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#ruby-offtopic - 12 July 2016

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[03:16:20] al2o3-cr: Radar: sup!
[03:18:00] al2o3-cr: you seem like an acomplished man, sup!
[03:21:29] al2o3-cr: Radar: lost ya fingers?
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[03:24:38] al2o3-cr: suprising who joins/quits
[03:26:17] al2o3-cr: pontiki: sup!
[03:26:58] pontiki: full day of work, full evening of rails meetup. i'm tired :)
[03:27:34] al2o3-cr: tired! no time for slacking
[03:28:24] al2o3-cr: i'd be a right bastard if i was a boss
[03:31:10] al2o3-cr: pontiki: do ya best
[03:33:23] al2o3-cr: pontiki: i might take this up for a career, piece of coke, can of cake
[03:34:01] pontiki: maybe you should become a life coach
[03:34:22] al2o3-cr: no, just ruby
[03:34:34] pontiki: buff up your gems!
[03:34:47] al2o3-cr: i got no gems :(
[03:34:55] pontiki: no, that's what you tell us
[03:35:15] pontiki: reminds of an unbelievable yet true management story
[03:35:22] al2o3-cr: pontiki: that's the truth
[03:36:18] pontiki: cto has all us dev-types in a meeting. he's explaining what the 3 weeks of each spring cycle are for.
[03:36:51] pontiki: he gets to the 3rd week, code freeze. "This is when we take this ball we're giving the founders and are making it all shiny"
[03:37:02] pontiki: yes, he said we're polishing the founders' ball
[03:37:42] al2o3-cr: sounds like so many others
[03:38:00] al2o3-cr: couldn't do this for a job
[03:38:46] pontiki: i don't think i could be so funny by accident
[03:38:52] pontiki: and so stupid on purpose
[03:39:39] pontiki: it took practically all i had not to burst out laughing in the meeting
[03:40:18] al2o3-cr: you should of let all come out :p
[03:41:20] pontiki: it wasn't too long after i left anyway
[03:41:54] al2o3-cr: i laughed when iceland beat england
[03:42:16] al2o3-cr: still tickles me now
[03:44:21] al2o3-cr: pontiki: you didn't play did you? ...... :p
[03:44:59] pontiki: i don't even play pokego
[03:45:30] al2o3-cr: pontiki: doesn't matter does it
[03:46:44] al2o3-cr: why u not understand?
[03:47:43] pontiki: you seemed concerned at first, and then not caring. it's confusing
[03:48:27] al2o3-cr: pontiki: nah, don't worry
[03:51:30] al2o3-cr: pontiki: bed time, got school in the morning :p
[03:51:59] al2o3-cr: see you later cocker
[03:52:01] pontiki: nighty-nite :)_
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[18:29:52] toretore: sometimes irc is like trying to teach a dog to play the piano
[18:31:24] apeiros: except,teaching a dog to play piano is probably more fun and sometimes even more likely to succeed
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[19:26:58] eam: DeBot: !hangman pokemon
[19:26:58] DeBot: ␣␣␣␣␣␣ [] 0/12 (pokemon)
[19:27:14] eam: suddenly this hangman category is much more important
[19:27:37] eam: seeing as how pokemon has redefined our very culture
[19:27:49] eam: DeBot: ernt
[19:27:50] DeBot: ␣r␣␣en [t] 1/12 (pokemon)
[19:30:32] DeBot: ar␣␣en [t] 1/12 (pokemon)
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[19:51:49] adaedra: only the 1st generation for now for what I heard.
[19:52:21] DeBot: ar␣␣en [tm] 2/12 (pokemon)
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