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[16:08:56] up|ime: it's not an ide, it's a text editor
[16:09:00] up|ime: but sure, it'll work
[16:09:22] up|ime: Last time I tried RubyMine (the Jetbrains IDE) it sucked badly, 2 or so years ago


[18:05:05] up|ime: half a month ain't too bad, especially during vacaiton time :P


[12:29:15] up|ime: adac : and the string you're matching?
[12:43:44] up|ime: if you're dealing with forms they can send arrays of data and/or json post bodies


[22:00:27] up|ime: 15 times? that's a big pizza.
[22:00:31] up|ime: most of my pizzas are 8 slices
[22:04:01] up|ime: if only enumerating a large pizza was one of the problems i had


[11:34:36] up|ime: not everyone! there's still one timezone left in 30 minutes.
[11:34:59] up|ime: but besides those guys, aye.
[11:43:18] up|ime: has it ever been? :P|
[20:49:25] up|ime: this name makes me think everything is addressed to me. :(
[20:51:36] up|ime: it's interesting you write it as a keyword rather than the python-choose-arg
[20:51:57] up|ime: i get why they would make it a keyword if the other doesn't exist in ruby, but it'll still feel weird to write to me