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#ruby-offtopic - 29 April 2016

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[00:00:06] eam: smathy: no those numbers I offered you are averages
[00:01:08] eam: smathy: like, here https://www.quora.com/How-much-do-tech-internships-in-Silicon-Valley-pay
[00:01:44] eam: the thing is they generally don't have equity so it's *not much*
[00:02:00] smathy: eam, you keep providing information to back up your claim, as if I doubt you. I'm not doubting your figures, I'm saying that it makes no sense to me.
[00:02:32] smathy: ...although only Dropbox there is over $100k
[00:03:00] eam: yeah the article is from 2014
[00:03:12] eam: it probably was around that in 2014
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[00:03:52] eam: it's easy to find out what the spread is, just talk to an intern who's interviewed at a few places
[00:03:53] smathy: ...and even the lowest of those make no sense to me anyway :)
[00:04:32] eam: having trained up something like a decade worth of summer interns and seeing which convert into FTE, it's probably the best hiring vector by far
[00:04:50] smathy: $72k for an intern - I don't know what their angle is, a 3 month bet to find the single diamond amongst the chafe.
[00:05:06] eam: so again, this is at companies that might be paying $10k as a referral bonus
[00:05:29] eam: and those intern projects are often damn useful
[00:05:40] smathy: ...right, I've paid that before, but for a senior dev it's not a big percentage.
[00:05:50] eam: the labor is likely a net gain even if you don't consider the long term angle
[00:06:47] smathy: Maybe, interns can be distracting to your other much higher paid, much more productive team members.
[00:07:45] eam: you might be surprised, they're often equally productive and don't take THAT much longer to ramp up than regular newhires
[00:08:24] eam: every team has work they'd rather offload
[00:08:28] smathy: Especially once you add up the whole program that these companies create. I mean I'm sure for large employers it is a trivial expense vs the rest of their payroll and costs, so I suppose it makes sense from a sheer numbers perspective, even from a PR perspective.
[00:09:39] eam: when you do the math on how much you're leaving on the table because you can't hire enough -- it starts to rationalize some crazy high compensation figures and hiring risks
[00:09:39] smathy: I might be surprised, although I suppose if you're one of those sorts of employers, and paying those sorts of rates, then you're really hoping to appeal to the very top echelon of students.
[00:10:05] eam: yeah, to be completely fair, the students making the cuts at those companies are coming from top schools
[00:10:39] eam: or have reached out because they've become notable in their OSS work prior to entering the field
[00:13:19] smathy: I suppose I can imagine it working in that context, not for most employers though.
[00:16:07] eam: it's mostly medium to large employers with big onboarding programs, smaller employers can't tolerate the variability and risk
[00:16:11] eam: but that's true for all fields
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[00:27:21] baweaver: eam: http://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/atq/5560593228.html
[00:27:25] baweaver: ACTION falls over laughing
[01:13:37] Radar: $5 take it or leave it
[01:14:14] Radar: Ok you drive a hard bargain: $10!
[01:16:31] eam: the weirdest thing about working for yahoo was knowing you were super in the black profitable, yet market valued at less than the company's holdings in asia
[01:16:40] eam: it was like that for years
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[16:49:56] hxegon: 11-year old shoots a burgler, interviewed by a man named burger. MURICA
[16:50:45] hxegon: complete with that weird news caster sign off inflection. "it seems there was more than a... Basset hound... on guard."
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[19:06:38] mwlang: hmmm… a *real* conversation in here and not just hangman? Have y’all gone bonkers? :-o
[19:07:45] mwlang: ACTION thinks about going to work for airbnb…that’s some serious $$ for fresh talent.
[19:14:19] dfockler: Oooo real conversations are happening?
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[19:38:49] dfockler: Guess not...
[19:39:07] dfockler: DeBot: !hangman ruby
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[19:39:13] dfockler: DeBot: openssl:#
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[19:39:36] xpt: DeBot: 509
[19:39:36] DeBot: OpenSSL::X509::Extension␣␣␣to␣␣#iss␣e␣␣␣e␣ti␣i␣␣te␣ [] 0/12 (ruby)
[19:39:41] DeBot: OpenSSL::X509::Extension␣␣␣to␣␣#iss␣e␣_␣e␣ti␣i␣␣te␣ [] 0/12 (ruby)
[19:39:57] xpt: DeBot: u crfs
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[19:40:21] xpt: whops, spacebar injection :)
[19:40:27] dfockler: DeBot: noooo
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[19:44:55] dfockler: I wish there was more graphics libraries in Ruby
[19:45:37] dfockler: To make video games or visualizations
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[21:46:31] baweaver: https://www.humblebundle.com/books/no-starch-hacking-books - some good stuff in this one.
[22:09:40] smathy: What the hell, Python? Stop trying those jedi mind tricks on me baweaver !
[22:10:11] smathy: la la la laaaa.
[22:10:24] baweaver: (pun very much intentional)
[22:26:57] baweaver: ...but I still totally want to try anyways
[22:30:01] baweaver: smathy: besides, I AM a Timelord
[22:30:18] baweaver: and not just any Timelord, I am the TIMELORD VICTORIOUS
[22:31:17] smathy: Well perhaps *you're* the one to implement it ;)
[22:32:21] baweaver: just switch rm with mv $1 /tmp/$1
[22:32:36] smathy: Excellent, that's one command.
[22:32:45] smathy: ACTION waits for the fdisk stub ;)
[22:33:34] baweaver: basically export the current DOS sectors to a cloud bucket and backup the drive
[22:34:12] smathy: Heh :) Two down, a million to go.
[22:34:37] smathy: I think the time machine would be simpler.
[22:34:41] baweaver: you can effectively ignore everything that doesn't have state
[22:34:50] baweaver: or rather IO
[22:35:11] baweaver: ls and such
[22:35:34] smathy: Yeah, that doesn't change state.
[22:35:58] smathy: ...well kinda, you have to make sure that your stubbed operations create the right state to be read by whatever it is.
[22:36:16] smathy: `rm foo && ls /tmp` isn't going to work as advertised anymore ;)
[22:36:49] smathy: They can be ignored for the rollback but not for how to implement the write operations.
[22:39:26] baweaver: smathy: I just want to see his face on seeing that highlight
[22:41:10] baweaver: smathy: and yeah, I forget
[22:41:44] havenwood: baweaver: http://www.upsidedowntext.com
[22:41:50] havenwood: i should find a gem for that :)
[22:42:56] smathy: ...I should write Acme::Invert
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[23:33:28] mg^: DeBot: t ail
[23:33:28] DeBot: ␣AT␣␣␣ATI␣AL L␣␣T ␣␣␣␣L␣ A␣␣L␣ ␣␣A␣␣␣T [] 0/3 (codepoints)
[23:33:40] mg^: DeBot: mathematical
[23:33:40] DeBot: MATHEMATICAL LE␣T ␣␣␣␣LE A␣␣LE ␣␣AC␣ET [] 0/3 (codepoints)
[23:33:50] mg^: DeBot: f
[23:33:50] DeBot: MATHEMATICAL LEFT ␣␣␣␣LE A␣␣LE ␣␣AC␣ET [] 0/3 (codepoints)
[23:33:58] mg^: DeBot: ou
[23:34:23] mg^: DeBot: double angle bracket
[23:34:56] mg^: DeBot: double angle bracket
[23:34:56] DeBot: MATHEMATICAL LEFT DOUBLE ANGLE BRACKET [] 0/3 (codepoints) You won!
[23:42:26] smathy: Well done.