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#ruby-offtopic - 03 January 2018

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[05:52:51] dminuoso: ACTION spanks havenwood
[05:52:55] dminuoso: dont feed the help vampire
[05:53:47] havenwood: answered before i saw #ruby backlog..;.
[05:58:49] dminuoso: ACTION pokes havenwood with a loop fused lazy enumerator
[05:59:27] dminuoso: I want elixir macros in Ruby.
[05:59:31] dminuoso: So I can fix all the things.
[06:12:31] baweaver: dminuoso / havenwood: ohai
[06:12:34] baweaver: How's things?
[06:13:12] havenwood: baweaver: o/
[06:13:26] baweaver: I get back in on Monday
[06:13:51] havenwood: I'm a bit under the weather with a cold but I'm working remotely.
[06:13:57] havenwood: We're getting the moving plans in order.
[06:14:15] havenwood: I just got renters insurance today.
[06:14:25] havenwood: We'll be in SF soon!
[06:16:04] baweaver: Where'd you end up at?
[06:17:20] havenwood: Nema, right on the same block as work.
[06:18:37] havenwood: baweaver: How's break going?
[06:18:53] baweaver: Hoo man, that's gotta be expensive there.
[06:19:03] baweaver: So far so good, tried to avoid programming for most of it
[06:19:23] baweaver: Was honestly still pretty burnt out after leaving Playstation so I needed a longer break to stop and get my legs back under me
[06:19:41] baweaver: Never underestimate the value of stopping for a while folks, it does wonders.
[06:19:46] havenwood: Yeah, it's expensive, no doubt - we just sucked it up and decided to go with it for a while since we don't know any areas
[06:22:33] baweaver: Yeah, I remember that feeling
[06:22:59] baweaver: Still have a fairly brutal commute in terms of time to pay for it though
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[06:52:44] dminuoso: baweaver: o/
[06:52:46] dminuoso: How long do you commute?
[06:53:07] baweaver: ~1.5h each way
[06:54:12] dminuoso: baweaver: That was my commuting time for a long while. It's not that bad if you can use the time productively
[06:54:37] baweaver: I tend to read a lot
[06:54:51] baweaver: That said I've done it for 3.5 years now, so
[06:55:43] dminuoso: baweaver: I think its much more stress free than by car.
[06:55:59] dminuoso: Mostly because you can actually use this time and not worry about traffic jams, lights and idiots.
[06:56:17] baweaver: No doubt, though we do still get idiots on BART
[07:43:33] dminuoso: baweaver: Interesting. The train I take is usually filled with folks wearing suits and ties - most of them have been trained well enough to just sit and be quiet.
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[19:07:56] eam: 06:17 < havenwood> Nema, right on the same block as work.
[19:07:59] eam: havenwood: faaaancy
[19:08:29] havenwood: eam: They said I couldn't actually live in the Square building so I did as close as I could. ;-P
[19:08:59] eam: I wouldn't be surprised if twitter and square make up the majority of that building
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[19:49:00] craysiii: any ruby meetups in the sf bay area that you all attend? i've been interested in attending some type of ruby function or event
[19:51:15] dminuoso: ACTION pokes baweaver 
[19:54:10] eckhardt: heh i...don't think i could live that close to work. OTOH my dojo is next door to the office too...
[19:54:26] eckhardt: i could ostensibly compact my life to one city block in the tenderloin
[19:54:44] dminuoso: eckhardt, what do you do?
[19:54:54] dminuoso: If you're American BJJ is a probability.
[19:54:59] eckhardt: network nerd at square
[19:55:04] dminuoso: No I meant the dojo part.
[19:55:20] eckhardt: yah Alliance/Gracie jiu jitsu
[19:56:14] dminuoso: We should roll if you ever come to Germany.
[19:56:19] eckhardt: i am totally down
[19:56:25] eckhardt: love travel jiu jitsu :D
[19:56:42] eckhardt: found a beautiful gym in tempe, az last week while i was visiting there
[19:56:57] eckhardt: https://www.gdjiujitsu.com/
[19:57:39] aScottishBoat: you mean as *nerds* we can also do other things than just play with computers? News to me /s
[19:57:41] dminuoso: Sometimes I wish BJJ was better established over here.
[19:58:13] aScottishBoat: I've been wanting to get into a form of martial arts for a number of years now. I will at some point soonish
[19:58:50] aScottishBoat: jeet kune do fascinates me, though. But I'm aware that it's more of an applicable standard/set of techniques to any particular form than just a whole form in unto itself
[19:59:31] eckhardt: CA is like BJJ mecca nowadays
[19:59:43] eckhardt: (outside of Brazil of course)
[20:00:20] eckhardt: definitely spoiled
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