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[19:16:17] txdv: helloooooo'.squeeze 'lo'


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[13:16:51] txdv: argghhhhH!!!!
[13:17:48] txdv: Ruby is the only true "OOP" language, where you "send messages" between objects, what are the design implifications of that when coding ruby?
[13:17:57] txdv: does it enable only dynamic functionality ala active record?
[13:21:16] txdv: please specify "some other languages"
[13:22:17] txdv: of all the languages, python?
[13:22:26] txdv: how scala?
[13:24:33] txdv: the benefits of passing messages between objects like ruby does
[13:28:16] txdv: you mean overhead of additional code in static languages?
[13:28:32] txdv: staticly typed languages
[13:38:23] txdv: looks like a nice lib
[13:38:30] txdv: looks like the maintainer also died 5 years ago
[13:39:15] txdv: ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Weirich yeap


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[11:15:06] txdv: hello younglings
[11:18:50] txdv: arne_: hey grandpa
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[10:07:31] txdv: why do you hate ruby
[10:08:25] txdv: what is this wulfcli?
[10:09:15] txdv: is the developer of it in da house?
[10:09:26] txdv: you are just defining a 'constant' called LIB_DIR again
[10:10:05] txdv: ruby --version
[10:11:06] txdv: where do you work?


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[19:48:29] txdv: o wise man i have come before you to ask for forgiveness
[19:48:42] txdv: i have insulted the intelligence of lord apeiros and ask for forgiveness
[19:49:09] txdv: for 10 months
[19:49:17] txdv: can you end the suffering?
[19:49:46] txdv: "I must have stepped on something"
[19:50:47] txdv: or "Whatever that was, twas scarcely worth my notice".
[19:53:31] txdv: not really
[19:53:36] txdv: well grep for my nickname?
[19:55:23] txdv: i was being a cunt?
[19:56:47] txdv: not arguing with people will be hard
[19:56:48] txdv: but i agree
[20:00:32] txdv: i thing i said something in german
[20:01:30] txdv: [15:58:19] shevy: poor txdv
[20:01:32] txdv: [15:58:27] shevy: he always gets the whip, from apeiros and jhass :D
[20:02:22] txdv: seine letzten worte!
[20:03:07] txdv: when did he say them?
[20:09:18] txdv: he is still posting on reddit
[20:09:21] txdv: so not dead
[20:09:40] txdv: ok, nice guys, thanks, see you tommorow
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[09:15:01] txdv: shevy: i do reside in germany
[09:15:23] txdv: im just running a server at my parents place cause the internet is cheap and good as fuck
[09:15:43] txdv: 100/100mbit for 15 euros a month
[09:27:09] txdv: iszak: terms of service?
[09:27:41] txdv: i can get 500/150 for 25 euros
[09:28:18] txdv: what country?
[09:28:32] txdv: or a google city?
[09:28:49] txdv: i live like 5 km away from the netherlands
[09:30:51] txdv: ddv: what provider?
[11:02:26] txdv: irc used to big in my country
[11:02:39] txdv: now everyone is using skype
[11:03:17] txdv: biggest irc channel had like 3k people joining it
[11:03:48] txdv: the amount of flood when we won in some international basket ball game was pushing the bandwith
[11:04:44] txdv: to the limit
[11:04:56] txdv: what is a ruby experience judofyr ?
[11:06:36] txdv: the moment someone mentions ruby it almost usually is web related
[11:19:51] txdv: shevy: i live in the most west possible spot in germany
[11:21:02] txdv: in germany
[11:21:15] txdv: well maybe second
[11:21:42] txdv: yeah, the sneaky nazis did it again adaedra
[11:22:46] txdv: poland still doesnt have a europ
[11:23:43] txdv: why is ruby more popular in ukraine than in poland?
[12:29:12] txdv: i want to see your .bash_aliases file
[12:30:01] txdv: shevy: you got 5k of them
[12:30:07] txdv: of course a single one is boring
[12:30:13] txdv: the accumultaion of so many is the interesting part
[12:31:40] txdv: lol bougyman
[12:31:54] txdv: so basically the russian letters which happen to be there
[12:32:07] txdv: "????????" is probably nonsense
[12:32:25] txdv: what does paste do
[15:38:26] txdv: why is fedora more cutting edge?
[15:39:32] txdv: As in? the most recent versions of software?
[15:39:44] txdv: i thought ubuntu was
[15:42:08] txdv: jhass: no, im not
[15:42:25] txdv: i use ubuntu because the ruby packages are newer than on debian!
[15:44:42] txdv: jhass: you are speaking false words and i can't even defend myself against that
[15:44:48] txdv: stop opressing me
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[15:38:39] txdv: shevy: http://rubyfiddle.com/riddles/6f25b


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[09:39:33] txdv: >> "Hello World"
[10:02:45] txdv: what the fuck is a cat hat
[10:03:20] txdv: why would you put hats on food


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[14:37:00] txdv: how do jo write them out
[14:38:55] txdv: apeiros: once you are not on an apple computer you will have trouble writing them


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[11:17:35] txdv: shevy: can you upload your alias file? :D
[11:39:27] txdv: shevy: how can you have so many aliases
[11:39:35] txdv: how do they look like?
[11:39:58] txdv: do you have aliases for "iwantapizzawithsalamiat5oclock"


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[13:58:57] txdv: o no, he is here, all hide
[14:01:30] txdv: >> "shevy " * 100
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[14:02:27] txdv: ok sorry
[14:02:40] txdv: its just a thing i do to shevy
[14:02:57] txdv: but then it wouldn't be our thing anymore
[14:03:38] txdv: This is actually a call for shevy to join the conversation
[14:03:49] txdv: Is inviting people to a conversation forbidden?
[14:04:19] txdv: How is the weather?
[14:05:29] txdv: jhass: why did you lift my ban?
[14:10:46] txdv: why is it higher?
[14:11:09] txdv: but you are spending your 'efficient time' on irc
[14:11:11] txdv: how can be that efficient
[14:26:47] txdv: yorickpeterse: that is something useful
[14:53:45] txdv: lisp is about lists
[14:53:48] txdv: how will you call that language?
[14:54:16] txdv: it probably describes the implementation as well?
[15:53:46] txdv: who is sonos
[15:59:26] txdv: official channel of what?
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[11:58:03] txdv: peter pan und die sieben schwuchteln
[12:00:06] txdv: is german not allowed?
[12:01:06] txdv: its just one fun sentence because they were talking about peter ban all the time
[12:01:46] txdv: no acceptance of german homosexuality


[09:58:04] txdv: Hans ist ein toller Typ
[09:58:38] txdv: Willst du meinen Hans sehen?


[11:30:32] txdv: i hate fridays
[11:31:04] txdv: all the week i create plans for the weekend
[11:31:14] txdv: and then i fail to pursue them
[11:31:24] txdv: because i wake up on sunday and do nothing
[11:32:29] txdv: im already taking like 12 days for december
[11:32:47] txdv: and i only have 1 vacation day
[11:33:02] txdv: the boss agreed to give me 3 days of working at home
[11:33:24] txdv: still a fucking deficit of 4 months of work
[11:33:38] txdv: school and university was so much better
[11:36:56] txdv: why neural network?
[11:37:01] txdv: Just create some AI which works for you
[11:38:13] txdv: by that logic i should have killed my boss already
[11:38:40] txdv: Too easy for my taste
[11:39:31] txdv: the haskell robots will kill us all
[11:40:45] txdv: hanmac1: that is not true, you can do overarchitecting with all languages
[11:42:15] txdv: java people get probably paid for factories per hour


[10:20:10] txdv: ````self.force_encoding("ISO-8859-1").encode("UTF-8")
[10:20:10] txdv: `def germanize
[10:20:36] txdv: hanmac1: you need to specify the encoding for yourself
[10:20:51] txdv: it is not possible to just magically know
[11:21:32] txdv: where do you see <C3> ?
[11:22:18] txdv: did osmeone just write that?
[11:22:55] txdv: encoding issue
[11:23:11] txdv: terminal not supporting utf, vim not picking up the right encoding
[11:23:34] txdv: I see them all day long when sites fail to to specify proper html encoding
[11:23:37] txdv: encodings*
[11:27:44] txdv: I suck at everything
[11:27:54] txdv: except maybe at procastrination
[11:46:30] txdv: jhass: it doesnt load anything
[11:46:36] txdv: i expected cats
[11:46:39] txdv: you dissapointed me
[11:47:01] txdv: you know what i do with people who dissapoint me constantly?
[11:48:11] txdv: define "here"
[11:48:16] txdv: firefox? chrome? safari?
[11:51:49] txdv: cat in a car
[11:51:52] txdv: with open mouth
[11:51:55] txdv: means scared shitless


[11:22:21] txdv: I'm already up
[11:22:25] txdv: coding on shit bro
[11:32:32] txdv: shevy: IO event loop with continuation for easier programming
[11:38:41] txdv: super cereal exciting
[11:38:55] txdv: i have found a way how to utilize all the code written with blocking code in mind
[11:39:04] txdv: and still have everything just in one thread/event loop


[16:08:01] txdv: i have nothing to do, please entertain me
[16:11:23] txdv: YOU ENTERTAIN ME
[16:11:27] txdv: i have to say lol not you
[16:15:46] txdv: i can't play simcity like games
[16:15:50] txdv: i get bored
[16:15:54] txdv: its the same over and over again
[16:17:17] txdv: maybe i should try out farcry
[16:17:22] txdv: I heared it is a good game
[16:23:08] txdv: >> ["hello", "hi", "dude"].select { |e| e =~ /^he/ }
[16:24:19] txdv: Interesting definition of 'working'
[16:24:25] txdv: I wish I could work like that all day long
[16:24:58] txdv: Hanmac: genious idea
[16:25:03] txdv: how didnt i come up with that
[16:54:44] txdv: I love that &:to_s syntax


[14:35:44] txdv: try wine
[15:04:18] txdv: jaja compadre, just sum the string lengths of all the left side of the tree
[15:04:27] txdv: is very easy