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#ruby-offtopic - 03 October 2017

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[17:46:23] baweaver: >> "#{%}#{%}#{%}#{%}#{%} }}}}}}}}}}"
[17:46:24] ruby[bot]: baweaver: # => " " (https://eval.in/873070)
[17:50:47] eam: my favorite
[17:51:25] baweaver: Why that doesn't remotely surprise me.
[17:52:46] baweaver: havenwood: though admittedly there's a ton there to grok before you can actually do anything
[17:52:56] baweaver: which seems to be the same in any reasonably large project
[17:54:07] havenwood: baweaver: yeah, i set out to fix up the syntax highlighting in the `cat` command and next thing you know i realize there are two entire syntax highlighters in pry and i'm unifying them >.>
[17:54:30] baweaver: Where's bannister been anyways?
[17:54:44] havenwood: the regular committers have kinda fallen off the map
[17:54:52] havenwood: he's around on irc still sometimes
[17:54:57] baweaver: cirwin is out
[17:54:59] havenwood: he's working
[17:55:07] baweaver: though he's doing startupy stuff
[17:55:15] havenwood: yeah, i haven't seen cirwin since RubyConf in Miami
[17:55:17] havenwood: that was fun
[17:55:24] baweaver: We've chatted over coffee a few times up here
[17:55:43] havenwood: that's a plus of San Fransisco ;-)
[17:55:58] havenwood: it's where the people are
[17:56:00] baweaver: Could probably whack him while you're up here to see if he wants to grab coffee some time.
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[18:05:59] eam: >> mystery = methods.sample; send mystery, *Array.new(method(mystery).arity.abs) { ObjectSpace.each_object.to_a.sample }
[18:06:00] ruby[bot]: eam: # => #<Object:0x42269930> (https://eval.in/873077)
[18:06:59] eam: I submitted that to trick 2015 with a description of "I don't know what this does when run. Neither do you."
[18:07:03] havenwood: That's seems scary along the lines of my project "ferret", which will pretty much implode trying to call methods fuzzing input.
[18:07:35] havenwood: that's a fun way to fuzz, pick an object!
[18:09:00] havenwood: eam: here's ferret's thingy to detect how many arguments to try: https://gist.github.com/havenwood/fe3e37597923bd0cce086fb251d7a87d
[18:09:42] havenwood: class Method; include ArityRange; end # or it works for procs, etc, as well
[18:10:01] havenwood: method(:puts).arity_range #=> {:arguments=>0..Infinity, :keywords=>0..0}
[18:10:26] havenwood: It'd be nice to suss that out and know which keywords, etc.
[18:10:58] havenwood: I suggested to banister to add info about method arity to pry, but he wanted a nicer notation
[18:11:14] havenwood: It's harder to notate that multi-method langs like Elixir.
[18:11:34] havenwood: Enum.whee/2
[18:12:48] havenwood: Code that writes code seems honestly better at coding than us. We need to go ahead and create our betters so we can make way for them.
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[18:17:18] baweaver: eam: you have a new friend XD
[18:17:23] eam: havenwood: nice :)
[18:17:27] eam: baweaver: hahaha
[18:17:34] eam: eckhardt: sup fellow jackass
[18:17:45] eam: I can see the back of your head
[18:17:59] eckhardt: welcome to jackass, this is trolling on irc
[18:18:38] eckhardt: >> defined? "jackass"
[18:18:39] ruby[bot]: eckhardt: # => "expression" (https://eval.in/873088)
[18:19:03] eam: I love how freenode checks to make sure "are uh, are you *ok* with a jackass cloak?"
[18:19:26] baweaver: Well I _do_ have to ask them to cloak someone
[18:19:45] eckhardt: it's not like i'm getting it tattooed on my forehead
[18:20:08] eam: POOR IMPULSE CONTROL
[18:20:29] eckhardt: ooooh...so cautiously optimistic about the tv show.
[18:20:35] baweaver: dminuoso may well want to join that club later :D
[18:21:59] baweaver: If ever there's a day I hang up my staff cloak I would totally join you two.
[18:22:46] eam: baweaver: so when are you getting an electric skateboard?
[18:23:05] havenwood: I'm getting an electric bike in 1h 37m!
[18:23:27] eam: nice! the trails out in the east bay just started permitting them
[18:23:32] eam: so I'm no longer an outlaw
[18:23:34] havenwood: A Ruby in Hollywood member has an electric wheel unicycle that was really impressive
[18:24:08] havenwood: he rides his wheel on a 20 mile offroad course, he said, with a gang of electric unicyclists
[18:24:45] havenwood: it goes 28 mph, and beeps if you exceed speed - which is really bad because the wheel can't speed up to get under you
[18:25:05] havenwood: a guy in his group bit it falling forward at 30mph trying to race kids on dirtbikes
[18:25:35] havenwood: https://bestelectrichoverboard.com/reviews/self-balancing-unicycle-reviews/the-best-electric-unicycle-reviews-2016/
[18:25:43] eam: 30mph is real fast
[18:25:53] eam: I ate shit at 20mph and my wrist is still recovering
[18:26:19] eam: I've been shopping leather motorcycle race suits ...
[18:26:36] havenwood: i'd be curious to try a nice electric skateboard and electric unicycle
[18:26:41] havenwood: nice you can easily take them on the metro
[18:26:50] eam: yeah that's the killer feature
[18:27:06] eam: I just bought parts to build my own, went with this board https://kahunacreations.com/collections/cruiser-longboards/products/copy-of-day-4-shaka-kahili-46-x-14-longboard-complete-save-124
[18:27:16] havenwood: unicycle guy wore a dirtbike helmet and wrist braces
[18:27:17] eam: and this powertrain http://www.diyeboard.com/electric-skateboard-10s5p-11ah-battery-esc-power-truck-kit-p-569.html
[18:27:23] eam: I have wrist braces *now*
[18:27:35] havenwood: nice board!
[18:27:55] havenwood: that's a nice charge time, only 2 hrs
[18:27:58] eam: I might get too much wheel bite because I have big 90cm wheels
[18:28:15] eam: in which case I'll switch it out for a more narrow teardrop board
[18:30:04] eam: one of these would look amazing, but would be a pain to carry on bart: https://hamboards.com/collections/longboards
[18:30:19] eam: can you imagine a 5' board
[18:30:28] baweaver: Don't really have much of a need for one
[18:30:37] baweaver: because I managed to pull off the impossible
[18:30:54] baweaver: I got a monthly BART parking pass :D
[18:32:06] baweaver: eam: Now I can waltz in around 9:30 and still get parking
[18:32:19] baweaver: As per how....
[18:32:32] eam: these things are 50% commute vehicles and 50% pokemon go vehicles
[18:32:47] baweaver: Had a friend who quit Sony, and right before his 2 weeks he got it. Well he didn't want to just give it up so he loans it out to me and I pay it.
[18:33:03] baweaver: He works in Dublin now so he has no need of it currently
[18:33:48] eam: living the dream
[18:34:06] baweaver: Started at Workday, he likes it so far.
[18:34:27] baweaver: Meanwhile I still get in around 7-7:30 to BART anyways because habits
[18:43:35] eckhardt: after moving to oakland, I tried playing around with commute times on BART
[18:43:49] eckhardt: didn't matter if it was 6am or 9am, it was always overfilled with commuters at 19th st.
[18:44:24] eckhardt: so i started taking the bus, and...question my safety every day. Even before being nearly killed last week.
[18:44:59] baweaver: Considered the Ferry?
[18:45:03] baweaver: Heard it was quite nice
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[19:21:26] eckhardt: yeah when i lived in alameda, it is by far the best commute
[19:21:50] eckhardt: might take it after i get the electric skateboard
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[23:13:26] nofxx: havenwood, man, electric bike is my dream
[23:13:56] nofxx: I'm a bike guy, owned a lot, hehe never had a car...
[23:15:04] nofxx: an electric MX one... ktm or the zero fx... would retire my kick start MX kawasaki hehe
[23:16:32] nofxx: but, while in any good country (evil capitalism free market ones) you'll get a rebate, here in Brazil we pay the 100% on every vehicle, even electric
[23:17:19] nofxx: *not 100% value, 100% tax over the value .... one for me, one for the gov
[23:35:15] baweaver: Silly markdown, trix are for kids! https://github.com/babel/babylon/pull/749
[23:35:25] baweaver: Also Javascript is getting a pipe operator
[23:35:32] baweaver: havenwood, dminuoso, Radar ^
[23:35:41] baweaver: https://github.com/tc39/proposal-pipeline-operator
[23:35:55] baweaver: Already merged into Babylon and has a Phase-1 plugin.
[23:36:03] Radar: I saw that about a month ago. Nice to see it's moving along!
[23:36:12] baweaver: ljharb was buying into it so I'd say it caught traction
[23:36:25] baweaver: Need to resist the urge to use it everywhere now....
[23:38:52] Radar: Using it everywhere in Elixirland hasn't lead to any real disadvantages
[23:39:17] Radar: m4(m3(m2(m1(val)))) -> val |> m1 |> m2 |> m3 |> m4
[23:39:23] Radar: Latter reads so much better to my eyes.
[23:41:02] eckhardt: seems easier than counting parens
[23:42:50] havenwood: baweaver: ooh, nice - I didn't know it was ESComingSoon
[23:43:02] havenwood: that's be nice
[23:43:56] baweaver: Add Ramda to that
[23:44:06] havenwood: nofxx: just rode 5mi, and i'm in terrible shape
[23:44:20] baweaver: http://ramdajs.com/docs/
[23:46:15] nofxx: havenwood, which bike? what you mean, ergonomics?
[23:47:08] havenwood: said that badly
[23:47:18] havenwood: i mean i'm not in good cardio fitness
[23:47:37] havenwood: nofxx: this one: https://ohmcycles.com/e-bikes/sport/
[23:48:01] havenwood: the electric system is separate from the pedals and gears, so no extra wear
[23:48:08] nofxx: haha, programmer's worst prob... sedentarism, need to work out too
[23:48:16] havenwood: but it can't put the electric drive through the gears for big hills
[23:48:35] havenwood: yeah, i gave up my car and got this to try to get fit
[23:48:47] nofxx: havenwood, ahh, bike as in some hp electric + monkey power pedals (as my friend says) hehe
[23:49:20] nofxx: I'm talking 50hp+ hehe
[23:49:27] havenwood: mmm, that kinda bike!
[23:49:58] havenwood: nofxx: mike perham got one of these a few months back: http://www.zeromotorcycles.com/zero-s/sr.php
[23:50:05] havenwood: i was debating
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[23:50:36] havenwood: bicycle was cheaper and an excuse to try to get fit
[23:50:40] havenwood: speaking of which, i'm gunna go ride and get BBQ - muahahaha
[23:50:44] nofxx: the zero fx is a beast of torque actually, it makes almost 10N (9kgfm)
[23:50:49] havenwood: plot twist, bike gets me fat
[23:51:03] nofxx: just as comparison the 1200cc ducati diavel makes 14N
[23:51:16] nofxx: a 500cc bikes makes 5N tops
[23:51:29] nofxx: you can't feel horsepower, yo ufeel TORQUE hehe
[23:51:45] havenwood: i've got a mean 50nm
[23:51:56] havenwood: no more zeros
[23:52:11] havenwood: a crazy mountain bike electric going through gears can do like 180
[23:52:18] havenwood: no wheelies
[23:55:21] nofxx: havenwood, I would say have both... but the fx, not the s. better and longer suspension, ride offroad
[23:55:39] nofxx: or the ktm, even more offroad and cheaper
[23:55:54] nofxx: but less torque and battery