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#ruby-offtopic - 01 December 2017

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[01:29:31] baweaver: bot is being odd
[01:31:41] RickHull: how does that one work?
[01:34:08] baweaver: That's helpa
[01:34:14] baweaver: helpa doesn't respect you yet
[01:34:28] baweaver: Radar can fix that though
[01:34:32] Radar: of course he can.
[01:34:54] baweaver: baweaver needs more coffee. Radar can fix that too
[01:35:02] Radar: :party-parrot:
[01:35:30] baweaver: duck typing
[01:36:00] baweaver: https://baweaver.gitbooks.io/an-illustrated-guide-to-ruby/content/assets/duck_lemur.png
[01:36:06] baweaver: Duck Lemurs
[01:36:18] miah: did you draw all the art in your book?
[01:36:25] miah: good job
[01:38:26] RickHull: duck typing === duct taping ;)
[01:38:42] baweaver: Glitter Lemur was the worst
[01:38:46] baweaver: I think I ruined my scanner
[01:39:12] baweaver: I made the joke that nil is the craft glitter of programming, it gets everywhere and there's no getting rid of it.
[01:39:58] RickHull: you can't stop it, you can only hope to contain it
[01:42:50] RickHull: just discovered Ambition https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4X7J9D6VbTIwnFDFNkfQ1A/videos
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[02:00:04] baweaver: ohai guacamole
[02:00:22] baweaver: havenwood says hi too
[02:00:41] baweaver: He sits behind me now
[02:01:05] baweaver: well, now he's not here, but when he is
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[02:16:43] RickHull: so did he really say hi or not?
[02:16:49] RickHull: is this like quantum greetings?
[02:17:00] guacamole: nonlinear greetings
[02:17:01] baweaver: Moreover havenwood mentioned he knows guacamole
[02:17:10] guacamole: he taught me everything i know!
[02:17:22] baweaver: then we said we should steal you and bring you up here to join the fun
[02:18:04] baweaver: We have loads of people here now :D
[02:21:08] baweaver: eam, havenwood, eckhardt, xshay, myronmarston, and a few others
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[02:35:34] guacamole: square taking over lol
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[02:41:51] RickHull: anyone horsing around with https://github.com/matz/streem ?
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[03:33:32] havenwood: RickHull: https://gist.github.com/havenwood/979fbe4b0c07a627c05a
[03:35:06] RickHull: I don't understand why streem syntax diverges from ruby as much as it does
[03:37:07] RickHull: https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.2/libdoc/shell/rdoc/Shell.html TIL...
[03:38:26] RickHull: I don't quite get how echo() works, or where those methods are shown in the rdoc
[03:39:58] RickHull: &ri Shell.verbose
[03:39:58] `derpy: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.1/libdoc/shell/rdoc/Shell.html#attribute-c-verbose
[03:41:35] RickHull: &ri Shell#transact
[03:41:35] `derpy: No results
[03:43:31] RickHull: where are #transact and #echo defined or documented?
[03:46:11] havenwood: &ri Shell::CommandProcessor#transact
[03:46:11] `derpy: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.1/libdoc/shell/rdoc/Shell/CommandProcessor.html#method-i-transact
[03:46:17] havenwood: &ri Shell::CommandProcessor#echo
[03:46:17] `derpy: http://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.1/libdoc/shell/rdoc/Shell/CommandProcessor.html#method-i-echo
[03:47:24] havenwood: RickHull: It's a pretty obscure corner of Ruby for being the self-proclaimed "idiomatic Ruby interface for common UNIX shell commands."
[03:48:08] RickHull: pry chokes on it pretty hard
[03:48:23] RickHull: cd Shell.new; show-source transact
[03:48:37] RickHull: #=> syntax error
[03:51:43] RickHull: why is this stuff so goofy sometimes?
[03:51:48] RickHull: anyways, found it: https://ruby-doc.org/stdlib-2.4.2/libdoc/shell/rdoc/Shell/CommandProcessor.html#method-i-echo
[04:02:35] RickHull: what makes Shell.new.respond_to? :transact
[04:02:50] RickHull: i don't see a relevant `include`
[04:06:12] RickHull: oic, the magic happens in command-processor.rb
[04:07:56] RickHull: sometimes the stdlib scares me. I kind of wish I hadn't looked at this ;)
[04:09:43] RickHull: it's not just obscure and poorly documented, it's fairly horrendous coding style
[04:10:42] RickHull: https://gist.github.com/rickhull/00221b5a04fd9f14c1dc379150890261 really?
[04:11:58] RickHull: I hope it's just really really old ;)
[04:13:56] RickHull: https://github.com/ruby/ruby/blame/trunk/lib/shell/system-command.rb 17 years ago!
[04:15:11] RickHull: whoops, wrong one https://github.com/ruby/ruby/blame/trunk/lib/shell/command-processor.rb
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[10:25:24] adaedra: Weird, this one does not shows up on the website
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[14:26:38] dminuoso: havenwood, baweaver: https://ro-che.info/ccc/29
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[23:18:09] baweaver: dminuoso: no rails offtopic?
[23:18:19] baweaver: I already mentioned sanity check in there :P
[23:18:22] dminuoso: too many windows
[23:18:38] baweaver: this is..... interesting
[23:18:45] baweaver: assessment of this one so far?
[23:20:04] dminuoso: Id just not bother.
[23:20:37] dminuoso: Ive come to realize, that the reason I provide help is to make the world a better place by having more capable developers.
[23:20:44] dminuoso: Helping that person clearly violates that goal.
[23:29:55] baweaver: dminuoso: X_X
[23:29:57] baweaver: they were calculating money in the view
[23:30:05] dminuoso: Yeah let them.
[23:30:21] dminuoso: Just figure out what website it is for, and block it in your browser so you dont accidentally shop there.
[23:31:04] baweaver: ...............
[23:31:10] baweaver: RickHull: you in rails?
[23:31:37] RickHull: nope, but I can be
[23:32:01] dminuoso: baweaver: Im dead serious. He probably barely understands half the stuff you do, and for the rest he's logic resistant.
[23:32:07] dminuoso: Its just wasted energy
[23:32:31] dminuoso: *half the stuff you say
[23:34:04] RickHull: i have a deep appreciation for rails as an application platform and for the rails devs -- but I'm skeptical of ORMs and find many rails idioms distasteful
[23:34:04] dminuoso: baweaver: What pains me, is that you're not using this time drawing funky lemurs!
[23:34:08] dminuoso: Such a waste of your time.
[23:34:33] baweaver: I should use Lemurs to explain normal forms later.
[23:34:39] dminuoso: RickHull: Rails is great if you dont use ActiveSupport, ActionView, ActiveRecord, Sprockets, Spring and Turbolinks.
[23:34:50] baweaver: Also need to make sure I retain rights to the Lemurs if I do publish
[23:34:53] RickHull: i was going to say, a lot of the ActionStuff :/
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[23:35:01] dminuoso: ActionPack is fine
[23:35:03] RickHull: er, ActiveStuff
[23:35:24] dminuoso: If rails had monads..
[23:35:35] RickHull: Rails::Metal was a thing a while back. rails 3
[23:35:41] RickHull: like small modular core
[23:35:41] dminuoso: It still is.
[23:35:48] RickHull: ok, i thought it died on the vine
[23:35:55] baweaver: dminuoso: they're learning! They're learning!
[23:35:58] baweaver: I got them to read Normal forms
[23:36:03] dminuoso: baweaver: They'd have you believe so.
[23:36:15] dminuoso: Wait until they come back a week later, with a twisted implementation of what you said.
[23:36:24] baweaver: don't ruin this for me
[23:36:29] dminuoso: Seen kapil around a few times so...
[23:36:37] baweaver: it's mices isn't it
[23:36:51] baweaver: Radar: want a fun read?
[23:38:51] dminuoso: RickHull: http://api.rubyonrails.org/classes/ActionController/Metal.html
[23:39:42] RickHull: what's the verdict on the merbger?
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[23:39:48] RickHull: i liked merb :(
[23:39:56] dminuoso: RickHull: In fact AC::Base is by default directly derived from Metal
[23:40:20] RickHull: merger of Rails and Merb
[23:40:37] RickHull: was supposed to simplify rails core
[23:40:39] havenwood: Merb is the future!
[23:40:53] dminuoso: baweaver: Want to bet that he's working for some large polish bank for the online banking web frontend?
[23:41:10] dminuoso: as the only developer
[23:41:20] dminuoso: Id be comfortable placing a bet.
[23:43:35] RickHull: "help me obi wan, you're my only hope"
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[23:44:40] dminuoso: Oh I guess baweaver has become havenwood now.
[23:44:57] dminuoso: There is some Jekyll and Hide stuff going on between the two of you.
[23:47:40] havenwood: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/14142
[23:47:46] ruby[bot]: This discussion is too on topic for #ruby-offtopic. Please continue on #ruby.
[23:48:47] RickHull: thoughts? https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/11547#note-16
[23:49:04] dminuoso: havenwood: Do you notice how all these functional paradigms are sneaking in with very non-intuitive syntax?
[23:52:16] RickHull: psssst... (Elixir)