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[18:14:38] up|ime: i don't think google+ is their auth component?


[09:44:51] up|ime: mcspud: sounds like floating point maths to me
[09:45:14] up|ime: without linking code, our best guess is exactly that ^
[09:45:45] up|ime: [zarthus@nomenclature ~] $ irb
[09:45:46] up|ime: => 6.529999999999999
[09:45:46] up|ime: irb(main):001:0> 3.50 + 3.03
[09:46:35] up|ime: if you're dealing with money, use a money lib
[09:48:07] up|ime: a money lib for monetary operations might still be preferred
[10:56:27] up|ime: the bot was having problems and I couldn't bother finding out what the syntax would be :P
[10:56:31] up|ime: so I just booted up ssh+irb


[19:25:44] up|ime: LearnRuby: L25 has two spaces between 'unless' and 'openbsd?'
[19:26:42] up|ime: your tests seem weird
[19:27:53] up|ime: other than that, i'm not really sue why any of those things need a helper
[19:28:04] up|ime: i'm a bit scared of create_dir running mkdir_p undocumented
[19:28:29] up|ime: and I really don't like how you raise the default exception either
[19:28:42] up|ime: i would create a specific exception so you don't end up try-catching all exceptions
[19:29:08] up|ime: LearnRuby: i would not put them in the same file
[19:29:34] up|ime: no, i mean raise a specific erorr
[19:29:43] up|ime: OpenBsdHelperException or something
[19:29:58] up|ime: and your test is closer to an integration test, but the first thing your test is that you need root
[19:29:59] up|ime: nobody is going to run a testsuite using root
[19:30:32] up|ime: especially if your "delete_dir" fails the test your entire fs might well be gone
[19:30:50] up|ime: beyond that, your tests dont really assert anything is happening either
[19:31:34] up|ime: path_exists? is also just an extension to file.exists but instead of returning a boolean you throw if false
[19:31:59] up|ime: it may be harsh, but I don't think your helper is helping anyone in its current state
[19:32:08] up|ime: they just invent a new "stdlib" for ruby
[19:33:12] up|ime: well my point is more that for instance def need_root raise('need root privileges') unless Process.uid.zero? end is very basic programming
[19:33:36] up|ime: it'd be more work to read your documentation, instantiate the class, and then run the method
[19:34:16] up|ime: if your goal is to help yourself: great, but consider that if a stranger looks at it they will wonder why you are reinventing the wheel
[19:34:47] up|ime: I would write a OpenBsdHelper to get around quirks of openbsd, rather than to alias "file.create" to "OpenBsdHelper.create_file"
[19:35:22] up|ime: if this is a learning excerise: Fantastic, but I question its use in the real world


[15:58:03] up|ime: how does that (not) work


[10:13:31] up|ime: it'll give a NameError :P
[10:14:32] up|ime: more like phail
[10:20:22] up|ime: i did the same, but in a more "i take this literal knowing it's not your problem"
[10:20:46] up|ime: easiest way to get a (11:13:48) <xco> no <xco> [1, 2, 3][0, 1]
[10:29:29] up|ime: personally i would just do [1]


[15:29:59] up|ime: sometimes not knowing things about openssl is a blessing ;)
[18:25:50] up|ime: i would certainly date ruby[bot] over most women on tinder
[18:26:04] up|ime: they can't evaluate ruby code, for one


[14:55:58] up|ime: i think rubygems has reverse dependency trees?
[14:56:12] up|ime: yeah, https://rubygems.org/gems/libusb/reverse_dependencies


[16:08:56] up|ime: it's not an ide, it's a text editor
[16:09:00] up|ime: but sure, it'll work
[16:09:22] up|ime: Last time I tried RubyMine (the Jetbrains IDE) it sucked badly, 2 or so years ago


[18:05:05] up|ime: half a month ain't too bad, especially during vacaiton time :P


[12:29:15] up|ime: adac : and the string you're matching?
[12:43:44] up|ime: if you're dealing with forms they can send arrays of data and/or json post bodies


[22:00:27] up|ime: 15 times? that's a big pizza.
[22:00:31] up|ime: most of my pizzas are 8 slices
[22:04:01] up|ime: if only enumerating a large pizza was one of the problems i had


[11:34:36] up|ime: not everyone! there's still one timezone left in 30 minutes.
[11:34:59] up|ime: but besides those guys, aye.
[11:43:18] up|ime: has it ever been? :P|
[20:49:25] up|ime: this name makes me think everything is addressed to me. :(
[20:51:36] up|ime: it's interesting you write it as a keyword rather than the python-choose-arg
[20:51:57] up|ime: i get why they would make it a keyword if the other doesn't exist in ruby, but it'll still feel weird to write to me