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[15:22:22] zeroward_: so i have time_accessed.unpack(*H).to_s
[15:22:39] zeroward_: after seeking to the position in the file where the time is
[15:24:46] zeroward_: So the input is the wtmp file.
[15:25:29] zeroward_: wtmp file is a log for unix. typically used to log successful logins.
[15:26:34] zeroward_: Honestly, your solution worked..
[15:27:05] zeroward_: Like, very well. It gave me exactly what I wanted.
[15:28:07] zeroward_: But just to clarify, I'll try to explain it a little more. Apologies, I honestly have no clue what I'm doing, and kinda got this project pushed off onto me at work.
[15:29:31] zeroward_: I was getting values of 7a65726f77617264 and such, but had no clue on how to convert it over.
[15:30:13] zeroward_: But yeah, your solution worked, so many thanks!
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[19:08:51] zeroward_: So, hopefully the last question. And this one I actually know to explain.
[19:10:49] zeroward_: Anyone know of a way to basically delete a section of data from a file? Like, let's say the file is 1000 bytes, but I want to only delete bytes 200-300.
[19:11:55] zeroward_: So, whenever I do that, the data somehow changes..
[19:25:05] zeroward_: So I'd rewrite bytes 0 - 199, ignore bytes 200 - 300, then write 301 - 1000?
[19:25:46] zeroward_: Haha okay. Thanks!
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