in doing so though because they are possibly the only linux people who actually have real documentation...
[02:03:56] tuelz_: rhizome: have you ever worked at a place that is totally consistent? of course it's linux on the server lol
[02:04:35] tuelz_: rhizome: you would probably love working here though...these guys give tons back to open source and their business model is very community centric so I can't give them any hate :p
[02:05:25] tuelz_: I've only been there a month though, so after the honeymoon talk to me and we can hate them together
[02:07:14] tuelz_: I honestly think I'll have them letting me use linux within a year anyhow. The boss asked me a few times to make sure I wasn't violating any of my morals using apple products and I truthfully said I didn't care. I now wish I had lied, but it's my first day. I'll hack at it until I forget I hate it.
[02:08:06] tuelz_: apparently some people have those
[02:09:29] tuelz_: TheTopBloke: I use a window manager on linux. I literally use the mouse zero. Even flash in the browser is just a hotkey away from opening in VLC which has keybindings
[02:10:15] tuelz_: I'm a no mouse elitist. Not that I think mice are bad for everything, I just like not having to carry one around and it makes life easier for working remote on CLI and stuff....mice have their place they just aren't universal like keyboards
[02:11:27] tuelz_: TheTopBloke: Tomorrow I'm going to try and compile dub (a lightweight vim browser) on osx and if that works I'm like 99% there.
[02:11:35] tuelz_: s/dub/dwb/
[02:13:07] tuelz_: sevenseacat: I've always looked up to neck beard hackers types so I was trying to be cool and learn arch and vim and CLI apps, then I realized how much easier they are to use in my workflow
[02:14:07] tuelz_: heh, vim needs an intelligent system for learning it. It really is dumb how hard it is to learn.
[02:14:24] tuelz_: it's like git....things shouldn't be that weird.
[02:15:01] tuelz_: if they weren't so good at what they did though, nobody would use them....entry fee is just too high, but the payoff is nice for some people
[02:16:41] tuelz_: I actually thought I was good at vim until I started watch destroyallsoftware screencasts. I don't even think he's uses vim that much more efficiently than me, he's just a mage on the keyboard. lightning fast fingers or something
[02:17:48] tuelz_: if I want to go up 17 lines or so I'll just do a half screen up then click around until I get it. It's like he instantly knows how far away things are and presses buttons at exactly his keyboards input limits
[02:20:06] tuelz_: hmm, I don't think this kind of thing is edited, unless he's REALLY egotistical and edits in between each word etc.
[02:20:29] tuelz_: because he's speaking most of the time and he doesn't sound like a chipmunk
[02:21:01] tuelz_: same here. I just want to believe he's a wizard
[02:21:07] tuelz_: and you can't stop me
[02:21:43] tuelz_: nope, that's paywalled isn't it?
[02:21:56] tuelz_: I think I have access to it at my job now, just haven't checked em out
[02:22:14] tuelz_: highly recommended? or do you just watch everything?
[02:30:06] tuelz_: okay that's the last bump for me. headed home to setup a friggin vpn.
[02:30:15] tuelz_: goodbye for a bit