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#ruby-offtopic - 14 August 2017

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[04:16:28] baweaver: >> 'hello'.gsub(/./, 'e' => 3, 'o' => 0) # TIL
[04:16:29] ruby[bot]: baweaver: # => "30" (https://eval.in/845059)
[04:16:46] baweaver: hrm. Well anyways it takes hashes
[04:17:03] baweaver: Though why one wouldn't use tr instead
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[07:41:58] dminuoso: Okay I have an important problem that requires a solution.
[07:42:38] dminuoso: The next time I walk into the office, I need my computer to play the imperial march. The computer is firewalled, so inbound connections are out of question.
[07:43:17] dminuoso: Shouldn't be on a schedule, because then I couldn't capture the faces of my coworkers if my train is late.
[07:43:55] matthewd: Bluetooth proximity?
[07:45:03] dminuoso: matthewd: Mmm, that's an interesting idea. With AppleScript it would be low-effort too. Might be difficult to have this occur right when the door opens though.
[07:45:38] dminuoso: My initial thought was to arbitrate communication through websockets on a website my browser stays connected to.
[07:45:43] matthewd: Yeah, that does seem tricky
[07:46:17] matthewd: Yup, exactly where I was going next. Action Cable all the things!
[07:49:46] dminuoso: matthewd: Mmmm, and here I was with my decision to never write another Rails app. :(
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[09:40:31] apeiros: baweaver: tr is character based
[09:40:54] apeiros: with the hash you can search for larger pieces and replace larger pieces
[09:42:01] dminuoso: ACTION pokes apeiros with an arrow
[09:42:20] apeiros: y u always so violent? :<
[09:42:50] dminuoso: Reading A Song of Ice and Fire, that book teaches you violence.
[09:43:29] apeiros: I didn't get beyond book one so far
[09:43:54] apeiros: and still not sure I want to watch the tv adaptation before having read the books
[09:44:09] dminuoso: apeiros: Based on all my reading so far, I find it most helpful actually.
[09:44:57] dminuoso: Helps with keeping track of who is who, much easier if you have actual images of their faces.
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[16:15:03] baweaver: GOOD MORNING
[16:15:28] baweaver: Radar: GOOD EVENING
[16:17:10] dminuoso: Smells like a copycopycopycopycat.
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[23:17:03] Radar: baweaver: VERY GOOD EVENING
[23:17:18] Radar: [02:15:28] <baweaver> Radar: GOOD EVENING
[23:18:08] Papierkorb: GOOD NIGHT *
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