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[20:39:35] zenspider: adam12: sam phippen is working on rubyfmt.
[20:41:57] zenspider: baweaver: "Scala’s pattern matching wildcards" ... what pattern matching does NOT have _ wildcards? racket, haskell, ... I can't think of one that I've used that doesn't... and I'd be willing to guess, predate
[20:43:47] zenspider: I don't think I understand the deconstruct_keys example at all.
[20:47:10] zenspider: I would assume it'd be to avoid adding to_ary to everything you want to deconstruct on, but the example given doesn't really suggest that?
[21:09:22] zenspider: the whole thing feels kinda clunky and experimental still


[16:49:42] zenspider: *.net *.split


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[22:35:38] zenspider: cthu|: look at IO#sync=
[22:56:31] zenspider: what context?
[22:57:01] zenspider: manually versus what?
[22:57:07] zenspider: then check for a tty
[22:57:38] zenspider: something like: $stdout.sync = false if $stdout.tty?
[23:02:15] zenspider: `man 4 tty`


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[02:58:26] zenspider: uplime: same


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[21:32:48] zenspider: duderonomy: I answered your question on the list... did that help?


[10:16:09] zenspider: gheegh: there's pretty simple ways around that... tho looking at your code, I'd start by pulling the File.read out of the define_method. Use the power of the closure.
[22:34:56] zenspider: ACTION loves each_cons and each_slice soooo much


[22:42:26] zenspider: uplime: WHY would you have it IN the app?
[22:43:14] zenspider: I wouldn't provide ANYTHING. Just say it is a requirement. Let them decide what is right for their OS
[22:43:52] zenspider: otherwise you're asking for trouble, because every OS is just slightly different
[22:45:11] zenspider: uplime: every time a nerd says "just", they're massively underestimated something
[22:47:32] zenspider: eg... OSX is posix. There is no useradd.
[22:47:51] zenspider: guaranteed these aren't all the same for adding users: AIX, HP-UX, IRIX, EulerOS, macOS, Solaris, Tru64, UnixWare, QNX Neutrino, Inspur K-UX, INTEGRITY
[22:48:34] zenspider: also interesting that linux is only listed as mostly posix... yet I think most ppl think of it is a fully
[23:23:20] zenspider: yeah. it is a mess.
[23:23:39] zenspider: just never try to automate it... otherwise you reinvent puppet/chef/ansible/hell


[06:23:22] zenspider: totally disagree that yard is the standard...
[19:10:25] zenspider: that code just looks terrible... I'd be suspect
[19:10:32] zenspider: aaand I'd be doubly worried about running it as root. Please address that first


[00:04:43] zenspider: elcontrastador: please tell me you don't have "." in your PATH
[00:05:21] zenspider: latency is probably proportional to `gem list | wc -l`
[00:06:23] zenspider: or, more accurately, to the size of the contents of that mess of gems
[00:08:24] zenspider: might depend on too many things that I won't speculate on. depends on what log2s3.rb is doing, how it loads its dependencies, etc.
[00:09:28] zenspider: you can start to feel it out with something like `time ruby -d -S log2s3.rb`
[00:09:46] zenspider: `ruby -d` prints out ALL exceptions, even if they're handled... so don't freak out at the noise
[00:10:15] zenspider: but time to first (relevant) exception might be revealing
[00:11:55] zenspider: yup. expected. but go compare it against your fast / good run
[00:12:35] zenspider: might be something really stupid tho... run it locally, it might load locally. who knows. you're gonna have to dig in an dread
[00:12:38] zenspider: dread -> read
[20:21:56] zenspider: havenwood: hah!
[20:45:51] zenspider: DWSR: please ask rails questions in the rails channel
[20:47:01] zenspider: corollary: please don't ask rails questions in here
[20:47:36] zenspider: za1b1tsu: it's like starting a subshell... not terribly useful imo, but sometimes it is nice to have a stack to push/pop
[20:48:39] zenspider: and I guess... the single-irb flag means that it is NOT like a subshell, and more like a dynamically scoped (Or non-scoped?) language.
[20:48:44] zenspider: I don't think I like that option
[20:49:49] zenspider: dar123: you know that's a bad idea, right?
[20:58:47] zenspider: dar123: doesn't matter if you update the OS if your app has gaping holes in it
[20:59:00] zenspider: not saying it does... but it probably does
[21:03:05] zenspider: "best" is a myth. it entirely depends on what you're trying to do
[21:04:48] zenspider: if you need to pipeline workers, for example, then queue is perfectly sufficient. If you need some sort of shared mutable state object (which always feels like a bad idea to me), then you'll need something else. Even just a proxy wrapper with a mutex could work, but ... this way madness yadda yadda
[21:41:49] zenspider: robotcars: "having an issue"...
[21:42:54] zenspider: ... got what?
[21:45:42] zenspider: bots don't kill questions
[21:45:58] zenspider: I see no question marks. no questions.
[21:46:16] zenspider: I see you saying that you're "having an issue" and then never describe it
[21:50:07] zenspider: ?answers robotcars
[21:50:32] zenspider: robotcars: you're not writing anything in your gist
[21:51:24] zenspider: line 20 doesn't write out anything to a file
[21:52:29] zenspider: ...and I'm not patient enough to wait 5 minutes between responses
[21:53:53] zenspider: ok... read line 20, preferably out loud to yourself
[22:04:56] zenspider: debajit: totally. good luck!
[22:05:29] zenspider: leftylink: I was hoping they'd work that out on their own by code reading..
[22:13:38] zenspider: meh... I'm simply not patient enough to help out in this case. not while I still have a new gem release to do
[22:13:49] zenspider: so... have at it :P
[22:38:12] zenspider: ruby_parser-legacy 1.0.0 released... finally. I'm so glad to get that off my plate


[06:26:07] zenspider: sagax: :: is super old notation meant for class constant access X::Y or for calling class methods, but nobody ever does the latter
[22:53:39] zenspider: uplime: there are (were?) performance differences in PERL... not in ruby
[22:55:02] zenspider: uplime: I wrestled with rubocop to implement "seattle style" which includes only using double quoted strings (or % forms)... eventually decided it wasn't worth it
[23:05:36] zenspider: I don't see how or why that is "evil"


[00:02:08] zenspider: kirun: reduced: https://dpaste.de/n0kU
[10:40:07] zenspider: mjacob: I've got: re.join("|").to_s.gsub(/-mix/, "")
[10:40:18] zenspider: so... no GOOD way. :P


[23:49:09] zenspider: kirun: it's just the first call that comes out as a string, it's not the value itself.
[23:49:21] zenspider: that's a legit bug imo and should be filed on bugs.ruby-lang.org
[23:53:55] zenspider: that's an odd one. the existance of the symbol, regardless of location or whether it gets eval'd, determines what respond_to_missing? winds up being passed...
[23:59:16] zenspider: I was partially wrong... if you switch from "posts" to "a", it doesn't reproduce...


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[09:23:56] zenspider: G: they're either just called method calls or chained method calls... why? what's your doh moment?
[09:24:42] zenspider: G: ask me, not google
[09:28:15] zenspider: so, you have something like obj.a.b.c and you want #b to prevent #c from "running" ?
[09:28:33] zenspider: can you explain the "why" a bit more?
[09:28:58] zenspider: you've monkey patched a class or object to do something custom and you want to be done in the middle?
[09:41:41] zenspider: G: the proper way to do that is to subclass, override, and use super w/ your custome prefix/suffix code around the super...
[09:42:52] zenspider: but... if you are already in the muck... either what TheBrayn said, or you return a dummy that doesn't respond to those chained messages
[09:43:31] zenspider: obj = Object.new; def obj.c; self; end; def obj.d; self; end; obj
[09:44:07] zenspider: I don't actually recommend creating objects like that. Create a DummyMail class, or whatever, and instantiate one. That way you're not mucking with method tables all the time
[09:45:04] zenspider: does that make sense?
[09:45:41] zenspider: to which scenario?
[09:46:02] zenspider: SO CLOSE: 6339 runs, 27766 assertions, 4 failures, 19 errors, 44 skips
[09:47:58] zenspider: does it need the response? generally you call mailers for side-effect, no?
[09:48:51] zenspider: also, what are you monkey patching it for? what problem are you trying to solve?
[09:53:48] zenspider: I would suggest NOT changing the return type at all. Instead, store off the value you want in a side instance variable on the response object and access it in the controller
[09:55:06] zenspider: try to get it as simple as possible. Something like:
[09:55:07] zenspider: def some_monkey_patched_method; @original_msg_id = @msg_id; super; end
[09:55:24] zenspider: Then you can also create an accessor method or just use ivar_get to grab it in the crontroller
[10:16:32] zenspider: you should. thank you
[12:55:24] zenspider: 6339 runs, 27855 assertions, 0 failures, 0 errors, 44 skips
[12:55:24] zenspider: Finished in 4.867713s, 1302.2543 runs/s, 5722.3998 assertions/s.
[13:00:28] zenspider: more important (to me, currently) are the zeros
[13:00:48] zenspider: that was ~12 hour debugging session and rat's nest untangling
[21:33:14] zenspider: phaul: prepend can fuck up that assumption
[22:16:49] zenspider: hightower2: what you're describing is a bad smell


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[00:13:01] zenspider: Scriptonaut: I'm only skimming the spec for JWT... but I'm not sure that's invalid yet.
[00:13:48] zenspider: it's not well written as specs go
[00:14:31] zenspider: do they decode properly?
[00:14:46] zenspider: if you notice, the payload (before the ".") is the same in both cases
[00:15:57] zenspider: ah. I didn't see the second one... either way, they're the same
[00:16:40] zenspider: as long as they decode... I wouldn't worry about it
[00:17:25] zenspider: ruby has some stuff built in to seed hash values and the like so that each process is a little bit random from another. It bites me now and then, but makes the processes less attackable from the outside. It might be similar
[00:21:39] zenspider: hrm... is there a better tool than diff3 for comparing 3 files? having `ed` output isn't the best


[23:10:59] zenspider: it's been a long time!
[23:11:08] zenspider: about to reboot. patching my server...
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[21:08:39] zenspider: mspo: we'll see about that... guess I'm most of the way there. :P
[22:16:49] zenspider: dviola: that is so poorly described... I'm not sure I even get it.
[22:19:23] zenspider: ivanskie: break/redo/next/retry... detailed in my quickref


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[22:31:47] zenspider: what's the cheapest checksum function we have? I'd use #hash but it is seeded on ever run now and blows out caching.


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[07:44:10] zenspider: jayjo: often
[10:17:49] zenspider: quipa: afaik, it ships as a gem now but still is in the standard distro. also, not having many commits lately doesn't mean anything. Does it do what you want? then use it.


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[20:34:08] zenspider: jeffspeff: just looks old. very.
[20:36:35] zenspider: sezuan: no... that's not a dependency term that is supported. supported ruby version is there... but mostly as a means of failing out, not matching.
[20:39:08] zenspider: maslen: "entries" is plural, implies array. The error does too (indexing an array with a string)... so maybe you have an array of arrays of hashes?


[23:05:30] zenspider: Radar: a plain ruby script? not sure if that's possible.
[23:05:57] zenspider: Radar: I _believe_ you could do it with something like my graphics gem... using SDL's key scanning
[23:06:27] zenspider: just say "any letter" :P
[23:17:01] zenspider: oh. maybe the curses library can do it?
[23:18:50] zenspider: looks like it. it has #get_key_modifiers


[00:02:55] zenspider: hrm... I could have sworn that there was a fragment emitter... but maybe that's json, not yaml
[00:03:11] zenspider: >> [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:03:25] zenspider: there's a number of ways to do this. they all suck
[00:03:33] zenspider: >> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:03:56] zenspider: fuck. ignore the bot... there's been a lot of problems with the eval service we use lately
[00:04:36] zenspider: but something like. YAML.dump(xxx).lines.drop(1).join
[00:04:50] zenspider: IOW, look in Enumerable and use an appropriate method from there instead of something from Array
[00:05:13] zenspider: oh? different bot?
[00:05:20] zenspider: &>> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.chars.drop(4).join
[00:05:31] zenspider: &>> require "psych"; [1,2,3].to_yaml.lines.drop(1).join
[00:05:48] zenspider: that's been maddening
[00:06:42] zenspider: dubuc: see above?
[00:07:29] zenspider: I'd probably do the lines.drop(1) just to make the diff fit as much as possible
[00:17:58] zenspider: that still feels dangerous and error-prone to me... but if it works...
[00:19:31] zenspider: that whole file could literally be a simple(r) ruby file populating a hash and a single YAML.dump at the end to a file... *shrug*
[00:20:24] zenspider: it would take 10-20 minutes. really
[00:21:00] zenspider: ok. I give up on this jruby bullshit. damn working with this thing is painful.
[00:21:12] zenspider: Adding 3 seconds to every failure is just untenable
[07:03:43] zenspider: marz_d`ghostman: everything you're describing is arbitrary. make it up


[23:09:57] zenspider: dachi: that looks like an if statement to me. Don't be clever when you don't need to be
[23:20:49] zenspider: I could use some jruby help. I posted 2 questions in #jruby but they're dead
[23:32:52] zenspider: first foray into jruby in a looong time. Having some problems. Installed via rbenv, but I'm getting heavy handed warnings on every invocation about reflection & security? Is there something I should be doing?
[23:32:56] zenspider: I've literally just installed and fired off
[23:33:01] zenspider: Second problem: rbenv seems to hate jgem and probably everything else? stubs just bitch and give up. I have to full path everything. Clue?
[23:33:35] zenspider: java is openjdk 11 2018-09-25 via homebrew
[23:54:03] zenspider: that is expected
[23:54:12] zenspider: what are you actually trying to do?
[23:54:49] zenspider: you probably don't want `to_yaml.lines` at all, right? what would you be doing with the yaml?
[23:56:07] zenspider: that's old / bad code. hands down
[23:56:17] zenspider: that worked in... 1.9, maybe? 1.8 definitely
[23:56:31] zenspider: they're trying to drop the first line
[23:56:34] zenspider: for whatever reason
[23:56:54] zenspider: you can modify it to be lines.to_a[1..-1]
[23:57:05] zenspider: but really, what they're doing is stupid
[23:57:21] zenspider: that first line is absolutely valid yaml.
[23:58:08] zenspider: there's a lot wrong with that diff fragment already
[23:58:52] zenspider: ah. ok. I see. they're doing this in a yml.erb file... so no, the --- isn't valid at that location... the problem is using to_yaml at all. sec.


[22:21:01] zenspider: they're ALSO being recorded and will be on confreaks
[22:21:24] zenspider: pavelz: did you figure it out?
[22:23:31] zenspider: anyone around who is willing to test this out for me?
[22:23:43] zenspider: curl -L https://tinyurl.com/graphics-setup | bash
[22:23:56] zenspider: obviously... remove "| bash" and read it first


[09:54:47] zenspider: arfnir: unexpected colon? is this really old ruby code?
[09:55:24] zenspider: it probably tells you what file/line it was near when it had the problem
[09:56:16] zenspider: that sounds like < 1.9 syntax tho... eg using ":" instead of "then" in case/when/then


[20:35:26] zenspider: eam: wow. I used kerberos once... in 1997. (really) I assume it hasn't gotten easier.


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[20:58:19] zenspider: "modular programming" is a term from the 70s.
[20:58:29] zenspider: ala dikstra and folk
[20:59:06] zenspider: ruby Modules have (roughly) nothing to do with "Modular programming"
[21:01:21] zenspider: Inside: what is it?
[21:02:16] zenspider: Inside: I meant what code are you spinning on?
[21:51:15] zenspider: Radar: I took it to be confident ruby... amazon seems to agree
[22:27:27] zenspider: YAY! I think I'm actually done with the graphics gem changes for my talk!
[22:37:07] zenspider: baweaver: use that as your default from now on... I haven't seen a 4x3 conf in a very long time. And keynote (probably others) will automatically adjust as best they can.
[22:37:35] zenspider: Eiam: faster. not easier. and less about cheaper as it is about profit
[22:38:38] zenspider: luckily some publishers are more savvy than others... prag for example
[22:39:06] zenspider: totally... going bigger is always easier than trying to go smaller. I did that once and it sucked
[22:39:26] zenspider: tho... maybe that should be a signal that I already had too much on a slide?? I'll have to think about that
[22:41:07] zenspider: Radar: I generally agree. I'm a huge fan of Tahakashi method
[22:41:50] zenspider: Pragprog, learn enough (hartl) are both really streamlined


[21:44:58] zenspider: doesn't mean it's a good idea...
[22:48:42] zenspider: juria_roberts: not sure your words/question make sense...
[22:49:00] zenspider: phaul: I tend to agree
[22:49:48] zenspider: I try as much as possible to stick to "do the simplest thing that can possibly work" and that pushes back heavy on all of the dry-* packages (last I looked)
[22:51:00] zenspider: phaul: calibrate accordingly... I'm an edge case. :P
[23:29:59] zenspider: juria_roberts: ...
[23:31:56] zenspider: havenwood: wget -O ruby-install-0.6.0.tar.gz https://github.com/postmodern/ruby-install/archive/v0.6.0.tar.gz ?!?
[23:32:19] zenspider: a tarball? oh... because bootstrap issue if it were a gem?
[23:32:37] zenspider: still... why not a git checkout?
[23:33:53] zenspider: man... I'm trying to profile and optimize this code and while the profile is pointing me at things worth working on and my microbenchmarks are definitely showing improvements... the actual improvement on the top level benchmark is ... zero


[03:04:10] zenspider: zxq2: that's not your problem. that's your proposed solution.


[09:33:05] zenspider: Don't you love it when someone asks a question with seemingly no desire for an answer?


[21:43:58] zenspider: appears that way
[21:44:37] zenspider: my window sizes are entirely wonky. There must be some scaling thing I am unaware of and all the numbers are wrong... but my demos are almost all running. it's crazy
[21:47:16] zenspider: well... considering I'm doing a complete rewrite about a month before my talk...
[21:48:47] zenspider: ah shit. I just introduced a segfault somewhere... huh
[21:49:00] zenspider: I'm giving a talk on my graphics gem.
[21:51:58] zenspider: I was there. :P
[22:01:43] zenspider: thanks. dunno about the rake newb thing. that sounds odd but fairly low priority atm.
[22:01:55] zenspider: hopefully after this revamp not everything will be broken