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[23:54:53] zenspider: wilywizard: assuming that the deps are actually declared (they are) then they should be in the lock file. You can run just `bundle lock` to regenerate the file and not do the slower install step to poke at it


[08:27:26] zenspider: damn... this channel is dying... :(
[08:28:13] zenspider: DYING I TELL YOU
[08:28:41] zenspider: nothing on here since 3pm? ~10 hours? DED
[08:29:42] zenspider: heh. I was just starting to read your description...
[08:29:49] zenspider: tho, now that I have, I got nothing...FTP?
[08:31:38] zenspider: wasn't there some bot cmd to send an offline user a message?
[08:31:51] zenspider: hah! yeees. make me rich damnit
[08:32:01] zenspider: I'm too old to get a sugarmamma at this stage
[08:32:18] zenspider: I thought nickserv had something
[08:32:48] zenspider: I don't think it was ruboto
[08:33:04] zenspider: I thought we had one on freenode tho... doesn't matter
[08:34:54] zenspider: they had a right to be huffy... I can't actually offer help for FTP programming... but still.
[08:35:04] zenspider: FTP??? really?
[08:35:20] zenspider: Prolly 20 years ago maybe?
[08:35:41] zenspider: it's all about rsync... easiest way to replicate your election results across all teh servers
[08:37:16] zenspider: ACTION sighs
[08:40:00] zenspider: ugh. I wish that weren't the case.
[08:40:12] zenspider: rsync.... it's all about rsync
[08:45:22] zenspider: speak of the devil


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[05:08:17] zenspider: anyone here actually know rspec??
[05:37:37] zenspider: huh. and for some reason I have a bunch of requires that are returning nil, not true/false... no idea why tho
[05:54:58] zenspider: damn... this is just dead... :/
[06:22:28] zenspider: uh. thank you.


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[20:01:59] zenspider: I don't use rvm, but I might be able to answer questions
[20:02:39] zenspider: the dpaste?
[20:08:15] zenspider: I see some stuff about gpg. *shrug* Do the thing it says?
[20:08:28] zenspider: or use rbenv. This is not a problem I have or want to have.
[20:19:44] zenspider: it looks like fishcooker is pretty unresponsive... so... yeah.


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[20:39:35] zenspider: adam12: sam phippen is working on rubyfmt.
[20:41:57] zenspider: baweaver: "Scala’s pattern matching wildcards" ... what pattern matching does NOT have _ wildcards? racket, haskell, ... I can't think of one that I've used that doesn't... and I'd be willing to guess, predate
[20:43:47] zenspider: I don't think I understand the deconstruct_keys example at all.
[20:47:10] zenspider: I would assume it'd be to avoid adding to_ary to everything you want to deconstruct on, but the example given doesn't really suggest that?
[21:09:22] zenspider: the whole thing feels kinda clunky and experimental still


[16:49:42] zenspider: *.net *.split


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[22:35:38] zenspider: cthu|: look at IO#sync=
[22:56:31] zenspider: what context?
[22:57:01] zenspider: manually versus what?
[22:57:07] zenspider: then check for a tty
[22:57:38] zenspider: something like: $stdout.sync = false if $stdout.tty?
[23:02:15] zenspider: `man 4 tty`


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[02:58:26] zenspider: uplime: same


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[21:32:48] zenspider: duderonomy: I answered your question on the list... did that help?


[10:16:09] zenspider: gheegh: there's pretty simple ways around that... tho looking at your code, I'd start by pulling the File.read out of the define_method. Use the power of the closure.
[22:34:56] zenspider: ACTION loves each_cons and each_slice soooo much


[22:42:26] zenspider: uplime: WHY would you have it IN the app?
[22:43:14] zenspider: I wouldn't provide ANYTHING. Just say it is a requirement. Let them decide what is right for their OS
[22:43:52] zenspider: otherwise you're asking for trouble, because every OS is just slightly different
[22:45:11] zenspider: uplime: every time a nerd says "just", they're massively underestimated something
[22:47:32] zenspider: eg... OSX is posix. There is no useradd.
[22:47:51] zenspider: guaranteed these aren't all the same for adding users: AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, EulerOS, macOS, Solaris, Tru64, UnixWare, QNX Neutrino, Inspur K-UX, INTEGRITY
[22:48:34] zenspider: also interesting that linux is only listed as mostly posix... yet I think most ppl think of it is a fully
[23:23:20] zenspider: yeah. it is a mess.
[23:23:39] zenspider: just never try to automate it... otherwise you reinvent puppet/chef/ansible/hell


[06:23:22] zenspider: totally disagree that yard is the standard...
[19:10:25] zenspider: that code just looks terrible... I'd be suspect
[19:10:32] zenspider: aaand I'd be doubly worried about running it as root. Please address that first


[00:04:43] zenspider: elcontrastador: please tell me you don't have "." in your PATH
[00:05:21] zenspider: latency is probably proportional to `gem list | wc -l`
[00:06:23] zenspider: or, more accurately, to the size of the contents of that mess of gems
[00:08:24] zenspider: might depend on too many things that I won't speculate on. depends on what log2s3.rb is doing, how it loads its dependencies, etc.
[00:09:28] zenspider: you can start to feel it out with something like `time ruby -d -S log2s3.rb`
[00:09:46] zenspider: `ruby -d` prints out ALL exceptions, even if they're handled... so don't freak out at the noise
[00:10:15] zenspider: but time to first (relevant) exception might be revealing
[00:11:55] zenspider: yup. expected. but go compare it against your fast / good run
[00:12:35] zenspider: might be something really stupid tho... run it locally, it might load locally. who knows. you're gonna have to dig in an dread
[00:12:38] zenspider: dread -> read
[20:21:56] zenspider: havenwood: hah!
[20:45:51] zenspider: DWSR: please ask rails questions in the rails channel
[20:47:01] zenspider: corollary: please don't ask rails questions in here
[20:47:36] zenspider: za1b1tsu: it's like starting a subshell... not terribly useful imo, but sometimes it is nice to have a stack to push/pop
[20:48:39] zenspider: and I guess... the single-irb flag means that it is NOT like a subshell, and more like a dynamically scoped (Or non-scoped?) language.
[20:48:44] zenspider: I don't think I like that option
[20:49:49] zenspider: dar123: you know that's a bad idea, right?
[20:58:47] zenspider: dar123: doesn't matter if you update the OS if your app has gaping holes in it
[20:59:00] zenspider: not saying it does... but it probably does
[21:03:05] zenspider: "best" is a myth. it entirely depends on what you're trying to do
[21:04:48] zenspider: if you need to pipeline workers, for example, then queue is perfectly sufficient. If you need some sort of shared mutable state object (which always feels like a bad idea to me), then you'll need something else. Even just a proxy wrapper with a mutex could work, but ... this way madness yadda yadda
[21:41:49] zenspider: robotcars: "having an issue"...
[21:42:54] zenspider: ... got what?
[21:45:42] zenspider: bots don't kill questions
[21:45:58] zenspider: I see no question marks. no questions.
[21:46:16] zenspider: I see you saying that you're "having an issue" and then never describe it
[21:50:07] zenspider: ?answers robotcars
[21:50:32] zenspider: robotcars: you're not writing anything in your gist
[21:51:24] zenspider: line 20 doesn't write out anything to a file
[21:52:29] zenspider: ...and I'm not patient enough to wait 5 minutes between responses
[21:53:53] zenspider: ok... read line 20, preferably out loud to yourself
[22:04:56] zenspider: debajit: totally. good luck!
[22:05:29] zenspider: leftylink: I was hoping they'd work that out on their own by code reading..
[22:13:38] zenspider: meh... I'm simply not patient enough to help out in this case. not while I still have a new gem release to do
[22:13:49] zenspider: so... have at it :P
[22:38:12] zenspider: ruby_parser-legacy 1.0.0 released... finally. I'm so glad to get that off my plate


[06:26:07] zenspider: sagax: :: is super old notation meant for class constant access X::Y or for calling class methods, but nobody ever does the latter
[22:53:39] zenspider: uplime: there are (were?) performance differences in PERL... not in ruby
[22:55:02] zenspider: uplime: I wrestled with rubocop to implement "seattle style" which includes only using double quoted strings (or % forms)... eventually decided it wasn't worth it
[23:05:36] zenspider: I don't see how or why that is "evil"


[00:02:08] zenspider: kirun: reduced: https://dpaste.de/n0kU
[10:40:07] zenspider: mjacob: I've got: re.join("|").to_s.gsub(/-mix/, "")
[10:40:18] zenspider: so... no GOOD way. :P


[23:49:09] zenspider: kirun: it's just the first call that comes out as a string, it's not the value itself.
[23:49:21] zenspider: that's a legit bug imo and should be filed on bugs.ruby-lang.org
[23:53:55] zenspider: that's an odd one. the existance of the symbol, regardless of location or whether it gets eval'd, determines what respond_to_missing? winds up being passed...
[23:59:16] zenspider: I was partially wrong... if you switch from "posts" to "a", it doesn't reproduce...


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[09:23:56] zenspider: G: they're either just called method calls or chained method calls... why? what's your doh moment?
[09:24:42] zenspider: G: ask me, not google
[09:28:15] zenspider: so, you have something like obj.a.b.c and you want #b to prevent #c from "running" ?
[09:28:33] zenspider: can you explain the "why" a bit more?
[09:28:58] zenspider: you've monkey patched a class or object to do something custom and you want to be done in the middle?
[09:41:41] zenspider: G: the proper way to do that is to subclass, override, and use super w/ your custome prefix/suffix code around the super...
[09:42:52] zenspider: but... if you are already in the muck... either what TheBrayn said, or you return a dummy that doesn't respond to those chained messages
[09:43:31] zenspider: obj = Object.new; def obj.c; self; end; def obj.d; self; end; obj
[09:44:07] zenspider: I don't actually recommend creating objects like that. Create a DummyMail class, or whatever, and instantiate one. That way you're not mucking with method tables all the time
[09:45:04] zenspider: does that make sense?
[09:45:41] zenspider: to which scenario?
[09:46:02] zenspider: SO CLOSE: 6339 runs, 27766 assertions, 4 failures, 19 errors, 44 skips
[09:47:58] zenspider: does it need the response? generally you call mailers for side-effect, no?
[09:48:51] zenspider: also, what are you monkey patching it for? what problem are you trying to solve?
[09:53:48] zenspider: I would suggest NOT changing the return type at all. Instead, store off the value you want in a side instance variable on the response object and access it in the controller
[09:55:06] zenspider: try to get it as simple as possible. Something like:
[09:55:07] zenspider: def some_monkey_patched_method; @original_msg_id = @msg_id; super; end
[09:55:24] zenspider: Then you can also create an accessor method or just use ivar_get to grab it in the crontroller
[10:16:32] zenspider: you should. thank you
[12:55:24] zenspider: 6339 runs, 27855 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 44 skips
[12:55:24] zenspider: Finished in 4.867713s, 1302.2543 runs/s, 5722.3998 assertions/s.
[13:00:28] zenspider: more important (to me, currently) are the zeros
[13:00:48] zenspider: that was ~12 hour debugging session and rat's nest untangling
[21:33:14] zenspider: phaul: prepend can fuck up that assumption
[22:16:49] zenspider: hightower2: what you're describing is a bad smell


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[00:13:01] zenspider: Scriptonaut: I'm only skimming the spec for JWT... but I'm not sure that's invalid yet.
[00:13:48] zenspider: it's not well written as specs go
[00:14:31] zenspider: do they decode properly?
[00:14:46] zenspider: if you notice, the payload (before the ".") is the same in both cases
[00:15:57] zenspider: ah. I didn't see the second one... either way, they're the same
[00:16:40] zenspider: as long as they decode... I wouldn't worry about it
[00:17:25] zenspider: ruby has some stuff built in to seed hash values and the like so that each process is a little bit random from another. It bites me now and then, but makes the processes less attackable from the outside. It might be similar
[00:21:39] zenspider: hrm... is there a better tool than diff3 for comparing 3 files? having `ed` output isn't the best


[23:10:59] zenspider: it's been a long time!
[23:11:08] zenspider: about to reboot. patching my server...
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[21:08:39] zenspider: mspo: we'll see about that... guess I'm most of the way there. :P
[22:16:49] zenspider: dviola: that is so poorly described... I'm not sure I even get it.
[22:19:23] zenspider: ivanskie: break/redo/next/retry... detailed in my quickref


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[22:31:47] zenspider: what's the cheapest checksum function we have? I'd use #hash but it is seeded on ever run now and blows out caching.


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[07:44:10] zenspider: jayjo: often
[10:17:49] zenspider: quipa: afaik, it ships as a gem now but still is in the standard distro. also, not having many commits lately doesn't mean anything. Does it do what you want? then use it.


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[20:34:08] zenspider: jeffspeff: just looks old. very.
[20:36:35] zenspider: sezuan: no... that's not a dependency term that is supported. supported ruby version is there... but mostly as a means of failing out, not matching.
[20:39:08] zenspider: maslen: "entries" is plural, implies array. The error does too (indexing an array with a string)... so maybe you have an array of arrays of hashes?


[23:05:30] zenspider: Radar: a plain ruby script? not sure if that's possible.
[23:05:57] zenspider: Radar: I _believe_ you could do it with something like my graphics gem... using SDL's key scanning
[23:06:27] zenspider: just say "any letter" :P
[23:17:01] zenspider: oh. maybe the curses library can do it?
[23:18:50] zenspider: looks like it. it has #get_key_modifiers


[00:02:55] zenspider: hrm... I could have sworn that there was a fragment emitter... but maybe that's json, not yaml
[00:03:11] zenspider: >> [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:03:25] zenspider: there's a number of ways to do this. they all suck
[00:03:33] zenspider: >> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:03:56] zenspider: fuck. ignore the bot... there's been a lot of problems with the eval service we use lately
[00:04:36] zenspider: but something like. YAML.dump(xxx).lines.drop(1).join
[00:04:50] zenspider: IOW, look in Enumerable and use an appropriate method from there instead of something from Array
[00:05:13] zenspider: oh? different bot?
[00:05:20] zenspider: &>> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:05:31] zenspider: &>> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.lines.drop(1).join
[00:05:48] zenspider: that's been maddening
[00:06:42] zenspider: dubuc: see above?
[00:07:29] zenspider: I'd probably do the lines.drop(1) just to make the diff fit as much as possible
[00:17:58] zenspider: that still feels dangerous and error-prone to me... but if it works...
[00:19:31] zenspider: that whole file could literally be a simple(r) ruby file populating a hash and a single YAML.dump at the end to a file... *shrug*
[00:20:24] zenspider: it would take 10-20 minutes. really
[00:21:00] zenspider: ok. I give up on this jruby bullshit. damn working with this thing is painful.
[00:21:12] zenspider: Adding 3 seconds to every failure is just untenable
[07:03:43] zenspider: marz_d`ghostman: everything you're describing is arbitrary. make it up


[23:09:57] zenspider: dachi: that looks like an if statement to me. Don't be clever when you don't need to be
[23:20:49] zenspider: I could use some jruby help. I posted 2 questions in #jruby but they're dead
[23:32:52] zenspider: first foray into jruby in a looong time. Having some problems. Installed via rbenv, but I'm getting heavy handed warnings on every invocation about reflection & security? Is there something I should be doing?
[23:32:56] zenspider: I've literally just installed and fired off
[23:33:01] zenspider: Second problem: rbenv seems to hate jgem and probably everything else? stubs just bitch and give up. I have to full path everything. Clue?
[23:33:35] zenspider: java is openjdk 11 2018-09-25 via homebrew
[23:54:03] zenspider: that is expected
[23:54:12] zenspider: what are you actually trying to do?
[23:54:49] zenspider: you probably don't want `to_yaml.lines` at all, right? what would you be doing with the yaml?
[23:56:07] zenspider: that's old / bad code. hands down
[23:56:17] zenspider: that worked in... 1.9, maybe? 1.8 definitely
[23:56:31] zenspider: they're trying to drop the first line
[23:56:34] zenspider: for whatever reason
[23:56:54] zenspider: you can modify it to be lines.to_a[1..-1]
[23:57:05] zenspider: but really, what they're doing is stupid
[23:57:21] zenspider: that first line is absolutely valid yaml.
[23:58:08] zenspider: there's a lot wrong with that diff fragment already
[23:58:52] zenspider: ah. ok. I see. they're doing this in a yml.erb file... so no, the --- isn't valid at that location... the problem is using to_yaml at all. sec.


[22:21:01] zenspider: they're ALSO being recorded and will be on confreaks
[22:21:24] zenspider: pavelz: did you figure it out?
[22:23:31] zenspider: anyone around who is willing to test this out for me?
[22:23:43] zenspider: curl -L https://tinyurl.com/graphics-setup | bash
[22:23:56] zenspider: obviously... remove "| bash" and read it first