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#ruby-offtopic - 14 December 2015

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[00:20:48] al2o3-cr: ACTION soldiers
[00:21:12] al2o3-cr: ACTION dancing in the air
[00:21:32] Ox0dea: al2o3-cr: What is your condition?
[00:22:21] al2o3-cr: ACTION duids
[00:23:18] al2o3-cr: ACTION red white and blue
[00:24:44] al2o3-cr: where is bembis
[00:27:00] al2o3-cr: ACTION rockin in a bembis world
[00:27:03] jhass: al2o3-cr: don't drink and IRC
[00:29:07] al2o3-cr: sober as a judge bembis
[00:29:18] al2o3-cr: colore in the night
[00:29:32] al2o3-cr: ACTION booms
[00:30:47] jhass: Ox0dea: could you post your favorite reaction pic gif?
[00:35:34] al2o3-cr: ok lads, no swaering
[00:36:12] al2o3-cr: clinically deaddddd
[00:39:26] al2o3-cr: just give me alcohol
[00:42:54] al2o3-cr: ACTION bembis clout
[00:43:15] Ox0dea: jhass: Heh. Sorry, missed my cue on that one.
[00:43:41] al2o3-cr: ACTION where the my spiderss bembis
[00:44:40] Ox0dea: Is this Tourette's?
[00:45:33] jhass: dunno, but I'm close to muting for the night
[00:48:42] pontiki: i bet someone has left their irc connection open
[00:50:56] al2o3-cr: chips and fried ricetwice with a vinyl roof, some gravy
[00:51:38] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[00:53:04] ruboto_: +q al2o3-cr!*@*
[00:53:04] ruboto_: -o ruboto_
[00:53:39] blub: bye al2o3-cr
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[01:12:24] Ox0dea: Something's definitely wrong there. :<
[01:23:45] bithon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[01:24:55] bithon: Ah this feels like home
[01:37:09] Ox0dea: Ohai, bithon!
[01:37:49] jhass: okay, no discussion, time for hangman
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[01:38:22] jhass: DeBot: !hangman gems
[01:38:22] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (gems)
[01:38:30] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????? [e] 1/12 (gems)
[01:38:35] jhass: good start!
[01:39:14] bithon: Hello there Ox0dea ^^
[01:39:23] bithon: How do you do this fine day
[01:39:34] DeBot: ???s????????????????????????????????? [e] 1/12 (gems)
[01:39:51] Ox0dea: Well enough, thanks.
[01:41:25] DeBot: ???s????????????????????????????????? [ea] 2/12 (gems)
[01:41:52] DeBot: ???s????????????????????????????????? [eau] 3/12 (gems)
[01:42:02] jhass: this thing is too vowel less
[01:42:20] DeBot: ???s???o?????????oo???????????? [eau] 3/12 (gems)
[01:42:26] DeBot: ???s???o?????????oo???????????? [eaun] 4/12 (gems)
[01:42:51] DeBot: ???s???o?????????oo???k?????? [eaun] 4/12 (gems)
[01:42:55] DeBot: ???s???o?????????oo???ki??? [eaun] 4/12 (gems)
[01:43:02] DeBot: ???s???o?????????oo???ki??? [eaunb] 5/12 (gems)
[01:43:15] DeBot: ???s???o??????too???kit [eaunb] 5/12 (gems)
[01:43:23] DeBot: ???s???o??????toolkit [eaunb] 5/12 (gems)
[01:43:33] DeBot: ???s???o??????toolkit [eaunb_] 6/12 (gems)
[01:43:36] bithon: now if only my exhausted brain could figure this one out
[01:43:46] DeBot: ???s???o???-toolkit [eaunb_] 6/12 (gems)
[01:44:10] jhass: some abbreviation on front?
[01:44:41] DeBot: ???s???o???-toolkit [eaunb_] 6/12 (gems)
[01:44:45] bithon: oh dang it
[01:44:51] bithon: i alreay tried it
[01:45:04] bithon: I really should just go to bed
[01:45:15] DeBot: ???s???o???-toolkit [eaunb_r] 7/12 (gems)
[01:45:24] DeBot: ???s???o???-toolkit [eaunb_rm] 8/12 (gems)
[01:45:30] DeBot: ???s???oc-toolkit [eaunb_rm] 8/12 (gems)
[01:50:59] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[01:51:08] bithon: Come on men we can do this!
[01:51:25] bithon: (and gals)
[01:53:33] DeBot: ???sdoc-toolkit [eaunb_rm] 8/12 (gems)
[01:53:42] Ox0dea: That'll be a J, then.
[01:53:55] bithon: godo job Ox0dea
[01:54:59] Ox0dea: jhass: $ egrep -v "^[A-Za-z']+$" /usr/share/dict/words-insane
[01:55:02] Ox0dea: What gives?
[01:55:52] Ox0dea: Empty result set is bug.
[01:56:15] Ox0dea: I asked under the assumption you've got package words-insane already installed.
[01:56:33] jhass: I don't even whether I have
[01:56:40] jhass: *even know
[01:57:09] Ox0dea: `echo Gruy??re | grep -v "^[A-Za-z']+$"` works, so I'm guessing the massiveness of the file is what's throwing it off.
[01:57:59] Ox0dea: Ah, well, ag handles it just fine, but it's definitely a bug in grep.
[01:59:44] jhass: probably has something to do with protecting your freedom
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[04:52:30] [k-: Crystal finally has a why crystal thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/3wo7o8/why_crystal/
[05:06:44] A124: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[05:18:51] [k-: wtf, julia has \ operator
[05:19:01] [k-: 5 \ 35 = 7.0
[05:19:11] [k-: 35 / 5 = 7.0
[05:19:29] [k-: probably some currying thing?
[05:27:05] blub: thats gross
[05:27:21] blub: people should just use flip..
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[06:50:00] [k-: DeBot !hangman haskell 2
[06:50:00] DeBot: ???sdoc-toolkit [eaunb_rm] 8/12 (gems)
[06:50:31] [k-: DeBot rpw
[06:50:31] DeBot: ???sdoc-toolkit [eaunb_rmpw] 10/12 (gems)
[06:50:48] [k-: DeBot xcd
[06:50:48] DeBot: ???sdoc-toolkit [eaunb_rmpwx] 11/12 (gems)
[06:51:00] [k-: DeBot f
[06:51:00] DeBot: jsdoc-toolkit [eaunb_rmpwxf] 12/12 (gems) You lost!
[07:44:31] flughafen: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[07:45:17] flughafen: oops, hi [k-
[07:48:16] blub: hi flughafen
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[08:21:03] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[08:21:03] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[08:21:13] flughafen: DeBot: aioue:#_
[08:21:14] DeBot: ???i??????a::???i?????????e???e???e???e???#???e???e??? [ou_] 3/12 (ruby)
[08:21:28] flughafen: DeBot: mctnlrs
[08:21:29] DeBot: Rin???a::Sim???leRene???er#rene??? [ou_ct] 5/12 (ruby)
[08:21:43] DeBot: Rin???a::SimpleRene???er#rene??? [ou_ct] 5/12 (ruby)
[09:36:15] [k-: DeBot: dw flughafen!
[09:36:16] DeBot: Rinda::SimpleRenewer#renew [ou_ct] 5/12 (ruby) You won!
[09:38:09] flughafen: i got starship troopers
[09:38:19] [k-: guten tag?
[09:39:18] [k-: ah a film, lets see, from 1997
[09:44:35] flughafen: no, heinlein book
[09:44:41] [k-: sounds very exciting
[09:44:53] [k-: i just read the imdb :(
[09:45:23] flughafen: why the sad face?
[09:46:02] [k-: my assumption was wrong
[09:46:10] flughafen: what asumption?
[09:46:35] flughafen: that i'm not capable of reading?
[10:11:29] ruboto_: -q al2o3-cr!*@*
[10:11:29] ruboto_: -o ruboto_
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[11:07:45] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[11:07:46] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[11:07:54] flughafen: DeBot: aeiou#:_
[11:07:54] DeBot: ??????::?????????e????????? [aiou#_] 6/12 (ruby)
[11:08:08] flughafen: DeBot: mnstc
[11:08:08] DeBot: ???C::st???ess??? [aiou#_mn] 8/12 (ruby)
[11:08:13] DeBot: ???C::stress??? [aiou#_mn] 8/12 (ruby)
[11:08:21] DefV: DeBot: G!
[11:08:21] DeBot: GC::stress??? [aiou#_mn!] 9/12 (ruby)
[11:08:27] DefV: DeBot: ?
[11:08:27] DeBot: GC::stress??? [aiou#_mn!?] 10/12 (ruby)
[11:08:53] DefV: DeBot: =
[11:08:53] DeBot: GC::stress= [aiou#_mn!?] 10/12 (ruby) You won!
[11:13:52] [k-: al2o3-cr got muted again?
[11:14:11] [k-: no one ever plays haskell hangman :(
[11:18:15] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman #c++
[11:19:30] [k-: how dare you add oil to the fire!
[11:19:41] [k-: add fire to the insult?
[11:19:50] flughafen: jhass: we need c++ stuff
[11:20:00] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman #c
[11:20:14] [k-: DeBot !hangman c
[11:20:14] DeBot: ??????????????? [] 0/12 (c)
[11:20:27] [k-: he'll just tell you to send a pr
[11:20:35] flughafen: DeBot: aoti
[11:20:36] DeBot: ???i???t??? [ao] 2/12 (c)
[11:20:43] [k-: DeBot !hangman list
[11:20:43] DeBot: [k-: The following word lists are available: brainfuck, c, codepoints, coreutils, cpan, crystal, distros, french, gems, german, git, haskell, irssi, java, javascript, nouns, perl, php, pokemon, ruby
[11:21:01] flughafen: ah, that is handy
[11:21:01] [k-: :o javascript
[11:21:13] DeBot: ???i???t??? [aohdw] 5/12 (c)
[11:21:31] DeBot: ???i???t??? [aohdwu] 6/12 (c)
[11:21:59] DeBot: ???i???t??? [aohdwuc] 7/12 (c)
[11:22:12] adaedra: DeBot: ens
[11:22:12] DeBot: ???int??? [aohdwuces] 9/12 (c)
[11:22:13] DeBot: ???int??? [aohdwucesb] 10/12 (c)
[11:22:25] DeBot: ???int??? [aohdwucesbp] 11/12 (c)
[11:22:31] DeBot: ???int??? [aohdwucesbp] 11/12 (c)
[11:22:38] adaedra: ah, already here.
[11:22:38] flughafen: i thought uint too,
[11:23:24] DeBot: rintf [aohdwucesbpy] 12/12 (c) You lost!
[11:23:39] flughafen: ah, round to nearest int
[11:23:45] [k-: DeBot !hangman haskell 2
[11:23:45] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/2 (haskell)
[11:24:18] [k-: ????????
[11:24:25] DeBot: a??????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/2 (haskell)
[11:24:35] flughafen: that's as far as i go
[11:25:11] DeBot: a??????????????????????????????u?????? [] 0/2 (haskell)
[11:25:16] DeBot: a????????????I???????????????u?????? [] 0/2 (haskell)
[11:25:16] jhass: flughafen: submit a PR
[11:25:25] [k-: ha, see!
[11:25:33] DeBot: a????????????I??????e??????u?????? [] 0/2 (haskell)
[11:25:46] flughafen: i dont think there is an o in there
[11:25:55] flughafen: [k-: funnyh
[11:26:05] [k-: haskell uses camel case
[11:26:32] [k-: DeBot tg
[11:26:32] DeBot: a????????????I???te??????u???t [g] 1/2 (haskell)
[11:26:45] [k-: DeBot n
[11:26:45] DeBot: a????????????Inte??????u???t [g] 1/2 (haskell)
[11:26:53] [k-: DeBot rrp
[11:26:53] DeBot: a????????????Interrupt [g] 1/2 (haskell)
[11:27:14] DeBot: a????????????Interrupt [g] 1/2 (haskell)
[11:27:49] [k-: i don't know this one
[11:29:19] flughafen: let's just get this over with
[11:29:25] DeBot: allowInterrupt [gm] 2/2 (haskell) You lost!
[11:29:35] flughafen: ha, that makes sense
[11:29:54] adaedra: DeBot: !hangman javascript 2
[11:29:54] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????? [] 0/2 (javascript)
[11:29:56] [k-: there was an o, you were double wrong!
[11:31:02] [k-: DeBot function
[11:31:02] DeBot: Math.LOG2E [fu] 2/2 (javascript) You lost!
[11:31:17] [k-: ah, i see, so that's how it works
[11:31:33] [k-: i determined what is the type of question!
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[12:03:18] [k-: drptbl: what are you doing that exceeds the SendQ?
[12:04:50] drptbl: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[12:06:21] drptbl: I have no idea, I'm using textual with channel reconnecting when my MAC is back from sleep, so that's probably a cause.
[12:06:27] drptbl: I guess..
[12:09:08] Legit: Probably on big channels and/or a lot of /who requests
[12:30:17] [k-: DeBot !hangman haskell 5
[12:30:17] DeBot: ???????????? [] 0/5 (haskell)
[12:32:49] [k-: yorickpeterse: you bought the Thinkpad X1 Carbon right? Is it niiiiiceeee?
[12:36:29] chipotle: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[12:45:06] yorickpeterse: Besides 3 dead pixels (screen being replaced tomorrow) it's a really nice laptop
[12:45:19] yorickpeterse: works perfect with Linux as well
[12:45:33] [k-: It's light, right?
[12:45:44] yorickpeterse: Yeah, it's like 1 KG or something like that
[12:46:07] yorickpeterse: ~1,3 kg apparently
[12:46:21] [k-: my only issue is that it looks so old :(
[12:46:27] yorickpeterse: actually it looks really slick
[12:46:53] yorickpeterse: it's pretty much a black macbook air
[12:47:26] [k-: :o, that sounds really nice
[12:47:39] [k-: considering the reviews look really good
[12:47:58] [k-: just that the pictures taken may not be at the right angle to show off the laptop
[12:48:13] yorickpeterse: The pictures look a bit off yes
[12:48:36] [k-: is the screen sharp? do you still not use anti-alias?
[12:48:51] yorickpeterse: I have a 14" QHD screen (2560x1440), it's amazing
[12:49:08] yorickpeterse: I switched from Dina to Source Code Pro because the latter looks amazing on QHD
[12:49:14] yorickpeterse: (Dina being a bitmap font looks blurry)
[12:51:37] yorickpeterse: HiDPI in general works pretty well as well
[12:51:44] [k-: glad to hear that it's an enjoyable device
[12:51:45] yorickpeterse: e.g. I'm using Cinnamon which supports it quite well
[12:51:53] [k-: are you using super small fonts still?
[12:51:55] yorickpeterse: though there are some goofy things like screenshots being a tad blurry when you save them
[12:52:41] yorickpeterse: http://downloads.yorickpeterse.com/images/screenshot_2015_12_14_13%3a50.png
[12:52:54] chipotle: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[12:53:06] yorickpeterse: ^ best viewed at 125%
[12:55:08] [k-: yea, it does look blurry
[12:55:47] yorickpeterse: it's something with scaling or w/e, it looks fine for me at 125%
[12:56:12] adaedra: HiDPI and the ridiculously huge screenshots :>
[12:59:28] [k-: :o i zoomed on a little (a little lot) and it looks sharper!
[13:00:08] bithon: DeBot: !hangman gems
[13:00:08] DeBot: ???????????? [] 0/5 (haskell)
[13:00:17] DeBot: ???????????? [a] 1/5 (haskell)
[13:00:17] flughafen: DeBot: aeiourstmnlp
[13:00:17] DeBot: zip7 [aeour] 5/5 (haskell) You lost!
[13:00:32] bithon: what the hell man
[13:00:46] flughafen: i thought their'd be 12 gueses
[13:00:55] flughafen: there would be*
[13:01:10] bithon: DeBot: !hangman gems
[13:01:10] DeBot: ??????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (gems)
[13:01:11] adaedra: flughafen: the numer of guess is setupable. See the 0/5 part.
[13:01:37] [k-: DeBot active-mayhem
[13:01:37] DeBot: ???e???t?????????ie [acv-myh] 7/12 (gems)
[13:01:59] [k-: DeBot n
[13:02:00] DeBot: ???e???t?????????ie [acv-myhn] 8/12 (gems)
[13:02:15] [k-: what could end with an ie
[13:02:45] [k-: DeBot r
[13:02:45] DeBot: re???t?????????ie [acv-myhn] 8/12 (gems)
[13:02:53] flughafen: ratatouille
[13:03:15] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn] 8/12 (gems)
[13:03:46] [k-: DeBot _
[13:03:46] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn_] 9/12 (gems)
[13:04:37] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn_] 9/12 (gems)
[13:04:48] [k-: i am afraid of getting QHD for a laptop though, it probably drains a lot of power :(
[13:05:02] bithon: im the opposite of you
[13:05:08] bithon: i wanna get a super small laptop :d
[13:05:21] [k-: a chromebook?
[13:05:27] bithon: asus x205ta
[13:05:35] bithon: I would just use it to ssh to meh server
[13:05:46] bithon: it has very basic specs
[13:05:58] bithon: but I guess those are enough to just ssh and then the rest of the heavy liften has to be done by the server
[13:06:48] bithon: plus the battery is phenomenal on that thing
[13:06:51] bithon: it can last up to 12 hours
[13:07:27] [k-: why not use a phone?
[13:07:42] [k-: it is possible i think
[13:08:22] bithon: I did use my tablet + keyboard
[13:08:27] bithon: but the setup was a bit awkward
[13:08:59] bithon: plus, this laptop is super light
[13:09:17] bithon: I always have a backpack on my back so it really wouldn't make much of a difference
[13:09:33] bithon: the only thing that I don't like about it is the fact that it's not very well supported linuse-wise
[13:10:27] [k-: are you sure you don't want a chromebook?
[13:11:08] adaedra: ew chromebooks.
[13:12:13] bithon: They don't really sell those where I live, so no.
[13:13:06] [k-: what's wrong with chromebooks :(
[13:13:31] adaedra: I don't stick with the idea of web browser as an OS.
[13:15:06] [k-: i believe chromebooks can support linux
[13:16:49] bithon: well that asus is fine imho
[13:16:59] bithon: like I said Id be sshing to my linux server from where I code anyway
[13:17:08] bithon: as a matter of fact Im ssh'd right now :D
[13:17:14] c355E3B: if thats all your doing a chromebook is fine
[13:17:28] c355E3B: i'm more pissed at the apps that ship thier own webkit
[13:19:25] bithon: They don't sell theme here, like I said.
[13:19:43] bithon: And I don't really want to pay for the shipping when I can also get a cheap laptop that does the job well for me
[13:22:24] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn_g] 10/12 (gems)
[13:22:32] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn_gp] 11/12 (gems)
[13:22:37] DeBot: rest?????????ie [acv-myhn_gp] 11/12 (gems)
[13:22:38] bithon: restfulie
[13:22:47] flughafen: DeBot: restfulie
[13:22:56] DeBot: restf??????ie [acv-myhn_gp] 11/12 (gems)
[13:23:05] DeBot: restfu???ie [acv-myhn_gp] 11/12 (gems)
[13:23:10] DeBot: restfulie [acv-myhn_gp] 11/12 (gems) You won!
[13:23:16] bithon: what the hell O_O :D
[13:23:42] [k-: al2o3-cr: where's yarb :(
[13:24:21] al2o3-cr: It's gone into retirement
[13:25:15] al2o3-cr: Or it's hibernating, one or the other
[13:25:29] adaedra: hibotnating
[13:26:28] bithon: can someobody here
[13:26:33] bithon: tell me if it's safe to do
[13:26:37] bithon: sudo rm -rf /
[13:27:35] adaedra: Well, what do you think?
[13:28:35] [k-: Disclaimer: None of us will be held liable if you lose data
[13:30:00] bithon: Okay enough of that
[13:30:06] bithon: let's do another round of hangman
[13:30:12] bithon: DeBot: !hangman
[13:30:12] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[13:30:27] DeBot: ?????????????????????h?????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[13:30:30] DeBot: ?????????????????????h?????? [a] 1/12 (nouns)
[13:31:21] [k-: DeBot oeui
[13:31:21] DeBot: ???e??????e??????hi??? [aou] 3/12 (nouns)
[13:31:35] [k-: DeBot d
[13:31:35] DeBot: ???e??????e??????hi??? [aoud] 4/12 (nouns)
[13:31:41] [k-: DeBot tg
[13:31:41] DeBot: ???e??????e??????hi??? [aoudtg] 6/12 (nouns)
[13:32:27] DeBot: ???e??????er???hi??? [aoudtg] 6/12 (nouns)
[13:34:41] DeBot: ???e??????ershi??? [aoudtgc] 7/12 (nouns)
[13:34:48] DeBot: ???e??????ership [aoudtgc] 7/12 (nouns)
[13:35:00] flughafen: DeBot: membership
[13:35:00] DeBot: membership [aoudtgc] 7/12 (nouns) You won!
[13:57:42] flughafen: ACTION is the king of hangman providing they are short, very common english words
[13:58:02] flughafen: ACTION flughafens
[14:16:45] c355E3B: Emacs is superman
[14:17:15] bithon: Vim is like a cool intelligent engineer that knows what he's doing and does that really well
[14:17:18] c355E3B: http://c2.com/cgi/wiki?EmacsIsSuperman
[14:17:18] adaedra: Good thing we have machines with gigabytes of RAM now, we can make emacs run.
[14:17:22] bithon: Emacs i like one of those jacks of all trades
[14:17:32] bithon: and clumsy
[14:17:41] bithon: but doesn't specialise in anything in particular
[14:17:47] bithon: I like vim because it's really simple and easy to use
[14:18:06] adaedra: Y'all don't know which editor is truly the best. http://www.gnu.org/fun/jokes/ed-msg.html
[14:18:52] bithon: actually that is pretty good
[14:18:59] bithon: never knew that editor existed lol
[14:19:24] adaedra: You surely have it on your machine, except if you're under Windows.
[14:19:34] c355E3B: http://darkdepths.net/popular-unix-text-editors-how-to-exit-them.html
[14:20:02] bithon: I am on windows
[14:20:11] bithon: ssh'd to linux
[14:20:17] bithon: so basically im on linux
[14:20:32] flughafen: c355e3b: reminds me of taht joke "i'
[14:20:33] bithon: but I like ed
[14:20:44] flughafen: "i've been using vim for 2 years, i still haven't figured out how to exit it"
[14:21:00] bithon: Isn't that joke more appropriate for emacs users :D
[14:21:17] c355E3B: The difference is you can boot to Emacs and get stuff done
[14:21:19] bithon: I mean after all, people tend to have a instance running at all times
[14:21:30] bithon: Oh really
[14:21:36] flughafen: I'm a vim user
[14:21:51] c355E3B: Web browser email text editor shell
[14:21:53] bithon: This is actually pointless
[14:21:57] c355E3B: All built in
[14:22:06] bithon: That's why I'm not a huge fan of emacs
[14:22:11] bithon: I like my tools simple
[14:22:21] bithon: each tool specifically designed to do one thing and one thing only
[14:22:26] c355E3B: And I can understand that
[14:22:27] bithon: vim does that and does it quite well
[14:22:38] adaedra: It's a great idea: instead of doing many tools that do things well, put them all in an editor than can do it all badly.
[14:23:43] bithon: adaedra: hahaha
[14:24:08] bithon: you made me spill my tea
[14:24:42] flughafen: bithon: what email client do you use?
[14:25:05] bithon: I just use the gmail web client thingy
[14:25:35] bithon: I don't really have a GUI environment on my linux
[14:25:38] havenwood: Use the One True Editor.
[14:25:46] ja: hi. how do I write good specs? (????????)
[14:25:46] flughafen: bithon: mutt?
[14:26:06] adaedra: ja: you pay someone to.
[14:26:11] flughafen: i use mostly console apps for stuff minus a web browser because i need one for work.
[14:26:21] flughafen: but weechat for irc, mutt for mail
[14:26:33] ja: adaedra: not bad advice, thanks. but what if I???m broke?
[14:27:39] adaedra: ja: oh, it's a real question? The smiley and -offtopic lead me to think not.
[14:29:46] ja: adaedra: haha, I???m sorry, you???re right, it was pretty unreal. does such a broad question even have an answer?
[14:30:07] adaedra: ja: http://betterspecs.org/
[14:30:33] ja: I guess I???m not supposed to put my test cases in loops, right? ??????? like `[2000, 2015].each do |year|; it "???`
[14:31:17] ja: adaedra: looks cool! Imma read all o??? that. thanks!
[14:31:51] ja: wat, betterspecs.org only works for me if I throw www. in front of it
[14:38:26] flughafen: ja: dns issue
[14:50:07] [k-: there was a site that wouldnt work for me when i didnt have www
[14:50:15] [k-: it was a government site
[14:50:26] mikecmpbll: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[14:52:31] adaedra: iirc, the nsa website does it.
[14:53:15] adaedra: curl -v http://nsa.gov -> 400 Bad Request
[14:53:59] toretore: so it responds to http requests, and just says "no"
[14:54:32] adaedra: In HTTP and HTTPS.
[14:55:33] toretore: yorickpeterse, what wm is that in the screenshot?
[14:55:55] adaedra: I think he said cinnamon.
[15:01:56] al2o3-cr: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[15:01:56] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[15:02:03] al2o3-cr: DeBot: aeiou#:_
[15:02:03] DeBot: ???i???e::???o?????????a????????? [u#_] 3/12 (ruby)
[15:02:30] flughafen: DeBot: mnst
[15:02:30] DeBot: ???i???e::???onstants [u#_m] 4/12 (ruby)
[15:02:34] DeBot: ???i???e::Constants [u#_m] 4/12 (ruby)
[15:02:36] DeBot: File::Constants [u#_m] 4/12 (ruby) You won!
[15:02:43] flughafen: i got 70% of that one
[15:02:46] c355E3B: anyone know of a good starter fpga kit?
[15:03:03] adaedra: Ah, chains by SMS.
[15:04:27] [k-: did yorickpeterse donate the javascript hangman?
[15:05:04] adaedra: you have access to the source, you can see.
[15:05:05] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman javascript 1
[15:05:06] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/1 (javascript)
[15:05:37] chipotle: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[15:05:50] [k-: poor someone who donated the node list
[15:05:55] [k-: jhass didnt even comment!
[15:06:03] [k-: that pr is still open
[15:07:32] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????a?????? [] 0/1 (javascript)
[15:07:36] DeBot: ?????????????????????i??????????????????a?????? [] 0/1 (javascript)
[15:07:40] DeBot: RegExp.ignoreCase [u] 1/1 (javascript) You lost!
[15:10:44] [k-: DeBot !hangman haskell 4
[15:10:44] DeBot: ?????????????????? [] 0/4 (haskell)
[15:10:51] [k-: DeBot a
[15:10:51] DeBot: ?????????????????? [a] 1/4 (haskell)
[15:10:55] [k-: DeBot eo
[15:10:55] DeBot: E?????????e??? [ao] 2/4 (haskell)
[15:11:18] [k-: :O I know this one!
[15:11:23] [k-: someone else try!
[15:11:33] jhass: [k-: I vaguely remember we talked here about issues with it and they got never fixed
[15:12:04] jhass: DeBot: nobody likes haskell, still
[15:12:04] DeBot: Either [aonb] 4/4 (haskell) You lost!
[15:12:18] [k-: who was he? :o
[15:13:08] [k-: DeBot !hangman nouns 26
[15:13:09] DeBot: ???????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[15:13:30] jhass: slash_nick I think?
[15:13:54] [k-: ah, he plays hangman a lot
[16:01:23] kmckelvi1: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[16:04:40] indy_bali: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[16:05:56] bithon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[16:05:57] indy_bali: i want to know if anyone here have a plan to visit bali, indonesia?
[16:06:13] bithon: I do if you're paying :D
[16:06:49] indy_bali: where are you from , bithon ?
[16:06:50] apeiros: been wanting to for a long time now
[16:07:20] indy_bali: the weather and the season good for now
[16:07:44] indy_bali: wow, far from here
[16:07:54] indy_bali: i am from bali, indonesia
[16:08:13] bithon: it even says in your name
[16:08:41] indy_bali: my name says
[16:09:04] indy_bali: what time in serbia now?
[16:10:28] bithon: and that reminds me, I should be studying for upcoming phycs and EE test L:D
[16:10:29] adaedra: Hello CET Friend.
[16:10:44] bithon: Hehe hayyo :D
[16:11:21] indy_bali: or college ?
[16:11:36] indy_bali: it is 00.11 now in bali
[16:11:44] bithon: You should probably go to bed
[16:12:19] bithon: I know I regret the decision of not doing that early yesterday as I'm suffering the terrible consequences of my irresponsible actions
[16:12:29] bithon: (i.e. I'm a dumbass that stayed up till like ~4 am)
[16:12:40] [k-: Reddit?
[16:12:59] bithon: reddit, irc, my server config
[16:13:02] bithon: and all that jazz :D
[16:13:09] bithon: anyhow, anyone here experienced with git ?
[16:13:13] [k-: what is cet?
[16:13:19] bithon: central european time
[16:13:23] bithon: I would assume
[16:13:30] adaedra: you'll have to find a developper channel to find people who know git.
[16:13:31] bithon: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Central_European_Time
[16:13:53] [k-: DeBot !hangman git
[16:13:53] DeBot: ???????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[16:14:02] bithon: DeBot: push
[16:14:02] DeBot: s????????? [puh] 3/12 (nouns)
[16:14:09] [k-: DeBot ail
[16:14:10] DeBot: s????????? [puhail] 6/12 (nouns)
[16:14:17] indy_bali: >>>> learning
[16:14:18] ruboto: indy_bali # => /tmp/execpad-8425c80f75d7/source-8425c80f75d7:2: syntax error, unexpected >> ...check link for more (https://eval.in/484902)
[16:14:22] bithon: DeBot: show
[16:14:23] DeBot: so?????? [puhailw] 7/12 (nouns)
[16:14:31] bithon: oops too many letters lawl
[16:14:33] indy_bali: almost 15 years i leave mirc
[16:14:46] bithon: I prefer weechat and irssii myself
[16:14:49] [k-: DeBot some
[16:14:49] DeBot: so?????? [puhailwme] 9/12 (nouns)
[16:14:50] bithon: terminal power!
[16:14:58] [k-: what is EE?
[16:15:04] bithon: eletrical engineering
[16:15:09] bithon: not exactly the name of the class but it's close enough
[16:15:10] [k-: is it fun?
[16:15:20] bithon: Yeah it's super awesome when you understand the material
[16:15:29] bithon: otherwise it's super furstrating
[16:15:34] bithon: so far so good for me at least
[16:15:39] [k-: what do you do? im semi interested in that course
[16:15:48] bithon: well I'm still a freshman
[16:15:53] bithon: So I'm in a fundamentals of EE atm
[16:15:59] bithon: but I'm enjoying it
[16:16:13] bithon: we are doing lots of physics actually
[16:16:23] bithon: more so than electrical engineering
[16:16:31] bithon: mostly theory atm
[16:16:38] bithon: maxwell's equations and that sort of thing
[16:16:39] [k-: all engineering courses have physics
[16:16:52] bithon: this course in particular has more physics than electrical engineering
[16:17:00] bithon: Like I said
[16:17:02] bithon: I'm still a freshman
[16:17:14] [k-: you must know your basics before you start meddling
[16:17:49] bithon: well I mostly "meddled" with circuits myself so I know quite a bit about it
[16:18:02] [k-: except the physics part!
[16:18:03] bithon: physics was the thing that I was lacking
[16:18:06] bithon: yeah exactly ;D
[16:18:15] bithon: but it's fun
[16:18:24] bithon: if you want to study 10 hours a day it's fun
[16:18:30] [k-: my physics is weaker than my chemistry :(
[16:18:37] bithon: Ugh chemistry
[16:18:40] [k-: physics is like higher order math
[16:18:45] bithon: I hate chemistry with a passion
[16:18:55] bithon: A bit less accurate though :D
[16:19:02] [k-: chemistry isn't that hard if you ignore certain things
[16:19:02] bithon: Mostly approximations and some more approximations
[16:19:11] bithon: Yeah but I suck at it '-_-
[16:19:23] [k-: i once didnt know how did CO bond
[16:19:31] bithon: I mostly excel at math heavy subjects
[16:19:31] [k-: it seemed impossible to me
[16:19:47] bithon: but chemistry, no.. that thang ain't for me :P
[16:19:56] bithon: I would love to actually learn it properly
[16:20:04] [k-: it's like low level memory work
[16:20:04] bithon: but one day, not today, but definitely one day
[16:20:51] hxegon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[16:20:51] [k-: Fe + 2HCl --> FeCl2 + H2!
[16:20:54] bithon: The thing is I need a good material to learn
[16:21:03] bithon: I had some terrible teachers at high school
[16:21:11] bithon: Ironically
[16:21:16] bithon: that same teacher that taught chem
[16:21:18] bithon: also taught physics
[16:21:23] bithon: and he was awesome at physics
[16:21:36] bithon: to make things even more ironic, he worked at some chem lab or something as a researcher xD
[16:21:58] indy_bali: appologize me all my friend here. i think i've to go bed now.
[16:22:17] havenwood: indy_bali: good night
[16:22:24] [k-: my chem teacher said she wanted to teach maths
[16:22:31] indy_bali: if you don't mind pease add my blackerry messenger PIN 5BAE1423
[16:22:35] [k-: because so easy to mark
[16:22:44] indy_bali: good night and thanks a lot
[16:22:53] [k-: good night
[16:23:29] [k-: here in singapore, the ministry assigns the teachers their subjecta
[16:23:33] [k-: subjects*
[16:23:40] [k-: they don't get to choose
[16:23:52] bithon: See ya ;)
[16:24:02] adaedra: And that's how Snape got Potions teaching.
[16:24:05] [k-: (in a sense, they did choose though)
[16:24:16] bithon: oh you're from singapore
[16:24:21] bithon: I was in singapore a few months ago
[16:24:29] bithon: it was awesome :D
[16:25:26] bithon: Gotta give it to you guys, Marina Bay sands sure is impressive looking surf board of a building xD
[16:25:42] [k-: you must support your statement!
[16:26:58] chrisarcand: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[16:27:19] chrisarcand: TIL #ruby-offtopic ??\_(???)_/??
[16:27:34] adaedra: ???( ??? )???
[16:28:30] [k-: why the sudden influx of people :o
[16:28:47] adaedra: You can't keep the channel for yourself, can you?
[16:29:01] [k-: spammers R us
[16:29:11] bithon: OOh this is awesome https://github.com/RichiH/vcsh
[16:29:38] [k-: people used to come to the channel to debate about ?guys2
[16:30:00] bithon: Well we can still debate
[16:30:04] bithon: like what text editor is the best
[16:30:07] bithon: what religion is the best
[16:30:20] bithon: and of course, what flavor of ice cream is the best
[16:30:22] adaedra: You're getting in troubled waters here.
[16:30:23] [k-: you type very very fast
[16:30:37] bithon: yeah I guess
[16:30:43] [k-: are you voice typing?
[16:30:46] bithon: Thatis the point adaedra :D
[16:30:50] bithon: just good ol keyboard
[16:31:11] adaedra: [k-: voice typing is actually slower.
[16:31:47] adaedra: except if you want your sentences to be full of strange words because the system did not under sand you.
[16:32:22] [k-: that's unexpected
[16:32:29] bithon: well yeah
[16:32:36] bithon: I never understood those scifi movies
[16:32:40] bithon: will that mubmo jumbo
[16:32:45] bithon: unnnecesary tech like
[16:32:48] bithon: voice typing and sheet
[16:33:03] adaedra: "Siri, what time is it." "Ok, I'm calling your mother."
[16:33:09] bithon: good damnit, my fingers are really cold. I'm barely able to type :S
[16:33:36] [k-: you type fast and think fast too
[16:33:52] [k-: the hallmark of a mathematician!
[16:34:01] bithon: Naa, it's mostly the the former
[16:34:13] [k-: all those mathematicians that scribble on the blackboard at lightspeed!
[16:34:27] bithon: Not one of them definitely
[16:34:32] bithon: I like to scribble in my notebooks :D
[16:34:37] bithon: I'm selfish like
[16:34:43] bithon: Don't like sharing knowledge with others :D
[16:34:54] bithon: selfish like that*
[16:35:15] bithon: anyhow, does anyone here use tmux ?
[16:35:18] bithon: and if so whats ur tmux conf
[16:35:33] bithon: I'd love to take a look as I'm building new conf for my new server
[16:35:42] [k-: i think and type sequentially
[16:35:48] adaedra: Mine is in /dev/null.
[16:35:48] [k-: i type as i think
[16:35:58] [k-: my thinking is limited by my typing
[16:36:10] [k-: very bounded
[16:36:17] bithon: Ah it all comes with experience
[16:36:21] bithon: it does help that I write code all day
[16:36:36] bithon: all day err day :D
[16:37:26] c355E3B: has anyone read the action-cable code?
[16:37:35] [k-: i think i'll take of my +g now
[16:37:45] [k-: a lot of people want to message me :D
[16:39:46] [k-: what about it?
[16:40:57] bithon: no, but this seems interesting c355e3b
[16:41:06] c355E3B: its scaring me right now
[16:41:45] c355E3B: Its basically trying to be twisted + GIL
[16:42:34] bithon: what is GIL ?
[16:43:06] [k-: global interpreter lock
[16:44:19] havenwood: Unlike a fish, Ruby has a single GIL.
[16:46:26] bithon: I like this channel
[16:46:26] [k-: yorickpeterse: did you ever drop your thinkpad before?
[16:46:40] [k-: i heard it is extremely rugged and able to take a lot of blows
[16:47:33] c355E3B: So it also seems that if you dont have global interpreter lock, this wont work
[16:47:42] c355E3B: grr let me see if rbx is up to date
[16:48:54] [k-: suddenly the dell xps 13 seems inferior
[16:49:08] [k-: but the xps 13 looks nice though
[16:49:42] [k-: also that samsung axiv book 9 plus
[16:50:38] bithon: grr I can't get used to hjkl
[16:50:41] bithon: when using vim
[16:50:45] bithon: it just feels so unnatural
[16:50:50] toretore: just use arrows man
[16:50:57] bithon: does anyone have a solution as to why anyone would want to use those instead of arrows
[16:51:01] bithon: yeah but everyone I meet
[16:51:03] havenwood: it puts the "m" in "vim"
[16:51:09] bithon: uses hjkl
[16:51:12] bithon: it's just peer pressure man :(
[16:51:22] adaedra: Because they're stuck in the last century.
[16:51:26] havenwood: bithon: In that case use emacs!
[16:51:40] bithon: That would be heresy
[16:51:50] bithon: Jks of course
[16:51:59] bithon: but in any case I noticed that i do work faster when using hjkl
[16:52:04] bithon: but the problem is
[16:52:12] bithon: my fingers just naturally gravitate towards the arrow keys
[16:52:24] [k-: years of muscle memory
[16:52:27] [k-: don't sweat it
[16:52:34] adaedra: It's even possible to use the mouse with vim nowadays.
[16:52:58] bithon: rebinding hjkl to wasd would sure throw many vim users off :D
[16:53:02] adaedra: DO you mean zqsd?
[16:53:04] bithon: it would be a good practical joke for the april 1st
[16:53:11] bithon: Even better :D
[16:53:44] bithon: how about we just rotate the arrow keys 45* clockwise
[16:53:56] bithon: saand use
[16:53:59] adaedra: You mean origin and end?
[16:54:10] bithon: wsde perhaps :D ?
[16:55:18] bithon: question: does anyone know how can I perform O but with count
[16:55:29] bithon: so say I do 3O it appends 3 blank lines above my cursor
[16:55:34] bithon: and sets my cursor to that location ?
[16:55:53] adaedra: that's not how O works iirc, let me test
[16:56:16] bithon: It says that in :h
[16:56:20] bithon: but it actually doesnt do it
[16:56:23] bithon: I do like 3O
[16:56:34] bithon: (not thirty)
[16:56:36] adaedra: yeah, if you do a count with O, it will do the action 3 times once you go back in normal mode.
[16:56:58] adaedra: like 3Ohello[Esc] => insert 3 lines with "hello" above.
[16:57:18] chrisarcand: [k-: The influx is from this channel being mentioned in #ruby :)
[16:57:52] bithon: lemme test
[16:58:06] bithon: ho I meant like
[16:58:41] bithon: Is it possible to have [Count]O add [Count] blank lines and allow me to edit from that point without actually duplicating what I wrote [Count] times ?
[16:59:20] bithon: because say I'm editing code and I want to have a blank lines in between a line of code above my cursor and new line of code
[16:59:37] [k-: people sometimes come here from #ruby for bad reasons
[17:00:00] Papierkorb: YAML is 'fun'. Everything is fine as long you stay in ruby land, but if you try to feed the YML to an Erlang tool, like Ejabberd, it blows up. Erlang, or at least the yaml implementation they use, does.not.like.periods in unquoted strings, as that magically invokes code or something insane
[17:00:32] Papierkorb: Then it quits after it printed some cryptic error message which points wherever, but not at the YML file directly
[17:01:42] toretore: a json-compatible subset of yaml would be best
[17:03:06] bithon: [k-: True. Should probably try #vim
[17:03:55] [k-: im not going to #vim
[17:04:04] bithon: no, I mean m
[17:05:07] [k-: i am confused
[17:05:17] [k-: is the two parts of your sentence unrelated?
[17:05:34] [k-: of your reply*
[17:05:38] [k-: of your message*
[17:06:06] bithon: Nevermind
[17:06:16] slash_nick: lol at [k- ... "he plays hangman a lot"... glad to be making a name for myself in the community
[17:06:43] slash_nick: [k-: jhass wanted to combine the node list into the javascript list (instead of having them separate)
[17:07:04] jhass: slash_nick: uh did I? :D
[17:07:07] bithon: DeBot: !hangman food
[17:07:07] DeBot: so?????? [puhailwme] 9/12 (nouns)
[17:07:18] DeBot: so?????? [puhailwme] 9/12 (nouns)
[17:07:21] DeBot: so?????? [puhailwmed] 10/12 (nouns)
[17:07:22] [k-: how dare you suggest such a thing, jhass
[17:07:34] DeBot: so?????? [puhailwmedf] 11/12 (nouns)
[17:07:41] slash_nick: jhass: iirc :)
[17:07:58] [k-: DeBot rt
[17:07:58] DeBot: song [puhailwmedfr] 12/12 (nouns) You lost!
[17:08:46] [k-: it seems that the xps 13 has problems with the touchpad
[17:09:11] bithon: DeBot: !hangman food
[17:09:23] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman list
[17:09:23] DeBot: slash_nick: The following word lists are available: brainfuck, c, codepoints, coreutils, cpan, crystal, distros, french, gems, german, git, haskell, irssi, java, javascript, nouns, perl, php, pokemon, ruby
[17:09:33] [k-: DeBot !hangman git 10
[17:09:34] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????? [] 0/10 (git)
[17:09:43] [k-: hahahahahahah! im so evil
[17:09:47] [k-: no one will get this!
[17:09:54] eam: DeBot: e
[17:09:54] DeBot: ???e???????????????????????? [] 0/10 (git)
[17:10:03] DeBot: ???e?????????-???????????? [] 0/10 (git)
[17:10:03] adaedra: DeBot: aents
[17:10:04] DeBot: ???et??????-???a?????? [ns] 2/10 (git)
[17:10:08] DeBot: fetch-???ac??? [ns] 2/10 (git)
[17:10:11] DeBot: fetch-pack [ns] 2/10 (git) You won!
[17:10:20] adaedra: No one, uh?
[17:10:24] adaedra: DeBot: !hangman pokemon 1
[17:10:25] DeBot: ????????????????????? [] 0/1 (pokemon)
[17:10:32] adaedra: Now we're talking, [k-.
[17:10:35] slash_nick: adaedra: it did take 3
[17:10:53] DeBot: sandile [r] 1/1 (pokemon) You lost!
[17:11:00] slash_nick: ohhh i missed that it was in hard mode
[17:11:07] slash_nick: ACTION shames self
[17:11:10] eam: DeBot: !hangman cpan 1024
[17:11:10] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[17:11:19] eam: can't go over 12 huh
[17:11:30] c355E3B: DeBot: perl
[17:11:30] DeBot: ????????????le?????????????????????????????????r????????????????????????????????????????????????p???????????????per??????????????? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[17:11:38] c355E3B: DeBot: forma
[17:11:39] DeBot: ???oo???le??????A????????????A??????or??????????????????????????????????????????ampa?????????Opera??????o??? [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:11:39] DeBot: ???oo???le??????A???s??????A??????or???s?????????????????????????????????Campa??????nOpera??????on [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:11:41] eam: DeBot: google
[17:11:42] DeBot: Google??????A???s??????A??????or???s?????????????????????????????????Campa???gnOpera??????on [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:11:48] eam: DeBot: :i
[17:11:48] DeBot: Google::A???s::A??????or???s::?????????????????????::CampaignOpera???ion [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:11:51] DeBot: Google::A???s::A??????or???s::?????????????????????::CampaignOperation [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:12:02] DeBot: Google::Ads::Ad???ords::?????????????????????::CampaignOperation [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:12:06] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::?????????????????????::CampaignOperation [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:12:08] eam: DeBot: v
[17:12:09] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::v??????????????????::CampaignOperation [f] 1/12 (cpan)
[17:12:12] eam: it's a number
[17:12:37] eam: DeBot: 01234
[17:13:00] eam: we can't lose
[17:13:05] eam: 0123456789
[17:13:43] [k-: DeBot: 570
[17:13:43] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::v???0???50???::CampaignOperation [f7] 2/12 (cpan)
[17:13:48] eam: DeBot: 1
[17:13:49] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::v???0150???::CampaignOperation [f7] 2/12 (cpan)
[17:13:54] eam: DeBot: 2
[17:13:54] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::v20150???::CampaignOperation [f7] 2/12 (cpan)
[17:13:55] [k-: DeBot 9
[17:13:55] DeBot: Google::Ads::AdWords::v201509::CampaignOperation [f7] 2/12 (cpan) You won!
[17:14:06] bithon: What the hell is that :D
[17:16:08] smathy: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[17:16:20] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[17:16:20] DeBot: ????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[17:16:24] DeBot: ????????? [$] 1/12 (ruby)
[17:16:28] eam: DeBot: epitron
[17:16:28] DeBot: Net [$piro] 5/12 (ruby) You won!
[17:16:41] eam: I hit e-tab
[17:17:00] slash_nick: winner winner
[17:17:40] adaedra: DeBot: !hangman french
[17:17:40] DeBot: ???????????????????????? [] 0/12 (french)
[17:17:48] adaedra: DeBot: aents
[17:17:48] DeBot: ???a??????nets [] 0/12 (french)
[17:19:52] eam: DeBot: cronuts
[17:19:53] DeBot: ca??????nets [rou] 3/12 (french)
[17:20:22] eam: my local supermarket no longer carries cronut knockoffs, it's very sad
[17:20:59] DeBot: ca???inets [rou] 3/12 (french)
[17:22:03] Papierkorb: ha! I found a use for Refinements :D
[17:23:52] eam: DeBot: b
[17:23:52] DeBot: cabinets [rou] 3/12 (french) You won!
[17:24:32] eam: Papierkorb: dare I ask?
[17:25:08] Papierkorb: eam: patch'in Psych to force output "quoted strings" for only a small part of the codebase
[17:25:27] Papierkorb: to be precise: For a rake task producing an ejabberd configuration file out of the platforms config
[17:26:10] Papierkorb: So, a rather .. um .. well a patch I don't want to run with the whole system ;)
[17:35:27] eam: I think anything involving refinements is going to necessarily gross me out
[17:35:33] eam: which isn't to say it's a bad thing
[17:37:25] mikecmpbll: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[17:47:31] lemur: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[17:58:32] lemur: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[18:06:48] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
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[18:22:21] colleenmcguckin: has joined #ruby-offtopic
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[19:03:53] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[19:04:50] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[19:07:48] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman french
[19:07:49] DeBot: ????????????????????? [] 0/12 (french)
[19:07:56] DeBot: ????????????????????? [ef] 2/12 (french)
[19:08:02] DeBot: ????????????????????? [efb] 3/12 (french)
[19:08:24] DeBot: ????????????????????? [efbmi] 5/12 (french)
[19:09:33] [k-: DeBot lederp
[19:09:33] DeBot: d?????????????????? [efbmilrp] 8/12 (french)
[19:09:49] [k-: what kind of french word is this
[19:09:57] [k-: DeBot aeu
[19:09:57] DeBot: d?????????a?????? [efbmilrpu] 9/12 (french)
[19:10:07] [k-: DeBot 'o
[19:10:08] DeBot: do??????a?????? [efbmilrpu'] 10/12 (french)
[19:11:03] DeBot: donnan??? [efbmilrpu'] 10/12 (french)
[19:11:17] DeBot: donnant [efbmilrpu'] 10/12 (french) You won!
[19:13:30] bithon: DeBot: !hangman
[19:13:30] DeBot: ?????????????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[19:13:35] DeBot: ?????????????????? [a] 1/12 (nouns)
[19:13:38] DeBot: ?????????????????? [ai] 2/12 (nouns)
[19:13:45] bithon: ACTION succes
[19:13:49] bithon: ACTION success
[19:13:55] [k-: DeBot not
[19:13:55] DeBot: ????????????o??? [aint] 4/12 (nouns)
[19:14:03] [k-: ^ real success
[19:14:26] [k-: it ain't no success till you land a letter
[19:14:35] [k-: (pun intended)
[19:17:36] slash_nick: DeBot: beacn
[19:17:36] DeBot: e?????????o??? [aintbc] 6/12 (nouns)
[19:19:43] DeBot: e?????????o??? [aintbcrs] 8/12 (nouns)
[19:20:05] [k-: DeBot d
[19:20:05] DeBot: e?????????o??? [aintbcrsd] 9/12 (nouns)
[19:20:15] [k-: DeBot s
[19:20:15] DeBot: e?????????o??? [aintbcrsd] 9/12 (nouns)
[19:20:23] [k-: DeBot l
[19:20:23] DeBot: e??????lo??? [aintbcrsd] 9/12 (nouns)
[19:21:24] DeBot: employ [aintbcrsd] 9/12 (nouns) You won!
[19:21:43] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman
[19:21:43] DeBot: ??????????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[19:21:48] slash_nick: DeBot: sheep
[19:21:48] DeBot: pe??????e [sh] 2/12 (nouns)
[19:21:59] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[19:23:17] DeBot: pea???e [shn] 3/12 (nouns)
[19:25:57] slash_nick: this answer is illusive
[19:26:00] DeBot: peace [shn] 3/12 (nouns) You won!
[19:27:20] mg^: ooh more lists
[19:27:34] mg^: DeBot: !hangman
[19:27:34] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (nouns)
[19:27:40] mg^: DeBot: rstlne
[19:27:40] DeBot: s???t???s?????????t??????n [rle] 3/12 (nouns)
[19:27:46] slash_nick: nouns has (always?) been the default
[19:27:48] smathy: DeBot, aeiou
[19:27:48] DeBot: satis???a???tion [rleu] 4/12 (nouns)
[19:27:52] smathy: DeBot, fc
[19:27:52] DeBot: satisfaction [rleu] 4/12 (nouns) You won!
[19:27:53] mg^: DeBot: fc
[19:28:01] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman nouns 6
[19:28:01] DeBot: ??????????????? [] 0/6 (nouns)
[19:28:03] mg^: I forget what lists it has
[19:28:10] slash_nick: DeBot: vodka
[19:28:10] DeBot: v???????????? [odka] 4/6 (nouns)
[19:28:16] smathy: DeBot, ae
[19:28:16] DeBot: v???????????? [odkae] 5/6 (nouns)
[19:28:20] mg^: DeBot: oice
[19:28:21] DeBot: virus [odkaec] 6/6 (nouns) You lost!
[19:28:46] slash_nick: i can't believe the v was the only one in vodka to match
[19:29:00] smathy: And the right position.
[19:30:57] smathy: DeBot, ruby 6
[19:31:01] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[19:31:01] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[19:31:08] smathy: DeBot, aeiou:#rtn
[19:31:08] DeBot: Net::???TT???U???e???ro?????? [ai#] 3/6 (ruby)
[19:31:18] DeBot: Net::HTTPU???ePro?????? [ai#] 3/6 (ruby)
[19:31:23] DeBot: Net::HTTPUseProxy [ai#] 3/6 (ruby) You won!
[19:31:31] slash_nick: aw missed opportunity
[19:31:41] slash_nick: HTTP u so sexy
[19:49:05] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[19:58:28] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:02:11] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:06:16] colleenmcguckin: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:07:49] hxegon: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[20:07:49] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[20:07:57] hxegon: DeBot, eaios
[20:07:58] DeBot: E?????????e???a??????e??????a???e [ios] 3/6 (ruby)
[20:08:17] DeBot: E???u???e???a??????e??????a???e [ios] 3/6 (ruby)
[20:08:27] hxegon: DeBot, numr
[20:08:27] DeBot: Enumera??????e??????a???e [ios] 3/6 (ruby)
[20:08:38] hxegon: DeBot, t#
[20:08:49] DeBot: Enumerable??????a???e [ios] 3/6 (ruby)
[20:09:06] DeBot: Enumerable#???a???e [ios] 3/6 (ruby)
[20:09:10] hxegon: lucky it didn't register
[20:09:39] DeBot: Enumerable#take [ios] 3/6 (ruby) You won!
[20:12:06] eam: slash_nick: so uh
[20:12:13] eam: I over-engineered the solution to day 10
[20:12:17] eam: I misread the instructions
[20:13:02] eam: I wrote a one-liner with gsub for the first half (40 iters) no problem, then I thought the next step was 50 *more* iterations rather than 50 total
[20:13:12] eam: I thought I needed to calculate 90 iters
[20:13:14] slash_nick: oh lol, that's require some power
[20:13:21] eam: well I solved it for 90 iterations
[20:13:32] eam: it would generate a 300 gig string
[20:13:47] slash_nick: eam: you can just run the result from part a for 10 extra iterations
[20:14:02] eam: 50 times of s.gsub(/(0+|1+|2+|3+|4+|5+|6+|7+|8+|9+)/) { |m| l = m.length; "#{m.length}#{m[0]}" } only takes like a minute
[20:14:04] slash_nick: 300 gig, lol...
[20:14:14] eam: you can't use that approach if you go above say 60 iterations
[20:14:32] eam: anyway I have a solver that works for near arbitrary sizes
[20:14:59] slash_nick: mine couldn't run for 50... although i was using jruby (with default max memory)
[20:15:13] slash_nick: eam: i'd like to see it... i'm not sure if i have mine available on this machine
[20:15:17] colleenmcguckin: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:15:24] eam: lemmie clean it up, here's the basic one:
[20:15:33] slash_nick: nyet, it's at home
[20:15:57] eam: https://gist.github.com/eam/c25e8c95d37de848d724
[20:16:36] eam: 13s runtime for iter=50
[20:16:57] eam: my over-engineered one takes 50ms for 50 iterations
[20:17:27] eam: gonna clean it up a bit then gist it
[20:17:30] slash_nick: eam: i have never used gsub with a block... neato
[20:17:41] slash_nick: eam: damn, that's great
[20:17:55] eam: I can do basically arbitrary lengths of iters, 200 iters also takes 50ms
[20:17:58] eam: and is 1303146595652283070002786 in length ...
[20:19:24] eam: 1.3 yottabytes if I were to attempt to print it ...
[20:19:46] eam: I can't actually print it though because the approach requires giving up ordering within the string
[20:19:56] eam: yeah in ruby
[20:20:08] slash_nick: hmm... ah... so, look-and-say, but, look-and-say-jumbled
[20:20:32] eam: yeah, it calculates the lengths, but obviously never constructs the string
[20:20:41] eam: over-engineered
[20:20:57] slash_nick: eam: you can do a lot of neat things when you say "i dont care about the order"... e.g. https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/current/scan-scroll.html
[20:21:45] eam: yeah, but that's likely due to the sharding impl on the backend
[20:21:52] slash_nick: still sounds difficult to understand, without having the string and doing the subsequent iteration
[20:22:16] eam: slash_nick: I used this approach: http://www.se16.info/js/lands2.htm
[20:22:56] hxegon: eam, isn't that regex the same thing as /(\d+)/ ?
[20:23:03] eam: so instead of storing a string, I'm storing a count of how many of each repetitive sequence
[20:23:10] eam: hxegon: no, \d+ matches 123
[20:23:30] eam: I needed to match repetitions of each unique character
[20:23:55] eam: I could've done it with something like ((\d)\1*) I suppose
[20:24:04] hxegon: eam, so your looking for blocks of the same digits, such as 111 or 22 or 66666666
[20:24:10] eam: but in the interest of clarity and/or speed ...
[20:24:22] eam: hxegon: yeah, have you been doing advent of code?
[20:24:28] eam: it's this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Look-and-say_sequence
[20:24:39] hxegon: eam, no, what is that?
[20:24:44] hxegon: eam, nvm, looking it up
[20:24:54] slash_nick: hxegon: e.g., 111 is said as "three ones", or 31
[20:25:51] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:25:55] eam: the dataset / runtime grows roughly 30% each iteration, so 70 iterations starts pushing boundaries of the machine and 90 would take I dunno, a week and a beefier computer than I have
[20:26:04] eam: unless you use a smarter approach
[20:26:23] eam: I thought this might be where it actually starts getting hard
[20:26:36] hxegon: cool stuff, that web page is lovely
[20:28:23] slash_nick: eam: i'm not convinced it's going to get hard
[20:29:54] slash_nick: i'll still enjoy the hell out of the exercises
[20:30:21] eam: slash_nick: this is my day10 solver that's way overengineered https://gist.github.com/eam/4f80d5ecb0ce36516edc
[20:31:15] slash_nick: you did your homework for it, that's for sure :)
[20:31:44] eam: instead of returning ever-growing strings 30% larger each time it just has to return a hash with 0-92 k/v pairs each loop iteration, and do a couple hundred additions
[20:33:07] slash_nick: eam: i notice there aren't any 4s or 5s... is that some nuance in the solution, or did the input only consist of 1-3?
[20:33:34] eam: yeah, that's a key nuance -- the conway youtube video talks about it a bit
[20:33:57] eam: I just *assumed* that because they linked the video we'd have to use the concepts it presented
[20:34:11] eam: and that it was asking for i=90 instead of a super easy to brute force i=50
[20:34:18] eam: oh well, was fun
[20:34:21] slash_nick: well done :)
[20:47:15] eam: DeBot: !hangman cpan
[20:47:15] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:47:27] DeBot: ??????????????????::???????????????::????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:47:35] eam: DeBot: egads
[20:47:36] DeBot: ???a?????????E::???aDS???::Des???g???a???????????? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:47:57] eam: DeBot: o
[20:47:57] DeBot: ???a???O???E::???aDS???::Des???g???a??????o??? [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:55:01] Fire-Dragon-DoL: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:55:24] eam: DeBot: n
[20:55:24] DeBot: ???a???O???E::???aDS???::Des???gna??????on [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:55:30] eam: DeBot: i
[20:55:30] DeBot: ???a???O???E::???aDS???::Designa???ion [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:55:34] eam: DeBot: t
[20:55:34] DeBot: ???a???O???E::???aDS???::Designation [] 0/12 (cpan)
[20:56:27] colleenmcguckin: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[20:57:56] juddey: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:01:33] DeBot: ???a???O???E::???aDS???::Designation [l] 1/12 (cpan)
[21:01:49] DeBot: ???a???ORE::???aDSR::Designation [lbv] 3/12 (cpan)
[21:02:23] DeBot: ???a???ORE::???aDSR::Designation [lbvf] 4/12 (cpan)
[21:02:33] slash_nick: gobbledy-goop
[21:02:43] slash_nick: DeBot: gobbledygoop
[21:02:43] DeBot: ???a???ORE::???aDSR::Designation [lbvfyp] 6/12 (cpan)
[21:03:31] eam: DeBot: t
[21:03:31] DeBot: ???a???ORE::???aDSR::Designation [lbvfyp] 6/12 (cpan)
[21:03:37] eam: oh right
[21:04:21] djbkd: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:09:38] pwnd_nsfw: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:15:19] DeBot: CaCORE::CaDSR::Designation [lbvfyp] 6/12 (cpan) You won!
[21:18:52] colleenmcguckin: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:22:45] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:28:54] smathy: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[21:51:14] blub: hi bithon
[21:51:47] bithon: Anything cool happened while I was away?
[22:23:04] hxegon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[22:23:14] bithon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[22:31:57] mg^: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[22:31:57] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[22:32:04] mg^: DeBot: rste
[22:32:04] DeBot: ?????????er?????????????????? [st] 2/12 (ruby)
[22:32:08] mg^: DeBot: :
[22:32:08] DeBot: ?????????er?????????????????? [st:] 3/12 (ruby)
[22:32:20] mg^: DeBot: on
[22:32:20] DeBot: N??????er???????????????o [st:] 3/12 (ruby)
[22:32:29] mg^: DeBot: um
[22:33:07] mg^: DeBot: um
[22:33:08] DeBot: Numer????????????uo [st:] 3/12 (ruby)
[22:33:20] mg^: DeBot: ic
[22:33:20] DeBot: Numeric??????uo [st:] 3/12 (ruby)
[22:33:30] mg^: DeBot: #
[22:33:30] DeBot: Numeric#???uo [st:] 3/12 (ruby)
[22:33:35] mg^: DeBot: d
[22:33:53] mg^: DeBot: q
[22:36:14] bithon: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[22:37:03] mg^: DeBot: q
[22:37:04] DeBot: Numeric#quo [st:] 3/12 (ruby) You won!
[22:53:49] baweaver: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[23:18:30] Mon_Ouie: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[23:41:30] al2o3-cr: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[23:49:00] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[23:49:00] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[23:49:11] smathy: DeBot, aeiou:#rtn
[23:49:11] DeBot: ??????i???::In??????ate#?????? [our] 3/6 (ruby)
[23:49:26] smathy: DeBot, GZpfl
[23:49:26] DeBot: Zli???::Inflate#?????? [ourgp] 5/6 (ruby)
[23:49:44] DeBot: Zlib::Inflate#?????? [ourgp] 5/6 (ruby)
[23:50:07] DeBot: Zlib::Inflate#<< [ourgp] 5/6 (ruby) You won!
[23:51:13] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[23:51:13] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[23:51:19] smathy: DeBot, aeiou#:rtn
[23:51:19] DeBot: ???trin???IO#te?????? [au:] 3/6 (ruby)
[23:51:28] jhass: DeBot: sg
[23:51:29] DeBot: StringIO#te?????? [au:] 3/6 (ruby)
[23:51:44] smathy: DeBot, mp
[23:51:44] DeBot: StringIO#te?????? [au:mp] 5/6 (ruby)
[23:51:54] DeBot: StringIO#tell [au:mp] 5/6 (ruby) You won!
[23:54:15] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[23:54:16] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[23:54:26] smathy: DeBot, aeiou#rtn
[23:54:26] DeBot: ???R????????????ront [aeiu#] 5/6 (ruby)
[23:55:50] jhass: array, erb, uri, nope
[23:56:14] hxegon: DeBot, drb?
[23:56:14] DeBot: DRb::front [aeiu#?] 6/6 (ruby) You lost!
[23:56:25] jhass: good job!
[23:56:37] smathy: ? is a valid char
[23:57:00] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[23:57:00] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[23:57:07] smathy: DeBot, aeiou#:rtn
[23:57:07] DeBot: Rin???a::Rin??????in???er#???oo???u??????rin??????an??? [t] 1/6 (ruby)
[23:57:12] jhass: DeBot: dgf
[23:57:12] DeBot: Rinda::RingFinger#???oo???u??????ring???an??? [t] 1/6 (ruby)
[23:57:24] DeBot: Rinda::RingFinger#???oo???u???_ring_an??? [t] 1/6 (ruby)
[23:57:43] smathy: Another lib I've never heard of.
[23:58:42] DeBot: Rinda::RingFinger#???oo???u???_ring_an??? [ts] 2/6 (ruby)
[23:59:17] smathy: DeBot, lkp
[23:59:17] DeBot: Rinda::RingFinger#lookup_ring_an??? [ts] 2/6 (ruby)