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[21:21:32] tylersmith: man I thought 20min tests were bad
[21:22:25] tylersmith: i hope it at least had decent coverage


[20:53:07] tylersmith: maybe this is a dumb question but why do somethings use the rails executable and others use rake? why not rake generate:model or rails db:migrate?


[03:59:11] tylersmith: use reject instead of select
[04:00:45] tylersmith: right, which is easier than finding their indexes and deleting them manually
[04:01:13] tylersmith: a.reject{|x| x.last == 1}
[04:01:15] tylersmith: agent_white: gotcha
[04:03:14] tylersmith: definitely use the lambda if the conditions will be reused
[04:03:50] tylersmith: owns_one_goat = -> {|x| x.first == 1}; a.reject(&has_one_goat)
[04:03:58] tylersmith: or w/e goes with the domain
[04:11:59] tylersmith: .first and .last are just sugar methods around my_array[0] and my_array[-1]
[04:12:04] tylersmith: but yeah, first works well
[04:43:56] tylersmith: Jason: take a look at map
[04:44:20] tylersmith: wait, nvm. i was still thinking arrays. is this unrelated?
[04:44:41] tylersmith: x = (arriving == true ?) 'hi' : 'bye
[04:44:53] tylersmith: x = (arriving == true )? 'hi' : 'bye'
[04:45:08] tylersmith: x = (arriving == true ) ? 'hi' : 'bye'
[04:45:12] tylersmith: omg, ignore those first 2


[00:46:38] tylersmith: upgrading from rails 2 to 3. if a block helper calls 'yield', it returns the entire template up to where i called the helper. capture(&block) works as expected
[00:46:50] tylersmith: any resources about this behavior? can't find anything on google


[22:47:53] tylersmith: I recall seeing a saas product on hacker news recently that watched your gem versions for vulnerabilities but can't seem to find it. anybody know what i'm talking about it?


[23:14:30] tylersmith: lassebunk: http://redis.io/commands/expire
[23:14:58] tylersmith: lassebunk: also: http://redis.io/commands/setex
[23:15:05] tylersmith: to set the key and TTL at the same time


[17:00:45] tylersmith: if you don't mind running a search server, I love ES and it's easy to use. Especially with Tire.


[23:44:39] tylersmith: ivanskie: it looks like you are passing in the CSV contents to CSV#foreach instead of a path to the file
[23:46:45] tylersmith: you probably want to do it in your models


[18:29:00] tylersmith: is there a way in AR2 to do a group and return a hash of {grouped_by_val => models_array} like in arel?
[18:29:21] tylersmith: using find(:group => :foo) seems to just select one record of each distinct value of foo.
[18:29:45] tylersmith: and i would ideally not use ruby's group_by
[18:31:04] tylersmith: i meant directly. i mean, i would imagine however arel does it is a better implementation than what I'd write myself.
[18:31:20] tylersmith: so i was wondering if there was a similar one for rails 2


[00:01:32] tylersmith: suicidel: if that code is in a controller action, you won't be able to access response from the view
[00:01:41] tylersmith: you'd need to put it in an instance var: @response


[23:59:43] tylersmith: that example doesn't have any JS


[21:57:51] tylersmith: sgharms: try "gem install rails --pre"
[21:59:10] tylersmith: sgharms: yeah, that should work


[23:12:23] tylersmith: what is a 'punch', and what makes an adjusted one 'adjusted'?
[23:13:51] tylersmith: Retistic: can you use created_at as the 'real' time? and have an 'effective_time'?
[23:14:08] tylersmith: that'd be ideal, if a punch is created in the db when a 'punch' occurs
[23:14:29] tylersmith: otherwise i'd probably do Punch.time and Punch.adjusted_time or Punch.effective_time
[23:15:01] tylersmith: no, definitely not
[23:17:51] tylersmith: that sounds best to me
[23:18:33] tylersmith: datetime / adjusted_datetime


[20:13:37] tylersmith: bricker: only if i have multiple monitors, which kinda defeats the purpose
[21:06:24] tylersmith: that's just how dumb you are obviously



[04:14:30] tylersmith: scott[8]: hash[:key].merge({c: 3}) ?
[04:14:41] tylersmith: feel like i'm not understanding what you mean
[04:16:48] tylersmith: np; good call on merge! bradleyprice


[18:34:54] tylersmith: you could catch the exception and drop it, but it's probably better to figure out/fix the root cause
[22:20:51] tylersmith: assuming you want an array of all ints 0-59 that won't work. it'll be a 1 element array containing a range. you'll need to use #to_a


[03:34:24] tylersmith: girmad: set the dataType option in your ajax request to json



[02:46:29] tylersmith: snorkdude: store the data required to perform a roll
[02:47:42] tylersmith: if you don't store state in some way then you're building a web page
[02:52:39] tylersmith: you'd need to use an xhr request to fake it.
[02:52:58] tylersmith: or I guess re-populate the form and submit it with js
[02:53:46] tylersmith: instead of a jquery plugin you can also just use plain old js http://diveintohtml5.info/storage.html
[02:55:24] tylersmith: localStorage['foo'] = {bar: 'bar'} would also work and is shorter
[02:55:41] tylersmith: that is pretty nice, I did not know that
[02:56:17] tylersmith: snorkdude: what are you doing?
[02:56:33] tylersmith: I've so far not heard a reason you need a server at all
[03:00:33] tylersmith: snorkdude: so you just need to send a POST with those params. if you go the local storage route, you'd want to save the params, and then use JS to listen for the form submit, get the params from local storage, set them in the form, then continue submitting
[03:01:08] tylersmith: a better way would probably be to use sessions and redis/another db to persist this data on the server
[03:02:49] tylersmith: StressedEddie: http://jqueryui.com/tooltip/
[04:39:25] tylersmith: stressededdie: that's a css question. not sure of a good css irc room, but you'd have better luck in one
[04:43:59] tylersmith: no they are not
[04:45:08] tylersmith: how would you do what?
[04:45:27] tylersmith: are you using ERB? if so, you can just use html
[04:45:34] tylersmith: but placement is still invalid
[04:45:38] tylersmith: you would use css
[04:45:53] tylersmith: css is what you use when you want to change the way stuff looks
[04:45:57] tylersmith: yeah, you use both
[04:46:11] tylersmith: they are different things
[04:47:25] tylersmith: mercwithamouth: nope sorry. you just get a link to the video/image? if you just want to control the display size (as opposed to file size), then yeah, min/max width/height is probably want you want
[04:48:27] tylersmith: stressededdie: that would set the margin. idk if that makes it go to the right like you want. depends on your markup and stuff


[03:26:05] tylersmith: you're probably trying to call #body=, but instead are creating a local var


[22:42:46] tylersmith: ner0x: you want #includes
[22:42:58] tylersmith: jeez wmoxam has you taken care of


[21:37:27] tylersmith: yeah, I find it much easier to reason with a working prototype than to do planning on paper
[21:37:42] tylersmith: that said, I still try to do as much on paper as possible after getting a working mockup together


[02:17:38] tylersmith: erisco: I'm a big fan of mutations (https://developer.uservoice.com/blog/2013/02/27/introducing-mutations-putting-soa-on-rails-for-security-and-maintainability/) but i'm a bit biased, may be overkill
[02:28:56] tylersmith: turbo links could be super cool in a very small (but growing) subset of applications


[03:30:56] tylersmith: that would pretty much be the antithesis of transactional behavior
[03:31:05] tylersmith: shit, wrong chat, sorry


[00:16:34] tylersmith: bricker: http://david.heinemeierhansson.com/2012/dependency-injection-is-not-a-virtue.html ?
[00:16:46] tylersmith: via parndt's crazy method ;)
[00:18:21] tylersmith: that essay actually says "the simplest thing that could possibly work is no longer not just good enough, it's disgusting"


[22:42:38] tylersmith: maletor: I find the line between "it should go in /lib" and "it should be a gem" is often very small


[00:00:33] tylersmith: i wish there were more devs working QA
[01:27:35] tylersmith: classic chord
[01:29:45] tylersmith: chord: probably true. what do you use when you need to write scalable web apps?
[01:30:30] tylersmith: the good thing about php is you don't get held back by needing to find programmers
[01:31:38] tylersmith: charliesome: lol, yeah it was a shot at their 'mediocre' level


[17:33:30] tylersmith: not since '05; you're looking for #node.js


[03:58:17] tylersmith: don't use floating point for monies
[03:58:35] tylersmith: hadifarnoud: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3730019/why-not-use-double-or-float-to-represent-currency


[21:48:40] tylersmith: `jonet: there's a route like /issues/:issue_id/time_entires/:time_entry_id before your new route. probably made implicitly by a resources call in your routes.rb
[21:51:03] tylersmith: `jonet: just move your up would probably be a better idea
[21:51:09] tylersmith: move your route up*
[21:52:11] tylersmith: ah, that sucks
[22:16:00] tylersmith: mehwork: depends on the gem. you should be fine to get rid of those 2


[00:50:54] tylersmith: damn I miss that show


[00:26:27] tylersmith: it's just you
[00:26:35] tylersmith: or rather, not for everybody
[00:27:04] tylersmith: bricker: try asking in #pry. probably some issue with readline


[21:39:20] tylersmith: also "public class"
[21:39:28] tylersmith: for starters
[22:54:52] tylersmith: do you have a password getter getting in your way?
[22:58:38] tylersmith: that'll solve it