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[21:32:55] xhoy: maybe a weird question but do cars in the US have a normal 9v sigaret lighter plug?
[21:33:38] xhoy: where youc an plugin something like: https://image.allekabels.nl/image/1207787-0/usb-autolader-2x-usb-2100-ma-aanbieding-uitgaande-stroomsterkte-2x-usb-1050-ma.jpg


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[09:46:17] xhoy: dionysus69: https://redis.io/commands/memory-usage
[09:46:38] xhoy: dionysus69: https://redis.io/commands/memory-stats


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[17:35:51] xhoy: hi there


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[07:49:29] xhoy: return false?
[07:50:23] xhoy: dminuoso: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActiveModel/Errors.html
[07:51:08] xhoy: trailblazer?
[07:51:46] xhoy: yes i know the issue :)
[07:52:06] xhoy: we have the same thing and it gets messy with callbacks and controller stuff etc etc etc
[07:52:45] xhoy: well if you find a fix i am open for it!
[07:52:56] xhoy: how does java do that?


[13:35:24] xhoy: Anybody any experience with access key's on mobile browsers? (how do i do alt+shift+<accesskey> in amobile browser without a keyboard?)


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[11:17:00] xhoy: hi there, i have a new object, lets call it user, user is involed in almost all other models in my db, it createds stuff, it updates stuff, it deletest stuff, it does all kind of stuff, but there is no easy why of know what a user *all* did, since the actions are scadderd all over the place, should i reverse the relation and create a N:M model in the middle?


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[11:23:29] xhoy: that is a good question
[11:23:50] xhoy: rails 5.2 has an update for that iirc
[11:24:35] xhoy: but i don't know if that is for your situation
[11:25:12] xhoy: ah then i have no clue :P
[11:25:39] xhoy: why would you store a session key? doesn't rails do that for you?
[11:25:49] xhoy: (well i call it a session key, but its a token :))
[11:26:04] xhoy: it is a token for a remote session or something?
[11:26:36] xhoy: look at how device does it
[11:26:47] xhoy: you can reqequest your password
[11:26:54] xhoy: it then sends you a hash
[11:27:00] xhoy: in a nice email etc etc
[11:27:34] xhoy: how long do they have to comfirm?
[11:27:39] xhoy: minutes? hours? days?
[11:28:25] xhoy: if its only temporary you could use something like redis/memcache to store it, this would make sure, if the server restarts everything is reset (some knid of security :))
[11:28:39] xhoy: and where do you store the action?
[11:28:49] xhoy: (delete $ record)
[11:29:50] xhoy: you could, just my .02€ create a table with object, action, sometoken, send $user email with $token2, and perform some kind of handshake with the two (password salt thing) to confirm it's the user
[11:30:26] xhoy: you then never store the token you send an user, thus when the DB is *ever* stolen, they only have half of the key
[11:31:00] xhoy: maybe you can even use the devise salt/bcrypt thing and abuse it for this :)
[11:31:36] xhoy: you could just set a created_at in the action table and just crontab it every onece in a while and clear old stuff
[11:32:59] xhoy: depence on where you store your actions, and if you send the user as part of the "clickme url"
[11:35:19] xhoy: a string with an index
[11:35:35] xhoy: since you will be only matching the full token and not parts of it
[11:36:14] xhoy: two different rows
[11:36:28] xhoy: you would get a database with, object, action, user, hash
[11:36:43] xhoy: since your talking about many actions
[11:37:07] xhoy: ii would then send the use an url with an url, with a token, an userid or something
[11:37:17] xhoy: or action maybe or only token if you like
[11:37:45] xhoy: and then they click it, it does something like, DelayedActions.find_by(token: token)
[11:37:52] xhoy: and re opening stuff
[11:37:58] xhoy: and forfils the action
[11:38:11] xhoy: BUT be carefull, to whitelist actions and objects
[11:38:27] xhoy: if you just do everything thats in the DB it could hurt you
[11:38:45] xhoy: o the db woudl be class, object (or polymorphic: holder0
[11:39:10] xhoy: in this case if i would enter a row, user, 1, delete, <tokeN>
[11:39:20] xhoy: and then would lick my self generated link/token
[11:39:23] xhoy: i could delete the admin
[11:39:38] xhoy: so i would do something with
[11:40:06] xhoy: if [list with objects].includes?(user)
[11:40:12] xhoy: and something with actions
[12:00:56] xhoy: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/bc4a79754c55f2fde7ac12df62951696
[12:04:23] xhoy: well you can just whitelist a single class
[12:04:32] xhoy: if it works for éverything' it works for one thing
[12:04:41] xhoy: your current way looks really messy
[12:05:59] xhoy: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/ef3df27bb1d13639ae387fe0d1b2af97
[12:06:04] xhoy: this is beter one with controller :0
[12:06:28] xhoy: and you could do some feedback, messing, "it worked stuff"
[12:06:35] xhoy: messiging
[12:06:43] xhoy: that is what version 2 does
[12:07:21] xhoy: id of the object?
[12:08:48] xhoy: https://gist.github.com/xhoy/97ffb8113eb166f0d0f4728f2159914f
[12:08:56] xhoy: you can validate uniqness of 'holder'
[12:09:03] xhoy: in the model aswell
[12:09:51] xhoy: and i would do *some* validation for model, and action combo, just to be sure :)
[12:10:15] xhoy: and you don't want to validat uniqness of holder + key, since to users can do the same action on the same object
[12:10:34] xhoy: but that is up to you
[12:10:57] xhoy: rails is a beauty for this kind of stuff
[12:15:31] xhoy: (and except for some typo's this should basicly work :))


[13:21:22] xhoy: morfin60: you merge serveral seperate questions
[13:21:34] xhoy: morfin60: first you have an default activerecord thing
[13:21:47] xhoy: morfin60: you could make a method for every attribute
[13:22:02] xhoy: OR you could set those attributes in the initializer
[13:22:13] xhoy: depending on how the relation is
[13:22:40] xhoy: morfin60: we had a similar case, and create 2 models with a has_one
[13:23:17] xhoy: morfin60: but i dont now if there is an activerecord adapter for opentsdb


[12:11:30] xhoy: restart it
[12:11:54] xhoy: or what morfin60 said :)
[13:12:32] xhoy: is there a (default) we to negative a scope? Class.not.scope or something? only thing i can find is manualy adding a negative scope
[13:12:44] xhoy: not_scope
[13:13:09] xhoy: seems like double the work and maybe i missed some rails magic!
[14:15:57] xhoy: fschuindt: its not a default scope
[14:16:40] xhoy: apeiros: well the anwser is currently there isn't a no scope :)
[14:17:02] xhoy: and where.not is a weird addon to where, i remember recently we tryed to port it to scopes faild for some reason
[14:17:17] xhoy: apeiros: well especialy if you have where(true) and just want anything that isn't true :)
[14:17:25] xhoy: so scope.not wouldn't be weird :)
[14:19:45] xhoy: apeiros: make a gist :)
[14:20:40] xhoy: ill ask my dev to lookat it tomorow:)
[14:21:04] xhoy: dminuoso: we were looking at trailblazer just a week ago
[14:21:24] xhoy: dminuoso: seems like a not so much used thing or am i wrong?
[14:22:21] xhoy: dminuoso: did you migrate stuff?
[14:23:03] xhoy: there are two options 1) this is basic stuff that should be default, or we are doing something special :)
[14:23:25] xhoy: dminuoso: a lot of work per view?
[14:24:37] xhoy: ah so split a lot of stuff
[14:24:49] xhoy: we use 'the same view' with some difference a lot
[14:25:17] xhoy: so there are two options, 1) duplicate the thing, 2) add *lots* and *lots* of else, if stuff
[14:27:00] xhoy: what kind of dependencies?
[14:28:14] xhoy: and what if you use a helper all over the place?
[14:28:34] xhoy: (customer name or something)
[14:29:47] xhoy: oke, but that isn't rly dry?
[14:30:29] xhoy: and when your new you can 'flow' the magic
[14:30:39] xhoy: do you use operations?
[14:31:39] xhoy: any plans?
[14:32:20] xhoy: apeiros: create a PR :0
[14:35:25] xhoy: apeiros: we got some prs accepted
[14:57:14] xhoy: apeiros: good luck with that :P
[14:58:05] xhoy: dminuoso: he just made a filter, you could use to NOT something :)
[14:58:17] xhoy: now it needs to make it work so it actualy doesn't do something :)
[14:58:38] xhoy: meanwhile i was spending my hour looking at strftime to support quarters :)
[15:02:24] xhoy: JJonah: full path?
[15:02:45] xhoy: so render 'ldap/enter_connection'
[15:03:06] xhoy: its looking there
[15:03:23] xhoy: restart your server?
[15:03:52] xhoy: restarted spring?
[15:04:36] xhoy: it something that cashes stuff for you
[15:04:48] xhoy: its a gem , when starting a server or console, its loaded in the background
[15:04:53] xhoy: ps aux |grep spring
[15:06:44] xhoy: anything special in the view? or just hello world?
[15:08:20] xhoy: its rendering a partial?
[15:08:47] xhoy: JJonah: my tip of the day. do something else comeback in an hour, and find a really stupid typo
[15:08:59] xhoy: JJonah: everything you say makes sense
[15:09:13] xhoy: so it should work
[15:10:40] xhoy: you cannot do that!
[15:11:14] xhoy: (they way you call render, dunno about the rescue
[15:11:38] xhoy: good question
[15:11:51] xhoy: if you do render :enter_connection
[15:12:24] xhoy: render template: 'ldap/enter_connection'
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[15:16:17] xhoy: hi! maybe a stupid question, but strftime *realy* misses a querter option, could just fork ruby and create a PR?
[15:16:28] xhoy: remove the first /
[15:16:41] xhoy: move it out of the resque as a test
[15:17:08] xhoy: http://guides.rubyonrails.org/layouts_and_rendering.html#using-render <<
[15:20:13] xhoy: stefanmayerpopp: self.tag_aton
[15:21:10] xhoy: JJonah: something weird is happening , try building a blog
[15:21:15] xhoy: or go home for today
[15:23:51] xhoy: ill let my dev lookat it in the morning :)
[15:24:12] xhoy: apeiros: the rejected it in glibc
[15:25:14] xhoy: https://sourceware.org/ml/libc-alpha/2016-11/msg00114.html <<
[15:25:32] xhoy: buts its a start, as many open source stuff :0
[15:30:43] xhoy: well its rejected since it should be part of is 30112
[15:31:03] xhoy: but there hasn't hapend a thing on iso 30112 since 2014
[15:31:25] xhoy: and possible conflicts in postix something anyway
[15:39:34] xhoy: typo's ftw :)
[15:54:34] xhoy: stefanmayerpopp: depence on what you are doing
[15:54:52] xhoy: after_save could change the record for example
[15:54:59] xhoy: or after_commit could change it


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[14:52:56] xhoy: HI!, is there a way to not commit an object update if and not trow an error. So basicly just ignore the save
[14:54:04] xhoy: i can do a before_save
[14:54:20] xhoy: but i can trow an error, but not just 'ignore' the save
[14:54:55] xhoy: (and let the process continue without saving the object)
[14:56:08] xhoy: or not even trow an error at all and just skip to the "true' ;0
[14:56:27] xhoy: i have a statical model with a value for every day of the year
[14:56:34] xhoy: but its often 0
[14:57:07] xhoy: and i generate the data on tens of places is now i do if nonzero? skip this part but i mean a callback should do that!
[15:00:32] xhoy: before_save { value.nonzero? ? keepgoing_with_save : do_not_trow_an_error_but_also_dont_save_the_record_to_the_db}
[15:00:36] xhoy: something like that :)
[15:01:01] xhoy: i could overwrite the update class ofcz!
[15:01:34] xhoy: and the find_or_create_by, and the, save, and the....


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[08:36:39] xhoy: i had that feeling :)
[08:36:59] xhoy: yeah we looked at that
[08:37:18] xhoy: i mean technical an "after_commit" works :)
[08:37:42] xhoy: its get messy really fast!