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#ruby-offtopic - 19 November 2018

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[18:57:36] phaul: exciting draw in the world chess championship today!
[18:57:51] phaul: as opposed to boring draw...
[19:01:04] al2o3-cr: phaul: you some sort of bobby fischer?
[19:05:50] phaul: pretty far from it. but I play chess online every 2-3 days
[19:06:09] phaul: so you could say regularily
[19:06:29] phaul: also havenwood is a player we played once
[19:08:45] phaul: s/regularily/regularly/. it felt strange, but I couldnt put my finger on why.. I left the UK 4 weeks ago and I'm already strugglinh with English :)
[19:09:30] al2o3-cr: phaul: i can't play chess to save my life, i tried and failed.
[19:09:59] baweaver: al2o3-cr: https://medium.com/@baweaver/reducing-enumerable-part-one-the-journey-begins-ddc1d4108490
[19:10:00] baweaver: Turned the talk into blog posts
[19:10:24] al2o3-cr: i got a friend of mine who is shit hot at chess, who tried teaching me and nope...
[19:11:26] al2o3-cr: baweaver: i read it, pretty damn good!
[19:11:59] baweaver: Quite enjoyed writing the Indigo article
[19:12:00] baweaver: Him and Escher Cat are about to save Christmas in a few weeks
[19:12:39] phaul: al2o3-cr: with some practise you could Im sure improve. The thing is it's a scale from 800 - 2800 ELO strength and we are all somewhere on that scale. Don't play games with ppl 200 above you or you will lose for sure. But we can all climb up on that scale with practise
[19:13:02] al2o3-cr: baweaver: i was thinking master of the universe at one point reading it ;)
[19:13:36] baweaver: Indigo is also known to go by the name "Professor When"
[19:13:38] al2o3-cr: phaul: sure i could practice, i think i just make silly moves.
[19:14:26] al2o3-cr: baweaver: why professor when?
[19:14:38] baweaver: Professor -> Doctor
[19:14:42] baweaver: When -> Who
[19:15:08] al2o3-cr: ah, gotcha!
[19:15:36] al2o3-cr: baweaver: very creative ;)
[19:16:07] phaul: silly is relative.. that's my point. You need to find opponents matching your strength. Most chess players have players 1000 points above and 1000 point below them. That's fine. Even grand masters suck big time among the top 10 of the world..
[19:17:19] al2o3-cr: phaul: true, i'll probably give at go again at some point.
[19:19:31] al2o3-cr: it used to infuriate me when losing to the computer on easy.
[19:20:18] al2o3-cr: i was like ahhhhhhrrrrrgggggg, power off now!
[19:20:59] al2o3-cr: otherwise it would of went through the window or somewhere =P
[19:21:26] al2o3-cr: i think i was bit of sore loser.
[19:24:02] al2o3-cr: like snooker think ahead but with chess think into the future!
[19:27:50] phaul: if it's any consolation computers (strongPCs not super computers) these days are about 3400 ELO with strongest humans are about 2800. We all lost