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#ruby-offtopic - 09 February 2016

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[00:47:21] eam: DeBot: !hangman ruby
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[00:47:24] eam: DeBot: ent:
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[00:47:37] eam: DeBot: exception
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[01:34:58] baweaver: Anyone looking for interns?
[01:35:16] baweaver: not sure what type of head count we have here right now, seeing who all is hiring.
[01:41:42] baweaver: Have one Data Science and another Javascript/Ruby/iOS
[01:42:00] baweaver: I can shoot you the resumes if you'd like.
[01:42:20] baweaver: I had them both slated and then those teams dropped their spots for some reason without hiring anyone.
[01:43:32] eam: sure, I'll bounce them to our interns team
[01:56:19] eam: DeBot: #a
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[04:55:38] eam: dfockler: make any "how to learn unix" tasks?
[04:56:25] dfockler: eam: not yet I was trying to figure out how to build a VM, chef or something?
[04:57:50] dfockler: I should probably make the tasks first
[05:08:08] dfockler: eam: So it would be like the git repo has the tasks/koans or whatever, and then the build script for the VM for each step to setup the koans
[05:35:28] eam: you could also leave VM provisioning up to whatever, and just run the code inside the vm
[05:35:51] eam: eg, a koan could like, fork off a daemon and then tell you to go debug it
[05:36:08] eam: you could do it on your laptop, in a VM, or on whatever
[05:36:53] eam: vagrant is probably a reasonably popular and free tool for spinning up a VM
[05:37:08] eam: but you probably just need one, and then run the teaching stuff inside it
[05:39:59] baweaver: eam: Looking for a few book suggestions on the topic of going from mid-level to senior. Any favorites? I've noticed I need a lot of work around time management, architectural planning, and major refactoring.
[05:40:19] baweaver: Thumbing through Time Management for System Administrators and Code Complete for now.
[05:51:24] eam: hmmm books
[05:53:02] eam: the best path to a promotion varies radically depending on your company culture and/or manager. I'm not sure I know of any good general books on the subject
[05:53:24] eam: figure out what they need, do it. If they're unclear on what's needed, find a new team who's clear :)
[05:54:14] eam: best trick I ever learned is to approach your manager regularly (say, once a quarter) with "I want promotion X. What do you need me to do to make this a certainty?"
[05:54:24] eam: and then do it, and every quarter check in to agree that you're doing it
[05:54:30] eam: makes review time really easy
[05:54:48] eam: a lot of people take a very passive role with their leadership
[05:58:01] eam: my favorite books about management in general are Parkinson's Law http://www.amazon.com/Parkinsons-Law-C-Northcote-Parkinson/dp/1568490151 and Mythical Man Month http://www.amazon.com/Mythical-Man-Month-Essays-Software-Engineering/dp/0201006502/
[05:58:24] baweaver: Already have been asking :)
[05:58:46] baweaver: Ended up almost killing myself working on a project way above my head instead of asking for help
[05:58:47] eam: but really the majority of becoming a senior role is learning to work with people and make them feel good about you and your ideas
[05:58:50] baweaver: valuable lessons learned.
[05:59:23] eam: so I'd say shit like Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People has more applicability
[05:59:56] eam: one of the most interesting aspects of moving up the ladder is doing less work yourself and instead focusing on helping others do more
[06:01:07] baweaver: at this point my team just grew from 3 to 5 (2 starting in the next 2 weeks)
[06:01:15] baweaver: meaning that most of it before was solo missions
[06:01:24] eam: on a similar note, this book I think offers a fantastic insight into people who do really well with difficult technical situations: http://www.amazon.com/Learned-Optimism-Change-Your-Mind/dp/1400078393
[06:02:21] eam: Seligman is the father of the learned helplessness theory, which I think is central to the way most people struggle with computers/tech/complex systems
[06:05:23] baweaver: Yeah. I've noticed that my technical skills are up to par for the most part as far as language and framework knowledge
[06:05:33] baweaver: but meta-skills need more work
[06:05:43] baweaver: small teams make it hard to demonstrate and grow for sure.
[06:08:36] eam: that's where Parkinson's Law comes in
[06:08:40] eam: you gotta empire build
[06:08:59] eam: an employee's worth is directly measured by the number of people under them
[06:09:19] eam: I want brownies right now
[06:09:28] eam: can't cook them without waking people up
[06:09:36] eam: this is terrible
[06:09:51] baweaver: sneak out to Target, or go to Starbucks over by the movie theater
[06:09:55] baweaver: it's open super late
[06:10:01] baweaver: and probably has something chocolate
[06:10:09] eam: it's tempting
[06:10:21] eam: I think I'm going to eat oreos instead
[06:10:33] slash_nick: use chloroform... if you have some
[06:10:40] eam: on ... myself?
[06:10:52] slash_nick: on those that would wake
[06:10:57] baweaver: helps with the cravings
[06:11:13] eam: I have no idea how to properly dose chloroform for a 4 year old
[06:11:32] slash_nick: oh, no don't do that
[06:11:42] slash_nick: i mean... probably don't do that
[06:11:49] eam: I think you're onto something though, I smell a startup idea brewing
[06:12:04] eam: we'll disrupt the child care market
[06:12:42] slash_nick: raise 5000 and we'll dope all your toddlers at bedtime, 3 times / week
[06:13:07] eam: nappr.io
[06:14:44] baweaver: eam: Use melatonin, non GMO all natural fun supplement
[06:21:40] eam: status update: ate all the oreos, probably made a dangerous level of noise throwing away the crinkly plastic container
[06:21:58] eam: I've discovered that we have ritz crackers and cream cheese cake frosting
[06:22:34] eam: however, I wish to avoid the shaming I will receive from my wife in the AM should she discover my snacking
[06:26:44] baweaver: eat now, go on a run with me later to redeem yourself.
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[08:51:32] nofxx: eam, that's nice... my gf is a nurse. Crazy workhours... 12 hours non stop, than a day free. But 12 is too much, a nap in the middle would do great benefits
[08:51:45] nofxx: for the medical agent and the patients, if you come to think
[08:52:25] nofxx: but I can sleep anytime I want, but I still prefer caffeine =D
[08:52:37] nofxx: taken in medicinal espresso doses
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[14:42:22] platzhirsch: my mouth ulcer is killing me
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[15:01:18] havenwood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lRPiNhLGGm8
[15:04:37] apeiros: platzhirsch: kill it before it kills you!
[15:06:21] platzhirsch: ACTION takes a knife???
[15:08:44] apeiros: good ulcer hunting!
[15:09:02] apeiros: is a mouth ulcer that thing where the skin is white and hurts?
[15:09:19] yorickpeterse: Have you tried Googling it? :P
[15:09:28] apeiros: ah yes, it seems like
[15:10:02] apeiros: iirc thais got the same medicine against it as we in CH, but their dosage is much higher. went away in like half a day. don't want to know what it did to the rest of my body :D
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[18:27:18] centrx: DeBot, sa
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[18:27:26] centrx: I give up
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[18:36:44] smathy: DeBot, nwi
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[18:39:09] smathy: DeBot, pdb
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[18:41:05] al2o3-cr: DeBot: ae#:ist
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[18:45:21] centrx: DeBot, kp
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[18:45:59] al2o3-cr: omg skip :(
[18:46:12] al2o3-cr: centrx: nice :0
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[18:46:47] slash_nick: DeBot: haagensdaz
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[18:47:15] slash_nick: DeBot: thraldp
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[21:59:19] smathy: DeBot, gw
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[22:21:06] slash_nick: DeBot: swahili letter u
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[22:33:46] smathy: Looks like a coffee with steam.
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[22:36:12] adaedra: does not work well
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[22:41:04] smathy: DeBot, imu
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[22:41:34] smathy: DeBot, od
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[23:08:30] dfockler: DeBot: manager
[23:08:30] DeBot: ??????A??????a????????? [mnger] 5/12 (java)
[23:08:38] dfockler: DeBot: factory
[23:08:38] DeBot: ???OA???Fa??????t [mngercy] 7/12 (java)
[23:08:53] dfockler: DeBot: spul
[23:08:53] DeBot: SOAPFault [mngercy] 7/12 (java) You won!
[23:09:39] smathy: So happy not to have touched SOAP for > 7 years.
[23:10:20] dfockler: Last time was doing 3rd party CC system integration in PHP :(
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