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[23:31:41] xcyclist: I am trying http://sciruby.com/blog/2014/08/23/nyaplot-interactive-plots-generateor-with-ruby/, and I wonder if there is any reasonably simple way to have the output go to a separate window while running this from a terminal, as I am a vi guy.
[23:39:34] xcyclist: I would really like a general purpose plotter that I can get jpg, png, pdf and ps files out of, if not others.
[23:43:32] xcyclist: Looks like gruff does it. That and gnuplot will probably keep me satisfied. However, as nyaplot is part of sciruby, and sciruby is presumably trying to be like the science stuff in python, it would be nice to be able to do that from a terminal.


[00:26:28] xcyclist: thank you meesles
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[00:34:58] xcyclist: http://pastie.org/10315479
[00:35:04] xcyclist: Sorry it took so long.
[00:37:08] xcyclist: irb is not available.
[00:37:25] xcyclist: I just made http://pastie.org/10315483
[00:37:49] xcyclist: This is in cygwin on windows 10.
[00:39:19] xcyclist: No. I just install cygwin.
[00:39:54] xcyclist: Python works fine.
[00:42:17] xcyclist: Ok. I'll just not use Ruby then.
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[23:47:27] xcyclist: I am trying to do a simple hello world on cygwin, and it's yelling at me about rubygems and require, of all things. What's with that? It's just a two line hello.rb?
[23:48:09] xcyclist: All I have is #/usr/bin/ruby<LF>puts "Hello, world."<lf>


[17:55:33] xcyclist: My gemfile update seems to be not doing anything. How can I make sure the gems get updated completely from the gem file, or that my Gemfile.lock is properly updated?
[18:09:42] xcyclist: Does the bundle run also compile my coffeescript and scss files?
[18:12:18] xcyclist: Thank you havenwood.
[18:12:40] xcyclist: It is something supporting a company specific gitlab installation / site.
[18:14:58] xcyclist: Ok. I didn't go there today because nobody ever responded yesterday when I was there.
[18:15:02] xcyclist: I'll try again.
[18:15:39] xcyclist: Sorry. Looks like people are there today. Perhaps it was my problem anyway.
[18:16:10] xcyclist: I bet I just got disconnected and didn't realize it.
[18:16:55] xcyclist: I have never heard of that.
[18:20:16] xcyclist: I am registered as xcyclist. I am logged in as nickserv user.


[00:11:13] xcyclist: I find myself in a limiting situation where I upgraded ubuntu, and now I need to upgrade a rails system on production. How do I upgrade Gemfile.lock in place on production?
[00:12:48] xcyclist: Ok. That's what I got. I just didn't want to deadend on doing it because of some gotcha. Thanks.
[00:26:06] xcyclist: I just got this message: Don't run Bundler as root. Bundler can ask for sudo if it is needed, and installing your bundle as root will break this application for all non-root users on this machine.
[00:26:29] xcyclist: If I have a broken system because bundle has been run as root, how do I fix it?
[00:26:33] xcyclist: I am on Ubuntu.


[23:02:02] xcyclist: Unicorn is not coming up for my gitlab service after an Ubuntu upgrade. Any good places to look for such a problem? I'm a bit bewildered.
[23:24:44] xcyclist: my bundle install seems to succeed, but the unicorn log has this error for `require': libicui18n.so.48: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[23:27:08] xcyclist: Thank you helpa/Radar.
[23:28:15] xcyclist: Looks like my upgrade gives me: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libicui18n.so.52.1, so I just need to find out where it's referenced. If it's in a C extension, I can figure that out.
[23:29:43] xcyclist: How do I look up which gem is dependent on such a shared library?
[23:33:00] xcyclist: Ok. Just means I need to read more. Any starting suggestions on gem creation and maintenance are welcome.
[23:34:08] xcyclist: Well, I've written 100,000 lines of C in my life. I've written 60,000 lines of ruby in my life. I've done six or so small rails sites. I think I don't have far to go to figure the rest out.
[23:34:46] xcyclist: Google, I must admit, I am notoriously stupid at. Thank you.


[02:50:07] xcyclist: I must be doing something obviously wrong. I am rbenv local to 2.0.0-dev, but my gem install of bundler fails.
[02:50:37] xcyclist: ERROR: While executing gem ... (Gem::FilePermissionError) You don't have write permissions into the /var/lib/gems/1.9.1 directory.
[02:51:44] xcyclist: I thought rbenv fixed that for me.


[20:14:34] xcyclist: I'm seeing api.rubyonrails.org is much different than in this demonstration by Wolfram Arnold 4 years ago. I also don't see the verify stipulation he is showing in the video.
[20:18:26] xcyclist: verify (ActionController::Ver...
[20:18:46] xcyclist: I don't find one exactly like that...
[20:19:40] xcyclist: It looks like there are two ActionController items for forgery protection, but nothing more general.
[20:20:21] xcyclist: verify(options={})
[20:21:51] xcyclist: Okay, sorry I found this has a deprecation statement: http://apidock.com/rails/ActionController/Verification/ClassMethods/verify
[20:38:49] xcyclist: Say, in this demonstration tutorial 'https://www.railstutorial.org/book/static_pages', why is he testing view titles from the controller test script?


[00:57:15] xcyclist: What "Part of speech" as it were is "with:" in the following phrase? protect_from_forgery with: :exception
[00:57:55] xcyclist: I know :exception is a symbol, but I just realized that I don't know what with: is exactly.
[00:58:12] xcyclist: Well, yes, but I mean in ruby.
[00:58:56] xcyclist: It strikes me as a key equivalent, except that usually you see with => :exception for that.
[01:00:19] xcyclist: Okay, so it is essentially the same as with => :exception?
[01:00:55] xcyclist: Ok. That is helpful. Thanks.
[04:25:17] xcyclist: I am trying to divine the rails 4.1.6 equivanent of script/generate rspec. What stackoverflow says is apparently not true for 4.
[04:25:38] xcyclist: (equivalent)
[04:32:19] xcyclist: Got it. Thanks guys.


[20:10:45] xcyclist: I noticed in the latest rails tutorial draft neither rbenv nor rvm is mentioned. Are these no longer needed?
[20:11:50] xcyclist: Last I noticed before now, most were moving toward rbenv.
[20:13:15] xcyclist: Sorry, I guess that leads to a needless choice debate. I withdraw the question.


[00:34:41] xcyclist: I am trying to reference a class in minitest that is ../node1/node2/node3 from the test directory.
[00:35:36] xcyclist: My require statement for the file ../node1/node2/node3/file.rb works, but the class in it fails when I try to go MyClass.new.
[00:39:09] xcyclist: So, if I have a ruby require statement that works, but I cannot see something that is in the successfully required file, what is the category of thing I look into in order to access said thing?
[00:40:55] xcyclist: I am. Is that bad?
[00:41:52] xcyclist: Yes. Well, I just need one answer. I can repost it on the other if you like.
[00:42:05] xcyclist: Anyway, require returns?
[00:42:22] xcyclist: I just don't get an error. Is there a method returns?
[00:43:51] xcyclist: So, if I cannot access something from that require, is there some step I should do to expose it?
[00:44:03] xcyclist: Presumably things are public unless otherwise specified.
[00:44:55] xcyclist: No. I can concoct something like it, but I fear I am dealing with some environment factor, or artifact of minitest.
[00:45:21] xcyclist: Is there something I may need to do in minitest?
[00:45:45] xcyclist: What does require_relative do?
[00:46:29] xcyclist: Ok. I don't think that is necessary. Require is working.
[00:46:52] xcyclist: I think it must be something of the environment allowing exposure.
[00:47:34] xcyclist: I get a NameError: uninitialized constant
[00:48:27] xcyclist: Ok. It is hard to show as I don't own it.
[00:48:44] xcyclist: And concocting an example may leave out the problem.
[00:48:55] xcyclist: Yes. Not your fault.
[00:49:23] xcyclist: I will try from another angle. But if you could tell me a category to look at. I am having a hard time looking up the problem.
[00:52:44] xcyclist: Yes, it has two nested modules and above the class, and then I'm dealing with the minitest environment.
[00:54:44] xcyclist: Ok. Thank you. I will do that if I don't get it from looking at $LOADED_FEATURES.
[00:57:55] xcyclist: LOADED_FEATURES is 257 lines long.
[01:03:26] xcyclist: So, as I thought, my file is getting loaded. But, I cannot see a public class in it.
[20:12:34] xcyclist: Please tell me, what is the implication of a def initialize method defined for a module? Do I then need to do ModuleName.new to use the module? Do I treat it like a class?
[20:13:47] xcyclist: Does the initialize automatically get executed when I do Include ModuleName?
[20:15:50] xcyclist: In the code I am deciphering, I see this guy defining an initialize for his module, but he only includes said module.
[20:16:11] xcyclist: Ok. That makes sense.
[21:28:45] xcyclist: So, a method I put in an Include d module isn't visible as an object method.
[21:29:20] xcyclist: Is there a special thing I need to do to make it visible? Apparently my initialize is visible, so I don't get it.
[21:30:15] xcyclist: Basically, I have a class, with an included module. I had a method in the class, and moved said method to the module. Now I don't see the method from the object.
[21:30:49] xcyclist: Are perhaps module methods only inherited as class methods and not into the object?
[21:31:18] xcyclist: If so, how do I mix them into the object?


[23:32:52] xcyclist: I am in the jruby jail, and am having a hard time referencing a class in a tree branch 4 nodes away. Anyone have any starting suggestions?
[23:34:07] xcyclist: My collaborator is not providing methods to break the project down, so I'm trying to put together something in minitest, and I cannot refer to the class name in question.
[23:34:50] xcyclist: NameError: uninitialized constant TopModule::NextModule::ClassName org/jruby/RubyModule.java:2723:in `const_missing' test_myclassfile.rb:33:in `test_stuff'


[21:34:30] xcyclist: Okay: &&= is an obscure operator, apparently counterintuitive, and it is almost impossible to found the definition for it. What?
[21:34:57] xcyclist: Well, one document I read told me it is not.
[21:35:50] xcyclist: From what I can see it is very counter-intuitive.
[21:36:08] xcyclist: It is the kind of thing Larry Wall would have dreamed up.
[21:39:28] xcyclist: Why not more clearly just say x = 'something' if x ????
[21:39:54] xcyclist: I mean, then it reads clearly, and everybody on the planet understands it.
[21:41:05] xcyclist: Okay, well, I am really getting to like Rob Pike's economy philosophy a la Go. If you have extra cutesy stuff, it most often is used to obscure, not help.
[21:41:19] xcyclist: ...even if by accident.
[21:42:13] xcyclist: Yes. Some sins you cannot extricate yourself from.
[21:51:56] xcyclist: Sorry to sound so disgruntled. No, it's code I need to read that is the problem, not code I write.
[21:52:39] xcyclist: It's a good idea to use language people can read, and if you slip out of vernacular, to explain oddments, especially in programming.
[21:53:24] xcyclist: I use @@class variables a lot.
[21:54:19] xcyclist: The advantage of Ruby is it's readability. If you use &&= without explaining it, you might as well code in something else, as you are not using Ruby to advantage. I find it amazing that this is not obvious.
[21:57:10] xcyclist: Well, thanks for the help anyway. It would have been better if the definition of &&= was more accessible in the docs.
[21:57:39] xcyclist: Usually I find the Ruby docs adequate.
[21:58:10] xcyclist: Gotta go guys. Again, thanks.


[00:41:39] xcyclist: I'm seeing a Hash object x, with a method select called on it like this: x.select( 'string' ).
[00:41:47] xcyclist: This seems to be returning an array.
[00:42:09] xcyclist: Is this some kind of hybrid select method, or am I just not finding this usage in the docs?
[00:44:55] xcyclist: I guess I need to get used to doing that kind of test. I'll mail that to myself. Thanks.


[21:59:47] xcyclist: what is the online doc URL guys? Google is sending me to useless places and I need the reference manual that has things like += defined in it.
[22:37:54] xcyclist: So I am seeing a method def methodx with a single line in it: :reject unless something. What does that mean?
[22:38:15] xcyclist: I cannot find a reference to :reject.
[22:38:53] xcyclist: Well I know :something is like a symbol string, but what does it mean at the beginning of a command line like that?
[22:39:09] xcyclist: I know :something can be like a value.
[22:39:37] xcyclist: So, perhaps it's just returning the value :reject, since that's the only value at the end of the method?
[22:42:12] xcyclist: Okay, but def mymethod { :symbol unless false } would always return :symbol then.
[22:43:42] xcyclist: Ok. Thanks. Sometimes I just want my sanity checked. Very helpful.
[22:44:17] xcyclist: I am reading someone else's code, and just need to know it works right. I don't need to act that way.


[00:27:00] xcyclist: Say, is there a specific room I should join to ask a Rails question?
[00:28:21] xcyclist: Ok. I will try. My xcyclist should be properly registered. Thank you.
[00:31:04] xcyclist: It appears I am allowed to speak. I want to ask is sqlite3 required even when I just want to use mysql for all three environments.
[00:32:00] xcyclist: Ok. Well I read about a bug in stackoverflow that may explain why rails is yelling at me to install sqlite.
[00:32:19] xcyclist: I noticed it is specified in database.yml. Do I just need to take that out?
[00:33:14] xcyclist: Ok. Thank you.
[00:33:56] xcyclist: Ok. I will.
[00:36:19] xcyclist: Presumably these should be modified: database: db/development.sqlite3?
[00:37:05] xcyclist: Yes. Is new now not used?
[00:52:25] xcyclist: Interesting: Add `gem 'mysql2'` to your Gemfile
[00:52:38] xcyclist: But I have it in my Gemfile.
[00:52:56] xcyclist: I got that trying to add a controller.
[00:53:09] xcyclist: The bundle install seems to work.
[00:53:19] xcyclist: I got all green.
[00:53:40] xcyclist: Maybe I need a pastie.
[00:54:35] xcyclist: http://pastie.org/9543587
[00:55:00] xcyclist: just a minute...
[00:55:48] xcyclist: Yes, it's on the pastie I just put up: Using mysql2 0.3.16
[00:58:11] xcyclist: Yes, it works after I did that. I guess I need to read my spring doc. Thanks.