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[19:08:36] zly: I have a quick question about webpacker usage
[19:08:57] zly: how do I load a lib installed with yarn
[19:09:01] zly: in my example purecss
[19:09:29] zly: so it's available as a stylesheet_pack_tag
[19:09:59] zly: jamesst20: I know, I come here from time to time and it usually is just silence
[19:10:13] zly: back in a day it was also people being di*ks :D


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[11:26:14] zly: Quick question
[11:26:47] zly: I need two before_filters, but one of them needs to check if something occurs
[11:27:09] zly: before_filter :authenticate_admin!, only: [:something], unless: -> { something_else }
[11:27:28] zly: before_filter :authenticate_admin!, only: [:something_different]
[11:27:43] zly: In this situation the second filter is canceling the first one
[11:27:48] zly: How can I solve that? Any ideas?
[11:29:45] zly: Well, true. Didn't think of that :D
[11:29:52] zly: Thanks :)


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[10:12:17] zly: Any idea what can cause this error: Faraday::Error::ConnectionFailed SSL_connect returned=1 errno=0 state=SSLv3 read server certificate B: certificate verify failed
[10:12:29] zly: It's after authing with google
[10:12:49] zly: Just in between accepting the permissions and firing a callback
[10:14:50] zly: But it's "openssl::ssl::sslerror:" or "Gem::RemoteFetcher::FetchError:"
[10:14:52] zly: usually
[10:14:58] zly: And now I have the faraday error
[10:33:25] zly: jhass: looks like I had to reinstall ruby with specified openssl path


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[06:42:16] zly: Morning
[06:42:48] zly: I have two models, User and Job
[06:43:02] zly: How can I assure that one user can apply only once to a given job?
[06:43:37] zly: apply for*
[06:45:21] zly: Now I'm confused. Either I explained it badly or you misunderstood
[06:47:29] zly: I need to limit users possibility to apply for a given job to 1
[06:49:13] zly: sevenseacat: I was thinking about another model, but I was curious if there's some other solution :)


[10:04:17] zly: Is there a way to prevent form_tag from sending 'commit' withing the request?
[10:04:25] zly: within*


[12:10:35] zly: Is there something like searchkick but for pg_search?
[12:10:43] zly: To integreate pg_search with typeahead?
[12:10:53] zly: Or maybe some article with similar case
[15:51:44] zly: Anyone has some experience with typeahead in rails?
[15:51:57] zly: I did put string into the 'remote' clause
[15:52:09] zly: which has '%QUERY' string in it
[15:52:28] zly: and rails are taking this string literally instead of replacing it with value typed
[15:52:34] zly: any idea what's the problem?
[15:53:29] zly: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/e77314a3189257d3a816
[15:53:36] zly: this is the error from the server


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[13:34:09] zly: Sup guys. I have a quick question
[13:34:18] zly: Given that I have variable 'users' in my controller
[13:34:31] zly: I want to list all groups that those users are related to
[13:34:34] zly: but only the groups
[13:34:57] zly: every user has many groups and every group has many users
[13:35:03] zly: it's just a relation of users
[13:35:13] zly: found by some param
[13:36:10] zly: Looks like that's it :)
[13:36:18] zly: Thank you very much rvanlieshout


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[17:43:21] zly: Hi, I may have bit stupid question
[17:43:31] zly: How can I "refresh" instance variable?
[17:44:17] zly: I assign some record to a variable, then I'm doing something to that record
[17:44:43] zly: when I query directly for that record it returns the new data
[17:46:03] zly: record is being saved but not directly on this variable
[17:47:07] zly: Senjai: works like a charm, thanks :)
[17:47:28] zly: Senjai: I just needed that for the test
[17:48:09] zly: Looks like a good read. Thanks
[17:48:19] zly: But like I wrote alrady - it's just for the test
[17:48:27] zly: already*


[08:48:17] zly: Hi guys
[08:48:23] zly: quick question
[08:48:36] zly: If my User model has_many messages
[08:49:06] zly: How can I use the `having` clause to find which user has sent more than given number of messages?
[08:49:52] zly: I tried to do it with the: User.where(group_id: 1).having("sum(messages) > 10")
[08:50:31] zly: Ok, I'll check those out
[08:50:34] zly: Thanks :)


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[09:34:48] zly: Did anyone have issues with carrierwave-video-thumbnailer?
[09:34:57] zly: To be specific: with vertical videos?
[09:35:36] zly: It looks like it's rotating the thumbnail 90 degrees


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[09:18:55] zly: When testing controllers with rspec how do I get id of a record inserted with the 'post :create, params' line?
[09:19:11] zly: It's supposed to redirect to some_path which takes id as argument
[09:20:31] zly: I'm trying to test redirecting after successful creation
[09:23:16] zly: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/d168c136871aaba55d92
[09:23:35] zly: it passes, but I don't want to hard code the id in the spec
[09:26:12] zly: And that's the problem I want to 'handle it somehow'
[09:26:30] zly: there should be a comma between 'problem' and 'I' :]
[09:28:05] zly: Post.last did the job
[09:28:10] zly: thanks pipework :)


[11:16:47] zly: Should logic like checking if user is signed in and if it's admin account be in presenters, decorators or maybe in helpers?
[12:05:29] zly: how about receive(:create)?
[12:05:48] zly: as it's not implementing save
[12:05:53] zly: (I'm just guessing)


[10:53:43] zly: they're not ;]
[10:55:44] zly: he's drunk or his english-fu is bit weak
[20:05:36] zly: I'm in need of little help
[20:05:39] zly: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/a68b8c54d7703dd08584
[20:05:54] zly: Can someone show me how to unit test this?
[20:08:12] zly: smathy: nope, I have no idea how to bite that
[20:08:42] zly: rhizome: what exactly should be in application controller?
[20:11:29] zly: Ok, thanks, I have to think about it now :]


[13:40:27] zly: is there a way to 'sign_in' user inside of helper spec?
[13:40:58] zly: I'm trying to do that with 'sign_in user' but when I'm checking the helper.user_signed_in? helper returns false


[17:28:45] zly: Sup guys
[17:29:07] zly: Could someone enlighten me how to test those helper methods with rspec: https://gist.github.com/anonymous/02eefacfb3250997ab50
[17:29:25] zly: I just can't think how to do that
[17:29:47] zly: Well, the for_admin_eyes_only method is my concern, the first one is easy
[17:37:17] zly: rhizome: more like how to check the block calling part


[20:16:20] zly: Where would you extract things like: 'if current_user && current_user.admin?' from the view?
[20:16:23] zly: Decorator?
[20:19:28] zly: centrx: Second approach sounds better ;]


[05:46:40] zly: morning
[05:46:43] zly: morning


[06:52:35] zly: morning :)
[06:52:36] zly: morning :)


[07:51:36] zly: I think it should work
[08:20:21] zly: nope, all dead
[10:05:20] zly: how about you try that and tell us about the result
[10:06:56] zly: yeah, 'me talking to you'
[10:08:07] zly: well, looks like it's your problem if you're trying to wrap ruby on rails in php
[10:08:18] zly: there's nothing about php in the link you pasted
[10:09:59] zly: if you're trying to install ruby/rails - your link is fine
[10:10:12] zly: if you want to pair it with php, I can't help you
[10:11:58] zly: in this context? not really
[10:12:15] zly: anyway, I'm out
[10:12:16] zly: good luck
[13:51:25] zly: think for a second
[13:51:37] zly: how the if is executed?
[13:51:46] zly: randomly? or from top to bottom?
[13:52:10] zly: from left to right
[13:52:12] zly: it's from middle east
[13:52:36] zly: async way
[14:10:58] zly: shmoon_: there's .rvmrc or .ruby-version in this directory
[14:13:07] zly: fox_mulder_cp: google for: ruby when to use yield
[14:13:28] zly: shmoon_: there's your answer
[14:13:48] zly: fox_mulder_cp: don't search for everything at once
[14:13:57] zly: (even if topics are related :P)
[14:15:07] zly: shmoon_: Of course you can change it
[14:16:00] zly: I doubt that the app itself is using something that was in ruby 2.0.0 and is not in the newer version
[14:17:49] zly: how about you use some googling?
[14:18:39] zly: nah, ruby from source is too mainstream
[14:18:49] zly: use the one from aptitude
[14:19:11] zly: well then
[14:19:16] zly: copy every file from github
[14:19:33] zly: if ruby source is on github
[14:22:23] zly: did you actually read the docs on rvm.io?
[14:22:29] zly: doesn't look like...
[14:22:56] zly: I think you should search for something like: 'rvm install specific version'
[14:24:17] zly: soooooooo what exactly is the problem?
[14:24:54] zly: install what?
[14:25:14] zly: you can use ruby version only for specific project
[14:26:12] zly: if you want to have only one ruby version installed you can always remove the .ruby-version file and it should work fine
[14:27:34] zly: then install ruby 2.0.0 as it's not specified which patch you have to use
[14:28:31] zly: try to guess
[14:30:21] zly: 2.0.0-p481 is 2.0.0
[14:30:35] zly: patch number doesn't actually matter that much
[14:30:58] zly: but if you insist: it's not possible, stick with 1.8.6
[14:31:33] zly: install the ruby 2.0.0 then
[14:31:43] zly: if you don't want to 'change the .ruby-version' file
[14:32:07] zly: you gave him another idea
[14:32:34] zly: then install 2.0.0-p481
[14:33:19] zly: ruby-version is not pointing to different patch
[14:33:26] zly: it just has '2.0.0' in it
[14:33:32] zly: I think that PEBKAC