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[14:35:18] xapak: Do you know what this means in Ruby (between quotes)? "$!"
[14:35:23] xapak: Cannot find definition.
[14:35:41] xapak: Saw a "raise $!" in a code
[14:38:08] xapak: shevy, Bish, apeiros, thank you very much. :)
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[19:26:53] xapak: Hey, I’ve got a general Linux inquiry. It’s about the TERM environment variable (if you have resources to better understand it, the better)
[19:27:07] xapak: I have it right now as TERM=rxvt-unicode-256color. I have this Ruby code that runs system("#{ENV['EDITOR']} file"), which should pick up vim, which is the value of my EDITOR variable. Problem is, if I leave my TERM as is, it ends up loading vi instead of vim. If I do export TERM to something like xterm-color, then it loads vim correctly. Would you happen to know why?
[19:32:44] xapak: Hmm, it might be vim, but not just without colors, it’s like it’s vi-compatible all the way. Let me see how can I check which one is it.
[19:36:24] xapak: Now it’s working even when switching back the TERM... :tableflip:
[19:36:42] xapak: Let me reboot. I refuse to believe this to be luck.
[19:44:27] xapak: Anyways, thanks. :P
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[19:22:01] xapak: Anybody ever worked with Bundler classes instead of the CLI app? I’m trying to get some gems installed to a specific directory and on my wrapper I load them later, but I’m having an issue where it seems, unless Bundler objects are destroyed, I cannot rerun the same installation method:
[19:22:02] xapak: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/35588540/how-to-install-ruby-gems-to-a-specific-folder-without-gem-or-bundle-command-line
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[17:38:45] xapak: Do you know what does $LOAD_PATH read in the the paths? All .rb files or what?
[17:38:58] xapak: Is it recursive with children paths?
[17:42:11] xapak: Hmm, got it. That’s why it’s not working for my use case. :p
[17:42:37] xapak: eam, thamks.
[17:42:41] xapak: thanks, rather
[18:41:56] xapak: conrfrmn, you sure rbenv is loaded to the PATH? Do: echo $PATH
[18:42:14] xapak: ~HOME/.rbenv/shims should be one of the most to the left.
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[16:12:38] xapak: Can someone help me figure out where should I look for the methods mentioned here? https://github.com/cheezy/page-object/blob/master/lib/page-object.rb#L63-L65
[16:13:02] xapak: I did a grep of the whole project looking for example for 'initialize_page', and I don???t see it defined anywhere.
[16:13:10] xapak: So I???m curious if it???s a Ruby something.
[16:20:18] xapak: lucasb, I see, but where should they exist or in what context? Looks weird to me. :p
[16:33:44] xapak: lucasb, got it. Thanks for the explanations!
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[11:29:14] xapak: Could someone please help me find out why this thing is not ???returning??? values properly? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/261099ebc81b23da937a
[11:29:45] xapak: If I use puts it will print the results, but duplicated. If I don???t use it, it won???t print proper results. :'(
[11:31:24] xapak: apeiros, what do you suggest? A variable, add results there, and simply set the variable to the end?
[11:31:31] xapak: Hmm... let me check that.
[11:34:23] xapak: In my own gist, if I change it to maps, I get the ???puts??? behaviour of duplicated results. If I run the Dir.glob outside, it works as intended.
[11:34:32] xapak: apeiros, do you see perhaps why?
[11:38:22] xapak: apeiros, https://gist.github.com/anonymous/37638fee29789d0d40ac
[11:38:48] xapak: Where Gems are read from is GEM_PATH.
[11:38:54] xapak: ENV["GEM_PATH"]
[11:39:04] xapak: Where they are installed is ENV["GEM_HOME"]
[11:40:13] xapak: apeiros, arrgh, my bad. Used @project_directory again instead of just ???project???
[11:41:28] xapak: apeiros, you helped me picture my problems. Thanks! :)
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[22:13:02] xapak: Is there any relatively reliable implementation of a pragmatic ???Dir[path].empty????? So far I???m simply listing entries and not counting the ???.??? and ???..???, but I???m not sure if that???s the proper way. :(
[22:18:49] xapak: Ox0dea, :iseewhatyoudidthere:
[22:19:27] xapak: shevy, yeah, there should be a pragmatic approach, or another method: real_empty?, so purists don???t start hating change on entries?
[22:20:20] xapak: Much, much better. :D
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[16:44:06] xapak: Probably silly question, but do you know why `value` is taking the empty array instead of `projects`? https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bbe498583eadb98882a2
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[17:20:45] xapak: I???m starting to work on a script, I???m kind a new to Ruby, so I???m curious if this approach looks good for creating a command line tool with subcommands: http://pastebin.com/uguxjSrT
[17:21:42] xapak: Sorry, didn???t read topic. :(
[17:22:18] xapak: I was going to use pastie.org, but it was down, and also I didn???t know I could have anonymous gists...
[17:24:48] xapak: centrx, but in general, does mine look good enough? I think I???ll be limited to Ruby libraries only (policies), so I???m kinda restrictred to using Ruby-provided only. In any case, this is more of a helper than anything else, so I don???t want to get complicated with frameworks or anything either.
[17:26:22] xapak: Yes. That way I could have multiple subcommands. Let me update it.
[17:31:40] xapak: centrx, how do you mean a class?
[17:32:23] xapak: centrx, if you know of a project which has a good command line interface, let me know.
[17:33:39] xapak: ljarvis, I have limited availability of anything outside Ruby-default libraries.
[17:33:56] xapak: centrx, I still don???t see the picture of what you mean. Let me reread your previous comment.
[17:37:49] xapak: centrx, oh, I see what you mean.
[17:37:52] xapak: Thank you all!
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[06:49:13] xapak: Real quick question: in an ERB view, do you know why this is not showing the element count? <p><% @endpoints.length.to_s %></p>
[06:50:01] xapak: Oh, darn it.
[06:50:22] xapak: Come on! :(
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[21:23:23] xapak: I compile Ruby through rbenv (ruby-build), but for some reason, for 2.2.4 (2.2.0 installs just fine) last message is this (and the process looks as if it is stuck), do you think it???s actually doing something and I should wait, or it???s really stuck?
[21:23:26] xapak: make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/ruby-build.20151223154345.20727/ruby-2.2.4/ext/openssl'
[21:24:14] xapak: CPU usage is definitely not high during that part, which makes me think it stalled.
[21:31:54] xapak: shevy, but do you know of a way to truly know if it???s stuck? That???s the thing, make CPU consumption is so low, that I still don???t know what???s really going on.
[21:36:24] xapak: havenwood, oh, nice, I???ll definitely try that out. Thanks! :)
[21:39:35] xapak: havenwood, the line I posted is the last thing I get with --verbose:
[21:39:41] xapak: make[2]: Leaving directory '/tmp/ruby-build.20151223161758.13467/ruby-2.2.4/ext/openssl'
[21:40:55] xapak: Coolio. Thank you all for the comments.
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[17:14:48] xapak: Just out of curiousity, has anybody had segmentation faults coming from ffi-yajl?


[01:14:51] xapak: In Ruby 2.1.1 is ???require 'rubygems'??? required?
[01:22:50] xapak: apeiros, thanks.