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#ruby-banned - 11 April 2017

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[22:36:32] Radar: Sorry lagweezle, I didn't read up.
[22:36:38] Radar: The ban's been undone.
[22:36:50] lagweezle: I was reading the https://ruby-community.com/pages/user_rules trying to figure out what I did.
[22:37:00] Radar: lagweezle: I thought it was just another spam link.
[22:37:09] baweaver: random links with not much context look like spam and we can get twitchy
[22:37:10] lagweezle: Makes sense.
[22:37:23] lagweezle: I didn't realize the conversation I was adding to ended an hour and a half ago, either. Heh. >.<
[22:38:07] lagweezle: Er, wait. The ban is undone? Something strange is going on...
[22:39:27] lagweezle: That did indeed work. Thank you!
[22:39:35] lagweezle: has left #ruby-banned: ()
[23:24:52] volty: has joined #ruby-banned
[23:25:03] volty: what's the matter?
[23:25:15] Radar: [09:23:50] <Radar> link or ban
[23:25:20] volty: you are not kids, are you ?
[23:25:22] Radar: I thought my instructions were pretty clear?
[23:25:41] Radar: The ban is gone. I was having some fun :)
[23:25:59] volty: what do you mean? you pose as a discretional commander ?
[23:26:26] Radar: man do I ever love a good high horse when I see one.
[23:27:03] volty: one has to have eyes to see what is big
[23:27:16] Radar: I am sorry to have offended his highness.
[23:27:23] Radar: The ban's gone.
[23:27:26] Radar: Perhaps link to the video next time?
[23:27:45] volty: Yes, if it is not mandatory :)