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#ruby-offtopic - 23 January 2016

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[00:00:07] smathy: Pfft, lagged ;)
[00:00:22] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils
[00:00:22] DeBot: ???????????? [] 0/12 (coreutils)
[00:00:24] smathy: DeBot, aeiou
[00:00:24] DeBot: ??????i??? [aeou] 4/12 (coreutils)
[00:01:20] smathy: Ooh, good, he's case sensitive.
[00:01:40] smathy: To his name.
[00:01:42] smathy: DeBot, trm
[00:01:42] DeBot: ??????ir [aeoutm] 6/12 (coreutils)
[00:02:23] DeBot: ???dir [aeoutm] 6/12 (coreutils)
[00:02:25] guacamole: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[00:02:50] lucasb: V for Vendetta
[00:03:16] smathy: I don't think I know this command.
[00:03:25] DeBot: vdir [aeoutm] 6/12 (coreutils) You won!
[00:03:35] smathy: Did you cheat again?
[00:03:49] lucasb: no cheat, it was obvious :)
[00:04:50] smathy: Cool, I don't know it - not obvious to me :)
[00:05:02] betafive: it's ls -l, but no shorter?
[00:05:36] betafive: loll what's the point.
[00:10:01] Ox0dea: >> ['ls -l', 'vdir'].map &:size # betafive
[00:10:02] ruby[bot]: Ox0dea: # => [5, 4] (https://eval.in/506613)
[00:10:20] Ox0dea: Never mind that '-' is way the hell over there.
[00:10:27] betafive: sure, but one of them is space
[00:10:46] Papierkorb: on some distros, "alias ll 'ls -l'" is in the default bashrc file
[00:11:56] Ox0dea: Papierkorb: You made me check to see if aliases could be defined without the '='.
[00:12:22] Ox0dea: I hope you're happy.
[00:12:47] Papierkorb: Absolutely I am, thanks for the consideration
[00:13:33] Ox0dea: Oh, by the way, here's a nifty way to grab all your bash aliases from Ruby: `bash -cl 'declare -p BASH_ALIASES'`.scan(/\\[([^\\]]+)\\]=\"([^\"]+)/).to_h`.
[00:13:55] Ox0dea: Still some finicky parsing involved, but perhaps less brittle than parsing .bash_aliases.
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[00:14:44] Ox0dea: Er, none of those backslashes should be doubled, but you get the idea.
[00:26:18] diegoviola: are you guys familiar with codility?
[00:30:53] Ox0dea: Sounds vaguely sexual.
[00:32:22] diegoviola: https://codility.com/
[00:32:27] diegoviola: a company is asking me to go over this
[00:32:39] diegoviola: but it's so difficult, they check for many edge cases
[00:32:47] diegoviola: passing the test is simple
[00:32:59] diegoviola: but they check for af few edge cases
[00:33:03] diegoviola: performance, etc
[00:33:35] diegoviola: I'm not sure how to do well on those :(
[00:51:16] baweaver: we're not going to help on those
[00:51:31] baweaver: anything involving a job interview is between you and them
[00:51:38] baweaver: us helping is cheating
[00:58:24] diegoviola: my point is, it's not just enough to know ruby to pass such tests
[01:01:30] diegoviola: how do I get better at solving those puzzles, that's my question
[01:01:43] arthropododo: is the time span for those tests very small?
[01:03:32] diegoviola: 30 minutes for each test I believe
[01:05:21] diegoviola: I don't have a strong background math or anything
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[01:11:02] arthropododo: have you ever checked out project euler? maybe it can help you train puzzle solving
[01:12:23] diegoviola: I haven't but people have said I should play sokoban more
[01:12:36] diegoviola: sure, like that will help
[01:14:34] arthropododo: i think project euler is nice due to the great variety of problems
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[02:05:09] mg^: alright. got my (He)?XChat MRuby working, succesfully register plugin, DSL works, unregister works, command register works, command callback works, args work, no core dumps.
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[02:17:15] eam: ruby in xchat?
[02:37:43] diegoviola: how do you plan to script hexchat:
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[15:42:35] IronD: I know there has to be a simple solution for this: I have someone that wants to take a group of 100+ people and help them network. He mentioned wanting to take their phone numbers and having a way so that the following could be done:
[15:42:56] IronD: 1. Each number would be matched with every number on the list at least once
[15:43:02] IronD: 2. numbers would not repeat
[15:43:14] IronD: repeat match*
[15:43:40] IronD: 3. The method would automatically inform the matched individuals of the others information
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[15:45:30] IronD: 4. The matching would happen once a week over x period of time
[15:46:07] IronD: Any solutions out there that anyone might know of. I am not 100% on how to phrase this for Google to lead me in the right direction
[15:46:14] apeiros: >> [1,2,3].combination(2).to_a
[15:46:15] ruby[bot]: apeiros: # => [[1, 2], [1, 3], [2, 3]] (https://eval.in/506905)
[15:46:31] apeiros: that's for how to list all pairings
[15:46:38] IronD: ?*oh sorry sorry
[15:47:22] IronD: I did not mean a ruby method but I guess I might as well think down those lines at this stage
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[17:32:32] Papierkorb: #ruby goes META
[17:34:21] lucasb: what does it mean when someone says words have meanings?
[17:34:35] lucasb: I don't... I don't understand
[17:43:01] lucasb: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[17:43:01] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[17:43:12] DeBot: ????????????????????????a?????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
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[17:44:39] DeBot: ????????????????????????a?????? [b] 1/12 (ruby)
[17:46:57] lucasb: DeBot: er#
[17:46:57] DeBot: ???e?????????r#ea?????? [b] 1/12 (ruby)
[17:47:44] lucasb: DeBot: Vector#each
[17:47:44] DeBot: Vector#each [b] 1/12 (ruby) You won!
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[18:24:33] ccooke: !hangman ruby
[18:24:43] ccooke: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[18:24:43] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:24:53] DeBot: ???e????????????????????????e????????????e??????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:24:56] DeBot: ???et????????????T??????e????????????e??????t??????tt?????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:24:59] DeBot: ???et????????????T??????e???a??????e??????ta???tt?????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:25:57] ccooke: Not doing well :-)
[18:26:17] DeBot: ???et????????????T???#e???a??????e??????ta???tt?????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:26:30] DeBot: Net????????????T???#ena??????e??????ta???tt?????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:26:35] centrx: DeBot, bl
[18:26:35] DeBot: Net????????????T???#enable??????ta???ttl??? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:26:36] DeBot: Net?????????MT???#enable??????ta???ttl??? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:26:46] DeBot: Net?????????MT???#enable_???ta???ttl??? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:27:12] DeBot: Net??????SMT???#enable_sta???ttls [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:27:21] centrx: DeBot, r:P
[18:27:21] DeBot: Net??????SMT???#enable_starttls [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:27:26] centrx: DeBot, r:P
[18:27:29] centrx: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:28:03] centrx: /ragequit
[18:28:22] ccooke: centrx: you're using a comma.
[18:28:36] centrx: it still works
[18:28:39] centrx: it's rate limited
[18:28:56] ccooke: rate limiting without some message is not a good plan
[18:29:14] DeBot: Net::SMT???#enable_starttls [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:29:18] ccooke: go on :-)
[18:30:09] DeBot: Net::SMTP#enable_starttls [] 0/12 (ruby) You won!
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[20:21:34] atmosx: aloha ppl
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[21:49:23] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman crystal
[21:49:23] DeBot: ??????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (crystal)
[21:49:29] DeBot: ?????????e????????????k [] 0/12 (crystal)
[21:49:34] DeBot: ?????????e????????????k [r] 1/12 (crystal)
[21:49:47] slash_nick: DeBot: rhchilipeppers
[21:49:47] DeBot: ???ile???li???k [rhcps] 5/12 (crystal)
[21:51:42] adaedra: DeBot: F#n
[21:51:42] DeBot: File???link [rhcps#] 6/12 (crystal)
[21:51:45] DeBot: File.link [rhcps#] 6/12 (crystal) You won!
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[21:55:50] diegoviola: do you guys know about Big O notation and things like that?
[21:56:26] diegoviola: I tried some codility tests yesterday and failed horribly
[21:56:56] diegoviola: the company I tried to apply for uses codility.com as their filtering
[21:57:30] diegoviola: I don't know if it's worth to study 6 months these concepts and get good with mathematics, or is it going to end up being a waste of time?
[21:58:40] diegoviola: the exercises were way over my head
[22:00:22] baweaver: https://www.khanacademy.org/computing/computer-science/algorithms
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[22:05:00] diegoviola: I have practical skills, I don't have a strong CS or math background
[22:05:36] baweaver: Run through a few math courses on there too.
[22:06:03] baweaver: Linear and Statistics
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[22:29:53] ccooke: Even on its own, big o notation and the ideas behind it are incredibly useful
[22:30:27] ccooke: and the concept itself can be learned in a few minutes
[22:33:09] diegoviola: I'll do some reading
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