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[08:28:09] wasamasa: https://gist.github.com/wasamasa/3962b3ab98e80d760545e247b1c29388
[08:28:26] wasamasa: how do I get from the nested loop to an enumerator taking a target sum and depth?
[08:29:38] wasamasa: I don't really mind hand-coding this, but I'm sure there must be a good solution
[08:29:54] wasamasa: kind of like you could write a password cracker by using String#next!
[08:33:10] wasamasa: just another coding exercise
[08:33:39] wasamasa: the goal is to do optimization with constraints, the constraint being that the individual terms have a target sum
[08:34:09] wasamasa: I'd really like to create as many nested loops as needed
[08:34:20] wasamasa: if I had macros, I could actually do codegen, but I don't
[08:34:30] wasamasa: so I'd hope clever use of enumerators could work
[08:34:51] wasamasa: like, by writing an enumerator calling another enumerator with a helper argument
[08:39:56] wasamasa: all possible ones with exactly that sum
[08:46:29] wasamasa: but what I'm really looking for is generic code to create such sequences for any parameters
[08:47:58] wasamasa: 4 and 5 are just convenient ones for a hand-coded solution, anything larger than that becomes hard to test
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[19:01:16] wasamasa: I wonder what the success rate is
[19:01:23] wasamasa: or at the very least, the response rate
[19:06:29] wasamasa: and now it's sunk to 0%
[19:09:58] wasamasa: because he had a ping timeout


[08:06:26] wasamasa: Excess Flood
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[08:06:33] wasamasa: Excess Flood
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[22:11:28] wasamasa: ACTION lets diegoviola run into a segfault


[06:39:14] wasamasa: nietzschette: this is known as "highlight", just put their nick on the beginning of the message and their client highlights it


[18:51:12] wasamasa: we're all waiting for the actual question
[18:54:47] wasamasa: err, jahpereira
[18:54:54] wasamasa: jahpereira: you can buy bootstrap templates?
[18:55:49] wasamasa: jahpereira: no, I did assume so far that you download bootstrap to not have to pay for pretty decent base styling
[18:55:57] wasamasa: jahpereira: so this sounds very foreign to me
[18:57:25] wasamasa: jahpereira: I did never use anything else than their stock templates
[18:58:53] wasamasa: no, these: http://themes.getbootstrap.com/
[18:59:12] wasamasa: or rather, just the default one
[18:59:31] wasamasa: you know, the one you get when hitting the download button on http://getbootstrap.com/
[19:00:05] wasamasa: I did just notice their other themes aren't free either
[19:00:32] wasamasa: so, if you don't want to design yourself or shell out some money, the default theme is pretty fine to get something basic going
[19:00:47] wasamasa: heck, it shouldn't matter at all if you're learning
[19:01:13] wasamasa: so, your question was about where to start?
[19:02:59] wasamasa: well, set up your application, add the css and js to wherever it belongs, tweak the views to make use of the css classes and js blingbling
[19:03:11] wasamasa: you shouldn't spend most of your time with this
[19:09:58] wasamasa: I'd be concerned if it couldn't
[19:10:23] wasamasa: apparently you're pretty new to this
[19:10:43] wasamasa: web development covers quite a lot of bases, so please don't forget practicing the basics of everything
[19:17:09] wasamasa: I've met quite a few PHP folks who had to relearn everything they thought they knew about web development
[19:17:13] wasamasa: always funny
[19:17:29] wasamasa: "What do you mean, you can write code that doesn't make your eyes bleed?"
[19:18:46] wasamasa: well, it's less intuitive and more that you actually have a chance of just taking any rails project and customizing it to fulfil that pet peeve you've got
[19:18:50] wasamasa: it's an amazing feeling
[19:19:26] wasamasa: if I tried doing that with wordpress, oh well, better not
[19:20:13] wasamasa: jahpereira: try the rails channel, too
[19:20:36] wasamasa: Ox0dea: design of cutting edge compilers/interpreters
[19:20:46] wasamasa: Ox0dea: I wish I was kidding
[19:21:13] wasamasa: Ox0dea: I've seen two blog posts on the topic and it was nice that you could comprehend them for a change
[19:22:30] wasamasa: Ox0dea: no, that's the third one
[19:22:44] wasamasa: Ox0dea: http://www.wilfred.me.uk/blog/2015/08/29/an-optimising-bf-compiler/
[19:23:13] wasamasa: and http://nickdesaulniers.github.io/blog/2015/05/25/interpreter-compiler-jit/
[19:25:19] wasamasa: ACTION gasps
[19:37:44] wasamasa: Ox0dea: wat
[19:39:56] wasamasa: Ox0dea: you didn't, like, uh
[19:40:06] wasamasa: >> x = 0.5; [1, [0, x].max].min
[19:43:49] wasamasa: Ox0dea: you CPU cycles waster!
[19:45:01] wasamasa: I doubt you can beat two comparisons with it
[19:45:17] wasamasa: anyways, I didn't think of that way of solving it
[19:56:30] wasamasa: anyone working at facebook would be too busy to answer
[19:56:49] wasamasa: if anything, you'll get recruited if you don't go at them yourself
[19:57:15] wasamasa: ACTION almost got recruited for an internship in hamburg
[20:03:37] wasamasa: ACTION yawns


[15:17:17] wasamasa: you can catch an exception and handle it
[15:18:50] wasamasa: somewhere on the top level ideally
[15:19:35] wasamasa: hm, maybe I was thinking of python then
[15:19:45] wasamasa: where I did indeed wrap the main function in a try-catch
[15:21:27] wasamasa: key_: well, you don't need to for C-d and C-c...




[21:37:49] wasamasa: y'all should upgrade to evil
[21:40:18] wasamasa: 100mb per emacs instance here
[21:40:51] wasamasa: nofxx: I use two usually and sometimes spawn extra ones for testing with a clean slate
[21:41:36] wasamasa: htop tells me it's 144M RES
[21:41:54] wasamasa: and 133M RES for the other one
[21:42:12] wasamasa: as long as I don't use it to run a webserver, I don't really care about the memory usage
[21:43:08] wasamasa: ACTION goes to bed


[08:48:22] wasamasa: cannedbeef: all ebook trackers suck btw
[08:48:42] wasamasa: Ox0dea: which is not a tracker
[08:49:10] wasamasa: and yeah, I got more out of it than the trackers combined I've got into
[08:49:14] wasamasa: which is saddening, but eh
[08:49:30] wasamasa: not like downloading gigabytes of books is going to turn you into a rockstar programmer :D
[08:50:59] wasamasa: ACTION dies
[08:51:55] wasamasa: I love it when people call others they disagree with "trolls"
[08:52:21] wasamasa: saves you a few precious brain cycles
[08:53:00] wasamasa: cannedbeef: read stuff, then come up with a real question
[08:55:08] wasamasa: apeiros: no, they're trolling you with your explanations
[08:58:56] wasamasa: cannedbeef: TIAS is a common way of finding that out
[09:00:37] wasamasa: "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es heraus."
[09:03:06] wasamasa: cannedbeef: you could at least be a more interesting troll, but eh
[09:08:40] wasamasa: apparently the english version of this proverb is "What goes around, comes around."
[09:09:04] wasamasa: but that isn't as poetic as this image of someone yelling into a forest
[09:09:32] wasamasa: just to hear their own voice echoing
[09:11:59] wasamasa: jhass: hmm, perhaps some advanced books could be put on that list
[09:12:14] wasamasa: jhass: like, Ruby Under A Microscope
[09:17:16] wasamasa: jhass: I'm not sure whether I'd just mix them in or add a separate section
[19:07:15] wasamasa: ACTION rolls eyes
[19:18:03] wasamasa: ACTION wonders when that person will invade #ruby-offtopic


[22:37:32] wasamasa: ruby-lang582: then don't use it for games, duh
[22:37:55] wasamasa: ruby-lang582: it's a fine language for less performance-critical things
[22:38:43] wasamasa: ruby-lang582: then, nearly everything will fall back to C for these situations


[21:33:44] wasamasa: I just omit that part of the sentence


[10:39:42] wasamasa: apeiros: what's up with that video
[10:39:47] wasamasa: apeiros: I don't get it at all
[10:39:55] wasamasa: apeiros: why is it even that specific actor


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[07:07:43] wasamasa: I wish you tons of fun emulating that with net/http :P
[07:54:13] wasamasa: ruby.net is blank for me
[07:54:23] wasamasa: inb4 it's all ads
[07:54:36] wasamasa: yay for domain parking
[07:55:44] wasamasa: this thing is riddled with typos
[07:56:59] wasamasa: KINGSABRI: if ESR is to be trusted, Real Hackers??? will find that impolite
[07:59:15] wasamasa: the reasoning being that if you cannot even get your orthography right, you aren't worth bothering their time with
[07:59:46] wasamasa: I'm being ironic of course as it's clear that what ESR holds in high regard is a rosy depiction of himself
[08:01:22] wasamasa: KINGSABRI: in case you don't have any clue what I'm talking about, http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html
[08:02:59] wasamasa: KINGSABRI: this is not about people themselves, this is about communication with whatever you call "hackers"
[08:04:08] wasamasa: good luck with that if you can't even get english right :P
[08:05:32] wasamasa: KINGSABRI: I am from the ukraine, thank you
[11:19:09] wasamasa: I dunno, but hashbang made more sense to me
[11:20:12] wasamasa: it's an abbreviation for shell?
[11:20:59] wasamasa: is pound-bang even more offensive?
[11:23:59] wasamasa: so, SJW means "person I'm not agreeing with"?
[11:26:03] wasamasa: http://www.catb.org/jargon/html/S/shebang.html
[12:00:20] wasamasa: ternary operator?
[12:30:25] wasamasa: I thought REST was for resources, not data
[12:30:51] wasamasa: which would inevitably lead to impedance mismatches once you go beyond basic CRUD
[12:31:32] wasamasa: but if you're using your database just for CRUD instead of making the most of relations...
[12:31:38] wasamasa: I could see this work out
[12:35:10] wasamasa: I begin to see a pattern
[12:36:40] wasamasa: so, postgrest does actually reuse as much as possible from postgres by going for views and transforming these from and to json
[12:36:41] wasamasa: interesting
[12:37:01] wasamasa: probably the only way of not mutilating the capabilities of the API :P
[13:56:39] wasamasa: don't worry, nobody ever cares about the developer
[13:57:01] wasamasa: if you want to be a rockstar, better learn to play the guitar
[14:37:11] wasamasa: a programmer figures out such things on their own
[14:38:17] wasamasa: be it using git, actually understanding code to write documentation for it, finding out what parts are yet undocumented, etc.
[14:38:48] wasamasa: it's why they're programmers, because they have more to show than just a vague desire to improve things
[14:50:27] wasamasa: sever2client: in case you actually figure out how to do all of that, please learn english first
[14:50:38] wasamasa: sever2client: documentation in engrish won't help any of us


[15:13:34] wasamasa: javascriptstuden: you've really got nothing else to do, huh
[15:13:38] wasamasa: ?ops javascriptstuden
[15:15:03] wasamasa: ACTION purrs
[15:17:58] wasamasa: I thought webchat people were banned?
[15:20:57] wasamasa: /mode +b $stupid-people
[15:26:03] wasamasa: sevenseacat: oh well
[15:26:27] wasamasa: lagweezle: I'd say that pretty much everyone is temporarily stupid
[15:26:47] wasamasa: lagweezle: which is different from being stupid on purpose and pestering this channel for weeks with the worst trolling ever
[15:41:34] wasamasa: lagweezle: see the freenode rules
[15:41:49] wasamasa: lagweezle: they clearly mention that ban evasion is a reason for a permaban
[15:41:58] wasamasa: lagweezle: and that you better discuss things on #freenode
[15:42:33] wasamasa: what this person does is facetious
[15:43:37] wasamasa: freenode rules
[15:44:07] wasamasa: you're on this network, you play by its rules
[19:11:21] wasamasa: ActionAction
[19:18:10] wasamasa: don't kill it
[19:18:19] wasamasa: or ruby is doomed
[19:18:42] wasamasa: lagweezle: you called it a CORE library
[19:19:34] wasamasa: ACTION stabs lagweezle into the core


[13:48:47] wasamasa: we're on 2.2.3 now
[13:48:58] wasamasa: depends how you've installed it :P
[13:50:25] wasamasa: lol: https://github.com/brauliobo/less2sass/blob/master/lib/less2sass.rb#L5-L18
[13:50:34] wasamasa: excellent quality there
[13:51:24] wasamasa: adaedra: just look at that code
[13:51:54] wasamasa: this is gold
[13:52:35] wasamasa: or just turn it into a ruby script


[17:55:32] wasamasa: don't go for cray
[18:30:31] wasamasa: ACTION sighs
[18:56:56] wasamasa: so, do we ban freenode webchat next?
[18:57:52] wasamasa: ght: I'm fairly sure python users wouldn't go as far as bothering this channel for weeks with fairly bad, I dunno what I'd call it
[18:58:00] wasamasa: ght: juvenile trolling?



[15:44:43] wasamasa: if only people could take a hint...
[19:02:04] wasamasa: https://2ton.com.au/rwasa/
[19:02:24] wasamasa: I blame this thing


[10:36:51] wasamasa: some day I'll quit IRC and leave these nicks for someone else to wield
[10:37:07] wasamasa: even if it's just to annoy an admin using vim to view irc logs
[19:50:03] wasamasa: slop is another fine option
[19:50:16] wasamasa: ACTION wonders what this script is for
[19:50:52] wasamasa: <codecodecode123> it saves or loads ips by label
[19:50:57] wasamasa: that's not the real purpose, is it
[19:51:07] wasamasa: for that you could just use the shell
[19:52:01] wasamasa: hence my question what the real purpose is :>
[19:52:10] wasamasa: what do you intend to turn it into?
[19:53:26] wasamasa: what would an eleven-year old do with ip addresses?
[19:55:00] wasamasa: why the heck would anyone pay for editing and saving a file
[19:55:58] wasamasa: looks like doing physical work has become uncool
[19:56:55] wasamasa: atmosx: yes, exactly
[19:57:08] wasamasa: atmosx: I did even go as far as working for three months at the fast food chain with the big m
[19:57:22] wasamasa: atmosx: and was shocked it paid better than my previous internships
[19:59:25] wasamasa: they did pay, just ridiculously little
[20:00:01] wasamasa: certainty: hi
[20:00:12] wasamasa: codecodecode123: make it to hackernews
[20:01:37] wasamasa: *serialization
[20:03:08] wasamasa: you'll be delighted to know then that xml and json databases have been failures in many aspects
[20:03:15] wasamasa: object databases, too
[20:03:24] wasamasa: relations are where it's at
[20:04:45] wasamasa: codecodecode123: real databases are magic
[20:06:09] wasamasa: codecodecode123: http://coding-geek.com/how-databases-work/
[20:06:39] wasamasa: codecodecode123: please don't invent yet another crappy database, use something existing
[20:07:07] wasamasa: simple, it's magic


[07:53:05] wasamasa: ACTION grabs popcorn
[07:55:29] wasamasa: this did almost look like an episode of nerd dating
[07:55:50] wasamasa: "You know the rules and so do I!"
[07:56:19] wasamasa: except when it took a turn into the stalking direction


[08:30:58] wasamasa: Neon: I've heard a similiar argument against FFI, citing that most don't support structs or pointers to them, rendering a good amount of libraries useless
[08:31:14] wasamasa: Neon: that person then argued for the module approach
[08:36:31] wasamasa: Neon: haha, no
[08:36:49] wasamasa: Neon: this isn't for any serious programming, just to fill up 45 minutes of standing in front of my bored classmates
[08:48:42] wasamasa: TLPI is a good resource for these kinds of things
[08:51:56] wasamasa: c0m0: http://www.man7.org/tlpi/