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#ruby-offtopic - 29 January 2016

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[00:11:13] eam: the best project management system I've ever used was yahoo's fork of bugzilla
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[04:10:49] Abrin: Woah! You can use a hash in your init method so you can extact your arguments from the hash? My tiny mind is now blown.
[04:11:06] Abrin: I realize I know such little about the language that it is easy to do....but still. :)
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[06:02:40] nofxx: craysiii, gitlab
[06:03:36] nofxx: Abrin, yup.. also check out struct and openstruct... always come in handy
[06:04:47] Abrin: I'll make a mental note for sure!
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[07:55:47] flughafen: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[07:55:47] DeBot: ???????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[07:55:55] flughafen: DeBot: aioue#:_
[07:55:55] DeBot: ???i??????u???#??? [aoe:_] 5/12 (ruby)
[07:56:07] flughafen: DeBot: rstnlp
[07:56:07] DeBot: ???i???nu???#??? [aoe:_rstlp] 10/12 (ruby)
[07:56:14] DeBot: ???i???num#??? [aoe:_rstlp] 10/12 (ruby)
[07:57:30] flughafen: DeBot: DeBot gf
[07:57:30] DeBot: Fixnum#/ [aoe:_rstlpdb] 12/12 (ruby) You lost!
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[12:57:08] flughafen: jhass: ping
[12:58:27] flughafen: jhass: in capybara , when you do a "within" can i print just that html it sees from the within, not a whole page.body
[12:59:06] jhass: current_scope or something
[13:01:09] flughafen: let's test it out
[13:07:50] flughafen: can i print out just the html....
[13:08:29] jhass: flughafen: I usually throw a binding.pry in there and look around
[13:09:27] flughafen: jhass: do you ever have issues where a button/element that should be found isn't being found?
[13:10:05] jhass: I have issues where it's sometimes found
[13:12:10] flughafen: i've tested a selector in chrome, which usually works, but for some reason it just wont find the button. but sometimes i've found, I've had to narrow the scope -> within to find a unique element in the html
[13:12:58] jhass: note it does a "is the element visible to the user" check
[13:13:11] flughafen: jhass: if i look at the page it is visable
[13:13:39] jhass: sometimes it might think it's invisible, for example if there's a transparent element over it or something
[13:13:52] jhass: this is incredibly hard to suggest things for without hands on
[13:14:49] flughafen: jhass: i understand
[13:15:01] flughafen: i'll try it with a invisiable thing
[13:15:25] jhass: note that visible: false actually is a bug in your app 90% of the time
[13:16:19] flughafen: there are no visable attributes in the code at all on the page.
[13:17:56] flughafen: oh what the heck...
[13:18:00] flughafen: seriously...
[13:18:25] flughafen: click_button("foobar") didn't work, but find("foobar").click worked
[13:22:52] jhass: "Finds a button on the page and clicks it. This can be any <input> element of type submit, reset, image, button or it can be a <button> element. All buttons can be found by their id, value, or title. <button> elements can also be found by their text content, and image <input> elements by their alt attribute"
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[16:30:46] Abrin: morning, #ruby-offtopic
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[17:52:37] eam: good morning
[17:55:18] slash_nick: g'mornin' Abrin adam12 eam
[18:04:48] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[18:04:48] DeBot: ??????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[18:04:53] smathy: DeBot, aeiou#:rtn
[18:04:53] DeBot: ???a???o???ian#???a???o???ian [eu:rt] 5/6 (ruby)
[18:07:07] DeBot: Jacobian#jacobian [eu:rtl] 6/6 (ruby) You lost!
[18:07:54] smathy: I came out of the gate too strong.
[18:07:57] smathy: DeBot, !hangman ruby 6
[18:07:57] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (ruby)
[18:08:02] smathy: DeBot, ae#:
[18:08:02] DeBot: ?????????????????????#e???a??? [:] 1/6 (ruby)
[18:08:06] DeBot: ?????????????????????#eval [:] 1/6 (ruby)
[18:08:12] DeBot: ?????????????????????#eval [:k] 2/6 (ruby)
[18:08:16] Ox0dea: DeBot: binding
[18:08:16] DeBot: Binding#eval [:k] 2/6 (ruby) You won!
[18:08:23] smathy: Nice one.
[18:08:28] Ox0dea: >> :foo.to_proc.binding # I had this on the brain.
[18:08:30] ruby[bot]: Ox0dea: # => /tmp/execpad-552b4cedf78b/source-552b4cedf78b:2: [BUG] Segmentation fault at 0xb01116 ...check link for more (https://eval.in/509890)
[18:09:32] eam: that's a new one
[18:09:52] eam: don't see a crash in 2.2
[18:10:10] eam: today I learned I'll be doing mostly python instead of ruby
[18:10:58] eam: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[18:10:58] DeBot: ????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[18:11:01] eam: DeBot: e
[18:11:01] DeBot: ????????? [e] 1/12 (ruby)
[18:11:05] eam: DeBot: =
[18:11:05] DeBot: ????????? [e=] 2/12 (ruby)
[18:11:44] DeBot: $?????? [e=] 2/12 (ruby)
[18:11:49] eam: DeBot: -
[18:11:49] DeBot: $-??? [e=] 2/12 (ruby)
[18:11:53] DeBot: $-??? [e=^] 3/12 (ruby)
[18:12:00] eam: ^ would be perl
[18:12:12] eam: ruby's so much more progressive with the -
[18:12:31] smathy: I don't use any of them in Ruby, out of touch.
[18:12:41] eam: I'm not sure this is solvable
[18:12:49] DeBot: $-??? [e=^_] 4/12 (ruby)
[18:12:54] eam: I think there are more than 9 letters possible
[18:13:05] Ox0dea: It could've been _.
[18:13:14] DeBot: $-??? [e=^_0] 5/12 (ruby)
[18:13:32] Ox0dea: Oh, never mind. $-_ isn't a thing, it's just valid.
[18:13:39] eam: DeBot: w0
[18:13:39] DeBot: $-w [e=^_0] 5/12 (ruby) You won!
[18:16:58] Ox0dea: >> (?a..?z).select { |c| eval "defined? $-#{c}" }
[18:16:59] ruby[bot]: Ox0dea: # => ["a", "d", "i", "l", "p", "v", "w"] (https://eval.in/509891)
[18:17:53] eam: >> global_variables.grep /^\$-/
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[18:17:55] ruby[bot]: eam: # => [:$-F, :$-K, :$-0, :$-i, :$-I, :$-v, :$-w, :$-W, :$-d, :$-p, :$-l, :$-a] (https://eval.in/509892)
[18:18:24] Ox0dea: What's $-i?
[18:19:07] eam: looks like support data for ruby -i
[18:19:25] eam: ruby -ifoo -e'puts $-i'
[18:20:25] eam: and $-w is $VERBOSE aka support var for -w
[18:20:37] eam: holdover from perl warnings
[18:23:15] smathy: I wonder what Ruby warns you about.
[18:24:02] eam: ruby -we'puts $silly'
[18:24:34] eam: rb_warning() has a lot of fun stuff
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[19:43:31] eam: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[19:43:32] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[19:43:37] eam: DeBot: :neopets
[19:43:37] DeBot: ???on???to???????????????n::???on??????t???on?????????????????????e????????????t [ps] 2/12 (ruby)
[19:44:07] lucasb: DeBot: asimo robot
[19:44:07] DeBot: MonitorMi???in::???on???ition???ariab???e??????ait [ps ] 3/12 (ruby)
[19:44:22] eam: DeBot: x
[19:44:22] DeBot: MonitorMixin::???on???ition???ariab???e??????ait [ps ] 3/12 (ruby)
[19:44:26] Ox0dea: DeBot: cdvl
[19:44:26] DeBot: MonitorMixin::ConditionVariable??????ait [ps ] 3/12 (ruby)
[19:44:30] Ox0dea: DeBot: #w
[19:44:30] DeBot: MonitorMixin::ConditionVariable#wait [ps ] 3/12 (ruby) You won!
[19:45:15] Ox0dea: That one has all the Roman numerals. :)
[19:45:20] eam: speaking of robots I saw something somewhere about the threat of robot automation being greater for rank and file work vs tech in terms of replacing jobs
[19:45:29] eam: and I could only think how silly that was
[19:45:52] eam: robots probably replace more jobs in tech than in any other field -- it's just that we're growing even faster in terms of new areas of work
[19:46:13] eam: all I do all day long is basically create automation to replace humans
[19:46:27] havenwood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1BdQcJ2ZYY
[19:47:12] eam: it's just that there's such an impossibly large amount of work needing to be done that no one's upset now that a robot runs regression tests automatically (for example)
[19:47:24] eam: or that a robot type checks all the variables and logic in my program
[19:47:35] eam: that shit used to be manual!
[19:47:49] Ox0dea: Binary solo!
[19:48:52] smathy: eam, "it's just that we're growing even faster in terms of new areas of work" - like robotics ;)
[19:49:13] Ox0dea: eam: The script reads "One machine repairs another": http://www.ccelian.com/graphics/manual/Image1.jpg
[19:49:56] smathy: eam, I think you're wrong that it will replace more jobs in tech, because by their nature tech people and jobs evolve.
[19:50:13] eam: well what I'm saying is it already has
[19:50:19] eam: and that we grow new jobs on top
[19:50:29] eam: so I agree :)
[19:50:48] eam: the article was saying "tech doesn't replace jobs in tech as much"
[19:51:00] eam: and that's way untrue -- we actually have far more work being automated
[19:51:33] lucasb: Ox0dea: for a second, I thought that was an image from a charlie chaplin movie
[19:52:24] Ox0dea: eam: The advent of testing didn't obsolesce programmers.
[19:52:55] Ox0dea: A machine that makes perfect <foo> does obsolesce the <foo>makers.
[19:53:46] eam: it obsoleted certain classes and types of work
[19:53:56] smathy: eam, yeah I get what you're saying, and I agree, just that articles about threats to jobs is more about threats to net jobs in an industry, not specific jobs that will be replaced by other jobs as in IT. I really do understand the perspective of those that feel threatened by automation.
[19:54:28] eam: just like calculators obsoleted entire classes and scopes of work in accounting
[19:55:02] eam: the article's really saying "people in this industry can't adapt to the new form of their jobs"
[19:55:12] eam: due to lack of a flexible skillset
[19:55:32] eam: and software eats the world
[19:57:07] Ox0dea: http://i.imgur.com/LxzmZtE.jpg
[20:00:14] smathy: Stupid cat.
[20:00:33] smathy: eam, yeah, totally agree there.
[20:01:52] smathy: We are really only just evolving from a society where that was a systemically reinforced meme. Our state-controlled education systems are still really back in that era.
[20:03:09] Papierkorb: In my county, a few schools are now trying to give pupils school reports without grades. Not sure what to think about that, but we'll see how that turns out
[20:04:06] Ox0dea: Ah, the gold star standard.
[20:05:14] smathy: Papierkorb, my kids were in Montessori back in Australia, they never grade kids.
[20:05:46] Papierkorb: smathy: how is determined if someone goes to highschool or not, or is it completely up to the kids/parents?
[20:06:18] smathy: Not the kids, but teachers/parents. Kids are evaluated through observation (by teachers/parents) not through examination/grading.
[20:06:39] Papierkorb: Feels quite subjective
[20:08:10] smathy: You think that's different from a teacher grading an essay or other non-trivial work?
[20:08:35] Papierkorb: not really. It's just so different. OTOH, I think grades do suck.
[20:08:52] Papierkorb: "Oh, you're not good in math but are completely fine in everything else? Feel bad!"
[20:09:02] smathy: Another aspect is that most of the work is project-driven, so it's actually very obvious if they've not achieved a certain level in certain things because their project doesn't work.
[20:10:09] smathy: Yeah, there are less obvious problems as well, kids these days just work to the exam. Even their teachers teach that. They don't really explore the area at all because they're so focused on the grade. It incentivizes the wrong thing.
[20:10:57] Papierkorb: Yep, I always learnt for the teacher, because that's how the system works
[20:11:32] Papierkorb: learned* (I guess)
[20:12:05] smathy: Yeah, so with Montessori the kids learn what they need to in order to complete the project. The project is usually something they've selected themselves, with teacher (or actually, they call them facilitators) input. It's basically like a real world job or task, but with a facilitator there to help you if you get stuck. They're very enrolled in the outcome.
[20:12:19] smathy: ...and they either learn whatever they need to, or they find a classmate to help them.
[20:12:54] Papierkorb: Sounds reasonable
[20:19:59] eam: performance in the real world is entirely subjective as well so
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[20:20:22] eam: (in an employment context -- you've gotta work for yourself if you want to benefit from the objectivity of capitalism)
[20:22:42] smathy: eam, you just replace the subjectivity of your boss with the subjectivity of your clients or market.
[20:23:32] eam: right but the objective angle is how well you address it
[20:23:55] eam: your product either succeeds or fails -- the subjective demand objectively exists ;)
[20:24:35] eam: in an employment context you're at the mercy of the subjective opinion of your management, which may differ from the actual success of your work
[20:25:02] eam: which is why manager shopping is so important
[20:26:18] smathy: eam, I'd say that the "success of your work" just exists in a different context. Instead of the subjective view of the client/marketplace, it's the subjective view of your manager. The objective nature is the same in both though, please your buyer and you win.
[20:26:25] smathy: ...from a capitalism perspective.
[20:26:57] smathy: ...and yes, just like a business with just one client, an employee with just one manager is in a high risk situation because they have a single source of revenue.
[20:27:25] smathy: (and an employee with more than one manager is REALLY fucked ;)
[20:27:53] eam: sure, though it's a bit different working to please a particular org vs a market
[20:28:55] eam: but to the original point, understanding how to please a system is a much more valuable skill to learn in school as opposed to learning how to perform some kind of task in isolation
[20:30:14] smathy: Yep. I think the thing I liked most about Montessori was that it encouraged cooperation (rather than labelling it "cheating" as our exam-fixated mainstream system does).
[20:30:51] eam: we take a similar angle on interviews - we do pairing where you work together with one of our engineers at real computers instead of whiteboard coding
[20:30:52] smathy: ...a skill which took me at least 20 years after school to truly master.
[20:31:26] eam: I really don't care if you're good at reciting code from memory. I'd rather see you function with google, real world tools, and coworkers
[20:31:34] smathy: Yeah, I used to have people work a half day within the team, on a real problem.
[20:31:56] Papierkorb: smathy: I hate that so much. In the real world, you'll either have a coworker to ask, or Google at your disposal.
[20:32:26] eam: what's really fun is interviewing managers and seeing how well they task me in solving a problem ;)
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[20:33:34] Papierkorb: at my last job managers and up were, if they passed the first interview, invited to a beer in the evening. If the person has decent skills, but is personally lacking, then sucks to be that person.
[20:33:55] smathy: Papierkorb, exactly. For me it was much worse than that though, I genuinely spent 20 years really believing that I needed to strengthen all my weaknesses, and that in order to run a business I needed to be able to do everyone's job myself. In my mind, hiring people to do those jobs was more about expediency than the natural cooperation of people with different skillsets.
[20:33:59] smathy: It was very ingrained.
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[20:34:27] smathy: Papierkorb, yeah, we'd generally try to do our half days on a Friday so they'd stay for drinks and pizza afterwards.
[20:34:39] Papierkorb: Pizza? Where do I sign up?
[20:34:43] smathy: eam, I've never hired a manager.
[20:35:06] eam: outside of every time you've agreed to work for one, of course ;)
[20:35:15] smathy: Papierkorb, I'm not working there anymore :) My new company is entirely distributed, so no pizza anymore :(
[20:35:26] smathy: eam, heh, yeah, good point.
[20:35:58] eam: I'm not management track so I've never hired one, but I've interviewed plenty for my products
[20:35:59] smathy: eam, although thinking back, I've mostly (always that I can remember) worked for active leaders, rather than dedicated managers.
[20:36:11] smathy: Ie. a team leader who also coded.
[20:37:56] smathy: My most recent gig before this one I worked for a manager, two really, a product manager and a semi-tech manager who didn't do much coding anymore. I left that in November because it was unbearable working in that situation ;)
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[22:08:31] slash_nick: DeBot: !hangman ruby
[22:08:31] DeBot: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/12 (ruby)
[22:08:35] slash_nick: DeBot: friday!
[22:08:35] DeBot: ????????????r???a????????????add???????????????r??????r [fiy!] 4/12 (ruby)
[22:08:55] slash_nick: DeBot: gohome!
[22:08:55] DeBot: O??????er???a??????e???add???o??????er???er [fiy!ghm] 7/12 (ruby)
[22:09:13] DeBot: Observable???add???observer [fiy!ghm] 7/12 (ruby)
[22:09:43] DeBot: Observable#add_observer [fiy!ghm] 7/12 (ruby) You won!
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[22:24:41] slash_nick: Ox0dea: what's sugalt?
[22:41:26] slash_nick: http://voxelcss.com/
[22:45:40] smathy: Well, I made my own damn CSS 3D thing: http://ws.amco.me/
[22:50:26] Ox0dea: slash_nick: Sugar and salt made a baby.
[22:51:07] Ox0dea: I reckon that "two blocks" syntax is bittersweet. :P
[22:51:51] Ox0dea: I don't think English has a word for what "three blocks" does for me: https://eval.in/510015
[22:52:18] Ox0dea: "Knicker-creamingly awesome" just about fits, but that's two words.
[22:55:03] Ox0dea: smathy: The hard lines make the faces look "dented"; ??es que intencional?
[22:55:38] smathy: Yeah, the lines on the faces do, nothing I could do about that - that's the logo ;)
[22:57:10] smathy: The prisms on the faces are actually meant to look like (represent?) beams of light. I tried (but failed) to make actual light beams emanating from the cube as it rotated.
[22:57:35] smathy: My mad skillz didn't extend that far - in the time alloted :)
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[23:26:59] mg^2: !hangman coreutils
[23:27:06] mg^2: DeBot, !hangman coreutils
[23:27:06] DeBot: ?????? [] 0/12 (coreutils)
[23:27:12] mg^2: DeBot, ls
[23:27:12] DeBot: s??? [l] 1/12 (coreutils)
[23:27:19] mg^2: DeBot, u
[23:27:19] DeBot: su [l] 1/12 (coreutils) You won!
[23:27:31] mg^2: not yet :-)
[23:31:22] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:31:23] DeBot: ?????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:31:28] DeBot: ?????? [s] 1/6 (coreutils)
[23:31:31] DeBot: ?????? [sr] 2/6 (coreutils)
[23:31:38] mg^2: DeBot, mv
[23:31:38] DeBot: ?????? [srmv] 4/6 (coreutils)
[23:32:01] DeBot: dd [srmv] 4/6 (coreutils) You won!
[23:32:31] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:32:31] DeBot: ??????????????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:32:48] mg^2: DeBot, m
[23:32:48] DeBot: ????????????m [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:32:57] mg^2: DeBot, cksu
[23:32:57] DeBot: cksum [] 0/6 (coreutils) You won!
[23:33:03] smathy: Oh, nice.
[23:33:10] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:33:10] DeBot: ?????????????????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:33:17] DeBot: ?????????????????? [s] 1/6 (coreutils)
[23:33:26] smathy: DeBot, rn
[23:33:26] DeBot: ???r??????n??? [s] 1/6 (coreutils)
[23:33:30] mg^2: not really
[23:33:33] smathy: DeBot, printf
[23:33:33] DeBot: ???rpin??? [stf] 3/6 (coreutils)
[23:33:53] smathy: Oh, two between r and n :)
[23:33:56] mg^2: sqlite> select * from words where length = 5 and word like "%m";
[23:33:57] mg^2: 5|24835|2147458812|cksum
[23:34:07] smathy: Oh no, another cheater.
[23:34:28] mg^2: Nah, it's educational
[23:34:43] mg^2: Yes, I'm writing a hangman cheating plugin for HexChat
[23:34:50] mg^2: no, I don't plan on using it once it's done
[23:35:04] mg^2: I figured it'd be a good test for my MRuby plugin for HexChat though
[23:35:53] DeBot: ???rping [stf] 3/6 (coreutils)
[23:35:57] DeBot: arping [stf] 3/6 (coreutils) You won!
[23:36:04] mg^2: and I wanted to see if I could do it efficiently
[23:36:13] smathy: mg^2, I see.
[23:36:16] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:36:16] DeBot: ??????????????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:36:21] smathy: DeBot, sri
[23:36:22] DeBot: ??????????????? [sri] 3/6 (coreutils)
[23:36:38] smathy: DeBot, ae
[23:36:38] DeBot: ??????????????? [sriae] 5/6 (coreutils)
[23:36:51] mg^2: I only plan on wordlist from coreutils
[23:37:00] Ox0dea: mg^2: Mine just uses #select! to pare the list down as more letters come in.
[23:37:03] mg^2: DeBot, t
[23:37:03] DeBot: t???????????? [sriae] 5/6 (coreutils)
[23:37:08] Ox0dea: Shame about #grep! not being a thing.
[23:37:23] DeBot: touch [sriaep] 6/6 (coreutils) You lost!
[23:37:45] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:37:45] DeBot: ?????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:37:50] Ox0dea: DeBot: cat
[23:37:51] DeBot: ?????? [cat] 3/6 (coreutils)
[23:37:52] smathy: DeBot, dsl
[23:37:52] DeBot: ???d [catsl] 5/6 (coreutils)
[23:37:55] DeBot: od [catslf] 6/6 (coreutils) You lost!
[23:38:19] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:38:19] DeBot: ??????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:38:26] Ox0dea: DeBot: est
[23:38:26] DeBot: s???????????????s?????? [et] 2/6 (coreutils)
[23:38:29] mg^2: 5|24835|2147458812|cksum length|characters it has (of 31 most frequent for this word length)|characters it does not have|word
[23:39:23] DeBot: s???????????????s?????? [etr] 3/6 (coreutils)
[23:39:31] smathy: DeBot, ao
[23:39:31] DeBot: s???a?????????s?????? [etro] 4/6 (coreutils)
[23:39:43] smathy: DeBot, h1
[23:39:43] DeBot: sha?????????s?????? [etro1] 5/6 (coreutils)
[23:39:48] Ox0dea: DeBot: 256um
[23:39:49] DeBot: sha384sum [etro12] 6/6 (coreutils) You lost!
[23:40:12] smathy: DeBot, !hangman coreutils 6
[23:40:12] DeBot: ??????????????????????????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:40:26] mg^2: frequency table: 5|cslopreimtndhkuafgwbjy|cslopreimtndhkuafgwbjy|31 length|letters in order of freqency|truncated frequency|length of truncated
[23:40:31] DeBot: s???????????????s?????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:40:37] smathy: DeBot, ha
[23:40:37] DeBot: sha?????????s?????? [] 0/6 (coreutils)
[23:40:40] DeBot: sha?????????s?????? [3] 1/6 (coreutils)
[23:40:40] smathy: DeBot, 2um
[23:40:44] Ox0dea: DeBot: 256um
[23:40:45] DeBot: sha5???2sum [36] 2/6 (coreutils)
[23:40:52] DeBot: sha512sum [36] 2/6 (coreutils) You won!
[23:41:32] Ox0dea: DeBot: !hangman codepoints 1
[23:41:32] DeBot: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:41:35] Ox0dea: DeBot: et
[23:41:48] mg^2: DeBot, sr
[23:41:48] DeBot: ??????????????????S??????????????????????????????R??????????????????????????????R????????????????????????????????? [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:45:40] mg^2: I have about 95% of the functionality I want done on my Hexchat MRuby stuff. Ends up being about 1000 lines of C and 600 lines of Ruby code so far.
[23:45:44] smathy: DeBot, o a
[23:45:45] DeBot: ???A????????? S???A?????? ???????????????R ??? ???????????? ???OR??? A?????? A???????????? [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:45:57] smathy: DeBot, ccent
[23:45:58] DeBot: ???AT???N S???A?????? ???ETTER ??? ??????T??? ???ORN AN??? AC???TE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:46:12] mg^2: DeBot, u
[23:46:12] DeBot: ???AT???N S???A?????? ???ETTER U ??????T??? ???ORN AN??? ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:46:14] DeBot: LAT???N S???ALL LETTER U ??????T??? ???ORN AN??? ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:46:21] mg^2: DeBot, d
[23:46:22] DeBot: LAT???N S???ALL LETTER U ??????T??? ???ORN AND ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:46:28] mg^2: DeBot, m
[23:46:28] DeBot: LAT???N SMALL LETTER U ??????T??? ???ORN AND ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:46:52] DeBot: LATIN SMALL LETTER U ???IT??? ???ORN AND ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints)
[23:47:00] smathy: DeBot, wh
[23:47:00] DeBot: LATIN SMALL LETTER U WITH HORN AND ACUTE [] 0/1 (codepoints) You won!
[23:47:11] Ox0dea: Well done!
[23:48:26] smathy: Check out that horn.
[23:49:12] smathy: DeBot, !hangman codepoints 2
[23:49:13] DeBot: ??????????????????????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:49:52] smathy: 9 again, sha256sum
[23:50:01] DeBot: ?????????E??????????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:50:23] DeBot: T??????E??????????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:51:15] DeBot: T??????E??????????????? [r] 1/2 (codepoints)
[23:53:34] DeBot: T??????ES???????????? [r] 1/2 (codepoints)
[23:56:30] Ox0dea: DeBot: a l
[23:56:30] DeBot: TIMES DUG [ra] 2/2 (codepoints) You lost!
[23:57:20] Ox0dea: That's an error.
[23:57:38] smathy: DeBot, !hangman codepoints 2
[23:57:38] DeBot: ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:57:52] smathy: DeBot, e t
[23:57:52] DeBot: ????????????T ????????????TE??? ???????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:58:24] smathy: DeBot, ra
[23:58:24] DeBot: ??????R???T ??????ARTER ???????????? [] 0/2 (codepoints)
[23:58:52] flughafen_: has joined #ruby-offtopic
[23:58:59] DeBot: ??????R???T ??????ARTER ???????????? [h] 1/2 (codepoints)
[23:59:12] Ox0dea: http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/12270/index.htm
[23:59:19] DeBot: ??????RST ??????ARTER ???????????? [h] 1/2 (codepoints)
[23:59:26] smathy: DeBot, fi
[23:59:26] DeBot: FIRST ??????ARTER ???????????? [h] 1/2 (codepoints)
[23:59:37] smathy: DeBot, qu
[23:59:44] Ox0dea: DeBot: qumon
[23:59:44] DeBot: FIRST QUARTER MOON [h] 1/2 (codepoints) You won!
[23:59:49] Ox0dea: Thanks. :)